Donor Uncle in Apartment Pt. 02

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Nobody had ever contributed such a great amount of bliss to Pawan Kumar’s life as the two women had. With Manasi and Rupa, he discovered a true love, a pure sex that he had never known. He found himself longing to spend every remaining moment on this earth with them.

It was a fine morning, Pawan Kumar was sitting in his cabin. He glanced towards Kavita Sanyal, the fresh, young beauty, his second officer in Bank. His morning in office would start with seeing this beauty from his cabin. He was infatuated and stung with this angel of beauty and that is why his heart would always melt for her presence. There was just something about her presence that would make him feel so at ease. He didn’t know what it was exactly. But just talking to her and being around her was enough to make any bad day better. Her radiant smile and her infectious laugh would make him feel so light-hearted that he couldn’t help but feel uplifted. He would sometimes tease her in a flirting manner, and she would never mind.

Then he saw her entering his cabin with a big purple coloured envelope. She greeted him with a smile, “Sir, Good morning!”

“Good morning, my dear,” he responded.

He teased her, “Hey girl, tell me when you are free, I just wanted to renovate my cabin with your beautiful smile.”

She smiled, and showed her pearls of white teeth. He felt as if he wanted to say her, “Hey, beautiful, I just want to tell you that I’ve been thinking about you all the hours and how much you mean to me. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen… you’re cute, smart, nice, and any guy would be lucky to have you. When I see you, my heart skips a beat. I really like you, and I hope you will give me a chance to fuck you, and I promise to be there for you when you need me. I would do anything for you.”

His thought was disturbed with her voice.

“Sir, I am getting married in coming week,” she said shyly.

It was a shock for Pawan Kumar. He asked, “With your that Boyfriend?”

“Yes, Sir, I also need a one month’s leave as after marriage, I am going to Shimla and Manali for honeymoon with my husband,” she said with an excited face which had become reddened.

Then she handed over him the designed purple coloured envelope where his name was embossed in golden colour as an Invitee. He opened the envelope, and picked out her pink wedding card to see.

Pawan Kumar felt a pang of jealousy, and thought that this virgin girl is going to be fucked by her husband very soon.

Then he smiled towards her, and said, “Your one month’s leave is granted. Stay…blessed, and wish you all the best, but one thing I warn you. Don’t get pregnant immediately otherwise you cannot enjoy your marital bliss.”

She dropped her eyes shyly, and in a husky voice replied, “Thank you, Sir, I will remember your advice.” She left his cabin.

Then Savita entered. Pawan Kumar lifted his face, and smiled at her. The ugly dark sweeper had a protruding abdomen, and she appeared to be very happy with her pregnancy as she had been impregnated by Pawan Kumar.

“Sahib, my pregnancy is now running for 7 months, and I need 3 month’s leave to deliver my baby. I have already arranged a temporary sweeper for Bank till I resume my duty again,” she said.

“OK, take this Rs.5,000/- for your maintenance of diets and medicines till you deliver the baby. If you need further financial assistance, you can communicate me without hesitation. I love you…Savita, I wish you will have a son, a very fair baby resembling me. Once you deliver this baby, I will fuck you once again for your second baby,” he said and handed over her the money.

Savita replied smilingly with shyness, “Sahib, with your blessings, I need more babies from you.”

Savita accepted the money and left his cabin.

——- ——— ———– ———– —-

There were drastic changes in the two families. Mrs.Rituparna(Mother of Rupa) took care of her pregnant daughter Rupa and her two granddaughters. Similarly, Madhusmita took care of her pregnant Aunt Manasi and her cousins.

Pawan Kumar kept a balance between the two families. He would visit his two women Manasi and Rupa every evening for a chitchat as they were unable to move because of their increasing big sizes womb. Pawan Kumar was very happy as he was going to be father of two babies. As per previous routine, Mrs.Rituparna and Madhusmita were taking care of his households including his breakfast, Lunch and Dinner alternatively.

At the request of two families, he allowed Mrs.Rituparna and Madhusmita to stay in his spare two bedrooms in night as the flats of Manasi and Rupa were congested due to extra guests which would have disturbed the children in their studies. These two women would also use the attached Bathrooms in his flat.

