Delicious Quickie

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“HI,” she smiled.

They’d barely spoken before he was rummaging between her thighs with shaking hands, anxiously fondling the crease of her jeans. She was surprised by the sudden drive in his desire. One minute, smiling at the door, the next trying to open up her body, without so much as a warning.

“This is interesting,” she gasped as he pulled his other arm around her, and silenced her, covering her mouth with a lapping, ferocious tongue. He licked all around her lips and mouth as if she was made of cream and he needed feeding, then he delved into her mouth, licking inside. The whole experience made her whimper, breathless and scared.

He made little noises of appreciation, smiling a little as he began working on her tongue with his, and the insides of her cheeks, fiercely, softly, sensually breaking her concentration.

The motions were distracting enough that by the time she could regain her thoughts, she was flat on her back and he was moving on her as if they were naked. By then it was too late. Her body tingled so badly and her legs were spread open, her jeans tugged down over her calves. He was grinding himself against her, playing with her, teasing and tickling her between her legs and she couldn’t bare it.

“Oh God, wait,” she whispered, trying to halt the activity, trying to hold onto any last vestige of sanity she had before she orgasmed against his hand. But he didn’t hear her, and if he did, he didn’t want to acknowledge her right for self-control. He worked her mouth over, placing his tongue in areas she didn’t know she had, lapping at her like she was edible. At the same time, this multitasking, brilliant creature had his hands widening the space between her thighs, his fingers trickling soft and hard over the moist cotton underwear, his palm every now and then flatting against her sex so that she gasped again, pushing down on him instinctively.

He knew what she needed before he could stick it in her, and everything was building up to that part, when he was able to ram it up inside her and make her grunt with a sensual compulsion that all women possessed. But he knew there was a pattern to this seduction: the speed, the need for her to cum, to work that flexible, bony clitoris around, twist it soft, make it ache, and erect so that she would lose all sense of control.

There was a path to follow, and he knew it well, but this girl was ready to burst. Her body was already malleable. He could push her in one spot, and her hips would flex in response. He tongued her tasty little throat and her hands would shake, tremble, trying to undo the buttons on his jeans. Her entire form and mind were nearly in the prime position for a good fucking, but before he’d satiate the desire in his pants, he wanted a taste of her innards.

They all tasted different. He liked this one’s penchant for the sweeter things: he had noticed her fridge stocked well with sodas, fresh and tropical fruits and candy bars, and when he moved his head down between her knees, pressing her wrists back so she couldn’t move, he could smell the candy juices in the cotton of her panties. Salivating, he licked the cotton, then pushed it aside with his tongue and went to work on her fruity meat.

Her whole body twisted upwards, and she cried out from the shock of pleasure. “Oh God!”

She didn’t know whether she was on the sofa, or floating up inches from it as her body pulsed with an unimaginable flow. First he had melted her resistence with coaxing kisses and hands, and now he was feasting from her as if she was his buffet. It was excruciating. Her body was tensed up, almost numb from the thumping pleasure. He drove his face faster and harder into her hole, then her sore, hard clit, and along the wedge of her slit, and she was breaking into a sweat as the pounding grew more and more severe.

Trying to reach out for something to brace herself with, she found the back of the couch, and as her body reached a climactic surge, she nearly broke a nail gripping onto the fabric weave of the sofa.

He pried her legs even wider apart. She was spread open to the whole world, one leg slung up over the back of the couch, the other flung wide. Her thighs ached with the cramping, but she didn’t care. Finally he slid her panties down and pulled his cock out. She was dripping with cum, but without the finality of orgasm, her body craved güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the promise of his penis to finish the job. He knew this, and let her touch the hard muscle before he began to wipe the reddish head on her dewy cunt. She touched it with inexperience, but that just made the whole job more enjoyable.

The beautiful girl with the uncertainty was a blushing whore beneath him, rocking back and forth, out of control, murmuring and gasping in a series of whispered grunts, begging to be fucked. He left her cunt alone for a minute to cool down, and crouched over her head. He knelt over her face, holding his penis perilously close to her hair, then began to stroke it around her chin and cheeks, wiping her cream on her lips. She instinctively began to suckle at him, wrapping her lips wide around the shaft and sucking it back against the roof of her throat and the opening of her throat, kissing it deeply, licking and slurping it.

He quickly grew tired of the oral ministrations and returned to the cool wetness of the girl’s steamy pussy. She hurried him on, urging him inside her quicker, and he gave it to her hard. It was what she wanted, her eyes blazed, her cheeks were ruddy and her mouth red, parted and gasping for it.

He braced himself up against the back of the sofa and began thrusting into her, pulsing in time with her moans. He widened her slacking knees, opening her right up to him so he could see the motions of his dick ripping into her. The cunt lips sucked him in, then reluctantly let him pull out, over and over. The hole thwacked when he fucked her up, then slurped as he fucked out.

