Dominating Best Friend’s Sister

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I awoke on John’s couch, the sunlight streaming in through the window. I looked at my phone: 9am. I groaned, partially due to the realization that I had only slept for 4 hours, and partially due to my raging hangover. As my head throbbed, I slowly began to remember the previous night. We had gone to a house party, I had drank 15 beers, and grinded with a bunch of girls from my high school, then slept over at John’s because it was closer than my house.

“Lindsay doesn’t need to know about that,” I thought.

I sat up, sliding my muscular frame out from beneath the thin sheet covering me, and turned on the television to the cartoon network. I figured I might as well entertain myself, since John probably wouldn’t be up until at least 2pm. I half-focused on the images on screen for about 45 minutes until I heard someone padding softly down the stairs. I turned my body and fixed my eyes on the soft, pale thighs and perky ass of my friend’s older sister, Beth. I had a crush on her for almost 5 years now and for good reason. She had a killer body, with cute b cup tits, smooth skin, a petite 5’4″ frame and soft, long brown hair which she was wearing in pigtails. I had been ogling her for years now, taking every opportunity to check out her perky tits when she leaned over and fantasizing about her gorgeous ass when I jerked off. It didn’t help that she was 2 years older than I was in her 2nd year of uni, and was definitely sexually active (I remember hearing her moaning while she fucked one of her many boyfriends when I slept there a couple years back). She also seemed to love the attention, and flirted shamelessly with me and my friends. I hadn’t seen her in almost a year; she must’ve just come home after exams. A smile spread across her face when she saw me:

“Rough night, cutie?” she asked with a smirk.

She was wearing nothing but a thin, white nirvana t and some forest green halfback cotton panties. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her nipples poking through her shirt. I nodded sheepishly, trying not to stare at her excited nipples too obviously. Her eyes trailed down to my chest-

“have you been working out? You look like a man now,” she teased.

“Ahh, nothing out of the ordinary,” I lied.

“Scooch over, I love the cartoon network,” she said.

I slid my body back into the couch and she draped herself in front of me, pulling the sheet over herself while cuddling into my chest.

“Keep me warm, I’m freezing,” she chirped.

“I can tell,” I replied, casting a cheeky glance at her nipples.

She blushed slightly, but said nothing, and turned her attention to the T.V. We watched cartoons for about half an hour, while catching up with each other. As she got more comfortable, she began to press her butt lightly against my crotch. My 18 year old body was pretty easily excited, and before long I felt my cock begin to harden. She seemed to notice the extra pressure and began subtly grinding her soft ass cheeks into my cock. It rose to its full length, and soon the engorged, swollen head was poking out the top of my boxer-briefs, pressed between the cleft of her ass. I moved my hand to her soft stomach, just below her orange-sized tits. This did not deter her, and she continued to rub her gorgeous ass against my member. Just thinking about her pale, perky butt filling out her green panties made me groan.

“Stop teasing me, I have a girlfriend, remember?” I complained, although without much conviction.

“Teasing you?? You’re the one with your arm down there so you can feel my ass, perv.”

“I don’t have my arm under the covers!” I replied.

“Liar!” she said, as she ripped the sheets off and turned around.

Her eyes widened as she took in my big, swollen cock, protruding triumphantly out the top of my underwear.

“Holy shit Mark! That thing is HUGE!” I didn’t have a great sense of how my dick measured up: my girlfriend was the only one who had seen it, and I took her virginity so she didn’t have a frame of reference either. I did know that it was pretty decently sized though, since she was never able to take the whole length. My sex life had been pretty boring up until that point: we usually did it missionary, and I only rarely got BJs. One time I tried to push a finger into her ass but she squealed and swatted my hand away. illegal bahis Lindsay was a stereotypical ‘good girl:’ she got good marks, did charity in her free time, and didn’t party too much. She was decent looking, with nice c cup tits and a good figure, but her face was pretty plain. I often fantasized about taking control in the bedroom, but she always complained if I did anything out of the ordinary. She liked to get fucked gently, with me on top, and only about once every week or two.

Thoughts of what she would think raced through my head as Beth continued to stare openly at my cock. “Have you ever measured it?” she asked. “No,” I replied sheepishly. “Can I, pleeeease? I need to know, for curiosity’s sake.”

She leaned toward it, pouting and focusing her big puppy dog eyes up at me.

“Well I guess I could let you do that…” I mumbled.

“Great! You’re the best Marky! Come up to my room though, John hates it when I flirt with his friends.”

Wordlessly, I rose up and followed her upstairs, watching her perky ass the entire way up. I had been lusting after her for years, and this seemed like a great opportunity. By the time I entered her room, she had already found a ruler.

“Drop those underwear, big boy,” she giggled.

I complied, and my thick, pink, veiny cock swung up to meet her. She was blushing heavily and her nipples were poking through her shirt even more now. She made a big show of bending at the waist to look at it, and slid the ruler against my pubic bone.

