Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 10

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“YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME AVERY!” Mitch yelled waking me from a sound sleep.

Bright sunlight was streaming into the room and as I struggled to focus on my surroundings I heard Mitch’s voice again. “How the fuck did this happen?”

He was sitting on the edge of the bed his back toward me. I rolled over on my side and reached out touching him on the hip. Mitch turned a little and looked at me over his shoulder, his expression scared me a little as he listened to Avery.

“Okay, okay I’ll be there as soon as I can, but if word of this gets back to Johnston you’ll be unemployable as far as he’s concerned. Mitch said with a stern tone in his voice.

From his tone, and the expression on his face I knew something very bad had happened.

“Just sit tight and I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Mitch said again just before he closed his phone.

He pressed the phone against his forehead and spoke softly. “God damn that fucking kid and his drugs.”

His comment didn’t clear up any of my confusion but it was obvious that Avery and Jasmine had gotten into some kind of trouble and drugs were involved.

“Can I help Mitch?” I asked softly.

Mitch turned toward me and placed his hand on my shoulder. “It’s Jasmine; she apparently overdosed on the coke they had bought in some local bar. They are at the hospital and Avery isn’t sure she’s going to pull through.”

I instantly had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and felt nauseous knowing my friend could die.

“On top of that the local police responded to the emergency call and are asking a lot of questions.” Mitch added.

I understood the consequences we both could suffer as a result. Mitch had recommended Avery to be on Johnston’s staff and I was told explicitly to keep Jasmine and Tiffany in line while we were in Mexico. My failure to do so could result in Mitch losing the chief of staff position, and Elegant Escorts losing our contact in Washington. If Jasmine didn’t make it the results of her death would be devastating.

“How well do you know her?” Mitch asked.

“I only met her for the first time when I arrived Friday.” I admitted.

“Avery says the doctors are telling him she needs someone she knows really well to focus on while they treat her.” Mitch explained.

“Tiff knows her better than me.” I replied.

Mitch continued. “She’s apparently in hyperthermia and her blood pressure is through the roof. They have her in an ice bath and have given her acetaminophen to try and get her core temperature down. She’s also been given valium to try and get her heart rate and blood pressure down. The next four or five hours are critical.”

“What can I do?” I asked.

“See if you can get Tiffany to go to the hospital with me, while I get dressed.” Mitch asked.

As I slipped my robe on I glanced at the alarm clock, it was only 6:45 and I doubted Tiffany and James would be up yet. Mitch was dressing as I grabbed my key card and headed next door. I knocked hard on the door hoping I could wake them. After 15 seconds or so I tried again this time banging harder on the door with my fist. “Please wake up Tiff.” I thought as I waited for a response. I was about to knock again when the door opened, James peered through the opening looking half asleep and asked. “What the fuck Angel?”

As I pushed the door open and stepped inside James spoke again. “I was taking a piss.”

“I need to wake Tiffany up now!” I said as I moved toward the bedroom.

“What the fuck is going on?” James asked as he followed me into the bedroom.

“I’ll explain to you both, I just need to get her up now!” I said as I approached the bed.

Tiffany was still sound asleep, completely naked and exposed. I leaned down and shook her shoulder strongly. “Tiffany, wake up baby, I need your help!” I said as she opened her eyes with a start.

James who was naked when he answered the door slipped into a bathrobe. “Is Mitch okay?” He asked while I tried to bring Tiff to her senses.

Tiffany knew too well that I wouldn’t barge in without good reason and sat up in bed.

“Yes, Mitch is fine. It’s Jasmine.” I answered James question.

“What happened?” Tiffany asked.

“Just get up I’ll explain everything as you get dressed.” I said urging Tiffany into action.

James sat down waiting for the shit to hit the fan and I relayed everything Mitch had told me moments earlier as Tiffany dressed.

“I knew that fucking asshole and his cocaine use would cause problems.” James said worried about his position on Senator Johnston’s staff more than the life of a young woman.

As Tiff slipped a pair of sandals on Mitch knocked on the door. James jumped up and opened it for him.

“Tiffany, did Angel fill you in on what’s happening?” Mitch asked.

“Yes, and I’m ready to go.” Tiffany replied.

“Good, I guess the fastest way to get to the hospital is a taxi. Angel I’ll call you as soon as we know something.” Mitch said beşiktaş escort before he and Tiff headed out the door.

