Dawn’s Story?

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I am Dawn Willet, I am forty eight years of age, I am a rather tall woman being five foot eight inches in my stocking feet.

The men seem to love my long slim legs when I wear shorts in the summer,

I wear my blond hair short and I try to take pretty good care of myself. I could lose five or six pounds maybe, But I think I look pretty good for my age. I get allot of cat calls when I walk by construction sites and things of that nature. But my best asset of all is my natural forty two d d chest, all men and boys like it.

I work as an administrative secretary for Holden Plastic’s and I have been there for years and love my job.

My husband Mitchell is fifty four years old, balding and over weight, But I still love him greatly. He is a rail road engineer, He has also been with the rail road for several years. Some times he works long hours or he has to travel overnight to deliver freight. Sometimes I do get entirely bored with my life. We have one son Mitch who is twenty and off to college he went to try and be a mechanical draftsmen, It was Thursday afternoon, I arrived home from work and I was tired so I went upstairs to take a hot relaxing bath. Occasionally I do cheat on my Mitchell with Mr. Myers a local Gym teacher, about once a month we go to the Sanrancisan Hotel for three or four hours before I come home from work. My poor husband God Bless Him but anymore for the past couple of years just cant keep an erection to save his life even with the use of Viagra. So my sex life was down the tube until I met Mr. Myers, a year and a half ago. I tossed my keys onto the dinning room table sat my purse in the chair and ventured up to my bedroom.

I ran a hot bath and stripped off my dress and under things, and went into the tub. I sat there relaxed, Totally unaware of what was taking place down stairs, Tommy one of the neighbor boys , My sons friend was sneaking into our home. Tommy was nineteen and dropped out of school to work at our local auto repair shop, I heard he was quite good as a mechanic.

Tommy texted his friends from his I phone, that were hiding in the garage

“I’M In she is in the tub”

Tommy watched her from the hall, I hadn’t a clue of anyone being in my home, I was un aware of the outside world, I soap my breasts and shaved my legs and pussy, Even after all these years Mitchell still loved the way it looked so I kept it that way for him, Even though Mr. Myers also adored licking and fucking it.

I didn’t have a clue that a young man was eying me as I did this. I was quite calm now, I adore a hot bath, it truly does relax me after a grueling day at the office. Now I needed some wine. I left the tub and drained the water and dried off, and walked into my room and put on a white bra and white panties, and was reaching for my bath robe when I noticed something.

“Tommy what the hell are you in my house for Mitch is at College now”!!!!

I yelled at him.

He was a tall guy like six foot two, Flat stomach , Big arms. He wore a black t shirt and black sweat pants. Short blond flat top hair cut He was an attractive young man.

“I KNOW” he said.

“How long have you been here watching me”? I shouted.

“Long Enough” he answered.

I grabbed my robe from the closet and put it on, I was angry.

“Tommy why are you in my home”? I asked harshly.

“I need to speak with you Mrs. Willet” He told me

“You could have just called me” I stated harshly.

“Not about this” He said showing me a picture from his I phone” he stated.

“OH MY GOD TOMMY” I yelled, He had a picture of me embracing Mr. Myers at the Hotel in front of the room we use.

OH my God This child has been stalking me , I thought silently.

“Why Tommy, Why do you have this picture”?? I interrogated him

“Because I want something from you Mrs. Willet” He told me.

“Yea Like What”? I asked rudely.

“What I saw in the tub” He told me.

“Oh Bull shit Tommy, I am older then your mother for God’s Sake” I harshly shouted out.

“I don’t care, I have wanted to have you since I was fourteen” He said.

I felt embarrassed at this moment. I couldn’t believe this young male had the hots for me.

Tommy has been fumbling with his phone,

“Open that robe Mrs. Willet” he told me.

“NO Tommy you’re crazy” I told him.

He reached into his pocket and took out a switch blade knife and sprang it open,

“Crazy yes maybe I am” he instructed.

“Oh Tommy put that away” I yelled.

“OPEN THE ROBE NOW”!! he shouted.

I hesitantly opened my robe reveling myself to him “You like what you see young man”? I questioned.

“Yes I do I really do” he told me checking me out,

He took a picture of me I heard his phone make a click sound.

“Oh Lord Tommy” I said.

“Look I can see your nipples and your slit even in the photo” he told me.

“OH GOD”! I said.

He put the phone back into his pocket, I never heard his five friends sneak up my 2nd floor carpeted steps, But they were hearing this entire conversation.

“Tommy canlı bahis you had better go now” I told him.

“Why should I”? he asked.

