Debbie Gets into the Job

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“Good morning Debbie,” I greeted my assistant, and lover, as she arrived for work. She had been here for three weeks now and was already established around the place. Some of the budding, and experienced, Romeo’s had soon been sniffing around, so I knew I had to keep my eyes on her.

Amanda, our lesbian accounts manager, had been away on a course over the last few days meaning Debbie had not been under her influence, so I had her all to myself, yum yum!.

Although we had been working together we had not enjoyed many moments of intimacy, Its not easy lusting after a beautiful woman while pretending to those around that nothing is between us, so I had planned a day giving one of the presentation shows our company puts on for our customers from time to time, in the hope of boosting orders. That way I would have a legitimate excuse to take her with me, and today was the day.

Debra looked lovely in a black skirt and white top which was low cut and showed off her cleavage, I got excited looking at the creamy pure skin on her chest and knew exactly what the whole of her breasts looked like when they are naked, and I longed to see them that way again. Her fair hair was beautifully groomed, falling in waves to her shoulders and emphasising the blueness of her wide eyes.

There was no-one else in the office when she arrived so I kissed her while squeezing her bottom. She responded by stroking my cock and was surprised to feel him still soft, “What’s the matter with him?” she asked in feigned alarm, “why isn’t he stiff.”

“Don’t you worry,” I laughed, “he will perform when you want him.”

“I want him now,” she growled pressing against me.

“You are very perky this morning,” I said, escaping round my desk.

“I haven’t had sex for a week,” she said fiercely, “You told me you would keep me happy, If you don’t do it, I will spend all my time with Amanda when she gets back,” she threatened.

Then she burst out laughing at the look of alarm on my face, “You should see your face,” she giggled.

“Come on, come on,” I said authoritatively, ” have you got everything, we have to get going.”

We had made all the preparation the day before so we picked up our briefcases and set off.

The presentation we were going to was only 30 minutes drive away. we walked across the office car park to my car and sat inside, I had deliberately parked it away from general view and prying eyes, I was hoping to steal a kiss, but that was unnecessary because Debbie grabbed me and pressed her mouth to mine, while we kissed I pushed my hand up her skirt to the top of her legs which voluntarily opened allowing me easy access to stroke her pussy through her knickers. I slipped my finger inside the leg of her thong and plunged it into her sex. She was sopping wet.

“My you are randy,” I said.

“Well its been so long since you bothered with me,” she said accusingly, “even my husband has left me alone all week, I’m ready to burst if you don’t fuck me today!”

“OK OK, now I have a surprise for you, After this presentation, I have booked a room at a motel for the afternoon, what do you say to that?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm, you lovely man, she squealed, and squeezed my cock again.

We did a good job on the presentation, it was to a board of directors and was very successful, they told us we would be getting the order. I think the fact that I would be fucking my assistant shortly had added spice and life to my sales halkalı eve gelen escort spiel, Ha ha.

We shook the directors hands on the new deal, packed our things together and raced down to the car, “Its only five minutes to the motel,” I told Debbie.

“Well see if you can do it in three minutes,” she laughed.

By one o’clock we were in the room and kissing passionately, Debbie was definitely the aggressor and didn’t waste any time in undressing me. I let her carry on and she stripped everything off leaving my boxers till last, when she dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled them down.

She grasped my long hard cock and wrapped her lips round him.

“There’s nothing soft about him now,” I said proudly.

“MMMM she gurgled and sucked , bit and chewed his full length.

“With her hands she played with my balls and out of sheer devilment she pushed a finger into my bum hole, just because she knows I like that. I was on the verge of cumming when she stopped and took her mouth away from round my cock and said “Oh no you don’t, I need you to perform all afternoon.”