James had taken a seat on one of the bar stools and as I turned toward him I remarked. “This certainly puts a damper on the rest of the weekend.”

I hadn’t realized that while I was trying to wake Tiffany the twist I’d given the belt of my robe had loosened and most of my tits were exposed to his glare. His eyes roamed down over my naked breasts as he spoke. “Just because Avery and Jasmine fucked up there’s no reason we can’t still enjoy the rest of the weekend.”

His remark made me sick to my stomach and as I closed my robe and tied it tightly I blasted him. “You fucking asshole! Jasmine could die because your friend supplied her with too much coke. And you have the nerve to be staring at my tits?”

His face turned bright red as the anger welled up inside. “I’m sure Avery didn’t force the black bitch to snort so much coke, and besides you whores are supposed to satisfy us sexually whenever and wherever we want.” He shot back.

His comment infuriated me. I stepped toward him pointing my index finger at his face. “If you think for one second I’m gonna let you fuck me while my friend may be dying you’ve got another thought coming buster.” I nearly screamed at him.

His hand snapped up and grasped my wrist and as he stood up he twisted my arm behind me and lifted it toward my shoulder blade. A painful spike shot through my shoulder as he hissed into my ear. “Maybe I’ll just rape your lily white ass then.”

I tried to reach behind with my free hand to claw at his face but his other hand captured that wrist and pulled my hands together behind my back. I struggled to get away but James was a strong man and each time I tried to move away he just lifted my wrists causing that painful spike in both shoulders.

“I’m gonna fuck you whore, one way or another, you can relax and enjoy it or you can struggle and make it hurt, but I am gonna fuck you right now.” James exclaimed.

I tried to kick my leg back between his and hurt him, but he blocked my heel with his knee.

“So you want me to hurt you!” He said.

I tried to reason with him. “I want you to come to your senses and let go of my wrists.”

“Not happening.” He said as I again struggled against his strong hand.

He reached around and pulled my belt loose, my robe fell open as the ends of the belt swung to my sides. His death grip on my wrists tightened, he lifted my arms sending even stronger pain through my shoulders as he pushed me forward and against the wall beside the bar.

“James don’t do this.” I implored him.

“I suppose I’m just going to have to tie your hands behind your back.” He said as he moved closer to me.

His erection pressed against my ass. James was so close that his hot breath swirled around my ear as he said. “Feel that hard cock, you know you want it whore.”

“I’m not your whore!” I hissed as he began moving me sideways toward the door to the bedroom.

With one hand firmly circling my wrists he was able to control me, when I tried to struggle against him he just lifted and the pain in my shoulders caused me to stop.

As he moved me toward the bed he replied. “That’s right you’re Mitch’s whore, but I’m gonna use you just the same. I’m gonna fuck your lily white ass, and after that I’m gonna fuck your throat.”

He gave me one last chance to surrender to him. “Stop struggling and enjoy what I have to give you.”

“Go fuck yourself!” I shot back at him.

“Suit yourself whore!” He hissed as he pushed me down on the bed, his hand pressing my wrists toward my shoulder blades.

I screamed in pain as he mounted me holding my wrists high above my waist. Somehow he was able to tie one end of my belt around my wrist then pulled it tight so he could wrap the end around my other wrist. He placed one hand in the middle of my back and pushed down keeping me trapped between his weight and the bed. With my hands tied behind my back I was powerless to rise up off the mattress and James slid back and stood between my legs.

His hands grasped my hips and lifted me up so I knelt on the edge. “Don’t do this!” I implored him again.

“Fuck you whore!” He shot back.

He flipped the robe up over my back exposing my naked ass and pussy to his assault. I fully expected him to slap my ass but instead his hands settled on my ass cheeks and spread them open. I clenched my muscles hoping to stop his invasion but he forced a finger into my dry puckered sphincter.

“That’s a tight ass for a dirty whore.” He said as his finger probed deeper inside.

His other hand slid down and he slipped three fingers in my pussy. “You’re nothing more than a dried up dirty whore.” He said as his fingers swirled around inside my dry flesh.

