Danny’s Growing Lust Ch. 01

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The waiting room for the Santa Maria Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Fertility Clinic was much what one would expect from a private medical practice: clean, bare and professional, with only a few touches of personality or comfort found in the décor, likely last updated a decade ago. The air conditioning made the waiting room just too cool to be comfortable, especially for the couple sitting directly under the vents.

The fact the woman of this couple was in a thin tank top and bristling with goose bumps made no difference, she simply refused her boyfriend’s suggestion to move seats on principal. She was sure they wouldn’t be much longer, even if their appointment should have started fifteen minutes ago.

The resigned looking older nurse at the check-in counter faced the assembled patients.

“Danielle Christiansen? Doctor Roth will see you now.”

Danielle Christiansen, Danny to her family and friends, began rising from her waiting room chair. Sensing she struggled slightly, her boyfriend Alex White put out a hand to help her.

She swatted it away with an exasperated snort.

Together they walked away from the waiting room and down the hallway to Doctor Roth’s office.

Sitting at his desk, Doctor Elias Roth stood from putting notes into his computer to greet his patient as the couple entered. He was an older man, ex-military, with a voice roughened from heavy smoking in his younger days. He hadn’t lost much of his bulk since leaving service, and still set his watch by the same sharp crew cut and moustache combination he’d sported for decades. He held a no nonsense demeanour toward his work, and had no qualms in giving his honest opinion irrespective of feelings, but Danny found him a surprisingly gentle presence as her Obstetrician.

“Well, let’s a get look at you then,” Doctor Roth said to Danny once they had greeted each other. The doctor motioned for Alex to close the door while he bent down in front of Danny.

Danny stood somewhere just over five feet in flats. She had hazel eyes, a button nose, and light red hair had she had let grow a couple of inches past her shoulder blades. A light speckling of freckles across her face was made all the more prominent by her pale complexion.

“Hmm,” said Doctor Roth, studying Danny. “I’d say about…12 weeks, maybe 4 days.”

Danny blushed slightly and smiled. She was pregnant with Alex’s twins.

They were now at the end of Danny’s first trimester, pregnant with her boyfriend’s children: a boy and a girl if their eight week scan was correct.

Danny was very aware of her figure; a tiny waist that exaggerated the fullness of her butt and thighs, and a bust that was slightly too large for her slim frame. Danny was quietly proud of her physique and how attractive it made her feel.

Her pregnancy compounded this feeling for her as she watched her waist thicken, her belly to fatten, and her slightly large breasts to become slightly larger and heavier again. Even at this early stage, she could glimpse the outermost portion of her bosom if she looked at herself from behind in the mirror. It was her hope that as her pregnancy progressed they would become bigger still, but so far she was happy and excited by her new proportions.

Doctor Roth looked her up and down and grunted.

“Alright, let’s get you on the scale then,” he said.

Because of her physical size, and for fact she was carrying twins, Danny’s pregnancy was considered ‘at risk’ by default. But at this early stage, there were no worrying factors or expected complications, and so the plan was simply to monitor and obverse.

Before coming to Santa Maria, Danny had seen a crabby old woman of an OBGYN who took every concern the couple presented her with as a personal affront on her training and her time. Surprisingly, rather than Danny, it was Alex who had put his foot down, pleasantly stating to the stunned professional that they would ‘be fucked if they were going to put up with her and her bullshit for the next six months’, before taking his partner’s hand and walking out of her office.

Danny spoke with her friend Laurie and got the details for the obstetrician she had seen through her two pregnancy’s, and even though this was only their second visit with Doctor Roth they were very pleased with the change. Rather than be affronted by their worries, Roth took it as a personal challenge to quash them and raise the couple’s confidence in his abilities as a physician. He listened to them, gave his two cents, but made it clear it was up to them how they would all proceed through this pregnancy. It was his suggestion that they regularly check Danny’s progress so that anything troubling could be caught early.

Today’s visit was simply to get a baseline for Danny’s vitals and do a secondary ultrasound to confirm the genders of the babies and, in Doctor Roth’s words, ‘so the Doctor could see what they were working with’.