One evening, Pawan Kumar asked to Mrs.Rituparna, “Madam, if you don’t mind, May I ask you something personal?”

She smiled, and replied, “Ohhh…sure. Why such formalities? You are one of our beşiktaş masöz escort family members.”

Pawan Kumar asked, “What’s your age?”

“I will be running 54 years in coming month but why are you asking this?” she asked.

Pawan Kumar swallowed the saliva, and said, “Madam, actually you look younger for your age.”

Mrs.Rituparna was very happy, and felt that at least some body had admired her youthfulness, but did not show it in her facial expression.

She said, “I had a child marriage, and at the age of 18 years, Rupa was born. Unfortunately, at the age of 40 years, I became a widow as my husband died in a road accident. Now, tell me what’s your age?”

“Madam, I am already 54 years, just few months elder than you and a widower,” replied Pawan Kumar.

She exclaimed, “My God! Almost we are of the same age. Then, don’t address me as Madam. You simply call me Ritu, and I will call you Pawan. Is it ok with you?”

Pawan Kumar smiled, and replied, “Its ok…Ritu.”

From that day, they became very close friends, they would share everything between themselves. Rupa was very happy that her mother was not bored here as she had a good company of Pawan Kumar.

But the irony of the fact was that little did Ritu know that this old gentle man, now a close friend of her had impregnated her own daughter (Rupa).

Gradually, Pawan Kumar came to know that Rupa was the only child of her. She had huge landed property at Digha, a small coastal town in West Bengal having four buildings which were let on rent. But after marriage of Rupa, she chose to lead a religious and pious life. So, she purchased a house at Puri (A city of pilgrimage for Hindu in state of Odisha) just near the sea beach, where she would lead a solitude life with her maid servant, totally devoted to God. Once in a year, she would visit Rupa, stay sometimes with her and granddaughters, then she would return to Puri. Sometimes, Rupa would also visit Puri to see her mother.

One day, Ritu called Pawan Kumar in the morning and said, “Pawan, can you do me a favour? While returning from office, can you purchase a packet of Whisper?” (Whisper is a brand of sanitary pad, an absorbent item worn in the underwear by women and girls who are menstruating)

For a moment, Pawan Kumar remained silent and wondered who was in need of the pad. He glanced towards her in a questionable manner.

Ritu understood his glance, smiled, and replied, “It is for me.”

Pawan Kumar was in shock and surprised about this woman of 54 years who had still menstrual cycle at this age.

——- ———- ——— ———- ——-

Being a horny man, Pawan Kumar was unable to release his sexual urge because of various reasons. Both Manasi and Rupa would not suck his cock because of presence of Ritu (Mom of Rupa) and Madhu (Niece of Manasi). He was unable to fuck the ugly Savita, the sweeper of his Bank as she had already taken leaves due to her pregnancy, who was impregnated by him. In the night, he would find two beautiful women sleeping in his flat, under the same roof, but he was unable to fuck them as the relationship with them had started just now, and he had not studied them properly.

At the same time, he would resume his daily evening walk in park as usual, but now the partner was Ritu, who would be eagerly waiting for him after his return from the Bank.

The young and beautiful married niece of Manasi, Madhu was from a semi-urban area, and a rustic woman by nature, very innocent, introvert, simpleton, and would speak less. She would regard him more than her father. Unlike her Aunt Manasi, she had a physique of Model figures,36/24/36, and he longed to fuck her. Ritu, the widow in white dress, mother of Rupa had a voluptuous figure, who was more like a friend to him because of the same age. But he had a guilty feeling in presence of her as he had impregnated her daughter Rupa.

It became a habit of Pawan Kumar to enter the Bath rooms of these two women during their absence to collect their used panties and bras. Madhu’s panties and bras were lacy red and in other multi coloured, smelled a heavenly scent of her cunt smeared with her urine. Ritu’s panties and bras would be only in white colour. There would be always some pussy hairs in the panties, the curly hairs glued inside the white panties of Ritu could be more visible. He would bring these to his bed room, and would smell alternatively the inside of panties of both the women to inhale the aroma of their pussies, and at the same time he would smell deeply the inside of the cups of the bras to feel the smell of their boobs. It was an intoxicating smell and he would go mad after it. He would kiss the panties, lick those hairs along with the panties, then he would masturbate. Afterwards, he would place these in the respective Bath rooms.