Tears began welling up in my eyes as I quickly came to realize I was powerless to stop him. He withdrew his fingers and pressed beşiktaş eve gelen escort against my ass with one hand. I knew he was positioning his cock to invade me and I sobbed softly against the mattress waiting for him to begin his assault. I heard him spit and assumed he was smearing his cock head with it. His cock pressed into the puckered flesh and I again clenched my muscles trying to repulse his raging hard on. His hands grasped my hips holding them firmly as he pressed harder, his cock spreading me open as my sphincter surrendered. His big cock head stretched my flesh nearly to the tearing point as his wide corona slipped inside.

James moaned loudly as my sphincter surrounded his cock head before it slowly slipped deeper inside my rectum as he thrust forward. His plunge didn’t stop until his ball sack rested against my pussy. He paused with his big thick cock buried completely inside me and exclaimed. “Your asshole is so fucking tight!”

Tears streamed from my eyes, not because I felt any pain, but more because he had forced his will on me. He pulled back until the flair of his corona began to stretch me wide again then thrust inside more forcefully then before, his balls slapping against my pussy. My body reacted involuntarily to his cock, my muscles relaxed and I felt my pussy moisten as he continued pumping his hard cock into my tight ass.

“You like having me fuck your ass with my big thick cock don’t you whore?” James asked.

I didn’t give him the pleasure of a reply, but my body was slowly forsaking me as my pussy grew wetter and my sphincter relaxed completely to his invading cock. James must have sensed my body’s surrender because he withdrew completely. My sphincter remained wide open giving him a dark hole to slam his cock into. “That’s more like it whore.” He exclaimed as he entered my ass again.

His balls slapped against my pussy again but this time he felt the moisture that had begun to seep from my wet slit. As he withdrew totally again he said. “You love being ass fucked don’t you bitch?”

His cock filled me completely stretching my ass with every plunge inside. I buried my face in the bedding so he wouldn’t hear my muffled groans as he continued his assault from behind. He pulled out again but this time he paused so he could slip his fingers inside my pussy. “That’s a good whore you’re nice and wet inside now.” He commented as his fingers swirled around my wet pussy.

I felt his hand slide up high on my ass then his thumb probed my wide open sphincter as he dropped down and pierced my wet pussy with his big hard cock. He thrust forward until his cock head pressed against my cervix and the rock hard shaft massaged my G-spot. He made repeated short jabs at my pussy, each time his cock head slammed into my cervix. A sinful moan escaped my throat as my mind acquiesced to my body and I began enjoying his assault. “Tell me how much you love my fucking cock.” He said as he began feeling me push back against his hard cock.

I still wasn’t ready to admit verbally that his cock was pleasuring me immensely but my body spoke for itself. My pussy continued lubricating the hard thick shaft invading it and my G-spot was tingling from his constant jabs deep inside. James kept probing my ass with his thumb, occasionally using the thick part of his digit around the puckered rim of my ass.

His constant pounding at me from behind had loosened the grip the belt of my robe held on my wrists to a point that I could free one hand, as it came free I reached down and pulled one ass cheek open wider. I groaned deeply then begged. “Fuck my ass again.”

He pulled his thumb from my ass and replaced it with his thick hard cock, completely lubricated with my pussy juice it easily slipped in and in a millisecond his cock filled my ass. He reached up and freed the other wrist as I moaned deeply. With both hands now completely unrestrained, I reached back and pulled my ass open as wide as possible so he could pound me with his hard cock. With my shoulders still pressed against the bed I started thrusting back toward his invading cock. “Fuck my hot ass hard.” I implored.

He moved his hands to my hips and started pulling me back toward him as he thrust forward. I moved my hands forward and lifted my shoulders off the bed, somehow I was able to pull my robe up over my head and off my arms throwing it forward where it slipped off the edge of the bed to the floor.

Completely naked and engrossed in his fucking I begged him. “Reach up and squeeze my tits.” His hands slid along my body then circled below so he could grasp my big tits as they swayed back and forth to the rhythm of his fucking. He squeezed hard on both swinging orbs of flesh pinching my erect nipples, causing me to squeal in sheer delight.

He pounded my ass over and over again filling me with thick hard cock each thrust inside stretching my ass wider and wider. His cum filled balls slapped against my dripping wet pussy with every thrust. beşiktaş grup yapan escort

“That’s a good fucking whore.” James exclaimed, knowing that his brutal assault of my ass had won me over.

“Fuck my pussy again!” I exclaimed as he squeezed even harder on my tits.