She had dressed for the occasion in an olive coloured wrap skirt and a dark blue sleeveless tank top that didn’t fit Danny’s burgeoning figure. Her eve gelen escort growing breasts rose and bubbled within the plunge neckline when she moved, and more than an inch of skin showed where it rode up on her belly. Danny wasn’t afraid to show that her changing body was making her feel sexy, and seeing that she was starting to outgrow her pre-maternity her clothes only made Danny excited to see herself get even bigger.

Danny stepped onto the scale, and Doctor Roth took her weight. He sat Danny down, took her blood pressure, pressed his stethoscope all over her. They went over sleep, diet, exercise; anything that Danny might worry over without a knowing hand to guide her until their next appointment. All the while Alex sat and listened, offered information, and nodded when Eli told him what he would need to do for Danny.

Danny smiled and held Alex’s hand, squeezing it softly. Alex had been a model partner to this point in the pregnancy. Though falling pregnant was largely Danny’s want, Alex had been supportive and active throughout.

He was a big man, towering over Danny at around 6’5″. Alex worked as a personal trainer and put a major emphasis on his own fitness, resulting in bulging muscles and a low body fat percentage that made plenty of women turn around to give him a second look, and not a small amount of men. Alex had dark features and a square jaw would have given him a menacing presence if not for his soft eyes and a broad smile that rarely left his face.

Doctor Roth put down his pen.

“Right then, let’s get you up onto the bed and have a look at these kids,” he said.

Danny and Alex walked across Doctor Roth’s room to the exam bed while he set up and turned on the ultrasound equipment.

Danny popped up on the bed while the doctor turned on switches and wheeled the machine closer. Looking around his office, she called out to Doctor Roth, “What is that thing?”

Doctor Roth turned from the panel he had been watching. Danny was pointing at a partially reclined chair placed near the bare wall at the end of the bed. It was covered in tan faux leather, padded without being particularly plush, and had a pair of leg braces sticking out into the air.

“Birthing Chair,” Roth grunted. “Some women wanna use’m instead of lying down flat. That one’s only in here for women to get an idea of what it’s like to use though; the one’s we use for actual delivery are down the hall.”

“Huh,” said Danny, still staring at it.

Roth looked at her, and followed her line of sight, still eyeing off the chair.

“I can do this in the chair if you want to.”


Roth shrugged. “Sure. I can find your kids just as easy.”

Alex smiled at Danny’s naïve excitement as she bounced off of the surgery bed and climbed into the birthing chair.

He had asked Doctor Roth how a male army doctor became an obstetrician on discharge when they had their initial consultation. He had replied that most of his work had been travelling with a battalion through war torn villages where his medical knowledge lead him to setting bones and delivering babies for villagers more often than repairing ballistics wounds. Finding it fulfilling, Roth chose to become properly qualified in the field on discharge. He then interposed this information to Alex with the fact he had also been his company’s bare knuckle boxing champion for his entire last tour of duty.

Danny settled her bottom into the chair and pushed her legs into the braces. Her skirt fell and gathered between her thighs, leaving her most of her pale legs exposed to the cool air.

“You comfortable there?” asked Roth. Danny nodded, and Doctor Roth grinned. Expecting mothers brought out his softer side.

He rolled the ultrasound machine over, as well as a stool for himself to sit on. Alex stood next to his partner while Roth had Danny pull up her shirt. The doctor applied gel to the end of the ultrasound wand in liberal amounts.

“Now, this might be a little cold,” Roth warned.

Roth pressed the wand gently to Danny’s little belly, and began rolling it up and down her skin, looking only at the ultrasound screen as he did so.

“Right let’s have a look here.”

He twisted the wand and rolled it around to Danny’s left side, and a vague shape appeared on the screen. A slight wrist adjustment, and the shape suddenly became that of a baby.

“Okay, there’s number one. Size looks good, heartbeat is good. Did you want me to verify the sexes for you?” Doctor Roth turned to the couple.

Danny nodded quickly. Roth looked back at the screen, adjusting the wand as needed.

“That’s a girl there, and…,” he rolled the wand over and near Danny’s right hip. Another baby shape appeared, “…that…is a boy. A big boy too.”

Danny and Alex looked at each, Alex squeezing her shoulder and grinning broadly, excited for the changes coming into their lives.

“Everything looks good…nothing popping up that looks concerning…no…yes. Everything looks great.” Doctor Roth turned fatih escort to them. “Well, if-“

The lights, Roth’s computer and ultrasound machine blinked out all at once.

Danny and Alex looked around.

