Double Jeopardy

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This can’t be right. The number of corrections needed on this draft is outrageous. We’re three weeks before the merger and this is what I’m dealing with? I’d fire everybody if I didn’t need them to finish the regulatory filings before the deadlines. Maybe afterwards. This old firm could use some new blood.

Thank God for Hazel. I can’t believe I’m relying on a paralegal as much as I am but she’s been finding the majority of the legal liabilities in the contracts. Vague language that would have cost our client billions. But I can’t figure out what is wrong with this passage.

Damn it’s late. I could really use some sleep. All the other partners are long gone. I need a second set of eyes on this. Paralegals aren’t supposed to draft language but I’m desperate. Desperate enough to call down to the proofing room to see if anyone is still there.

“Hello. This is Hazel.”

“Hazel! Thank God. I need you now. Come to my office,” I demand. No time for pleasantries now.

I keep staring at the contract so intently that I don’t notice Hazel has arrived and is standing at the doorway. She clears her throat to get my attention. Looking up I see… salvation.

Lovely, beautiful and most importantly, professional salvation. Hazel is dressed in a black pencil skirt and white blouse. Her piercing eyes show intent and patience. The tightness of the skirt hugs her curves in the most delectable way. She’s unbuttoned enough of her blouse to still be professional but oh so tempting. If it wouldn’t cost me my partnership I’d bend her over this desk and have my way with her. But that’s not why I called her up here. I have plenty of other women to use in that way. I need her to fix this train wreck of a project.

“You marked up this paragraph but can’t see what’s wrong. Walk me through your thoughts.”

She walks deliberately next to me and leans over to look over the passage. I can’t help but peek to my side and down her blouse. The promise of softness excites me but I turn back to the task at hand.

Hazel is deliberate, logical and elaborates the pitfalls of the language. I don’t know what circumstances caused her to become a paralegal instead of an opposing counsel but I’m grateful for it. Thankful to the fates that put her under my domain. Hell, maybe I will bend her over my desk, legalities be damned. She’d be worth any nuisance lawsuits if I could dominate her for a while. Nothing is criminal unless it can be proven in court. I can’t wait for this merger to finish.

Her tenor is lyrical and I can’t help but imagine what she’d sound like when aroused. What does she scream out in the throws of orgasm. Her breath dances on my cheek as she intones on the legal precedences. Oh shit, she’s finished and is looking at me for a response. What the fuck was she saying?

“Yes, Hazel. Very good.”

When I look at her I can’t make out her expression. She’s beşiktaş türbanlı escort so close. I look down at her lips and am drawn to them. I lean in and kiss her. She doesn’t return it. She doesn’t pull away either. So I become more insistent.

I stand up next to her and pull her in. She relents and allows her body to press up against mine. The stilettos that shape her calf so beautifully allows her to nestle into me comfortably. She wraps her arms around my neck and parts her lips to allow me to explore her more thoroughly.

I grab her ass with pleasure and start to pull her skirt up forcefully. I’m too turned on for any subtleties and start to hump her to let her feel how hard I am. I grab her by the hair and pull her off of me. She’s so very compliant I have to give a smile. I guide her to the desk and make her face down onto it.

She arches her back and raises her ass as high as it will go. She places her hands flat on the desk bracing for what is to come. She knows what to expect. She knows I’m going to fuck her relentlessly. She understands my desire and what I need. I’m pleased to know that she’s done this before and knows how to satiate me. We both understand this is all for me.

I finish pulling up Hazel’s skirt past her hips. I pull her panties down to her knees and roughly grab her ass. Spreading her cheeks I guide my cock to her pussy and love seeing how wet she is. I pause for a beat to enjoy the moment. To fucking smell the proverbial roses. I rub the head of my cock on her wetness before slowly entering her.

I let out a grunt of pleasure and hear her do the same. Damn she feels perfect. New pussy is always so perfect. I start thrusting in and out with force. Each thrust is met by her own and a grunt of acceptance. I feel my orgasm is building quickly. Hazel is such a perfect fuck.

I’m grabbing Hazel’s hips with force. I drive into her and feel my balls tightening. I love to see her accepting each thrust and watching my cock sliding in and out of her. With a heavy grunt I cum and collapse on top of her. I keep breathing heavily into her ear as I come down from my high.

Hazel doesn’t move much except for pleasant contractions of her pussy and small wiggles of her ass. I finally pull out of my revelry and pull my cock from her. With a satisfied smile I drop into my chair and look upon her perfect ass.

Hazel stands up again but allows me to keep looking at her ass a while longer. She slowly turns and looks down at me with lust in her eyes. I wasn’t expecting much more from her tonight and in fact was thinking about getting back to work but I decide to go with it.

She deliberately strips for me and discards her clothes in heap. I’m suddenly in awe of her perfection. She slowly kneels before me and oh so slowly starts to lick my member. She takes her time and I once again beşiktaş ucuz escort feel the stirring in my cock. Damn she’s good… so subservient.

