Delivery Gal Ch. 01

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Let me tell you a story of what happened the other day.

When I woke up, I did not want to go to work. It’s not that I was sick or anything, I just flat did not want to go to work. I called in early, told them that I would not be in due to catching the flu, and went to the bathroom.

First things first, it was time to sit on the pot and plan my day. Maybe go out and get some breakfast, out of town, go for a nice drive afterwords, and then, maybe some shopping.

Next, a long hot shower. I am so glad I have an oversize water heater. A long steamy shower can take 45 minutes or more at my place. Just enough time to enjoy the moments with a sexy naked woman. But enough of that. It’s time for me to soap up. During the week, its always rush, rush, rush. Now, I’m taking my time with the shampoo and soap, taking things slow and giving myself a good scrubdown everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. All the private parts are squeaky clean. Thinking about having a woman help me in here has produced a rise out of me. I’m about half excited, but don’t wish to encourage myself. I’ll just let a good woman take care of that department.

Drying myself off, I take the time and give myself a good long shave. I’m extra careful now as I have all the time I need. I just love a good shave and can only do it right when I have the time. If only I could rub this clean shaven skin against some nice soft breasts. Oops. That thought just gave me the morning hard-on. I shouldn’t think about breasts right now since I’m getting ready to go. I’m so weak.

Just then, the doorbell rings and I’m şirinevler escort thinking, I hope it’s not the boss checking up on me. He’d probably do it too. Better at least get some gym shorts on. With the shorts on and my towel over my shoulder, I open the door, and there is the local delivery woman.

She’s been here before and I’ve never given her a second thought. But as soon as I open the door, our eyes connect and she starts mumbling about having something for me. She has never stumbled over her words before, but then she has never seen me this exposed before either. I tell her its too cold for me here in the doorway and I ask her to come in. She does, and I close the door behind us.

I turn around and see that she is looking at my shorts. My cock is poking my shorts out in front, and she is watching it. She slowly moves her eyes up to my chest, then my face, then my eyes. I’ve seen that look from a woman before, and she is turned on. And she can tell from my shorts, and nipples, that I am turned on too.

I tell her that I just got out of the shower, and she says that there is just something about a clean and fresh shaven man that makes her weak. Her breathing is deep, uneven and labored now. She starts to lick her lips, and I decide to make a pass at her.

It was the right thing to do. She moved towards me at the same time I did to her. Our lips met, while our eyes looked deep to one another, then closed. With one hand rubbing her in the small of her back, I brought the other up to her breast and softly squeezed. With one şirinevler elit escort hand and arm around my neck rubbing, she brought her other hand to the top of my gym shorts and pulled them down. With my cock freed, she gently took hold of it and gently pulled and squeezed.

We both open our mouths wide and allow our tongues to dance in each others mouths. I unzip her jacket and unbutton her blouse and pull up her bra, exposing her lilly white breasts and puffy nipples. We both pull our mouths away and look into eachothers eyes and quickly nod our heads up and down, then deep kiss again.

She then pulls back from me to say that she doesn’t have time to make love, but that she does want to give me her best blow job, and would that be ok? I tell her yes, and she pushes me back to the wall and kneels down in front of me.

She pulls my gym shorts off, then takes my cock in one hand, my balls in the other, and proceedes to gently kiss and suck all over on my cock and balls. She starts using her warm and moist tongue to lick me while kissing my cock. I’m watching her do this and about every twenty seconds or so, she looks up at me and smiles. I smile back at her and tell her what a sweet baby she really is.

She then stops, looks up, and wants me to promise to cum in her mouth. I tell her I will, and she then starts to give me the blow job of the year. She likes sucking cock, and now wants to swallow all that I can give to her. She deeps throats me while gently holding my balls in her hand. My cock is almost hurting now since it şirinevler escort is so big. The skin is stretched tight, and she is sucking and blowing me hard.

I feel the pressure building up inside me, and she pulls off me long enough to tell me to give it all to her, all the cum that I have.

Now I’m starting to mumble oh yes baby, oh yea, oh, oh…

I loose sense of everything except the sound of her sweet blow job on my cock back and forth, over and over.

Its coming soon now. I’m trying to hold back. This feeling is so good, I want it to last for as long as I can. But she is in control of me now and I loose it.

Wave after wave comes over me. I hear her moan as the first eruption explodes inside her mouth. She is sucking incredably hard on my cock while squeezing my balls and wrapping her tongue all over me. This goes on and on. I am coming and coming, and she is milking the cum completly out of me. She is sucking my strength, and I am overcome by waves of pleasure.

Its over and there is just no more cum left in me. But she is not finished just yet. She is now softly moaning while giving me an after sex tongue bath. She uses her tongue all over my cock and balls to clean any unswallowed cum. In-between this, she is kissing and gently blowing on my cock and balls.

She then stands up and gives me a deep kiss. I taste myself on her as out tongues meet and dance again in her mouth. She steps back, adjusts her bra, buttons up her shirt, zips up her jacket and gets her pen and book. She has me sign for the package she brought, and I tell her that was the best delivery I ever had. She smiles and gives me her name and phone number and next time, wants me to give her my best effort between her legs.

I pull her close, give her breast a nice squeeze, kiss her again and tell her I’ll call her soon.

Do you think I should call her right away or wait a while??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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