“What happened?” asked Alex.

Roth swore. “Damn generator. The clinic is set up to go over to an onsite generator if the power goes out. Unfortunately, the electrician let the apprentice install it and he screwed the wiring up. The thing keeps trying to tick over to the live line and shorts the building all the way down to the emergency lighting.”

“Will it come back?”

“We have to get the guy out. He’s still trying to deny it’s his fault and just resets the system each time, and the board won’t get anyone else out to fix it in case it does anything to a claim we might build against him,” sighed Roth, rubbing his face, as though electricians and board members were the bane of his existence. “Well-“

The door to Doctor Roth’s office burst open and the nurse from the front desk blew in.

“Doctor Roth, sorry to interrupt your appointment, but we need you in Delivery Room Two! Mrs. Illingway is pushing and Doctor Sloane needs you to assist.”

“I’ll be done here in a moment Annie,” he answered the nurse, who nodded and walked out the door once more. “I’m sorry, but with the power gone I need to help offside for Doctor Sloane as a precaution.”

“Oh, that’s alright Doc,” said Danny, looking around for something to wipe her stomach off with. “Will you guys be alright?”

Doctor Roth snorted as he handed her a roll of wetwipes. “State of the art medical centre or war torn jungle, labour and pushing out a kid is much the same. Women have been giving birth since the Dawn of Time, we’re just here to make sure the mother and the kid have the safest experience we can afford them.

“I going to have leave you guys here I’m afraid, so just take your time, leave when you’re ready, and have a think about any questions you might have for our next appointment. Say, two weeks from now, yeah?”

With that Roth left the room, closing the door behind him with a click.

Danny wiped her belly down, wadded up the towels and attempted to throw it into a nearby bin from her reclined position. The ball missed by a good two feet. Alex shook his head at her, and walked over to pick up the paper and put it in the bin.

“Come on Dan, we better get going,” he said to his girlfriend as he came back to her side.

Danny made no attempt to get up. She simply looked at Alex with big needy eyes and exasperation on her face.

“What?” Alex asked in a questioning tone.

“I think… I think I need you…now…” she replied embarrassed.

Alex screwed up his face, shook his head and groaned. “Seriously? Now?”

Danny bit her lip and nodded at her boyfriend.

Alex and Danny’s sex life had been satisfying, and trying to get Danny pregnant, they had been having it every day there was a chance she could conceive. They knew that pregnancy affected each woman differently, some threw up endlessly, some put on weight very quickly. In their friend Laurie’s case it caused her to produce an endless supply of breast milk.

In Danny’s case, becoming pregnant with Alex’s twins caused her to become increasingly, desperately aroused.

It was of course one of those things that they had heard about pregnant women; either wanting more, some, or none at all while gestating, but in Danny’s case it was becoming an increasingly constant, almost frantic need. Since seeing the two crosses on the home pregnancy tester, Danny’s sexual appetite had been growing alongside her swelling belly, and having her desires met was slowly becoming more important to her then where she was or who was around them.

A month in, she had given Alex a blow job in the parking lot at the grocery store to sate the overwhelming desire to have his cock in her mouth. At six weeks, Danny could no longer fight the heat emanating from her crotch while she sat in her seat at the cinema, guided and pressed Alex’s fingers between her soaked lips and had him finger her to orgasm.

And last week, too distracted by the warm flush covering her body and the sensation of her heartbeat pulsing in her nipples, Danny pulled Alex into a food court restroom and convinced him to fuck her against the stall door, leaving their chicken chow mein’s to go cold on a table they never returned to.

The increasingly risky nature of their sex acts put Alex ill at ease, but as much as he could, he understood. Her arousal would simply continue to increase if it wasn’t released, which wasn’t comfortable for her, as it came with being constantly wet, increasing frustration fogging her brain, an engorged clit that rubbed ceaselessly against clothing and flesh, nipples on point for anyone to see. He could ask her to move, to try and get back to the house, or at least their car before they satisfied her hunger. But he also knew it would be a frustrating, possibly a publicly embarassing request, especially if her juices were to halkalı anal yapan escort spill through her dress, or if she were to orgasm and cry out in the middle of the waiting room just from the friction of fabric and movement on her clit while Alex paid the gap.

She was proud of her body, and it being seen, but even she had her limits, at least in spaces she didn’t chose to display herself like that. So Alex did what he could to help her reach relief.

