Dominating Kate

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Let me tell you about my friend Kate. She has hazel eyes and blond hair a bit longer than shoulder length, often tied in girlish pigtails. She’s funny and she likes to talk about sex. She’s petite, and wears slinky little tops that show off her slim body. She makes me want to throw her down and fuck her.

Kate and I have known each other for years and there’s a powerful attraction there. When we embrace, I feel a surge of passionate arousal. I feel an urge to crush her body against mine. We’ve done some inebriated kissing before and Kate has acknowledged her attraction to me, but up to now, hasn’t wanted to act on it. My girlfriend gave me permission to be Kate’s lover but I think Kate would prefer someone who wasn’t attached.

Kate and I were cooking lunch together. She was wearing a low-cut camisole. Every time she bent over I could see the tops of her small, pretty breasts. “You know what the problem with ball gags is?” she asked.

I looked at her expectantly.

“There’s no room to fit a cock in there,” she laughed and I laughed too. “I don’t think a ball gag would work for me because I like to have a cock in my mouth.”

Kate told me how she missed having a regular lover in her life, one who could give her what she wanted. I looked at her. She knew I had offered to be that lover so I said nothing.

“I’ve been thinking,” said Kate, “I want you to dominate me.”

I smiled a half smile and looked up from mincing onions. “Well Kate,” I replied, “do you promise to be my good girl?”

“Oh yes, I’ll be a very good girl,” she replied.

“No Kate, that’s not what I asked you,” I corrected her, “Do you promise to be MY good girl.”

Contritely, Kate responded, “Yes. I will be your good girl.”

“Then I accept with pleasure,” I said. “Now listen very carefully to my instructions.”

As we finished preparing lunch I gave Kate instructions for that evening. I was staying in a small cabin nearby and I told Kate to wait for me there and to be ready when I arrived at 8:00. After dinner that evening, I showered and changed into clean clothes and waited until the appointed time.

When I arrived I found my instructions carried out perfectly. A fire had been lit in the wood stove and half a dozen candles illuminated the cabin with a soft golden light. In the middle of the room, on a small Turkish carpet Kate knelt, naked, with hands on her knees, her eyes on the ground in front of her. I took in the sight of her body warmed by the fire and painted in candlelight. I left my shoes by the door and entered.

A single wooden chair faced the side of the carpet. I sat and observed Kate’s profile. I loved seeing her naked, but even more I loved seeing her submissive, or more precisely, I loved seeing anadolu yakası escort her submissive to me. “Crawl to me,” I instructed her.

Kate crawled to me and assumed the same position six inches from my feet. “Look at me,” I said.

Kate’s eyes met mine. The excitement was palpable. “Is your pussy perfectly bald and ready for me” I asked her.

Kate nodded. “Show me,” I said.

Kate lay back on the soft carpet with her knees up. Placing her hands on her knees she opened them all the way, displaying her pretty little cunt. I wanted to dive into it right away, to lick and mash my lips all over her hairless mound and then use my tongue to paint her lips and clit and perineum. But such tenderness would have to wait until after Kate had proven herself submissive to me.

I had Kate return to kneel before me. “Good girl,” I praised her. Kate smiled, these words were the signal that she had followed instructions to my liking, that she had pleased me. The first time I used these words also signaled that she could touch me and that I would touch her. The second, third and fourth time I used these words would have other consequences as she understood from my instructions.

I took Kate’s hands and put them on my knees. I took her chin in my hand and moved her face back and forth as I looked at her. “Undress me,” I said, standing up. Kate stood to pull my shirt over my head, then returned to her knees, running her fingers down my chest to the buttons on my jeans. She pulled the tight-fitting pants down, then off me and I sat again in the chair. “Lick me,” I said.

Kneeling with her tempting little ass in the air, Kate brought her chest down to the floor and kissed my feet. She darted her tongue between my toes and began licking her way from my feet and slowly up my legs with her hands sliding above her mouth and around to grip my calves and then my thighs. When she got to my crotch, she avoided touching my cock directly, as I had instructed, but kissed and licked around it, her silky hair caressing my cock as it stood straight up.

“Good girl,” I praised her again, signaling both my approval and that she now had permission to speak.

“Please may I suck your cock?” Kate asked me. “My mouth needs your cock in it, I want you to fill my mouth with your cock.”

“Yes, Kate, you may suck my cock,” I said. “Show me how much you love to have your mouth filled with cock.”

Looking me in the eye, Kate reached her tongue out to the tip of my cock, then began to lick it. She painted the head of my cock with her tongue, then painted the sides as well, pressing her hands to my thighs. She licked my balls for a moment, then returned to my cock head, taking it ataşehir escort between her lips, then within her mouth. Slowly, Kate slid her lips down my cock until she had about half of it in her mouth. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as I felt her tongue flicking back and forth on the underside of my glans. “Mmmm,” I moaned back.