“I don’t want Mitchell catching you here” I told him.

“Mr. Willet won’t get home for a day or two, He is out of town, quit stalling me” he told me.

I don’t know how he knew that, But he was right.

That when I noticed that Tommy had an absolutely huge erection in his sweat pants,

I thought Oh My God when I witnessed the size of the bulged in his pants. He looked enormous compared to my limped dick husband.

“Now you are going to do as I say or I am emailing these pic’s to Mr. Willet and tell him that you are fucking Mr. Myers, and you tried to seduce me in your room” he scolded me with his threats.

“No YOUR NOT TOMMY”!! I cried.

he approached me with his sharp knife “Tommy No Tommy settle down”

I pleaded with him.

“You like this don’t you”? he asked me.

“No Tommy I certainly do not” I told him.

“Then why are your nice big nipples rock hard and your fine little cunt is getting wet”?

He asked me.

He was truly right again, I was definitely aroused, But I was indeed trying to hide it.

“I’m Not”!!! I screamed.

“Your fucking lying”!!! He said.

He tugged his sweat pants down so I could see his enlarged purple head.

“Oh God Tommy stop that” I said.

His cock looked huge, it has to be at least ten inch’s long.

I was sweating, My legs were shaking, My older shaved pussy quivered,

“Please leave Tommy” “You don’t want to do this” I told him.

“Listen Bitch”! He said, “One way or the other got it”!! he told me sternly.

“OK OK OK Tommy” I said “I will give you a hand job and suck on you a little” and

“You can cum on my tits” “But that is all” I told him.

“NO” “YOU listen to me now, and rather good” he said

“You are going to fuck me” and “YOU” are “Also going to fuck my friends” He told me.

“No No way Young Man, I will allow you to have your way with me, But I will not be fucking any of your god dam sleazy assed buddies” I told him firmly.

“Get on your knee’s and suck my cock”

He ordered me. I did without fail, I actually couldn’t wait to feel his huge young cock in my ever so wanton mouth. I sucked him a little, Then he pulled me up and removed my big bra and felt my breasts, He embraced me harshly and mauled my big firm rear, Then pushed me back to the ground to continue my deep throating duties, he put the blade away back into his pocket. He was long and hard, I choked upon his cock,

“AAAACCCCGGGKKK” I gasped as I sucked him, My eyes were shut, I was in heaven as my womaness took over, My mature pussy ached for his big cock.

He held my head as he drove his man hood deep into my throat, I gagged a little again, I was good at sucking

I had practiced on big dildo’s my entire life, and I didn’t mind even gagging a little once in awhile.

I opened my eyes and I was indeed so surprised to find Tommy’s buddies staring at me. I stopped sucking.

“OH NO OH MY GOD NO TOMMY”!!! I cried loudly.

“You are our little gang bang girl today babe” Tommy told me.

“No Tommy please no” I pleaded.

“Yes do as I tell you Mrs. Willet” Tommy insisted.

“Oh My God”!! I stated. “Please Please don’t hurt me” I pleaded.

“Do as I tell you and you won’t get hurt” Tommy instructed me.

“OK OK OK” I whined.

I had tears in my face, Tommy placed me on my hands and knee’s forward looking at the guys.

He got behind me and removed my wet panties, Then I felt his enlarged big head of his cock enter me , I winced a little “OOOOOHHHH” I sighed.

He pushed forward into me further,

“AAAAAHHHH”!!! I moaned loudly.

“Fuck her good Pal” One of his buddies said.

Tommy soon began rapid thrusts into my now stretched cunt, Oh my lord I thought.

I never had anyone this large, Even when I was fifteen my cousins friend Randy didn’t stretch me this bad.

His buddies all watched as Tommy fucked me,

“OOOOHHH OOOHH”!!!!! I moaned as he rammed me with that giant cock.

I had my first orgasm on his big dick, My thighs quivered and tingled rapidly as he made me fuck him .

“Don’t cum in me Tommy, I don’t want to get pregnant” I told him.

“You have had a hysterectomy what the fuck stop lying stupid” He told me

Oh lord how did he know that I wondered, “It doesn’t matter I am going to fuck your tits any way” He told me.

Oh my gosh I was glad to hear that, Mitchell always tried but it was a wasted effort, Because his cock was too small and he never got hard enough anyways, I thought to myself, A real man with a real cock would fuck my tits good like I needed.

Tommy continued to ram my wet stretched cunt, making me cum once again,

Felt like I had a lightning strike up my ass.

“OOOOHHH” I orgasmed, Then Tommy pulled out, slammed me to the floor and I held my breasts for him eagerly.

