Dinner Party

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I went out for a night on the town, office was maddening and I just needed to unwind! I ended up at the finest restaurant in town, valet parked my Mercedes and in I went. I still had my suit and tie on as I entered, walking through the door, seeing mass amounts of people. Waitress walking by, smiling, offers me a glass of White Zinfandel. I took a sip as I ventured out into the crowd, looking as I went for anything that caught my eye.

I reached the other side and turned around to watch the crowd, that’s when I saw you, standing with friends. You had on a floor length dress, strapless and made of black lace with a white underlay, hair pulled up, white pearl necklace and earrings. As you talked with friends I began to slowly move towards you, watching you talk as I went. Seeing your eyes light up when you smiled, your soft lips and how they curved. Loving how your dress hugged your breasts, tops of them showing above the cut of your dress. Thinking of how it would feel, holding them while I sucked on your firm nipples. Wondering if you had a bra on, hoping you didn’t, wanting to touch.

I started to feel something stir in me the closer I got to you. I was able to get a better look at your ass, defined by the cut of the dress. Seeing the shape of your body overall, wanting to be near you, wanting to touch, to smell.. I stopped within a few feet of where you were standing and sat down in a stool at the bar, watching you. You started looking around the room, almost as you were looking for someone, or that you felt my eyes upon you? You gaze around the room looking to your left, spinning around and you lock onto my eyes, looking at you with amazement. Your jaw drops slightly, eyes wide, frozen in place.

I smile at you, you return the smile, and then you begin to walk over my way. I stand up as you near, smiling and saying hello to you. You return the greeting, as we shake hands. I hold your hand as we shake, feeling through a lacy dinner glove, the warmth of your hand, being close to see your eyes, gazing into them as we talk. You start to fidget with your earrings, wondering if I’m making you uneasy I ask if you’re ok. You lean towards me and say it’s just all the people around. I ask if you’d like to step away and get some fresh air? I hold out my arm and gesture to go this way, you wrap your arm into mine and I lead you away. As we walk I rest my other hand over yours, as I do you smile and tip your head downward, cheeks go blush. Could it be that you like the attention, the touch? We walk down a hallway and look out to a terrace, I open the door and we step outside, it’s a beautiful night, warm air, no breeze to speak of. I lead you to the other side, farthest away sarıyer escort from the building, walking over to a bench I hold your hand as you sit down. Catching a glance of your beautiful breasts as you sit.

I sit down next to you, loosening up my tie and taking it off, unbuttoning the top two buttons at the same time. As I sat down I purposely sat close to you, legs mere inches apart, as we talked I slid my right hand down to my side and let it rest on the bench. There were a couple of times you’d reach out and touch my arm as you talked. More to make a point and keep my attention. I made the same gesture after awhile ,only I touched your leg as I talked, at first I thought you’d pull away but then I saw the blushed look in your cheeks and the coy smile as you tipped your head again. After a few times of touching your leg I left my hand on your thigh to see what you would do. You smiled and kept talking, I asked a question about if your dress was lined on the lower half of your dress like the top was. You reached down and pulled your dress up, turning it inside out to show me that it was. In doing so I could see your legs, smooth skin, lightly tanned, begging to be touched. I held out my hand and checked out the underlay of your dress, then letting my hand drop onto your bare thigh. You lowered your dress, covering my hand as you did. Looking into your eyes, neither breaking our glance.

I leaned towards you, you watching my lips as I neared. I within inches of your face stopped and looked into your eyes, then leaning in and kissing your soft lips. Our lips parted and I felt the softness of your wet tongue, searching for mine. As we kissed I let my hand slide up your thigh a bit at a time. Feeling as you put your hand on my arm, feeling the heat of you under your dress, smoothness of your thigh. I was hoping you weren’t able to see the rising bulge in my slacks. Rubbing your thigh, sliding my hand back and forth, feeling the warmth, I ran my hand up and touched the softness of your panties. Waiting for you to grab my hand and push it away, with it not happening I let my fingers touch you. Running the back of my fingers across your panties, feeling a mound of flesh underneath them, dampness, warmth, heat.. Hearing your breathing get heavier as we kissed, heavier as I rubbed, heavier as I teased. Rubbing up and down your panties, hearing you moan so softly, seeing the lust in your eyes. I began to slide my fingers inside your panties, your hand stopping me when I was halfway in. You looked at me, “Is it a good idea with all the people around?” you asked. I smiled, looked into your eyes, “Let them watch” I said. Pushing my hand into your panties, sefaköy escort feeling the soft, warm flesh of your pussy, getting so wet. As I rubbed, as we kissed you were watching the crowd to see if anyone was watching us. I cupped my hand on top of your soft and wet pussy, leaving my fingers to push into you, sliding them up and down, into you as I rubbed. You shifted your weight back a bit to give me more room to slide my fingers into you. You sitting there eyes closed, biting your lower lip, softly moaning as I rubbed your clit.

