Domination and a DP for My Girl

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It was another hot morning as I sat in my car, waiting for Kacey to get off work. For the last couple of weeks, we had hooked up a half dozen times, whenever I could get away from the house long enough to pick her up. We fucked only twice, but I had used her ass both times. She bravely withstood the pain, and told me she enjoyed doing that for me. I had bigger plans for her, though. I called her my slut; at first teasingly, but she latched onto that, and told me repeatedly that she would do anything I wanted. She was asking, so I intended to push that.

In reality, I had two objectives: to enjoy all the things I’d ever wanted and could not, or would not, get my wife to do. But I also wanted to distance myself from her. I knew there was no future for us, and I recognized that an 18-year-old would eventually look for something more than what I could give her. In truth, I didn’t want her to drop me. Self-centered, I know, but I couldn’t deny it, even as I pushed her limits. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Since that last anal, I had her blow me and nothing else. I told her I didn’t have time to get her off, and she was getting more and more frustrated and horny. At the same time, she loved taking my cock. I praised her as a cocksucker, even as I fucked her face, often bringing tears and a lot of drool. Other times I just let her enjoy sucking my cock. Thinking about her mouth would make me instantly hard, a good thing for a 67-year-old!

I was hard that day, idly stroking myself through my pants. When I saw her coming across the parking lot, my cock stiffened even more. She was wearing grey yoga pants and a loose top, highlighting what I considered her best feature – those lean legs. I had told her what to wear. I loved playing with her pussy through her tights, or under her skirt, but never letting her cum. I parked in the lot across the street so others didn’t see me waiting for her and started rumors, but it also gave me a chance to watch her come to me. The anticipation on her face thrilled me.

“Hey,” she gushed, getting in on the passenger side. She glanced down and grinned. My cock stood tall inside my slacks, and she reached for it. “Happy to see me?” she asked, and laughed. Her laugh was infectious, tinged as it was with desire. She began to stroke me with her left hand.

I started the car and brushed her hand aside. “Who’s my little slut?” I prompted. She told me she was. As I pulled out, her hand went back to my cock.

“Are you gonna let me cum today?” she asked. She tried to keep her voice light, but I could hear the need.

“But you got to cum last night. Didn’t you!” I made it a statement, testing her to see if she’d been masturbating. I didn’t doubt that she did, often. She couldn’t lie, and often told me when she had.

“But it’s not the saaaame,” she whined, and I had to smile. I let her amuse herself with my cock as I drove, and as I headed away from the direction of her house, she seemed to brighten, and gripped me a little tighter.

“Careful, I told her.” I pulled to the side of the four-lane when I got a chance, and told her I had to make a call.

“Hey, what’s up?” Dave knew we were heading his way; he and I had already made plans for this. “You coming?”

“Not yet,” I said tersely, maltepe escort “but she’s trying to get me to.” We both laughed, and I glanced at Kacey’s face. Her hand stopped moving, and she was looking at me quizzically, knowing I was talking about her with someone. Dave said something else, but I wasn’t paying attention, looking into her eyes. “I have to talk to her,” I told him. “We’ll be there soon. You got anything to drink?”

By now Kacey was holding her hands out, as if to say, what? Her expression seemed to be a mixture of emotions – confusion, a little fear, and I knew, arousal. She would do it, I was pretty sure. She was my slut.

“No, no hard liquor,” I told Dave. “Just something cool.”

He laughed. “I got wine coolers,” he said, “but she can drink lemonade, unless you say so. How old is this girl?”

“Old enough,” I said, and Kacey smiled. She was beginning to accept this, and she reached for me again. As he and I talked, she leaned over the console and unzipped me. Traffic streamed by; anybody who looked could see the back of her head as she took me into her mouth, but not much else. Until she began to bob up and down.

“Okay, gotta go,” I told Dave and hung up. I rung off and put my hands in her hair for a few seconds, watching the back of her head. She was hungry for my dick, and it made me feel good. Her tongue bathed me as she mouthed me, swabbing up and down and all around my shaft.

“You’re suck a good slut,” I whispered, and she moaned.

I pulled back out onto the road with her still licking up and down the length of my shaft, then she pulled off and looked at me. “Who was that?” she asked. I didn’t answer. ‘Let her imagination work on her’, I thought.

“Where are we going?”

When I didn’t say anything, she leaned back on her side and stared at .When I

glanced at her, she was smiling. Her hand dropped to her crotch and she rubbed herself through the tights, knowing my eyes were on her. She sighed and spread her thighs apart. I could clearly see the crease of her pussy as her finger worked the thin material into herself, and the dark spot that immediately showed. She was wet inside, anticipating. “You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

I smiled at her, glancing at her often as I drove. When we got to Dave’s house, she sat straight up and looked around. His place wasn’t anything to brag about, but it was on a big lot, with a huge elm tree overhanging the little house. He came out the door as we got out. His eyes were on Kacey, appraising her.

I introduced them and we went inside. Kacey hung onto my arm, and when we sat on Dave’s couch, she was between us. Dave already had drinks on the table, anticipating the way we were seated. There was a glass of lemonade for Kacey, sweat running down the glass. She drank it in big gulps. She was nervous, I knew. We talked a little; chit-chit, but Kacey mostly just listened. Then Dave said, “Okay, this little thing,” turning to look into Kacey’s face as he did.

I could feel the energy change in the room. Kacey felt it too; I heard a sharp intake of breath. I had my hand on her knee, and slid it up her thigh. Dave said to her, “You’re wet,” and she nodded silently. I let my fingers trail across her camel-toe and her mouth opened. escort maltepe Her breath was already becoming ragged.