“9 inches! That’s 2 inches more than anyone I’ve fucked! How long have you had this thing??”

“It’s been this big for about 2 years,” I replied.

By this point I was so excited that precum was beginning to drip out of my urethra and was slowly dribbling down my shaft. “Poor boy, looks like you need some help,” she moaned as she dropped to her knees.

She tentatively wrapped her small hand around my shaft and carefully began stroking it. I was lost to the sensation and leaned my head back, moaning with my eyes closed. Soon, however, I felt a new sensation. I looked down and saw Beth engulfing my fat cock in her cute little mouth. Her lips felt so soft and wet around my head and she was gently humming while looking up at me with her big brown eyes. She slid lower and lower down my shaft, seductively swirling her soft pink tongue around my head. Lindsay had never taken more than a third of it in her mouth, but she was so far down that her button nose was touching my pubes, and I could see her throat was stretched by my girth. The sight of her down on her knees, looking up at me with an expression of pure lust triggered something in me, and I felt dominant and in control. I started pumping my hips and fucking her mouth, holding her head back by her pigtails. I roughly squeezed her left breast and continued pumping while she gagged and dripped spit all over her shirt. She looked dazed and I noticed a dark, wet spot in her panties by her pussy. She pulled off me for a second to say

“keep fucking my mouth, baby, I want you to cum on me!” then continued feverishly sucking my rod.

After about 30 seconds of this I felt my orgasm approaching. I shot 2 big loads in her mouth, then pulled her head back by her hair and jerked my cock as I shot 4 big ropes of cum all over her pretty face and t shirt. She looked deliciously slutty,absolutely covered by thick streams of my jizz. She smirked and used her finger to push more of my cum into her mouth, moaning, while her other hand began rubbing her wet little pussy in a slow circular motion. She laid back on her single bed, gasping and covered in sperm, then pulled off her shirt and wiped off her messy face with it. She was naked except for her soaked panties, and I could see her petite boobs heaving up and down. I laid down beside her and kissed her deeply, ignoring the pungent taste of my cum. She moaned as I sucked on her neck, and whispered in my ear:

“I think I want some more of your cock sometime.” I had started rubbing her soaked pussy through her panties and she was clearly loving it. I told her that my house was empty than night if she felt like coming over, and she entered her number in my phone. Just then I heard John getting in the shower. I quickly pulled my underwear on and gave Beth one last passionate kiss before heading downstairs to gather illegal bahis siteleri the rest of my clothes.

That day, all of I could think of was Beth’s body, and how much I wanted to fuck her tight little pussy. I was so aroused that I spent the entire day in athletic shorts so that my boner could stand up free. I didn’t masturbate though, because I wanted to save up a big load for her. That entire day, my girlfriend never crossed my mind: my brain was filled with thoughts of Beth’s round ass, and her sultry gaze as I covered her face in cum. Around 8pm, I got a text from her:

“you still want to do this?” I texted her back immediately and told her I was down. About 15 minutes later she showed up at my house, looking as sexy as ever. She was wearing a tight, shot black dress that showed off her slim figure and seductive red lipstick; I still had a raging boner, so I stayed in my shorts and a loose t shirt. I let her inside, and without a word she embraced me, pulling me down by my neck to kiss her. We made out passionately in my living room, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. I roughly began kissing her neck, leaving little welts, while my hand slid down to her ass. I lifted up her dress and grabbed a check and noticed that she wasn’t wearing panties. Encouraged by her moaning, I slid my hand even further back and started rubbing her pussy in a circular motion like I had seen her do earlier that day. She was absolutely soaked, and I easily slid two fingers into her eager cunt, thrusting them back and forth.

“Ungnngh” she groaned, leaning back onto my thick fingers. “You bad little slut, you didn’t wear panties so I could finger fuck you in that dress, didn’t you?” I breathed into her ear.

She whimpered in agreement as I continued fingering her sopping wet hole. After a few minutes of this I could tell she wanted more, so I picked her slim body up and carried her upstairs. I peeled off her dress and threw her naked body on my bed then stripped off my own clothes, baring my impressive cock. I laid down next to her and she quickly straddled me and shifted her pelvis up my chest. I could feel her slippery lips dragging across my torso as they neared my mouth. The idea of her sitting on my face got me insanely horny and I pulled her shaved cunt up to my lips. I dove in greedily and started digging my tongue into her hole while she squealed in delight.

I gave her clit some attention, swirling my tongue around and sucking on it messily while she grinded her pelvis on my face. My beard was soaked in her juices as I slurped and lapped at her vag while she threw her head back in ecstasy. I could feel her start to quiver and I knew she was close, so I wetted my finger in her abundant natural lube and then started easing it into her ass. This send her over the edge as she shook uncontrollably and pressed her wet, juicy pussy as hard as she could onto my mouth. Gasping, she fell to the side and closed her eyes for about thirty seconds. She broke the silence:

“holy shit you know how to eat pussy. Your girlfriend is extremely lucky.”

