Dirty Dreams

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I was almost asleep when I heard the door shut and a few soft footsteps next to the bed. I opened my eyes just a hair and saw Mr. Anderson standing in the shadows. I was at my best friend Amy’s house during our fall break from college, sleeping in her dad’s spare room. I’d always suspected he had the hots for me. Every time I’d drop by to visit Amy, I’d catch him looking me up and down with a devilish glint in his eyes. I never thought much of it until tonight.

I could feel him moving closer and closer to me until he sat down at the edge of the bed. I was lying on my stomach with my head turned to the side trying to fall asleep and even though I knew he was there I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t know why. I felt my body tense like in fear, but this was something different. I was tensing in anticipation.

I started to slow my breathing and relax my muscles. Then just as I felt him lean his face down beside mine, I innocently dropped my lower lip.

He ran his fingers through my blonde hair and down over my cheek. I could hear his breathing quicken as I felt my body go limp. I realized he was going to take advantage of me– his daughter’s petite blonde friend—and I wanted it.

I felt the bed shift as he sat down next to me and continued rubbing me.

He ran his hand down my neck and back to the end of my black silk nightgown and started rubbing just underneath it, on my thigh. Then he took his hand out from under my gown and slowly slid the silk up to my waist.

Then he gently spread my legs, and moved up to my cunt. I closed my eyes tight in anticipation. I felt the tip of a finger swirling lightly on my clit. The sensation made me wild. He was giving me just a taste but I needed more. Ever so softly and slowly, I pushed my hips back, not enough though to make him think I was awake, I wanted to seem asleep to him. I wanted to be helpless for him.

Then, when he was sure I was asleep, he began to slowly slide his fingers into my pussy.

He lunged three of his fingers into my pussy and started to fuck me hard with them, each time they came out for air they were covered in more and more of my juice. I could hear him mumbling a little as he ran his other hand over my back. I arched up slightly, beşiktaş türbanlı escort trying to tell him how badly I wanted his cock. Then I felt the cool air hit my pussy as he pulled my panties off and threw them on the floor.

My clit was throbbing as I bit my lip in anticipation of what he was going to do next. I felt the bed shift again as he stood. Then the room fell silent and in the quiet I heard the sound of his fly unzipping. My heart started racing but I kept my eyes closed. I heard him stroking it softly as he slid his fingers in and out of my pussy. I tried not to moan, but it was difficult. I didn’t want to let him know I was awake. I knew he was getting off on the idea of taking advantage of a sleeping 19 year old girl, and so was I.

Then I felt him pull his fingers out of me, and I held my breath as I waited. I felt his slippery fingers slide across my lips and gently ease my mouth open. Tasting my juices made my pussy gush and I was eager for him to fuck me.

But first I knew he was going to have me suck his cock and I couldn’t wait to have it in my mouth. As he withdrew his fingers, he ran them around the rim of my mouth to make sure it stayed open. My heart beat a little faster as I felt him move closer. I felt the tip of his tie on the top of my head as I felt something warm against my bottom lip. Keeping his hand on my chin gently pulling my mouth open, he slowly slid his cock over my tongue. The first thing I tasted was a drop of precum that made my tongue jerk and my mouth water almost instantaneously.

I heard him groan as he felt my warm mouth and kept sliding his cock down almost of my throat. His cock was almost too big for my mouth but somehow it fit. It was long too, must’ve been longer than 8 inches. I could feel his thickness and I could feel his pulsing veins against my tongue and cheeks.

He put his other hand behind my head and slowly started pushing his cock down my throat. I put up a little resistance at first then tilted my head a little and let him slide it down my throat. He groaned a little louder as I started to gently suck him just a little bit.

“Ohh…. That’s a good girl.” He whispered as he slid his cock in beşiktaş ucuz escort and out of my throat each time going a little deeper.