“Dave is a good friend of mine,” I said, my fingers rubbing her softly there. She didn’t say anything, but I felt her thighs open slightly. Then I realized Dave had put his own hand on her other leg, and was running it up her inner thigh. I leaned into Kacey and she turned her head to me. My lips closed over her open mouth and I put my tongue in, finding hers. We started to kiss, and I knew without looking down when Dave’s hand found her pussy. She inhaled shakily and put her hand on the back of my head, pulling me in. I pulled away for a moment.

“Who’s my slut?” I asked, and she moaned in answer. It was a hungry sound. Her hand went to Dave’s wrist as we began to make out, and I knew she was directing his movements on her. I pulled her to me more, moving over the top of her, letting Dave pull her legs his way. As she lay back I continued kissing her, following her down onto the sofa cushions. I got to my knees beside the couch and pushed her top up. She was bra-less, as I had ordered, and I found a nipple and began to softly torture it with my fingertips as we made out. When my mouth left hers and went to her tit, she breathed a long, ragged sigh.

I wasn’t watching Dave, but I heard the sound of her tights swishing down over the skin of her hips, and I felt her raise her butt obediently. I worked one nipple with my tongue as my fingers went to the other. I twisted and she moaned. I pinched it and she gasped. Her body was moving, her pelvis grinding up and down as I put my hand on her flat little belly. I bit her nipple softly, then pushed her shirt up and over her head as she raised her arms.

Dave and I were both fully dressed. Kacey was down to just sneakers. As I turned to look, Dave’s head went between her thighs and she bucked upwards, raising her cunt to his lips. I could hear her gasping, harder and faster, and she climaxed just as I went back to sucking her nipple. Her chest heaved; she had so much pent-up sexual tension from my weeks of denying her, I knew she was really feeling this one. I bit down again on her nipple and she almost yelled, “Oh, fuuuuckkk!” Her back was arched and Dave wasn’t letting go of her, driving her orgasm along with his tongue. I continued to torture her erect nipples with my mouth and hands, smiling as I did, and it was long minutes before she relaxed back into the couch.

She was sighing, her eyes closed, as I stood and dropped my pants and boxers. Dave had pulled back and was looking at her cunt as if it was the Holy Grail. At a nod from me, he leaned in and kissed it, then stood up to shed his own clothes. I moved in next to Kacey on the sofa. Her hands went straight to my dick and she began to stroke it, turning her body toward me. Her leg raised and she directed me to her, staring into my eyes. She looked wild; feral almost. Her mouth was open, still sucking in air, and as I arched my hips and entered her, she threw her head back.

“You okay?” I asked, and she nodded slightly. Her pussy seemed to grasp for me as I slid inside her, spasming around me. Her hands on my waist pulled me in and her hips ground against mine, undulating in that lovely way women have of moving. We maltepe escort bayan were on our sides, but I pulled her on top of me, knowing Dave would have access to her asshole if he wanted it. She rose on her knees and began the snake dance of hips as she ground my cock between my belly and her clit. Her eyes, when I looked, were faraway; she was in sexual heat.

I felt her movements slow, and looked to see Dave bending over her. I knew his hand must be on her ass, perhaps probing her puckered little button as she changed up her rhythm, reacting to his touch.


She knew my question before I had to ask it. She nodded and said, “Yeah, I told you. Anything,” and lowered her head to my shoulder. I whispered in her ear that she would be dry, and needed to let him use her juices, and she slid back immediately off of me. We both waited, and then I felt Dave’s weight on her hips. She grunted softly as his cock drove into her cunt.

He thrust a few times. I could hear how wet she was; his cock squelched inside her as he gathered her wetness. Then I knew he was out, and waited. It took a couple of tries to make her sufficiently wet to take him. Then she slid herself back up my body and I felt her pussy over me. Pushing her hips backwards, I slid right in. She went, “Ogod,” and waited, trembling atop me. I held her tightly, whispering that I was proud of her. I started to tell her that, if it hurt, she could stop at any time, but just as I began to speak she gasped, “Oh my god!” and I knew from her voice that she was enjoying the feeling of having two cocks inside her. She wiggled a little, getting her body adjusted. I could feel Dave resting above me, one knee on the sofa, one foot on the floor. I thrust upward, and Kacey gasped. Then we got into a rhythm that she was really enjoying, judging by her encouraging orders to us to use her, fuck her and make her feel good, etc. I was so proud of my anal slut!

I shot my load into her greedy pussy after a little less than 10 minutes, and a little while later Dave let loose with a loud groan. Kacey was nearly limp by then, fucked into a pleasurable oblivion. She told me later Dave’s cock was the “perfect size” for her ass. I let him fuck her again before we left. This time he left his load in her cunt. She cleaned up in his bathroom and put her leggings back on, but there was a dark patch that was probably more her juices than anything else. On the way to her house, I had to pull over; she wanted to suck my cock again. Such a good slut!

The very next day I put a zip-tie around her wrists as she got into my car, and drove her behind a mostly vacant shopping center in a not-great part of town. I teased her that I was going to strip her and leave her naked back there, and I enjoyed the look of fear on her face before telling her I was kidding. I’m still not sure if her look then was of relief or disappointment, but I pulled her out of the car and fucked her bent over her door sill, with her knees on the ground. She came wildly, and so did I.

We had one more three-way with Dave and a number of other encounters before she met Lee, who would become her boyfriend, and eventually her fiancee. I was ready to step out of the picture at that point anyway, as I worried constantly about us getting caught. It would have been bad for her, much worse for me. So I wrote it off as a great time. We stayed in touch via a few texts, but I had retired again and she went on with her life.

Then I got a text from her, almost four years later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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