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This is a fucking nightmare… I am supposed to concentrate during class, and here’s this woman prancing around the room in a pencil skirt and stockings. My high school days had gone by without much trouble until a few weeks ago. I had a best buddy, there was a girl having the hots for me … Good grades, et cetera

On the day our economy teacher Mr Stockton got “ill”, we celebrated. Another one bites the dust. But little did I know…

Now I am in serious shit. From the moment his substitute, Miss Verval, walked through the door, I haven’t been my usual self. Older women were never my thing, so it struck me by surprise to feel a boner straining in my pants when I first laid eyes on her.

My God, she must be at least, like 29 and here I’m sitting in class with a boner. Yuck I’m a perv, for sure!

When I signed up for Economics I thought it might come in handy, like when I get a management job somewhere in the far future. Or…eh well I don’t know what I was thinking. but it turned out to be fucking boring. It’s not a science, it’s a a dogma. I see no future in this field what so ever. Obviously I am not motivated at all. But I am no quitter, and life is the proverbial bitch. If I work in class I can keep up. That is, in old man Stockton’s class…

In the passed months I had to work to keep my grades at an acceptable level, but it is fucking hard now. Isn’t there a dress code for aged women or something. Verval has turned me in a drooling pervert with her pencil skirts and her stockings that make your eyes travel upward along the seams. I should be jerking off over internet smut, or having wet dreams in which a cheerleader that happens to be interested in me is the lead character… Instead I dream about Verval, an older woman with a totally uncool career. She keeps turning me on. When she walks between the rows of seats, I hear the whizzing sound of her nylons rubbing together between her thighs. I can almost feel the warmth the nylons generate. In a deserted hallway I smell her perfume long after she left the premises. Obsessed… sexually obsessed…

My grade for Economics started slipping. When I wasn’t looking at her I pictured us doing the dirty in every conceivable position and situation. In those moments I lived on a planet where note taking wasn’t invented. And when our eyes met, I couldn’t hear a single words because of the heartthrob in my ears… My brain had to shut down anyway, because of all the blood being relocated to “an other part of my physique”.

I tried to hide that part as good as I could, but that turned out to be quite hard (bad pun). A boner isn’t a problem as long as you can remain seated, hiding it standing is harder… And it must have been obvious that I stuttered and stammered when she asked me a question during class. I never had that problem before, as I normally was one of the most eloquent of my class…

The problems increased, as the grades for other subjects started dropping as well.

My buddy Rob did notice something was off. He started asking about my odd behavior. And as all my grades got lower, Ma and Pa started worrying, which caused my mother giving me a third degree.

“Jimmy, is something bugging you? Do you have problems at school… Is it girl trouble?”

“Yeah ma…I’m having the hots for my Economics teacher…She’s about your age or something…”

“No ma…I’m am just sleeping badly lately…”

…cause I keep jerking off all night, fantasizing about her… you must have noticed the stains of my nocturnal activities… wet dreams…”

After weeks of tossing and turning I had to confide in someone. As a healthy 18 year old my nightly dreams are colored by my high-school daydreams. It’s always hard to keep my mind on lessons and lectures, but lately… I have to find Rob somewhere to talk to, cause this is torture. He had noticed something, he gave me the WTF-look a few güvenilir bahis times. I gave him the same stories I gave my parents a couple of times, but I need to confide in someone. Maybe I’ll find him on the lawn in front of the school…

Rob reaction wasn’t very subtle, what can you expect from an adolescent guy as middle of the road as Rob.

“What…??? You got to be kiddin’ man”

“Yes I know…it’s crazy…She’s so hot”

“For Christ sake Jim, she’s a teacher”

“Haven’t you noticed how her ass wiggles when she walks by”

“No, maybe you haven’t noticed, but I choose to sit in the first row… And even when I did, she’s a teacher… Please!”

“Okay, but you must have seen these ultra-short skirts she’s wearing…?

This is getting me no where, he doesn’t get it

“…And then those stockings… when you see those you can almost feel them stroking your sides… When you see them covering her calves…”

“Look Jim, she’s ancient, maybe my mother is wearing that shit, but you won”t catch me staring at her ass, let alone stroking my meat…”

“Rob, she’s not ancient, my dad says she’s only 26 or so …”

“Wake up Jim, that is ancient!”