He pumped my fleshy mounds like there would be bahis siteleri no tomorrow.

“Nick get my phone and take me a pic of this” he said.

Oh my god I thought.

He was banging my flesh balls deep,

“OH OH Tommy fuck my tits” I sighed over and over I couldn’t believe I was doing that.

Soon he erupted all over my face, neck, hair, and bobbies

“OOOOOHHHHH FFFFUUUUCK” He yelled as he cum upon me.

I eagerly spread his seaman around my body with my hands, licking my hands and sucking the rest from his cock.

“OH GOD TOMMY” I said.

Tommy had no sooner stepped away from me and Alex then lay atop me and stuck his throbbing shaft into me.

“AAAAAHHHH” I moaned as he entered me, He wasn’t as large as Tommy, but his pumping felt good, I gripped his hairy young buttocks and pulled him into me. The thought of other watching this made my head real with excitement.

I turned my head to the side enough to see Tommy’s Hispanic friend Marty going thru my underwear drawer and playing with my bra’s and panties’

“OH GOD” I silently thought.

Soon Alex pulled out and shot his cum all over my soft tummy, He shook with passion as he jerked his self off upon me.

Suddenly Marty and Alan stood me up and took me to my bed, where they had me on all fours with my ass in the air.

Marty was lubing his big young cock with some KY Jelly that I kept in my dresser.

“Spread that ass bitch” Marty told me.

“NO NO NO NOT MY ASS”!!! I cried out.

Alan held me as Marty spread my ass cheeks,

“NO NO OH PLEASE NO” I yelled out pleading.

The I winced as Marty inserted his enlarged cock head into my rear,

“FUCK HER MAN” Alan told him.

I wept tears as Marty shoved him self into my tight asshole, Tommy came over and sat next to me.

“Dawn you are so beautiful with a dick in your ass” He told me.


“It’s alright baby, just take it” Tommy said.

Marty pushed harder and went deeper now, I thought I would faint,

“OH THIS ASS IS TIGHT” Marty exclaimed

I was highly embarrassed, No one had ever done this to me, I was being sodomized forcefully.

“Fuck that pigs ass man” Alan instructed his pal.

“OOOOOHHHH”!!! I moaned loudly as he plowed deeper inside me.

“Fill her with your seed Marty” Tommy told him.

Tommy rubbed my breasts as Marty tore into my tight pucked anus,

“Oh Honey you look so sweet” Tommy said to me.

Marty let his load go inside of me, It felt so strange, Then Alan took his place and drilled my asshole with his cock.

I screamed as he rammed into my extra tight orfix,

“See it isn’t so bad” Tommy told me.

When he was done Tommy rolled me over and kissed me, I could feel their seaman dripping from my ass and into my crack.

Then he handed me over to Ron and Jacob, Ron made me crouch upon him from above and Jacob took my ass, They filled both of my now tender openings with their young stiff manhood.

“I scream in pure ecstasy”

Two stiff young cocks at once, I had never experienced this before, it was terrific so say the least, I was being stretched immensely.

My orgasm took over my mature body, I couldn’t speak, I was truly in heaven.

“OOOOHHHH OOOHHHH”!!!!! I cried out in another mouth watering orgasm.

They both dumped their loads inside me,

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”!!! I moaned loudly as they burst inside me.

By the time they dis mounted me, I was sore and tired.

Marty knelt over me and rammed his cock into my mouth, I sucked his cock well making him hard once more, and he used my big breasts until he shot his hot cum load upon my face, and Now Alan fucked my pussy from above and made me eat his load.

Then Tommy told everyone that it was time to leave, and said that he would be spending the night with me. I was shocked, but also happy, I didn’t want to be alone right now.

After the others left Tommy embraced me, and got me into the shower , were he cleansed me with soap and water, He shampooed my hair, and gave me a good dying off.

“Dawn you are so wonderful” He told me and then kissed me.

About two in the morning I was awakened by Tommy licking my pussy, He fucked me well once again.

When I woke up in the morning to go to work, he was already gone.

He left me a note in the bathroom that read “I love you I’ll be in touch, have a wonderful day”

I then took a shower and got dressed for work. The day at work was the same thing, nothing exciting, just paper work and misc tasks.

The girls and I left for lunch to go and grab a burger and a soda,

I left work and got in my Escalade and drove home.

I unlocked the front door and walked in to my empty home, My message machine was flashing.

Mitchell had called me to let me know he loved me and he would be stuck over in Angola until Tuesday evening.

