Dirty Laundry

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Living in a trailer park was beginning to piss Annette off. Half way through medical school, she hadn’t minded at first, as the rent was cheap and she could spend more of her Hispanic charity grants on her car and clothes. But she had not even been able to enjoy that, as she was working and schooling her ass off. Miami was too expensive to live in, and she was eager to return home to New Mexico where she was born. She was tired of the humidity, and longed for the cool dryness of her home state.

Waking up and turning over, she moaned. Monday morning was upon her, one last day before finals. And she did not have any clean clothes whatsoever. She had wanted to buy a washer, but never got around to it. And every time she got one of her male friends to help her, they wanted pussy. Well, she couldn’t blame them, she had a nice pussy. Grudgingly, she got up and looked at herself in the mirror, naked, as it was too hot and humid to wear anything, even if she did have any underwear left.

High cheek bones, tanned complexion, dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair with a sleek body and bubbly ass, she was good-looking as hell. Perky breasts with pink areolas, she was nothing to be ashamed of at twenty-four. Of course, she had nothing to show for it either. Being a doctor was a time-consuming affair, and she had little time for relationships. But she was horny, and needed casual sex.

More importantly, she needed clothes washed.

She walked around her small living room, picking up clothes around the furniture, and put them into her basket, which overflowed uncontrollably with the stink of procrastination. Still naked with nothing to wear, she decided to get a cup of coffee going and turn on the TV. She tried touching herself to masturbate, but that did not work. She had never been able to do this. Catholic modesty from her Hispanic upbringing had cursed her. This made things worse because she needed men and women to satisfy her unending appetites. Sitting naked on her couch thinking about this, her legs spread and her shaved pussy exposed to the sunlight through the window, waiting for the coffee to brew, she remained frustrated. She used to have a male roommate, a nice live-in fuck-buddy, but he had moved on. And Melissa, her blonde roommate, was too prudish to go down on her or finger her. Oh well, she liked dick more anyway. That’s what her pussy was evolved for. Dick.

She found some underwear, tried it on, but felt grossed out that it was still damp, and pulled them back off. Finally, she found one clean old white t-shirt, worn thin, and tried that on. No point in showering yet until she had to go out. She had to wash clothes at the park’s laundry shack and that was that. The t-shirt was just long enough to cover her ass. Could she get away with it? Or would she attract every male asshole in the trailer park?

Well, she did that already. The t-shirt would make her legal, at least. She was only walking down the road between trailers, not really going in public. It should be ok. She separated her clothes and filled the basket with only the essential stuff she needed, put her sandals on, and set out into the bright sunlight. The humidity, as usual, struck her like blast-wave. She was sweating profusely by the time she got to the laundry shack. It was Monday, so no one was there. Many tenants had their own washers inside their trailers anyway. It was an old place with really old trailers, and dirt cheap to live at, if you didn’t mind the ghetto. But it was surrounded by trees and had lots of shade, and you actually had a little bit of a yard and could cook outside, unlike most apartment buildings. She’d rather live here than an apartment complex any day. She didn’t need a pool because the beach was only fifteen minutes away. She didn’t need a gym because she used her bike.

Bending over to shove clothes into the side-loader, she reminded herself she was not wearing anything under the t-shirt and had better not do that. So she bent her legs instead, but wasn’t sure if this helped.

“Hey,” came a voice from behind, startling her.

She jumped up and turned around and glared … only to see a student she knew. It was Alberto! Smart and handsome, he was also shy. But he seemed bolder now.

“Sorry, but I just saw your pussy,” he said, and then became embarrassed, looking away.

She noticed two friends were with him, all doing laundry together. Just fucking perfect, she thought. Even worse, she recognized their faces from other classes. There was Shawn from law school, and she didn’t remember the name of the third guy.

“Sorry, no underwear, and lot’s of laundry,” she replied finally. “Didn’t think anyone was looking!”

Alberto looked ashamed, which was not her intention. He was so handsome, a black Hispanic, and she was at once wet güvenilir bahis just looking at him. Shawn, the only white boy, just smiled.