Pushing up closer to her, he began to stroke her sore, lonely clit. Like clockwork, she became alive again, moaning louder, torn up under the weight of both the friction of his pounding, and the smooth, beautiful motion of his fingers.

“Oh, ohh, ohhh,” She rambled as he justled into her, watching her tits jiggle under the cover of her shirt. He wondered how he could have left them so late in the game, and quickly ripped the shirt open with one hand, struggling with the locked buttons. She fumbled to help him, unclasping her bra and letting the large sacs of creamy flesh open to his hand. He lost his rhythm for a minute, leaning in to suckle at the fat, hard nipple. It was like a delicious button in his mouth and he regained the thrusting motion easily, satiated for a moment just to be able to watch the pink nipples jump back and forth under him.

He rubbed her clitoris in wider circles, using his palm and she began to quiver, steeling herself up for the great final blast of pleasure. Her voice rose to a higher pitch, desperate and agonizing, quieter and more serious under her breath. He fucked her to rouse the breath from her lungs, and felt his own pleasure building up as she tightened her cunt muscles around him. He breathed louder, moaning for her, growling a little as he repositioned his legs on the couch, and pistoning himself deeper in her.

Then it filled in his balls, deep down under his cock, and the pressure of ecstasy began to burn warm and hard in the floor of his pelvis, his stomach, crunching his body beautifully. He pumped faster and harder, opened his eyes and gasped to look at her expression as she came in a blinding orgasm under him. That was his trigger. She was loving it, cumming thick and hot under him and he drove his cock over and over, cumming into her, sending the seed into her hole. She drank it all into her womb, laying limp and tight on the sofa, spent and burning from orgasm. He kept pumping even after he came inside her, still enjoying the fragile girl’s exhaustion. He grunted again, numb with a dark pleasure that tingled in his cock and base of his spine all the way up through to his hands. His head dizzied slightly and he slipped out of her.

The juices of his cum and her sweet lubrication flowed out and dripped on the cushions. It was a sexy sight, he noticed, pulling away and stumbling to stand up. The girl lay on the couch, spread-legged, wet, arms splayed tiredly, eyes closed and an expression of pleasure on her face. He smiled for a moment, then walked off, his still half-hard cock spilling over a little as he searched out the bathroom.

She was in a delicious tingling state, her cunt still throbbing and pulsing with the aftermath of being so güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri visciously fucked and rubbed, her belly aching in knots from orgasm, every muscle in her body threaded with a relaxed exhaustion. Not wanting to move, or even open her eyes, she just wanted to lie like that for a while.

But she could hear him in the bathroom, whistling to himself, and she wanted to make herself again presentable to him when he came back. She closed her sore legs, and pulled her spit-wet panties back on. The couch was warm and wet against her thighs. Clasping her bra back on, she adjusted her battered breasts and stood up on uncertain, weak feet. Standing no good, she thought, and sat down again, further up on the sofa so she wasn’t in the wet spot.

When he walked out, he was still wearing his shirt, but he’d taken his jeans off – or had he done that earlier? She didn’t remember, but she got a good look at the now-softening organ that had been inside her. She suddenly had an intense desire to suck on it again, and smiled up at him.

“Hey Mr.Thorston,” She croaked.

“Hey, Angela. How are you feeling?” He sat down beside her on the couch, and stroked her knee.

“Oh…” She blushed, “Better.”

“Good girl. Now give me a nice kiss.”

She leaned forward to kiss his mouth. He let her kiss his closed lips for a moment, then opened his mouth and she touched his tongue shyly. When they pulled away, he seemed to be very happy and relaxed, and let her rest her cheek on his thigh.

“You’re the best Science teacher on the entire planet,” she gushed, face to face with his delighted penis.

“And you’ll be getting an A this term.”

She giggled at the joke, “Gawd. Don’t say that. You’ll make me paranoid I’m not doing well enough at my studies.”

“I’ve had a delightful night with you.”

“MMm me too.”

“Are you up for anymore?”

“Are you?”

“I could handle my cock inside you again, yes,” he stroked her hair away from her ear.

“You have good stamina for your age,” she reached out to touch the penis lightly with her finger, “Amazing.”

“You like?”


He groaned, “Man, I’m glad I found your story in your science folder.”

“Me too.”

“It’s not often one of my students writes a fantasy about me fucking her on her parent’s couch.”

“Don’t worry. There’s plenty more stories where that one came from.”

“Oh really?”

His cock jumped a little.

“Such as -?”

“You want to know?”

“Of course.”

“Come up to my bedroom.”


He sat on her bed. It was surprisingly firm, but comfortable. She placed his discarded trousers on the beanbag and turned to face him.

“You’re the first boy I’ve ever had in my room.”

“I am extremely flattered.” He felt a little vulnerable himself, sitting on the girl’s bed in only his shirt, his naked ass touching the soft silky fabric.