She stood up and pushed me onto the bed, I lay flat with my cock standing upright watching her as she stripped off all her clothes, She is so gorgeous naked, and my cock throbbed with anticipation on seeing her nude. She climbed on the bed to straddle my body, one knee either side of my hips, and holding my cock, she lowered herself down so that my cock penetrated her cunt,

Down, down, she sank, until she sat on my pubic bone. I pushed upwards and the sensations for both of us were incredible, She moaned and gasped out loud, while slowly lifting herself up and down riding my cock. She increased her lifting pace which then became a frenzy, Uh uhuhuhuhuhuh, she cried bouncing up and down on my belly and hips, I saw her hit with a tremendous orgasm. “Jeff,Jeff!” she shouted, and I watched her face screw up and her eyes slam shut, with the thrills and passion of her squirting cum

I felt the wetness spread over my stomach, and I could hear it slurping, I wasn’t ready to cum, so I rolled her over onto her stomach and lifting her hips into a kneeling position, I slid my still rampant cock into her pulsating cunt from behind.

“Now I really fucked her, I rammed my cock hard up her pussy, Holding on to her hips and pulling her sex onto my cock, in out, in out, harder and harder I pierced her hole, I would not relax, faster faster, My head shook from side to side and her tits bounced back and forwards, Debbie squealed with joy and passion as I pushed far into her supple body, she pushed back onto me, but I slid in and out easily spreading her puffy cunt lips wide. Unable to control herself, she came again, and again, I felt like my cock was aquaplaning inside her cunt, there was so much wetness.

This time I did cum, I felt the tingles in my balls which rapidly spread over every nerve in my body, and when the sensations reached my eyes, I ejaculated far into her feminine sex hole.

Debbie cried and sobbed and her head fell onto the bed her bum still in the air. My tired cock slipped out of her sex. As fast as my tingling feelings came so they disappeared and I was calm, I rolled off her body and clasped it to me, I kissed her tear stained face and stroked her hair. We lay there for several minutes without speaking, Then I looked at her and said, “Well darling, was that the halkalı grup yapan escort good fucking that you yearned for?”

She smiled a little weakly, “Yes Jeff, you were very strong with me then.”

“I know Deb,” I said, I wanted to possess you completely,”

“You did that alright,” she said pointing at my dozing cock, “I felt him dominate me like he has done many times since we met.”

“He loves to be your master,” I said, and we both laughed at that. “Lets go for a shower I said, “then we will have to get back to the office.”

It was 4-30 pm when we arrived in the car park.

“Look Amanda’s back,” I said, seeing her car parked. We went up to my office, and I said to Debbie, that she had better see if Amanda needs anything from her, I told Debbie I would be getting off home at five as I had to attend a meeting at my club. We gave each other a brief kiss and she went along to Amanda’s office.

“Hi Debbie,” Amanda greeted her

“Hi Amanda,” Debbie replied, “how was the course.”

“Same as they always are, boring, I have quite a few things to do and could do with your help, can you stay over tonight?”

That will be no trouble,” Debbie said.

“Good,” said she coming over and giving Deb. a kiss full on her lips. “I have missed you, you know.”

“I have missed you too,” smiled Debbie.

Debbie began to complete the work Amanda wanted her to do, and it was a little while later both women realised that everyone had gone and they were alone. Amanda stopped what she was doing and looking at Deb. she took her in her arms and kissed her tenderly then passionately.

“Without speaking Amanda began to undress Debra, In minutes she was naked and Debbie felt a thrill as Amanda looked at her, Passions rose within Debbie’s body and she felt that she wanted to show Amanda every inch of her body. She wanted Amanda to undress to compare their similarities.

Debbie lay on the carpet and parted her legs and bent her knees, Amanda looked longingly down on Debbie’s nakedness then quickly undressed herself and knelt down between Debbie’s legs, Debbie put her hand on the back of Amanda’s neck and pulled her towards her pussy. Amanda eagerly licked Debbie’s smooth pussy lips then pushed her tongue into her hole, Debbie was tremendously turned on feeling Amanda suck her pussy flesh into her mouth so ravenously, then she stopped and raised her head from between Debs legs, she looked up at her and said “Debbie I can taste male sperm inside your pussy,” then she paused and said, “Is it your husband I can taste?”

Debra looked steadily back at her and said “No Amanda, it isn’t my husband, I had sex with Jeff this afternoon.”