“We didn’t mind. I put him up to saying something anyway. So if you get mad, get mad at me.”

Glancing at him, she then turned her head and returned back to work, stuffing clothes into the washer. She bent down on her haunches once more to finish. Only a top-loader remained for her next set of clothes, and she realized with some alarm she would have to bend over a little. Fuck it! She decided she didn’t care, and just went to work. They could only see the very bottom of her ass if anything, who cared. Ladies went topless at the beach all the time in Miami, so no harm seeing a little ass here.

“Damn,” Shawn said, looking at her ass intently.

She turned around with an attitude, and then looked at Alberto too.

“It’s not fair that you all saw my pussy, when I haven’t seen your dicks,” she commented, trying to get them into leaving her alone.

Or did she really want that?

“Seriously, which one of you would really have the cajones to bend me over and fuck me in this shack?”

Shawn turned away, finally becoming a little red-faced. Alberto was just shaking his head. And the other black student was just staring into space.

“Man, if you don’t do something, I will,” Shawn said to Alberto. “She’s hot for you man!”

“Fuck you! What you going to do, white boy?!” she said, hands on hips, glaring at the honky motherfucker with all the gutter talk she could muster.

Shawn proceeded to take his dick out of his blue-jeans. At first she was afraid that the pig actually had the nerve to try and rape her. But then he was just standing there with a hard-on. And what a hard-on it was, she thought with dismay. It was huge and pink and throbbing, and the head partially sticking out of the foreskin. She liked foreskin.

“Now we’re even. I saw your pussy, and you’ve seen my dick,” he said.

Taking advantage of this, she then turned to the other student whose name she could not remember, Mr. Nameless. He shrugged and took out his cock, and she was even more alarmed. The kid was small, no more than five-foot two. And yet his cock was like eight inches long, but thin. Then she turned to Alberto and raised her eyebrows. Embarrassed, he didn’t do anything at first. Then he stood up, pulled his sweat-pants down, and showed it to her. Her eyes bulged with shock and her jaw dropped. At least nine inches long and thick as hell.

“How can you be shy with a tool like that?” she asked.

“Come on, Alberto, tell her how much you think of her,” Shawn said. “She needs to hear it.”

The sexual tension was getting extremely bad. The heat from the dryers and washers was bad, and she sweated. Her pussy was hot with desire. Never had she wanted one man so badly in her life. But his damned friends were here! Then she realized, with some surprise, that they were only looking out for their friend and trying to get him laid. Understanding at once, she smiled at Alberto. They all put their dicks back in their pants before someone else arrived.

“I’ve always liked you, too. But you never talked to me in class.”

Alberto shook his head, and then buried his face in his hands, and then spoke with his face covered in embarrassment.

“Are you serious? You liked me?” he asked.

“I told you, man!” Shawn exclaimed, shaking his head. “She’s been eye-dogging you for weeks!”

The fact was, she had been eye-dogging all of them at one time or another.

“Sometimes,” she began. “You just have to go for it!”

Being at the other end of the room, she went around the corner of a top-loader washer to make sure they got no more peeks at her pink. She then bent over, facing them, and smiled at Alberto.

At seeing this, Alberto slowly made his way over to her with hands in pockets, and his erection noticeable. What was he doing? He looked at her strangely. Mr. Nameless stood in front of the door, the only way in and out of the shack. Then, when Alberto was really close, she stood up, misunderstanding the situation, which had been her fault. But Alberto already got behind her, and then began rubbing his penis between her legs. She gasped, for this had not been her intention at all. And yet, maybe it had been. She was confused now. Oh, but she wanted it so bad anyway. But his friends were there! Fuck it! Let them have a piece too!

He decided for her, and pushed her torso back over the washer, and then nudged her legs apart. His dick was rubbing her pussy and her clit, and it felt unbelievably good.

“I hope I’m not too big for you,” he breathed into her ear, bending over along with her.

And then he thrust, gently, and began stretching her very wet vagina.

Her eyes türkçe bahis rolled back into her head as she rested her chest on top of the washer. He thrust deeper, and she moaned. Deeper, and she began to feel the ache of being stretched. Had she not been so wet, it would have hurt.