Watching people walk by, moving back and forth on the terrace. I ask you to stand slightly. You look at me questionably as to why. You lift your weight up off the bench as I pull your panties, pulling them down. I assure you no one would see with the length of your dress falling over your knees. I pull your panties down below your knees, then to your ankles. Lifting your feet I pull them off completely and tuck them into the pocket of my suit jacket.

You smile and look at me, you reach over with your hand and rest it on my right leg. Gently rubbing, looking around. Your look, questioning, looking at me. I look at your hand and you slowly slide it up my thigh. Fingers gently touching the bulge in my pants, glancing over to me you smile, sliding up even further. Your hand covering me, squeezing me, making me throb. Feeling my cock harden even more, the touch of your hand on him, wishing for more. People walk close to us, you pull your hand away and smile. They walk past us and you turn your gaze back to me. Reaching with your hand, finding the zipper on my slacks. Looking at me as you undo the zipper, looking down you slide your fingers into my slacks. Your fingers pulling my underpants down to get to me, fingers finding, fingers pulling him up and out. Feeling the night air on my hard shaft and the heat of your hand wrapping firmly around it feels so good! You lightly stroke me as you continue to look around.

As you look away I run my hand back up the bare skin of your thigh, all the way up to your crotch, you gasp and whip your head around to me. Before you can say anything my fingers finding the warm soft skin of your smooth pussy again. Your eyes widen, you gasp for air, I slide my fingers across your wet slit, watching your body twist and writhe from the naughtiness of doing this in public. Sliding my finger into the heat of your wet pussy, you arch your back and let out a moan. Laying your head on my shoulder I run my fingers in and out of you, your breathing picking up, your hand stroking my hardness. Your eyes not looking, worrying who will see, your eyes are focused on your dress, rising and silivri escort falling, knowing my hand is under there. You slide over closer to me, hip against mine, you lean in, kiss my neck and whisper in my ear “I want you so badly” almost at a pant.

I smile at your wish, reaching past your hand still gently stroking me, finding the button on my slacks, pulling it and undoing it. I lift your dress to cover my lap and pull my slacks down to my knees. You looking at me in delight, I reach around your back and pull you up, standing in front of me I pull the back of your dress up and grab your hips and pull you back into me. Your warm ass and wet pussy pushing on my hard shaft, you wiggle your tush, driving me crazy. I pull your hips closer to me, sliding your pussy up past the head of my cock. Feeling him spring up I slowly push you forward, tip of my cock touches the warm wetness, tingling as it does. Feeling the tip push into you, you reaching back, wrapping your arm around my neck, me slowly pushing you onto me. I hear you gasp again, begin to cry in pain as I stretch your pussy, fitting my thickness in. Going slow, you take me in, warm and inviting until my cock is all the way in and you are sitting square on my lap, my cock buried inside of you. Sitting there, feeling the muscles of your pussy, squeezing, teasing me. I grab your sides just under your breasts, picking you up I lift you and pull you back down, my cock sliding in and out of you. Hearing you moan, you grab onto my legs and begin to get in rhythm with me. Standing, sitting as I plunge in and out of you. Feeling your pussy get wetter and wetter, my hands slide up and grab your breasts, feeling the firmness, nipples hard! Wanting to feel the softness of them but only feeling through your dress..

Not caring anymore if people are walking by, you lift and thrust down on me. My cock feeling good inside of you. Watching your ass cheeks ripple as they slap down on my thighs. Your panting has become more of a rasp, your throat dry from breathing so hard, still you buck on my cock.

You’re pussy feeling so wet, your muscles begin to clamp onto me, panting and moaning harder, “I’m gonna cum” you say, grabbing your hips and pulling you harder into me. My cock throbbing, ready for release, feeling your body tense, back arching as you lay back into me. Turning your head to me, you let go, you begin moaning non stop, loving the feeling. I kiss your lips as you continue to moan, feeling your cum running down my cock onto my legs. I can’t hold anymore, my body releases and my cock begins to explode inside of you. Unloading a massive amount of cum, you let out a little shriek as it lets go. Filling you full, my eyes roll back at the ecstasy I’m feeling.

As we come down from our euphoria, you still leaning back on me, my cock softening inside of your drenched pussy. Couple walks by, “Hello, Goodnight” they say as they continue on. I say “Yes it is” then we giggle. What a good night it is indeed!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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