When he would imagine fucking these two women, he would feel restless at night. He would be tossing and turning in his beşiktaş otele gelen escort bed which would compel him for masturbating before going to sleep.

He recalled his old formula of flashing his dick in morning bed to Manasi and Rupa which was successful, but he was afraid to apply the same to these two women which might boomerang to him in a negative way. He devised another plan.

After returning from Bank, in one evening, he went to park for evening walk with Ritu. When he returned, his entire body was drenched with sweat. Both Pawan Kumar and Ritu found Madhu watching TV in his flat. For some times, he sat with them to watch the TV. He could sense that his sweat smell filled the entire AC Room and an outsider can’t even breathe. His sweat smell started to dominate the entire area, but he was surprised to find that both Madhu and Ritu inhaled the air because their boobs were growing up with the air they inhaled. He was so happy that it made his dick erect, and he was certain that these two women liked the maleness smell of him.

After refreshing himself, Pawan Kumar wanted to apply his new formula to awaken the sexual desire of these two women. He did not wear underwear beneath his tight cotton shorts (half trouser). He checked himself in the mirror and he could see the outline of his long and thick dick. He knew well that if his dick would erect it could be seen by these two women easily.

Then he roamed around with his short exposing his bulge underneath his shorts, he moved near to them, talked to them, and watched TV with them. From the corner of his eyes, he checked their reaction. He noticed that the women checked out his bulge shyly, but he really wanted Madhu to see.

While talking to Madhu, Pawan Kumar noticed that secretly she looked at his bulge, and she took a long breath again and again. He noticed her erected nipples beyond her blouse as she being a rustic woman was not acquainted with wearing bra always inside the house. He wanted to tease her a little more by posing as if he was yawning and spread his legs more as a result his exposed erected dick covered by his short resembled an uprising bamboo under a tent. Madhu looked in no matter of time and breathed heavily by responding to the discussion with him, it was a tensed situation inside the room.

Madhu felt a sensation inside her pussy, and thought how uncle could have such a big size of dick at this age which might be thrice the size of her husband. But immediately, she diverted her mind. She repented and cursed herself for such dirty thoughts in her mind about a noble person who was her uncle, a Godly and father figure in the family.

Similarly, Ritu after becoming a widow for 14 years, first time witnessed an outline of big dick under the shorts, and could not help herself staring continuously on it. She felt a tingling vibration inside her cunt, and suddenly felt wetness inside her cunt. She knew that she had reached an orgasm which had never happened during 14 years.

Ritu’s reawakening of sex since her husband died really surprised her. She was never so closed with any male person during 14 years since death of her husband, and now being very close with someone like Pawan Kumar under the same roof kindled her fire. But more importantly, rediscovering her sexuality helped her to be open to enjoying life again, and to look at new things with curiosity instead of judgement.

——- ———- ————- ————-

Every evening, Ritu and Pawan Kumar would stroll around the circular passage of the park for walk. He was holding her hand while they were walking.

They walked to the park, his arm around her shoulder, and her arm around his waist, making small talk as they crossed the water fountain.

They enjoyed the colourful lights falling on tall fountain in the middle of the park. It was a place of natural beauty to be enjoyed. There were no lights in some parts of the park, so it was easy to enjoy some privacy save for a small number of other couples that occasionally wandered in with the same goal of privacy. They lay down on the cool grass, and with her head resting on his arm, he began to relax. They talked a bit, and he occasionally put his hand tenderly to her cheek and gently put his lips to her hand. None of them were crossing the decency barriers as both were matured, and they were behaving in real sense like true and close friends.

While walking, they also passed across winding steps that led to the top of the park, the way to the small hillock, and Pawan Kumar remembered how he fucked Manasi there so many times. They spent the next two hours walking in the park, talking and sharing experience about life and their likes and dislikes.

They talked about lot of things. She wanted to know about him, his family and everything about him. Pawan Kumar never had the experience of talking about himself to a woman before; in fact, not with anyone. It was easy talking beşiktaş rus escort to her. As they talked, he could sense all the barriers between them breaking down by the minute. Pawan Kumar told Ritu about his marriage, his family. His children, and about death of his wife. He told her all about his life. As he narrated his life story, starting from leaving home and becoming a Banker, his visit and life in a foreign country, he started to warm up to her. A feeling of empathy developed between them.