Inch by inch he made his way inside her, being oh so gentle. If felt so fucking good! But it also hurt, because Alberto was fucking huge! He went in all the way, as much as she could take, and it felt so good and hurt so bad. Pressing even more into her, it made his dick expand outward, stretching her.

She yelped with each thrust as he began to pound her. “Don’t hold back … I don’t know … how much more … I can take!”

He grunted and thrust, then thrust again, digging into her deeply enough that it felt like it was in her stomach. With each thrust she had an orgasm and moaned, gritting her teeth to keep from screaming in ecstasy.

Looking down at her stomach, she actually saw it bulge a little as he thrust into her. Holy fuck!

And then he exploded. She could feel the squirt of hot cum inside her, slamming against her cervix, and she came again. He continued to thrust as he came, filling her up with cum. He was coming a lot! It began to run down her leg.

Then the door opened and sunlight glared into the shack. Mr. Nameless was standing in the way, delaying the intruder.

Alberto pulled out of her and put his dick back in his sweat pants.

She stood up and could do nothing else. They separated, and then she went to her washer to pretend nothing was happening, even though her legs were trembling.

An old lady came in, looked at the four of them suspiciously, and then at her washer that had stopped. They all waited an agonizing long time as the old lady got her clothes out to put in the drier. Alberto offered to help, and the old lady shooed him away.

“I can do it myself!”

Annette just stood with her legs together, her pussy pounding and wet and oozing cum. It was getting in her sandals. The old lady took one more look at her, and then the other boys, sniffed, and left.

She felt self-conscious because she was sweating so much her t-shirt now stuck to her skin, revealing too much.

“Damn, that was close,” Shawn said, laughing. “You should have seen the look on your faces!”

To her surprise, Alberto wasn’t done with her. He took her back to the darkest area of the shack, bent her over, and began humping her again.

“Holy shit!” she said. “What the fuck?”

“Sorry baby, but I’m a horny motherfucker. I haven’t had any in months!”

“I can attest to that,” Shawn said, watching without embarrassment.

She was excited to be watched while she was fucked. She had lost all sense of modesty. She just enjoyed the ride, and the pounding.

Alberto filled her with cum again, and again it streamed down her legs, or plopped to the floor loudly. He was finally done it seemed, and put his now soft dick back for good.

Without thinking about it, she looked at Shawn, and opened her mouth sensually.


Now it was Shawn who was stunned. Alberto looked shocked. She looked back at Alberto.

“Well, you can’t fuck your girlfriend in front of your friends and not share. That’s fucked up! Or are you jealous already? You haven’t even fed me yet.”

“I’ll feed you,” Shawn said. “Because that pussy’s wrecked.”

She stood up and crossed her arms, and tapped her sandal.

“You don’t like sloppy seconds?” she pouted, and then perked up. “Fine. Get over here.”

Shawn went to her, and she got on her knees all the way behind the last washer, keeping herself hidden in case anyone else showed up. Shawn pulled his big white dick out and she started sucking it. She loved sucking cock, always had.

Then someone else came in, another man. He looked around, said hello, got his laundry out of the drier, and then left. He never saw that Shawn was getting his dick sucked, and she never stopped, but only looked up at him for the signal to be clear.

“Better make it quick,” Shawn said.

And she did. She sucked on him hard, and wrapped her hand around his shaft and pumped it, bringing him to climax quickly. She tasted his salty load and tried to swallow it, but it was way too much. She coughed and it began spilling down her chin. She stood up and wiped it from her mouth.

“Fuck, that was a load. What the hell?”

Shawn retreated, looking a little dazed that he has just had a blow job.

“Damn, that was sweet!” Shawn said.

Then she saw Mr. Nameless staring at her, and he raised his arms up and shrugged, as if to say: Is it my turn?

“What do you have for me?”

He went over to her, turned her around to face the washer, and bent her over. Well, she güvenilir bahis siteleri thought, I guess he won’t mind sloppy seconds. But then she heard a tube of something fart, and turned to see that he was putting KY on his finger and his long, coal-black dick.