Kate reached for my hands and placed them on the back of her head, letting me know she was ready for me to fuck her mouth. I used my hands to guide her movements as she bobbed up and down on my cock, sucking with her lips and flicking her tongue. I began to push a little more deeply, Kate was breathing heavily through her nose. Her face was flushed and her eyes betrayed both fear and pleasure. I pushed her down more, nearly all of my cock was in her mouth, the head touching Kate’s throat. She startled and I pulled out, taking my hands off her head.

“More,” Kate asked. “Please do it some more. Make me take it. I want your cock in my throat. I want to be your good girl.”

She resumed bobbing up and down on my cock as I guided her head with my hands. I fucked her mouth more forcefully. I didn’t choke her but I challenged her to take my cock as deeply as she could. Finally, she was taking all of my cock into her mouth, it felt incredible to have the opening of her throat around my cock head and her lips around the base. We were both moaning and my cock was super hard but I didn’t want to come yet. “Stop,” I told her.

Kate looked up at me, uncertain if she had displeased me. I held her face firmly in my hands and looked into her eyes, “you please me very much, Kate.”

“I want you to come in my mouth,” Kate said. “I want to taste your cum. My mouth is meant to be filled with your cock and with your cum. You know I’ll swallow it. You know I’ll be good.”

“Yes, Kate, you are good,” I reassured her. She looked at me expectantly to see if I would complete the phrase. “Kate, you are a good girl.”

Kate beamed as she knew this meant that I was ready to fuck her. “Get on your knees, head down,” I commanded and Kate immediately obeyed. I pushed her knees farther apart and told her “reach back and pull your ass and pussy open for me.” Kate obeyed.

I examined her closely. She was perfectly hairless and smooth and smelled faintly of soap. Then there was her own aroma of arousal. I licked her pussy just to taste it then pulled away and slapped her ass with my open hand. Kate flinched but did not cry out. I grabbed both her cheeks and pulled her even further apart. I bent down and licked her asshole gently. It tasted clean and fresh so I licked it some more until Kate was moaning. Then I reached to the tray laid out next to the carpet and retrieved a small bottle of lubricant ümraniye escort and a small, tapered butt plug. I smeared lubricant on the plug and squeezed a dollop directly onto Kate’s pink starfish. I slowly pushed the plug inside and Kate subtly pushed back to receive it.

I now rubbed my cock head against Kate’s wet pussy lips. “Please fuck me,” she pleaded, pushing her sweet ass back at me. I plunged in suddenly and Kate called out. I stopped. “No, don’t stop,” she said. “Fuck me hard, my cunt is yours, take it.”

Grabbing Kate’s hips roughly I began to slam into her dripping cunt, pounding my hips against her. I gripped her hard and slammed in and out of her while she cried out. I pushed the plug in and out of her ass as I pounded her cunt. Kate was breathing heavily, engrossed in the sensation of being doubly penetrated. I pushed the plug back into place then slapped her ass hard, then fiercely gripped her hips and fucked her as hard as I could. Kate cried out in orgasm and I pulled back to catch my breath, a few drops of sweat falling from my chin onto Kate’s pretty back.

Breathing heavily I said, “Now Kate, I have to decide where to cum. In your cunt, in your ass or in your mouth.”

“My cunt, my ass and my mouth are yours to take as you like. I’ll never deny you,” she panted.

“I’ll save fucking your ass for another day,” I told her. “This time, our first time, I will cum in your mouth. I want to watch your face as I cum.”

I returned to the chair and Kate resumed her kneeling position in front of me. Using her hands and her mouth, Kate attacked my cock, determined to have my load. She briefly stopped sucking to tell me, “I’m going to suck the cum out of you.”

It didn’t take long and soon I spurted into Kate’s mouth. She didn’t stop but continued to bob up and down and squeeze my balls and the base of my cock with her hands as she milked out every drop. It was excruciatingly pleasurable.

Sitting back on her heels, Kate opened her mouth to show me her cum covered tongue, then swallowed and showed me her empty mouth.

“Kate,” I said. “You are a good girl.”

Kate now put her face in my lap and melted against me and I reached down to caress her hair and the side of her face. The fourth repetition of the phrase meant that I would cease to dominate her in order to treat her with tenderness.

After a little while, I left to draw a bath, then brought Kate to the candlelit bathroom. As we sat in the water, I rubbed Kate’s body all over with a soapy sponge then massaged her face, hands and feet as she passively accepted my care for her. Afterwards I towel-dried her slender body and covered her with lotion, then led her to bed.

Under the warm comforter, we held each other’s naked bodies as we basked in the intensity of our connection and talked late into the night. Kate kissed me and said, “I’ve missed this for so long.” I kissed her back. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” she asked.

“If you’re good, we can do this again.”

Kate smiled and said, “I promise to be good. I promise to be very good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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