Don’t Speak

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Since Lena had arrived she was all Jameson thought about and she pounded in his mind morning noon and night. He could barely believe his eyes when he first met her; he actually did a double take. He looked, said ‘hi’ and looked away, then looked back and his jaw dropped. He hated staring but he had, just as he was, right now, while he thought about how much it bothered him the first time. He couldn’t help staring; but he couldn’t stand to look at anything else when she was around, she was just that beautiful. He sat staring at her face with her full, rose-pink lips, sharp, chiseled features and remarkably high cheekbones –that along with her thick eyelashes darkened her eyes in an enchanting and mysterious way– and at her slight, delicate frame, her long legs and stunning butt, her perfectly curved hips, her small shapely breasts and her long, brown, gossamer hair.

Lena got up and walked across the room as she passed him she turned and noticed he was looking at her. She smiled to him. Her smile made a light in his heart so bright that it would probably have shone out if he’d opened him mouth at that moment. His feelings were vocalized in a deep sigh and he closed his eyes long enough to not notice when she walked over to him. He only noticed when she sat down. He was a little bit stunned but made a quick recovery and tried to speak. “Hi, Le–” She stopped him with her index finger on his lips and stunned him again by starring at him in a way that reminded him of how he had been starring at her. It took him a considerably longer amount of time to recover this time and when he did she was still starring at him and he understood it was her intention to keep him from speaking. Their eyes spoke for a short while and then she got up, took him by the hand and started leading him somewhere. As they passed through the party he noticed a few turned heads because of the speed at which she was pulling him along. She took him into a dark room and closed the door behind them. She reached over his shoulder and barely nudged the dimmer for the lights and two lamps illuminated on either side of a large bed with a faint, orange glow not bright enough to reach the corners of the room. When he noticed she had taken him to a bedroom he started to say something again but this time she silenced him with a passionate kiss. He forgot what he was about to say.

In returning the kiss he realized he didn’t really want to resist and so he got involved, finally realizing his most beloved fantasy. He released his tongue bağdat caddesi escort into her mouth and brought his hands up to touch her face – which had skin smoother than he had imagined. Jameson could not believe he was actually kissing Lena; he tried to figure out if it was some kind of lucid dream. Lena took away that worry of his when she made it feel more like the beginning of a wet dream. Her hand went to his crotch, clutched him and started stroking. He moaned into her mouth and then he trailed his lips away from hers to move to her ear and began to nibble while one hand lowered to her breast. She put her hands behind her back and undid a fasten on the back of her dress; it dropped off leaving her in only panties. He marveled at the sight, her skin all smooth and tanned everywhere. Her toned legs, her flat stomach and pert breasts (which hadn’t been in a bra but clearly supported themselves) with evidently hardened nipples. She pulled her hands up to Jameson’s chest and started to unbutton his shirt and untie his tie. After she’d done that she started to release his pants. It was obvious that she was trying to do two things at once and was succeeding. As she pulled on his belt and zipper her palms were rubbing pleasurably over what lay beneath. Once his pants were out of the way all that remained were his boxers, which had become a tent of sorts. She kneeled and a rush went through his veins as he watched. She grabbed the waistband and slid his boxers off. He liked the look in her eyes, notably pleased at the sight of his immensely erect member. She wrapped her hand around it and a muscle that Jameson didn’t know he was tensing relaxed. The feeling of her soft hand sliding along his shaft and her breath tickling him brushed away the last thoughts in his mind. He was thinking of nothing but Lena now.

She got up and smiled at him. She took his hand with her hand that wasn’t full and brought him to the bed. She motioned and he sat down. Lena knelt again, and he felt another rush. She licked him right on his tip and moved her head to kiss him, starting just below the head and working her way down. Then she put her lips around his member and started to take him into her mouth, sliding all the way down to its base. She rested her palms on his hips and started to move her head slowly up and down. Jameson shuddered at the sensation of her lips gliding over him and her tongue slipping all around his shaft. He groaned and started to moan her name but as soon bahçelievler escort as he did he felt her teeth in a rather uncomfortable manner. He remembered and took note that she certainly didn’t want him talking. Lena continued her task. Tightening her mouth around his cock, she applied more suction. She pulled her head back almost tugging on him as she moved away, and when he was fully out of her mouth her tongue came out. Gently maneuvering his column with just the tips of her fingers she caressed him with firm, steady licks. Jameson felt himself growing close to getting off so he used some body language to get her to stop. She licked his hand mockingly and giggled, but she did stop. They stood and both crawled onto the bed.