Suddenly, Ritu asked, “I wished that we were like teen agers with crush on each other”

Pawan Kumar laughed, and said, “Exactly, I was also thinking on the same line. If God would take back us to our younger times for some moment.”

Ritu asked him, out of blues, “Do you have a girl friend?”

Pawan Kumar blurted out with a lie, “Never. I have never even talked to a lady before the way I am talking to you now. I am bit on the shy side, and you are my first girlfriend” He blushed.

“I never had a boyfriend either,” she said smilingly.

But there was a strange chemistry passed between them which both were aware of but, they would not react, and would always feign innocence. Whenever Ritu would talk with Pawan Kumar, be it in flat or in park, she would feel his eyes on her boobs, and she would feel strange sensation in her nipples which would be hard inside the cup of her bra. Similarly, in presence of Madhu and Ritu in the flat while talking or strolling along the park with Ritu for evening walk, Pawan Kumar would always get a hard one, and he would exhibit his cock intentionally before Madhu and Ritu. Except office hours, (the time he spent in Bank) he would not wear any underwear beneath his shorts whenever he would be in flat or walking with Ritu in the park.

He wanted to exhibit his erected dangling cock to to both the women. Both the women gradually, became aware of the huge gigantic size of his cock which would always be swaying backwards and forwards or from side to side inside his shorts, while he would walk around them. If he would sit in front of them for some discussion, his cock would erect straight resembling a bamboo under a tent. Since the fabric of his shorts was thin and slight transparent, both the women would see the clear outline of size of his dick, even the round shape of his big knob would be clearly visible to both the ladies as they would be very near to him. They would glance secretly the outline of his dick from the corner of their eyes and enjoy the itching inside their cunts. But Pawan Kumar would always appear to be normal and feign innocence.

Even today in park, while walking beside him and talking to him, Ritu continuously stared his erected cock secretly from the corner of her eyes in every fraction of seconds. Pawan Kumar was aware of her staring, but he acted as if he had not noticed it and was giving more scope to her eyes for feasting on his cock. At this time, Ritu noticed two young college girls suddenly stopped near them while crossing, and stood near Pawan Kumar. They acted as if they stopped for a conversation between themselves but Ritu could guess their intentions as they glanced towards Pawan Kumar’s bulge directly from their sides with their hungry eyes. Ritu felt a pang of jealousy as if the cock of Pawan Kumar was her sole property.

Since it was getting late, they returned from park, and headed towards the Apartment. The place down the stair case was dark, the bulb might be fused, Pawan Kumar thought. He warned Ritu to step carefully. He was behind Ritu. Unfortunately, Ritu had a false step, and she stumbled upon, and almost fell. With his instinct, automatically Pawan Kumar’s two hands went below her under arms to save her from falling, but accidentally cupping her two breasts and pushed her backwards to his body.

God blessed Pawan Kumar of the advantage of this situation as a result his erect dick was pushed against her soft butt. He felt the soft woollen like objects in his two palms which later on he realised as her two boobs, and he felt a sudden shivering in her body. Pawan Kumar realised that she must have felt the head of his erected dick against her butt, and shivered or excited. All of the surprise, Ritu didn’t move forward even though she could, but she leaned back, and grinding her curvy butt against his erected dick. Pawan Kumar was in shock now, and got mixed feelings, his body got shivered, but he overcame his fear and pushed harder between her body (planting his erect dick inside her) he could sense her heavy breathing. Pawan Kumar blew his hot air around her neck, and slowly caressed her butt, hip and boobs for few seconds, and he could feel her hands doing the same thing to his dick, it was for few seconds. He was in heaven, and he became so excited that his cock spurted thick volume of semen. After a while, both of them regained their senses.

Ritu said, “Pawan, I am sorry!”

Pawan replied, “It is OK, but I warned you.”

They reached the flat in a normal manner as if nothing had happened. Madhu was watching TV in the hall. Pawan Kumar went straight to his room for change of his shorts immediately so that the two women could not notice his wet patch of semen in front side of his shorts.

Ritu was also entering her room, but she stopped as she heard the voice of Madhu calling her from backside.

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