“Oh hell no!” she said, standing up again.

But he put a finger up her ass anyway, and held her in place. She had let it go this far, could she refuse now? But she didn’t do anal.

“I don’t do that, stop,” she said, trying to get away.

But his finger persisted, sticking into her deeply, making her gasp from the violation of it. He began finger-fucking her ass. And to her surprise, she decided she liked it enough to let it continue. But could she handle a cock up in there? That scared her. She relaxed, bent over again, and let him use his finger. Then he inserted two, stretching her gently, and it felt good after awhile.

But soon she felt the press of his dick against her anus, and she hissed. Slowly he got it into her. Since he was narrow, it wasn’t so bad. He worked it up into her, and then pulled out, going a little deeper each time. She felt pressure deep up inside her and used her hand to push him back, but he kept coming into her deeper, and deeper, making her hiss.

It began to feel real good, so she backed herself up onto him some more, felt him go deeper, and had to grit her teeth to keep from screaming. It felt good in a totally different way than her pussy. He was rubbing her g-spot from a different angle.

“Yeah, like that,” she said. “Get it up in there.”.

She wanted his dick all the way in her ass. And he delivered. Slowly at first, and she just enjoyed the feeling of being stretched.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Tyrone,” he said.

“Nice to meet you, Tyrone,” she replied. “You like my ass?”

“It’s the best ass I ever felt, honey.”

“Go ahead and pound it. Cum in my ass,” she said.

He began pumping hard and fast. His skin slapped her ass, and she yelped with each thrust, and her hands held the washer tightly. She took it, and he delivered it. Once she was stretched and could handle it, he began to thrust hard into her, slowly pull out, and thrust hard, again and again.

“Cum in my ass!” she said.

And he did, jerking his last thrusts into her deeply, squirting his load into her. That was the trigger for her as well. The thought of all that cum in her ass made her orgasm hard, her eyes rolling into her the back of her head, and her legs left shaking.

Now she had been fucked in all three of her holes, all in the laundry shack. Slowly, Tyrone pulled out, and then put his slick dick away. Shawn was already behind her putting lube on his dick now, ready for round two. She remained where she was, and then took his thick, pink cock into her rectum.

“Damn! Damn!” she gritted between her teeth. “Fuck that ass! Give it to me!”

Just her words seemed to make him cum, and he unloaded his sperm into her, and she came yet again with a shuddering whimper. “Shit!” she muttered.

When he pulled out, she thought she was going to shit, but she didn’t. Then, before she could stop him, Alberto was behind her once more.

“You want a piece of ass, too?” she said.

Seeing his nine-inch long thick dick scared her. She didn’t know if she could take it. But when she felt it stretch her out, and dig deep into her ass, she groaned with the intense pleasure of it.

“Holy shit, that’s a big dick!” she said, suppressing a scream. “Come as quick as you can, sweetie. I can’t take much more!”

He reamed her good, and shot yet another load of cum into her, and she was shocked when a slow, quivering orgasm washed up and down her body.

She wondered where all their cum had gone inside her ass, because she didn’t feel it running down her leg yet. He jerked into her, and she felt sharp pains run up and down her spine. Not alarming, but concerning. Fuck! When he pulled out, she had to hold her ass-cheeks together for fear of something coming out with his dick. It took forever to slide out of her.

Then Tyrone was behind her once more.

“Oh hell no! I can’t take any more!”

But she took it anyway. It didn’t hurt, nor did she even come again. She just took it, because poor Tyrone had only come once. It was only fair he got a second piece. He made it quick and jizzed up in her ass one last time. After that they left her alone.

“Okay, that’s was fun. But now I gotta get home and wash up.”

They all looked stunned at what had just happened, and regarded her with … what was that … awe?

“I can’t believe you took all of that,” Shawn breathed. “That was better than any porn I’ve ever seen!”

“Yeah, well the shows over.”

She raced out of there, trying not to be conspicuous, and holding her ass together It would all want to come out eventually, but she would hold her prize inside her for as long as she could. It felt good, like she held the souls of men.

And she felt like a goddess.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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