I called him on his cell phone but he didn’t answer, I left him a voice mail that I bahis şirketleri also loved him and I missed him and for him to be careful.

I went to the refrigerator and made myself a ham sandwich and a glass of OJ. I was feeling pretty good and just figured I would take it easy and go to bed early. I sat on the couch thinking about Tommy. In the note he left he said he loved me wow, I thought.

How could this young man be so bold I wondered.

“AAHH” I yawned knowing today was Friday and it was over for the week, I had the weekend free, and also one extra day with my husband away. I fell asleep for an hour or so on the couch, I woke to the door bell.

I went to the door a little groggy, and answered it , It was Tommy I let him in,

“Hey Honey” he sounded excited, He had something to show me he said, Placing his laptop computer onto the dinning room table.

“OH MY LORD TOMMY” I said as he showed me all of the pictures he took of me having sex with multiple men.

“You are awesome honey”! He said looking at me.

“You may think so” I stated.

“Dawn I own you I own your tits and I own your cunt and I own that ass of yours”

He told me.

“Oh Tommy” I said back.

“I want you to tell Mr. Myers that you are done with him from now on” he insisted

“OK OK” No Problem I told him.

“Alright do it right now, I want to hear you tell him, right now get the phone”

He insisted.

I picked up the phone and called my Gym teacher friend, and explained nicely that I would no longer participate.

He really didn’t understand , But told me ok what ever I wanted, and then I told him bye and hanged the phone up.

“Nicely Done Honey” Tommy told me, I felt proud of myself.

Tommy told me to go upstairs and put on the sexy white teddy that he had saw in my closet. And then to come down and wait for him on the couch, that he would be back in a few minutes.

I obi ledged and didn’t ask questions, I saw him as my Master now. I didn’t know what was in store for me and more over I guess I didn’t care, My Tommy know what was good for me.

I cleaned up, did my hair and added some perfume, I was indeed excited. I could only imagine what my sexy Owner had in store for me now. I did exactly as He asked me to do.

Soon he came back with two athlete appearing guys from the local basket ball team, One was a tall skinny black male and the other a Hispanic male.

“OH MY GOD TOMMY”!!! I stated.

“Please be quiet and just sit back down there” He told me firmly, I did as he said.

“This is Carlos, and this is Michael” He said.

“This is my whore” He told them.

“Stoke up that weed man, lets get this whore fucked up” Michael stated.

“Tommy I haven’t ever smoked dope” I told him.

“Well Dear today is a new day now isn’t it” He scolded me.

The new guys sat by her one on each side, Michael lit the large joint and inhaled and passed it to Carlos which he did the same thing, They handed it to me, I held it for a moment.

Then I took a large drag from it, I held it but coughed after only seconds.

They blew their smoke in my face as I handed it back to Carlos.

They I smoked some more, and I didn’t cough, and then again, I was feeling light headed and fuzzy sort of.

When it was gone I leaned back, things seemed as if they were in a fog, a weird fog.

Soon the two guys were touching my breasts, and kissing my neck,

“AAAAHHHHH” I sighed.

Tommy sat and watched, He loved watching me used for their pleasure.

Soon the two men stood up and removed their clothing,

Their large cocks sprang forward,

They were both evenly hung like small horses.

“OH MY LORD”!!! I must have said two or three times, Their young cocks were as big around as my hair spray cans and probably eleven inches around, even bigger then Tommy’s, I couldn’t believe my own eyes.

Soon I found my hands both hands around the black one, Oh my gosh it hardly fit into my older mouth without hurting my jaw muscles.

I worked it for awhile then switched to the other, back and forth I sucked their huge animal sized cocks.

Then Michael lubed up his horse cock, and ripped open the crotch of my sheer white teddy and sat me upon him.

“Easy Honey” I said as he pushed me down onto it,

“AAAAAHHHH” I groaned as he entered me, Only the head of his large rod was inside me, I felt myself tense up and he reared his hips up and plunged more into me

“AAAAAHHHH”!!!! I stretched.

This man was huge, I felt my insides being torn, I knew that I would bleed from this,

“AAAAAHHHH” He stretched me more, I was about to faint,

“Take it easy Michael” Tommy said, I rode up and down on what was already inside me, Then I climbed off and stroked him off with my hands and caught his load with my face.

I did the same for Carlo’s, Then Tommy left and took them somewhere and dropped them, and returned back to me, Making love to me half the night.

In the morning I made us breakfast, and we had an enjoyable day.

I didn’t want this to end , But I knew it wouldn’t, Mitchell would be back on Tuesday, and we would just have to work around that.

But end totally Never.

To Be Continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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