Her eyes opened wide, “You did?” she exclaimed, well I am amazed, not that I didn’t think it could happen, Jeff is popular around here, but I did not think he would take advantage of you so soon.”

“Why not,” Debbie asked, “you did, on my first day if I remember right,”

“Yes that’s true, but I couldn’t resist you,” she said with a laugh.

“Neither could he, Deb retorted haughtily, and Amanda laughed again and hugged Debbie to her.

“Was today your first time with Jeff?”

“It was the second time we have had sex,” Debbie replied, not wanting to reveal too much.

“Was he good,” She asked a little reservedly.

“Yes, Jeff is a very good lover,” Debbie answered

” Actually halkalı masöz escort I am glad to hear what you told me, Jeff is one of the few men I am curious about, May be we can have a threesome,”

“Maybe,” Debbie said un- committed. Then stroking her fingers between Amanda’s legs, she said, “But I don’t think I want to share this delicious pussy with any man, I really don’t think I would want to see Jeff’s cock all the way in your hole,” and she pushed two fingers into Amanda’s sex.

“Thank you darling,” Amanda said, throwing her arms around Debbie, and crushing her naked body against her own. “Jeff fucked you this afternoon,Right?”

“Yes,” Debbie replied.

“Now I want to fuck you,” Amanda said, and she rose and went to a drawer in her desk and came back waving a strap-on dildo.

Debbie watched as she fastened it around her body, “That’s a whopper Amanda, she smiled, Why have you got it in your desk at work?”

“I have been living in hope that I could use it on you,” She grinned, “you can think of me as Jeff for the next few minutes,”

“No,” Debbie said, “I will think of you as Amanda, and anyway, Jeff hasn’t got two lovely big tits that I can play with while you are fucking me,” and that created more laughter.

Now the laughing stopped and Amanda settled herself between Debbie’s splayed out legs, her knees bent in readiness. Amanda guided the cock to Debbie’s parted pussy lips and pushed into her, she sank further and further into Debbie’s soft inside, the dildo was hard, but Amanda was very experienced and she worked it in and out of the hole in front of her expertly, it felt so good to Debbie and she loved watching Amanda’s face as she came near then pulled away with the rhythm of her motion, Debbie reached for Amanda’s nipples as they swayed on her pendulous breasts.

Debbie had come to work this very day complaining about her lack of sex to keep her going, now she was about to experience her umpteenth orgasm in the last few hours, and what is more, with two different partners.

She pushed up to meet Amanda’s thrusts and as she bore down so Debbie’s cum exploded away from her body, She thrashed about in a frenzy and clung to Amanda as the tingles overwhelmed her, Amanda continued plunging into Debbie’s overworked cunt until Debbie begged her to stop.

She immediately did stop, pulling the cock out and clamping her mouth onto Debs pussy to drink her leaking juices. She sucked hard and Debbie felt the flesh of her pussy lips being drawn into Amanda’s mouth, Debbie still tingled wildly and she pushed Amanda’s head to force it against her sex, Both women were so full of passion, Debbie wanted to fit Amanda’s head inside her cunt.

Amanda could hardly breathe and yanked her head out of Debbie’s grasp, she had cum juice all over her face, much to Debbie’s enjoyment. Both felt worn out and weary and flopped back to lie prone on the carpet.

Debbie’s thoughts drifted to the woman who had just made love to her and was lying naked beside her, She realised she was very strongly attracted to Amanda, but she is a woman and she has a partner, she told herself, but Debbie still wanted her, but only for sex, she silently told herself, and she reminded herself, I still prefer men and I have Jeff, I want to keep him.

Debbie stirred, “I have to go home now Amanda, I am very late.”

“Me too,” Said the accounts manager, “Thanks for today my darling, you are becoming irresistible to me you know.”

“And you are to me,” said Debbie, but we mustn’t let it go beyond sex, I have told Jeff about my involvement with you, and he accepts it as long as I am there for him too.”

“Then I am very happy with that situation,” Amanda beamed, “Now lets get off home, I will see you tomorrow.”

And with a brief kiss, they left the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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