Brushing a bit of hair off her face, he kissed her. He only took a short time before his kisses began to move downward, over her jaw, down her neck, past her collarbone. He sucked a nipple into his mouth and her hands came quickly to rest on his head. She breathed deeply as he tongued her nipple and took her other breast in his hand, a perfect handful. Massaging and pinching one, suckling on the other he had her squirming beneath him and her breath was coming faster now. He thought to himself how either her breasts would have to be unusually sensitive or she would have to be very, very much aroused already. Because her nipples were as hard as he suspected they could get. She pursed her lips in an “Ooh” shape and breathed deeply through it.

He moved slowly away from her breasts, tracing a line down across her torso with the tip of his tongue. He reached the edge of her panties, the only article of clothing left between the two of them. He hooked his fingers in the waistband and pulled them off. He started to return from the bottoms of her legs, sliding his hands on her skin and kissing along as he went. He reached the juncture of her legs and placed a kiss on her mons. A few more kisses on the fine curls there, with the last of which his tongue escaped his mouth and moved between her lips. She moaned quietly. Jameson moved his tongue up and down in the valley there, savoring the taste of the juices then he moved his tongue with a purpose. He moved upwards slowly towards the hooded nub of her clit. As he got closer he moved even slower until he had stopped just below it. Lena had her eyes closed tightly and was panting in anticipation. His tongue move slightly away and then back to its original position of just out of reach and bahçeşehir escort she lost her patience. She lifted her hips to make the contact and the tip of his tongue brushed smoothly on the bottom of her clit. She groaned and edged closely to her climax from that one touch. So sweet after the wait, like water in a desert.

After she had brought his teasing to an end he decided to let go and he began to move his mouth in a flurry. Lips and tongue moving in any direction they could, rubbing or flicking against her clit and the surrounding area. Lena felt as though her whole body was being tossed about the way she was at her crux. She was whimpering at the sensations and breathing hard with her fingers at her nipples, rubbing and pulling. Jameson moved his hand inward from its resting place on her thigh and positioned it below his chin. He started to mimic the motions of his mouth with his hand, fondling and tickling her lips, occasionally slipping just the tip of his finger inside of her. That was something Lena wanted more of. She shifted her hips towards his hand and when he wasn’t responding she tried to tell him ‘more’ but she didn’t get past the ‘M’. He took the advantage to turn her game against her. He stopped his motions and put a finger across his lips, making a shhh sound. The sudden stop in his actions definitely got her attention and she didn’t finish her words. He gave her a wide smile and she smiled back weakly, obviously defeated. Lena’s request was realized though and when Jameson started up again his finger found it’s way steadily between her lips and up in to her. He slid in almost his entire finger after an amount of time Lena could only define as too long and then waited there for a short moment also stopping the movement of his mouth. Time stood for a minute. Then he started to pull back on his finger. It was moving much faster now and soon he reversed direction, plunging back into her wetness. This became a smooth rhythm. Shortly his mouth joined in once again, resuming its dance over her more northern regions. Panting built in Lena’s lungs and she felt body getting warm and tense, there was a coil tightening inside of her. Jameson slipped another finger along side the first and continued the rhythm with both. His second finger drove her wild and the tension that was rising in her finally began to release. Colours burst in the backs of her eyes and she bit her lip as she quivered with orgasmic pleasure. She gripped his head tightly and pushed his busy face hard into her crotch to prolong the feelings as long as she could.

Jameson crawled up next to her and kissed her. She could taste a hint of herself on his mouth. He stared into her eyes for some time before bravely attempting to speak.

“Can I talk now?” He requested with a mischievous grin. “Sure” But he had nothing to say any longer.

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