Dark Side of Hema Ch. 03

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The night was still young for Hema and Meekri.

They were used to such long nights along with Selvam and were getting prepared towards the couple of hours left for dawn and get their cunts rammed with this young and virile 7″ long dick of Ananth. Ananth was tired and not very enthused but had to make use of this opportunity, he knew this was the beginning of a long sexual odyssey for him. His bathroom antics, where he had masturbated vigorously, dreaming of all the beautiful women were getting real. Hema was an incarnation of all those wishful damsels. She was pretty, dusky, charming, long hairdo, traditional and above all bold and willing.

Ananth watched the scene where the two women exchanged his cum, really felt he to be in the seventh heaven. For him touching of his own hand on the cock was enough to ejaculate and here it was dreams come true. And more than anything else, he was enjoying his own sis in law. He had also been watching her with her friends and was pretty mesmerized by some of them, one of them of course the fairly well stacked Radha.

Meekri stumped him out of his reverie by planting her pussy on his mouth and Ananth did not know where to start.

Lying flat on his backside and Meekri lying above him, this was becoming a bit uncomfortable. Hema could read the signs of discomfort and also wanted to make him taste her pussy first. She knew it was coming and he wanted to nestle his mouth on the wanting inner lips of his sis in law’s wanton pussy.

She glanced at Meekri asking her to get off the torso, and for the first time laid herself next to her lover and in front of Meekri who was left standing next to the bed, Hema started the journey for Anath into a bliss of sinful love and sexual calisthenics.

She applied a small smooch on his forehead, ‘ My little b-I-l is now getting ready to ram his prick into his big sis in law’, saying which she lifted herself and shoved her boobs onto his face. The mangalsutra came in the way and Ananth felt really erotic to see the sign of marriage dangling like that.

He put the gold plates on either of her aureoles on both the boobs and started licking them along the flesh causing flutter down between the legs for both Hema and Meekri, Ananth was alternating on the boobs dexterously.

He was picking up fast, for a young man fucking and sexual diligence come like swimming to a dog. It takes little time. After all a male in this part of the world spends more than 10 years post puberty dreaming and fantasizing, this is what they want to do and want to make those dreams come real. Ananth was receiving which is not very common. Not all men have the luck of Hema offering herself in the cool confines of one’s own house. He was on the verge halkalı eve gelen escort of losing his virginity, in a short while before dawn he would have sunk his virgin cock into both the pussies. ‘Aaah, what a feeling’. He could not believe it and was looking forward to those moments when his cock would be in the hot enclosure of the cuntal sheath.

Hema slowly brought him over him and for the first time that night, Ananth was on the top. He did not leave the twin globes and was profusely tracing the tongue on both the boobs, of course enjoying the mangalsutra too. He asked Hema why she did not remove it, to which she giggled and seductively swayed the hair off her forehead, ‘Ananth, I am your bride this night and Meekri our attendant. In the olden days rajas used to have the same pleasure, where on the first night a female attendant used to assist the bride and give pleasure to the married couple, now if I do not wear the saree and this mangalsutra, how do get that feeling.’ ‘ Married or not, I wanted to make your first fuck look like what it would be on your wedding day, I promise if you marry Radha it will be better than this and that day the maid will be me and not Meekri’.

Hearing to all this, Ananth of course a mere mortal could feel his cock rising. He got over her body and started rubbing the edge of his prick in the pubic area and in no time felt a hand on his dick guiding it into Hema’s pussy. Little did he realize that the transportation into the nether world of sexual ecstasy was over and he was now like any other fulfilled man, his cock was in a woman’s tight pussy. Danny was her stepson. Hema was not a natural mother and here she was lying below Ananth offering him her tight and expensive pussy. Ananth started grunting giving both the women shivers of yet another pre ejaculation. But Hema knew how to handle this, she asked Ananth to think of meadows, the back yard of their house, his mother and slowly he came back to normal and the pumping became rhythmic. She was too much and knew how to handle men, especially in bed. Her fingers were on his thighs, very near to the balls but not touching the jewels.

Hema spread her legs far and lifted her pussy to an inclined position, and beckoned Meekri to the shallow fusion area and gave some signals. Meekri knew what to do and got down to the ritual. She got in between the legs of both and placed herself down with the eyes now transfixed on the magnificent ‘in out’ going just above her eyes. She was lying with her head down and Ananth’s balls above her, cock going in and out of Hema’s pussy. Thee moment she felt Ananth was reaching a climax, Meekri would remove the cock from the pussy, wipe out a drop or two of halkalı grup yapan escort ananth’s sperm, hold it in the air and give it some breath. Then she licked the cock tasting Hema’s juices too mixed well with Ananth’s and shoved it back into Hema. Ananth had not left Hema’s boobs right from the start and now it was 25 minutes since his suckling began and it looked as if it was not going to end.