Hazel licks my balls and sucks on each in turn. She moans on them as I sense she’s starting to masturbate for her own pleasure. My cock is hard again and she slowly swirls the tip of her tongue around the head before pulling me into her mouth. She looks up at me as she lowers her mouth down the full length of my cock. She lets her throat massage my cock as she fondles my balls.

I let out a loud guttural moan in pleasure at both the sight and feel of her. I am again raging hard for her. Hazel slowly pulls her mouth off of me but keeps fondling me. She slowly starts to stand up but still is grasping me. I’m a bit puzzled but as she pulls insistently I’m forced to stand up.

Hazel starts walking towards a couch by the back wall. She is literally leading me by the balls to the client seats. She turns me around before shoving me onto the couch.

With decisiveness and with none of the subservience I sensed earlier she straddles my hips readying herself to mount me. She lowers herself on me and eases my cock into her awaiting pussy. With a self satisfied exhale she rests on me and leans into me. She grabs me by the hair and pulls back exposing my neck to her.

She licks wandering circles on my neck marking me with what’s left of her lipstick. She nibbles occasionally sending chills down my spine. She works her way down to my chest and licks my nipples eliciting groans of pleasure from me. She nibbles with more pressure and my throaty groans grow louder as I thrust my hips up in response. I need to fuck her.

Strong legs wrapped around my thighs keep her pelvis pinned to mine. I grab her by the hips so that I can fuck her properly but she give me a look of disdain. I feel an unfamiliar sense of being chastened as she moves my hands to her breasts. I try my best to please and tease her nipples as she nods her approval.

She starts rocking her hips back and forth gliding her wetness and clit on my pelvic bone. She uses my captured cock to probe her core as her pleasure builds.

Her motions are controlled and focused on her pleasure. She looks down at me through heavy lids and breathes deeply with mouth agape. The look of pure bliss on her face is intoxicating and I feel the need for her to cum.

Hazel is teasing herself. She’s savoring the edge of her orgasm for as long as she can stand it. She won’t let herself cum, not just yet and I begin to fear the consequences of cumming before she does. She’s relegated me to the status of fuck toy as she grinds herself to her edge again and again.

She digs her nails into my chest as she grinds harder into me. I sense her imminent orgasm. Her rhythm becomes more sporadic and desperate. Her breathing becomes grunts beşiktaş üniversiteli escort of pleasure and erratic. She is completely within herself as she squeezes her eyes shut.


With a sudden thrust of her hips her whole being spasms as her body clenches. She feels so tight as she rides out the start of her orgasm. When her body releases she finally raises her hips and forces them down again as the spasm causes her core to clench my cock. She rides her orgasm thoroughly using me to enhance and extend her orgasm.

As I watch this beautiful sight I am impossibly hard. Painfully hard as she finishes cumming on me. Her body’s tension is easing away as her motions become more subtle.

She finally opens her eyes and seems to really see me for the first time, “Thanks sweety. I really needed that. Too bad we can’t do it again.”

With that simple statement she raises herself off of me and walks to her clothes.

“Wait. You’re leaving? What do you mean? Why can’t we do that again?”

What is that tone? Why am I talking this way. This is the sound of desperation I invoke in other people. The sound of desperation that I hear from my lovers and my adversaries. What is this? And why do I fucking love this feeling?

“You mean besides the obvious workplace conflicts? I’ll ask for reassignment. It’s too bad, you’re one of the few partners here that doesn’t completely have their head up their ass.”

She can’t leave. We need her on this case. I need her to make me feel this way again.

I feel used. Like an unwanted toy. I am so hard, so frustrated. No one discards me like this. And there’s nothing I want more. This is so novel, being commanded and diminished. I want more of this, I need more of this. “Please…”

“Please? Really? That’s the argument you’re using to convince me? I hope your clients are getting better. Or at the very least a discount.”

“I need you to stay.”

She looks me with interest. Calculating and a bit of disappointment. Maybe she thought me stronger. I don’t know but this is how I need her to make me feel and she knows it.

“There will need to be some changes. This case is woefully understaffed. Start billing for more paralegal hours and I’ll let you know who to hire on.”

I just nod in agreement. My cock is in painful agreement. Each command she gives me only intensifies my desire and erection. Without shame I start to stroke myself. I desperately need to cum.

Hazel looks down at me and shakes her head, “That’s mine now. I thought we were done but if we’re entering a contract that involves fucking and us continuing to work together then your cock is mine for the duration. You need to make it worth my while. No cumming unless I say so.”

I give in and lent out a groan of frustration. I find myself just nodding and wanting her more. Fuck, every command makes me want to whimper and grovel at her feet.

“You’ve already got off already so you’ll need to earn your second. Lay back down. I’m going to ride your face and I want you to clean every inch of me. You’ve left me a total mess for my date later. And if you do a good job I’ll edge you and may even let you cum before I leave. Maybe…”

She’s perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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