I had sucked many cocks so I knew how to take it without gagging, but the more he slid down my throat the more I realized his was probably the biggest cock I had ever taken. It excited me to think he was taking advantage of me, using me as a little fuck toy. It just made me want him in my pussy even more, but he had other plans.

After a few minutes, his cock was slick with my saliva and he pulled it out of my mouth. “Yeah, that’s good.” He said as he walked around the bed. I felt the bed sink as he got on and pulled my pelvis toward him.

He groaned even louder as he slid his cock into my pussy. I bit my lip as I felt inch after inch sliding into me. He grabbed my hips as he mounted me and slowly drilled his cock into me. I had never had a cock fill up my pussy that good as it stretched me out to my limit. It felt amazing. It wasn’t just the physical feeling. As he started stroking faster and faster, I felt more and more like I was being used. Like my pussy was just something for him to get off in.

The bed started rocking as he pounded me harder, gripping my hips tighter and tighter as he groaned. “Fuck yeah… god you’re a tight little bitch.”

I smiled when he said that and flexed my pussy muscles a little to make it tighter for him as I gently moaned and pushed my hips back onto his cock keeping the rest of my body perfectly still.

“Ooooh, yeah you like that don’t you. I bet you’re a dirty little slut.”

I loved it. The more he made me feel like his bitch the hotter I got. Soon he got a little braver and gave my pussy a little slap as he slammed his cock in all the way to the root. I clenched my teeth and gripped the bed sheets as the pleasure shot through me trying my hardest not to moan, to let him think I was his fuck doll to have his way with.

I was getting close I could feel it. Then as he gave my ass one final hard smack, I felt myself go over the edge. My cunt muscles gripped his cock as I came. It was so difficult not to scream at the top of my lungs from all of this, but I had to lie as still as I beşiktaş üniversiteli escort could for him, after all he hadn’t cum yet.

After a few minutes of pounding me, he pulled out and got off the bed. My pussy suddenly felt so vacant without his throbbing dick. I wanted him to keep fucking me and make me cum again. I wanted to be used more. I wanted to be a dirty little slut for him.

As I was lamenting in my mind, I felt him close to my face again as he teased my mouth back open with his cock. He immediately slid it over my tongue and began sliding it in and out of my mouth as he held my head. “Yeah, taste your cunt.”

I started to drool as he slipped his cock in my mouth. The taste made my mouth water and my pussy gush. It tasted so dirty and musky, which made me start sucking, milking his cock trying to taste his sweet cum too.

I could hear his labored breathing as he groaned and started humping my mouth and whispering more obscenities. Then he latched onto my hair and pushed his hips toward me. Right then I didn’t care if he thought I was asleep or not. I started sucking his cock, eager to taste my cum and his in one mouthful.

“Here it comes. … ohhh, yeah… drink it all… yeah… good girl.”

His cock spurted thick sticky globs of cum into my mouth as I eagerly sucked it down my throat. It was hot and sweet, just the way I like it.

Then he pulled it out and jerked the final spurts onto my cheek and eyes. His cum was so thick it hardly ran down my face. It just sat there in a warm, white sticky pool on my skin.

He slid his cock back in between my lips as he finished cumming. I slowly ran my tongue over the head of his cock licking up the last drops of cum. I could feel him looking down at me trying to determine if I had woken up. I just laid my head all the way back with my lips still parted with his cum streaking my face from my eye to my cheek and resting on my lips. He ran his fingers through my hair and I heard his fly zip back up. He stared down at his handiwork for a minute or two before he left me there.

Immediately after he left, I opened my eyes, which was difficult from his thick cum. I rose up, looked at myself in the mirror, and smiled. I felt my sore pussy and smiled wider. I’d loved being a slut and I knew I wanted to do this again.

I sat up and licked his cum from my lips then wiped it from my eye as I fingered my pussy and made myself cum. Then I raised that finger to my mouth and tasted it too. Sitting there, sucking mine and his cum I decided I would have to sleep over at Amy’s more often.

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