How am I going to get through to him…

“That makes her, what, 8 years our senior. That’s the same age difference as my father and mother

“Your father is 8 years older than your mother not the other way around”

“Look, she’s hot, and totally distracting, I bet she’s wearing garters underneath her skirt…”


Rob looks at me totally stunned.

“Heh, heh…Finally you stop judging me and listening…”

“Yes, but what you just said is sort of hot… Even I could get a boner over that mental picture… I haven’t noticed her being dressed so sexy, but as I said, I don’t see much because she’s mostly in the back of the class, shaking her ass for you.”

“If I can prove her taste in underwear, will you then take my problem serious?”

“Okay, okay… Now you’ve got my undivided attention… How do you plan to go about that?”

“I dunno… maybe film her when she’s walking towards your side of the room again? Then her butt is turned in my direction…”

“Oh my god, if you would succeed in that it would be so awesome… You’d have to take a real low camera standpoint though…?”

“Yes, I got that… Some planning to do…”

If only I could sleep for one night…

Well I slept… but it was quite disturbing

Why is my book going up and down…?

As I pick it up I see Lisa’s head bobbing on my crotch… The table vanishes and Lisa gets all the room to do her thing in my crotch area… My cock grows and her movements get bigger

“Jim, you stay after class please.”

Oh fuck what does Verval need me for.

“Can I go to the toilet first, miss?” I say as Lisa’s head keeps on bobbing at my cock

“Yes but don’t take too long, I need to finish before my next class.”

Did she say:”I need to finish YOU before my next class” At that thought my growing meat causes Lisa to gag. She vanishes suddenly.

As I get back from the toilet Miss Verval sits on her desk, her knees only slightly apart. Her skirt was hiked up a little because of that. I can see her thong… instant boner… I saw her thong…

“Come here boy…” she said sternly.

“I’ve been wanting to do this from the day I started teaching here…” she says as she lifts her knee.

Fuck… her crotch is moist… She’s having the hots for me…

“Wanna touch my nipple… Jim?” I nod shyly. When she called my name my dick shriveled, but by now my boner is almost tearing the zipper in two. I reach for the nipple, straining at the fabric of her blouse. As I touch the silk button poking through the fabric, something starts buzzing in the distance.

I bash my alarm clock and it stops…

Fuck, what have türkçe bahis I gotten myself into now. I’ve promised Rob to film Verval’s ass, while she walks around the classroom… How is that possible without getting caught

I’ve got my iPhone, but as he said, I need a fairly low angle to show Rob my “evidence”. I couldn’t find a tutorial on how film a teacher upskirt… Well, quick improvising is one of my fortes. Just try to conceal the Iphone…

Okay…everything ready…seated in the back-row…Check, isleside…check! I Phone charged, and on silent…Check!

Where’s the lead character? She must be close…

Clicking heels in the hallway…check…

… Wow…even more stunning then I imagined… but is there any evidence visible?

As Verval enters the room, I find her more stunning then ever… Must have been shopping, I haven’t seen this outfit before. From way behind I can only see her front. She’s wearing a black short pen skirt, shorter than normal. Soft white blouse on top of it. Her hair blond is put up. Not the facelift style, but more subtle, like the Parisian girls you see in magazines. It matches the blouse, not the dominant secretary blouse, softer… She turns to her desk, puts her bag on it, and I see her take the clamp that keeps her hair together…

After that reality is in to slow motion play-back as she lets her hair cascade over her shoulders. Suddenly all her prim strictness washes away. She turns towards us as my cock strains against the fabric of my boxer.

In my pubescent dream I forget all I had planned to do. With a shock I realize she’s standing next to me… Fuck… I have my I Phone in plane sight… I clumsily try to hide it, as we’re not supposed to us it unless given permission. Phffff…she hasn’t seen it or has she? How could I be so stupid.

Focus, ass hole… you have a bet riding on this… Focus on her behind… No, on filming her behind and her hidden treasures …

I see Rob sitting in the front row, as my eyes follow her walking to the front of the classroom. She is talking to us, but her voice isn’t loud enough to overcome the humming sound my blood makes in my ears. It pulses in the same rhythm as my engorged cock fighting with my fly… I have to get my act together, she is walking towards me. She catches my gaze and I feel my face heating up…

Asshole…You act like a 10 year old boy…lovestruck with his teacher…Blushing…That’s such a give away…

Phew… I sigh inaudibly when she turns and walks away to the front of the class… I only have a very limited time to film her from behind

Now I can film her from behind. Next turn she comes back I got to put my camera at a really low angle. Hanging out of my bench is much too obvious. Lisa is sitting close to me at the other side of the isle so she could see anything everything. She already hinted that she suspects something, and she is kind of jealous by nature and she won’t hesitate to snitch on me.