James disregarded my plea and continued pounding my ass. I begged him. “Please fuck my hot wet cunt!”

My hand slid between my thighs and I clawed at his ball sack every time it slapped against my cunt.

He pulled back and his cock slipped through my fingers. I pulled down and when he thrust forward again it slipped into my wet pussy. His thumb returned to my ass and again probed the wide open hole.

“I bet I could stick my whole hand in this wide open ass.” He said as two more fingers slipped into my stretched sphincter joining his thumb.

His cock head slammed into my cervix and I moaned harshly as the thick shaft massaged my tingling G-spot.

“Fuck that wet cunt!” I exclaimed as he added a fourth finger to my ass.

As he pounded into me I returned the movement pressing my loins back into him. His brutal assault had me gasping for air; my G-spot already tingling began to go numb as my climax approached. I felt his pinky finger slip into my ass then painful pressure as he pushed his hand deeper inside. I screamed as my ass stretched to accept his invading hand then moaned as the widest part slipped through and he formed a fist inside and sank it wrist deep in my ass.

“Oh god yes fist fuck my tight ass.” I cried pressing my ass harder against his arm.

Inside his hard fist pressed his jabbing cock tighter against my G-spot and I screamed in absolute ecstasy as my orgasm exploded through my body. I rode his cock and fist through a mind bending climax, my hips bucking wildly at him as wave after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure coursed through my body. He withdrew his fist first; the gaping hole that he’d filled lay open and quivering. As my orgasm began to subside James slowed the pace of his short jabs at my cervix increasing their length until his cock slipped from my spent pussy. He stepped back and described the sexual battleground. “Your asshole is spread wide open, I can see deep inside the dark hole. That hot wet cunt is dripping juices; the lips are swollen and bright red. You have the look of a well-used whore.”

I looked back over my shoulder at him. His eyes glazed over with lust, his cock; that thick rock hard cock, arched upward from his loins glistening in the bright light with the juices of my pussy. His ball sack dangled loosely from the base of his cock its contents teeming with the hot cum I desperately craved. Remembering his earlier threat I spun around facing him then flopped down on the bed and turned over. I dangled my head over the edge and exclaimed. “Now do your slut right and fuck her throat.”

James moved forward and aimed his thick cock head at my open mouth. I relaxed every possible muscle knowing his oral assault would be instantaneous. With one almighty thrust he drove his big hard cock down my throat his lustful moan acknowledged his surprise that I so easily accepted his cock. I reached up with both hands and massaged his cock head through the flesh it was buried in.

“Fuckin’ a woman!” James exclaimed as I held him deep down my throat. His balls lay against my nose and covered my eyes.

He withdrew completely, looking down at me he said. “I can’t believe you swallowed my big cock so easily.”

I lifted my head and looked up at him beyond his throbbing cock. “Shut up and fuck my throat you bastard!” I exclaimed.

He moved forward and began jabbing at my mouth letting my tongue pleasure his bulbous cock head while my lips massaged the flaring corona. His hands reached out and squeezed my big tits hard, slapping the heaving mounds; then pinching and pulling my erect nipples extremely hard. My muffled squeal of delight signaled that I loved his rough abuse of my tits. I moaned deeply as his jabs lengthened and more of his cock shaft slipped between my soft lips, eventually the head slipped through the opening to my throat and he lingered there for a moment letting the tighter ring of flesh caress his sensitive corona. I reached up and dug my nails into the back of his thighs and pulled hard driving his cock as deep as it would reach, then began massaging its head with snake like movements of my throat muscles.

His sinful moan pronounced that he’d never felt anything so incredible before.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” James exclaimed.

His jabs lengthened again as he fucked my throat much like the way he jabbed at my wet pussy earlier. He pulled out and began stroking his throbbing cock furiously.

“GIMME THAT HOT LOAD!” I screamed.

His guttural howl signaled that his balls were pumping hot thick cum along the pulsing cock shaft, and in an instant the first blast shot from him. It cleared my chin and splashed between my big tits. Another stroke and another wad shot from his cock this one hit my chin and ran down my neck. He moved back a little and finally found his target, a third huge wad landed on my extended tongue and ran back into my cum craving mouth.

“That’s it; fill your whore’s mouth with thick hot cum.” I was able to say before another blast from his cock coated my teeth and lips.

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