“She rarely lets me,” I said. “She thinks that then she’ll have to suck my cock more often, and she hates doing that.”

“What a prude,” Beth interjected. “A guy like you should be shared around, making loads of girls cum, not just her!”

As she said that, she straddled me again, this time much lower. Beth reached around and lined up my cock with her dripping lips, and slowly began to lean back onto it.

“Play nice,” she said, “I don’t want to get hurt by that weapon of yours.”

I let her ease onto my cock slowly and get used to its length. The sensation of her hot, slippery insides was incredible. She took me almost to the base and then started grinding her hips around in circles, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone while I toyed with her beautiful tits. I leaned forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth, keeping my other hand on her soft ass. This allowed me to push the entire length of my cock into Beth, an experience I never got with my girlfriend. Then, I leaned back, grabbed her hips, and started thrusting up, sliding my swollen cock in and out of her with increasing speed. I heard her moan and she matched my rhythm, my massive dick pushing obscenely through her flat tummy. Soon she was wantonly riding my cock, canlı bahis siteleri bouncing up and down like a pro, while her eyes glazed over.

Suddenly, I snapped my head around as a I heard the door creak, and saw my girlfriend standing in the doorway with a shell-shocked expression. Her eyes welled up with tears as she stood there wordlessly. I gazed at her for a second while continuing to fuck Beth while holding her by the ass.

“Shit! I forgot that she was supposed to drop by after she got off work,” I thought, but Beth’s pussy felt too good to stop fucking her.

“Oh well, the damage is done, I might as well keep going.”

I grunted and increased my pace, not even looking at Lindsay anymore. Beth started shaking and screaming:

“Mmmmmmghuaa!” as she slid up and down on my cock even faster.

“Fuck my pussy, fuck me like a little slut!” she yelled, as I tried to match her pace.

I felt her insides spasm and she slumped forward onto my chest. I laid back, and when I looked up, Lindsay was gone. We cuddled for a while after, and I let my hands roam around her gorgeous body. I told her about seeing Lindsay, and she laughed.

“You know, if she breaks up with you it’s her loss. She’s never going to find anyone her age that can fuck like that. If I were you, I’d tell her that she either needs to accept that you’re gonna fuck anyone you want, or she can find some teenager with a little cock and see if that satisfies her.”

This filled me with confidence.

“You’re right. I’m a stud, and I should be able to fuck anyone I want. I’m not going to apologize, and if she breaks up with me, so be it.”

I still hadn’t come, yet, so I grabbed her by the waist and turned her onto her stomach. “Head down, ass up!” I commanded.

She complied, dropping her head submissively while arching her back to display her shaved pussy. I smacked her ass and roughly shoved my cock into her, causing her to squeal in delight. I grabbed her by the hips and pumped her full force, stretching her wet lips out each time I pulled back. I fucked her relentlessly, grunting and groaning like an animal, with nothing filling my head but pure testosterone and lust. I felt her jump as by head brushed her cervix, but I kept on fucking her anyway,consumed with my own pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm, you’re so thick,” she cooed. “Tell me how much you like my cock,” I demanded.

“Sooooo much baby, don’t fucking stop.”

I continued slamming my rod into her, while taking one of her tits in my hand. I felt her start to tense up, but I grabbed one of her pigtails and said

“you don’t get to cum until I say so, slut.”

“Yes baby, tell me when I can come, I’m so close.”

“How does it feel to have your baby brother’s friend’s big dick in you?” I asked.

“Mmmm soo dirty honey, I love your 18 year old cock.”

After about 5 minutes, I relented:

“OK, cum on my cock baby girl.”

She immediately started twitching and moaning. She slumped her shoulders down on the bed and moaned into the covers while I plowed into her from behind.I was ready to burst, and she could sense it too:

“can I taste your cum again, baby?” she pleaded. I reluctantly pulled out of her warm depths as she moved back to sit on her haunches. She took me in her mouth and began noisily slurping on my cock, eager for my load. I groaned as I shot rope after rope of hot cum. It soon filled her mouth and began dribbling down her cheek, so I pulled out my cock and stoked it furiously, shooting a few more strings onto her perky titties. Just like before, she shovelled my cum into her mouth greedily like it was ice cream.

It made me so proud to see how eager she was to eat my cum, and how sexy she looked with my cum all over her face, in her hair, and dripping in between her small breasts. Seeing her face coated in my creamy cum, I knew she was my slut.

I laid in bed next to her that night, reflecting on how wild my day had been. I thought of Lindsay, and decided to take Beth’s advice. Something had changed in me that day: I had sexually dominated a slutty college girl who happened to be my best friend’s sister, and I just couldn’t go back to boring old missionary sex. There was a long list of girls at my school that I wanted to fuck before the end of the year, and I wouldn’t let a high school relationship get in the way. I decided that if Lindsay wanted to fuck me again, she’d have to accept that I could fuck any girl I wanted, and that I was going to treat her like my little slut. I slowly drifted to sleep, imagining the possibilities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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