Though he would be lying if he said wasn’t enjoying it.

Still nervous they would be caught, Alex moved over to the office door and turned the lock. Danny played with the knot at the side of her skirt, and by the time Alex had come back to her, she was parting the garment, exposing her new pillowy thighs and a thin pink g-string to her boyfriend.

“This is getting worse Dan,” Alex cautioned.

“Are you really complaining?” breathed Danny. “You did this to me; it’s having your babies in me that’s making me so horny. See?”

She pulled the tiny piece of material away from her mound, exposing the shining juices covering and flowing from her pussy to Alex.

Alex sighed, looking at her fluids drooling over her skin, feeling himself reacting to the sight, and undid his pants. Dropping them to his ankles, his cock, long even while flaccid, bounced out in the air.

Danny looked hungrily at his freed beast, beckoning him closer with a frantic curling of her finger.

As soon as her giant partner was within reach, she had him in her grip, squeezing him gently, throbbing with the anticipation of having it inside of her.

Danny leaned in, guiding Alex’s semi-soft member to her mouth using her finger tips. She swallowed his cock head in one smooth motion, and lovingly began to swirl it around her tongue. Alex sighed as blood rushed to his dick, hardening, lengthening in her mouth. Danny expelled a excited breath through her nose as she felt it stretching her jaw, expanding further down toward her throat as it became thicker and harder on her tongue. Alex may not have been in the mood initially, but Danny was very quickly changing his mind.

“How bad is this going to get Danny?,” he asked. “I feel like I should get you a Vibe something so you can take care of yourself at all times of the day. One those ones with a phone app remote that you can just keep inside you? A small one to keep in your handbag, how goes that sound?”

Danny moaned with her mouth full of cock. She popped it out.

“Oh god that sounds good, even just so I can do something about it when you’re not around. You know my fingers alone just don’t seem to be enough for me right now,” she exclaimed. She was still jerking his member while she spoke, and had him to full size in a matter of moments. Alex’s cock was easily as long as his forearm, a good girth, with a thick head and a plump set of balls hanging beneath. Danny never got tired of the sight, and in her current state, she felt the heat increase between her thighs staring his heavy purple head pearling with pre-cum.

“Fuck, you look good…,” she breathed, licking her lips. “Come on baby, come here.”

Alex moved so he was between her raised knees. There was an inch of wiggle room to either side of Alex’s hips between the chair legs. His cock head bumped up against Danny’s mound. Slowly, shaft in hand, he began rubbing circles around her clit with his meat, lower circles pressing against her labia lips, coating himself in her juices.

The sensation was agonising her Danny.

“Come on Alex, put it in already!” she begged.

Smiling, he lowered the tip of his rod to her moist, ready opening. With a steady push of his hips, Alex entered Danny. Inch after slow inch, Danny gave a low moan as she felt herself being filled by him, the familiar sensation of her partner inside her, stretching her. Her moan became a soft yelp when she felt him bump against her cervix.

“Quite Dan, or someone will hear us,” warned Alex.

Danny giggled, and nodded. Alex held himself still as he let Danny get used to him. Both hands on the outside of Danny’s armrests, he leaning into her to press his lips to hers. Her hot tongue invaded his mouth as Danny put a hand to the back of his head and tried pumping her hips against Alex, trying to push him start. She didn’t want to make love, she wanted to fuck.

Feeling her walls pulsing, squeezing his member sent a shiver down Alex’s spine,made his heart thud in his chest. Instinct took over and his hips started moving, taking the last two inches of cock out of Danny’s hungry maw and pushing it firmly back in. He found a steady rhythm matching Danny’s movements. Tingles of pleasure flowed down his cock, down to his balls that tingled faintly. Danny let go of Alex’s lips long enough to let out a hot sigh, and used her spare hand to reach down and cup Alex’s balls, squeezing them lovingly. Alex moaned as she massaged them gently, and pulled her back in to their kiss, thrusting into her a little faster.

Danny released her grip on Alex’s head and put her hand to the top of her shirt, pulling it up over her little tummy and bunching the fabric up under her wobbling bust. As her boyfriend fucked her, she rubbed her rounding flesh. The evidence of their fucking being exposed to the world as she got bigger excited her, and rubbing it while they coupled just made her feel sexy.

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