“You should be,” she smiled, encited by a new confidence, and strolled towards him, undoing her bra. Her tits fell out again. They fell heavy and full – amazingly heavy for a girl her age. He liked the plump curves of her body, and she walked straight to him, lifted his hands up so that he could stroke and fondle those boobs again. “Do you like…?”

“Very much,” he murmured, and leaned in to bury his face between them.

She hugged his head, pulling him right into the cleavage, then she sat down on his lap and began kissing him. Her thighs were open again, around his waist. His naked penis was forced down under her ass, but she felt it when it tried to harden itself. She moved against him slowly, kissing his neck and his chin, his jawline, and the nibble drop of his ears.

He tasted good, warm, and spicy. His aftershave was a light, burning scent on his neck, and she licked at it.

“I want to try something, honey,” he whispered in her ear.


“Lie back on your bed,” he guided her onto her back – the way he liked her the most. She lay back, and moved into a comfortable position, her head propped up by dark, deep pink pillows. “No, no, on your tummy,” he said, and helped her to roll over so that she lay flat on her belly, her ass wobbling as he tickled her. He opened her legs a little way, and looked at the slit of her ass and the well-used hole of her cunt.

Thorston güvenilir bahis şirketleri took his fingers and began to stroke her pussy between her legs. From behind she seemed to squirm and writhe a little, obviously not expecting the tickling touch. She widened her thighs more, which allowed him to move up between them from behind, and quickly – without warning – rip his cock deep into her hole.

She gasped, rising up with her hips as he lay there, on top of her back for a moment.

“Ohhh,” She moaned, loving the sensation of his weight heavy on her from behind.

He then slid his hands under her belly and lifted her up with his strong arms.

“We’re going to pretend to be doggies,” He grunted, and began to push his cock in and out of her.

A noise downstairs alerted them both. Thorston stopped his thrusting, and they listened.

“Darling, did you —?”

“SHIT!” she cried out, trying to struggle from underneath him, “My parents!”

He pushed her down on the bed, clamping his hand hard over her mouth.

Muffled, she cried out, and again attempted to move, to slide out from under him, but his cock was wedged firmly in her pussy, and his weight was heavy, his arms wrapped tighter now around her breasts and chest, crushing her up into him. Through his fingers, she muffled a weary, terrified moan.

“Shut up,” he seethed, “They don’t know I’m here.”

She again tried to struggle, but he kicked open her knees, widening her legs and began to thump his cock hard into her. She whimpered under the assault, loving it, but scared her Dad might walk in and find her being rogered by a stranger. She resigned herself to the fucking, and softened under him. She went limp, and he let go of her arms, but kept his hand pressed down against her mouth so she couldn’t cry out or make a noise. He pulled the flesh of her ass cheek across and watched his cock moving in and out of her pussy. He moved faster and faster inside her, loving the tightness of her cunt. It was slick and sweet around the shaft of his penis, and he slid in and out of her easily.

Someone climbed the stairs. She could hear them, and so could he, but it only drove him further up inside her. The thrill of being caught hardened him, sent him closer to pleasure.


It was her father, knocking quietly on her bedroom door.

She moaned.

“Angie, you wake sleeping?” he sounded confused.

The girl whimpered under Thorston’s fucking.

Finally the girl’s father left, and he ripped her legs open wide, pushing her down again, raising her ass in the air, and giving her a harder, more desperate fuck. She tried to move with him, but he was in his own world. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of her, and she realised he had already cum inside her, not stopping this time to worry about her own pleasure. The cum dripped from her assaulted pussy, and she didn’t want to move.

He wiped his wet cock on her back, got up from the bed, and quickly got dressed, watching her the whole time. Her naked body face down on the bed, she was humiliated and embarrassed. The sight drove him to want to assault her again. Maybe make her orgasm this time, so Daddy would hear. He smiled at the idea, moving over to her and stroked her back.

“I should get going,” he whispered, tickling her ultra-sensitive ass. She made a tiny whimpering sound into the pillow, still not moving. He stroked her shoulders, and leaned in for a moment to kiss the sweaty sweetness in her spine. Then he kissed the curve of her buns, then leaned in to where the scent of his heavy sex lingered between her legs.

“Your parents have gone to bed,” he said, slipping a finger between the wet folds of flesh.

She nodded into her pillow, shamefully.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” he knelt beside her, continuing to finger her only very lightly.

She looked at him, and nodded again.

“You look horny still,” he smiled at the burning expression on her face, her red cheeks, her blazing eyes.

She nodded, blushing.

“You should stay,” she whispered.

“I had a great time Angela,” he replied, ignoring her request and kissed her forehead, “See you at school on Monday?”

His finger slipped out from her slit.

She lay there for a long time after he left, not sure whether to move or not. She wanted to feel him on top of her again, this time his mouth suckling at her again. Her body burned for it. She was in another world, another place now. Horny. Her body buzzed with a drenched numb tingling sense of craving. Finally she moved. She rolled over and looked around her bedroom. It was empty.

(to be continued?)

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