It was not easy for any man in his state.

After all he had been eyeing those boobs day in day out over the last 2 years all the time, whether it was over the dining table or in the garden where she sat with Danny and Venkaji, carelessly allowing the pallu to shift and expose the twin globes. ‘ Why did you shave my cock and balls, it is really nice especially when you run your tongue over the jewels’ blurted Ananth.

Again with the naughty smile on her face, Hema twitched her lips and glided her fingers over her lips,’ It allows deeper access into the pussy, I feel more filled up’ saying so she touched his balls with the end of her long nail making him twitch too and grunt more into her chest.

Hema was sweating all over and the crevice between her boobs resembled a bed of sex. Ananth busied himself snaking his tongue around that whole area and licked up all the sweat and felt he had achieved ‘nirvana’. ‘Ma’am, I need to satisfy my pussy, please allow him to fuck me’ whispered Meekri from down below.

Hema could feel Meekri on the edge of her thighs and suddenly remembered that the saree was still around her waste.

The 10,000 rupees Kanjjevaram Silk saree, maroon in color was at this point of time rumpled up and rolled up getting crushed between the three bodies.

Hema slowly removed the cock from her pussy, ‘ Suck it and keep it hot and long’. Saying so, she lifted herself from his body and slid Meekri all the way from where she was to her own erstwhile position. It was all over even before he could realize and in front of his eyes, rested the twin globes of Meekri and his cock was now facing her well lubricated spread pussy below, Hema reached for the cock and greased her palms with the fluids on the rod sighing to herself. She wanted him to come in her pussy but that could wait. She needed Meekri in this position, after all in all the lust and passion for sex and virgin Ananth, Hema had a score to settle with Selvam. She looked towards the camcorder and could see the shine of the lens facing her, satisfying her further.

Hema pushed the cock into Meekri’s pussy and so began Ananth, his fucking of the second pussy in the same night. Hema decided to give him a bonus at the same time, knowing fairly well that will sound the climax on the halkalı masöz escort poor guy for the third time in a row and this time it would be the culminating one for the night. She lifted her self on to his face facing him just below, allowing him access to her frontal body all over. Slowly moved her towards his face, Ananth tugged at the saree to be amazed at the absence of the petticoat.

Hema this time laughed abundantly and in the silence of the night, it made Ananth really lose his cum but somehow he controlled. ‘ I do not wear bras, panties and petticoats when preparing for fucks of this magnitude’.

Lifting her body a bit above touching his torso, she showed him the strain of coupling which kept the 6m long saree together and in front of his wanton lustful eyes removed the strain and became totally nude for the first time.

Ananth caught hold of her waist with his left hand and brought the cock ravished pussy to his mouth, and for the first time tasted the ever-elusive sis in law’s pussy.

It tasted bitter for sometime but soon became tangy and salty. Ananth had read a lot and seen quite a few 3X movies to know that this was really a very interesting part of a sexual bout. He kept tasting her outer pussy and darting his tongue in and out of the insides of the cuntal spread.

In no time his tongue was met with a wad of viscous nectar which just kept pasting on to his tongue. He knew from his knowledge, Hema was cumming and gobbled up the juice. His nose, lips and all the face was drenched with the aroma and leak of heavenly nectar coming out of Hema’s hole. Hema has finally delivered yet another load, on a new face and felt really victorious.

Ananth was lost and had no idea what was happening to him.

He lost total control and finally came in Meekri’s cunt. It was like a long cycle of pistoning but all got over and he collapsed on Meekri’s chest who in turn was sucking the edge of Hema’s ass just above her.

Hema lifted herself away from both and reached between the legs of the two and scooped the mingled juices. She looked towards both who were staring at her, wide eyed. She forwarded the palm to Meekri who darted her tongue around the fingers of Hema and licked out the viscous leak, and the rest Hema licked off with her own mouth and this time she drank it all. ‘ I am not going to waste this moment, mingling of a virgin cock with a servant pussy’.

Saying so she quickly glanced at the clock on the table. ‘ 5:00 am’. She was happy. Another 2 hours before Venkaji would return and she can always give him the regular chore of dropping Danny at School feigning splitting headache.

Thinking so, she climbed out of the bed, draped the saree around her in a disorderly manner and asked Meekri to get into the nightie. Both the women left Ananth to himself and sneaked out of the bedroom into the creeping in daylight of the dawn.

Ananth was not to forget this night. Thus began his dangerous journey into the world of sex and sex. He would realize how it affected his life in the coming months.


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