Okay, okay… Let’s see how much time I have when she walks away from me before she turns.

And hope that Lisa won’t notice otherwise I’m screwed

Here she comes… Wow, she sure has the hottest ass in the universe. I have a clear view… I can see her suspenders and … the outline of a thong

In the past few weeks she always wore these tight boy shorts. Now she’s wearing a thong… I can almost see her bare buttocks…!

“Why are you wiggling in your seat like that?” Lisa asks.

Oh god with this thong on it looks like she has no underwear at all. Concentrate on filming otherwise I’ll come in my pants… Her buttcheeks move up and down side by side… Oh I wish my cock was in between there, they would massage me up to me cumming all over her back… Fuck… I almost cum in my pants…Concentrate on filming…

Let’s hope Lisa doesn’t notice my actions. She would rat me out and give it güvenilir bahis siteleri all away…

Lisa has had the hots for me for months or so but well she’s a cheerleader type. That’s not my crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I do like her body and stuff but what would we have to talk about? It would be easy to fall for someone who is easy and beautiful but I always fall for the weird kinky kind of girls… and now for a milf…

But Lisa, well, she has the hots for me and she always knows when I feel something for someone else and then she gets jealous… and ruins things for me

In this case her jealousy could cause a heap of trouble for me if she knew what I was up to and she would tell Ms Verval I could be in serious shit…

So let’s be careful… keep my I-phone at a low angle so she can’t see. Between my legs or something…

Verval kept on going about the downside of the low interest rate, walking to the front of the class, shimmying asscheeks and all. It took her about one minute to get from where I was sitting to the front and turn around. Then she would be able to see me again. That gives me about 45 seconds to film her ass… Well let’s go for it…

I need to prove to Rob what’s type of underwear she’s wearing.

…Okay okay working… concentrate…

“Mr Weston would you be so kind as to stay behind after class…!”

Even though I dreamt of her keeping me after class, my heart froze when I heard these words. Shear panic made my heart beat at triple speed. Cold sweat coating my temples.

She must be on to me… how’s that possible, I didn’t do anything she could have seen. Even Lisa didn’t see anything and she’s sitting right behind me…

Better face the music

“But Miss what did I do wrong?”

“You know darn well what you did wrong… I had the feeling that you were filming up my skirt!”

All the blood drained from my face my throat went dry

“Unlock your iPhone and hand it to me!”

“…but but Miss…” I tried to protest…

“We can resolve this here and now or go straight to the principal’s office…”

“Oh Miss Verval, it’s torture, you teaching us… And then… keeping me… in detention, only… … … because I… glanced at… your stockings.”

“Stop whining and get on with it… I want to see your cum jutting through the air and hit the schoolroom linoleum in long white streaks. “As a punishment you will Jerk Off for me… And I’ll film it with your phone…”

“But miss…, when anyone sees us”

“They won’t… I’m detention teach today, you’re completely at my mercy”

“…Oh God…But I…get…so tense… … … … and horny”

“Ahh… my boy, I know it’s complicated …, filming, jerking, worrying. But during lesson you were quite able to multitask… Ogling my legs, the seams of my stockings… taking notes, fondling your erection… Filming MY ASS…”

“YOU PRICK… you thought I hadn’t noticed? What were you planning to do? Having a laugh with your buddies… A group jerk off… … …?”

“No Miss it was just…for me…I think…”

“You think?… stop thinking and start jerking again… I have my needs too you know… Do you need some incentive…let me hike up my skirt… See my garters…? Yes that works for you, doesn’t it?


“I can see that, your Dick is getting harder… Oh… longer…! Want to see my little secret? See… no panties…!”

F..fuck… I thought she was wearing a thong…

“Oh oh… Miss… tuh… tuh… turn… around… Ohhhhhhhh… huh… huh… huhhhh…”

“Ohw… all that white goo, on my clean classroom floor! You know what comes next?…


“And then, my willing student, I want to kiss you, and taste your cum in your mouth…”


“So and now some insurance… I’ll send the film of your little jerk off session from your phone to mine… With a lewd invitation to me… See if the principal believes you when you deny sending it… But he doesn’t need to get it does he… You don’t mind being at my mercy…do you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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