Driver Drives Three

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This is a true sent by one of my very good net friend who became a friend through this site. This story is dedicated to her, her sis and her mom who have been repeatedly fucked by their driver and his friend(s).

We are 3 sisters-I’m the eldest, after me is my younger sis who is 1 year younger, the youngest has been adopted by my mausa who has no child. He and mausi live about 80 kms away from us. Mausa has a small factory and mausi is housewife. They are very affectionate and love her very much. She is very pampered. She is quite attached to both of us sisters. My daddy has an agency of a pharma company for the region and we are pretty well off. My father is of modern thinking and has given us all lots of freedom. For last 4 years he is suffering from diabetes and recently has had a heart attack also. He’s gone quite weak during last 2 ½ years. Both of us sis go to the same school and are very close to each other, can discuss and share any and every thing.

My daddy has kept one car for us and another for going to office etc which most of the time he used to drive but recently he takes the driver to drop him. His office is 6 kms from our bungalow. After dropping him driver can return home so that if anyone of us or mummy has to go anywhere he can take us. I have now started driving for 5 months but am still scared to take the car to market or crowded places. This driver is really skilled and daddy likes his driving skill very much. He is really good looking though for a year has started showing paunch but still is very active and smart. Daddy allows him to wear t-shirts etc and has been giving him loans for constructing house in his native place, which is not very far from here, may be 120 or 130 kms.

My classes start at 10 am ,while my sister’s start at 8 am. she is home by 2 pm and I return at 4.30pm. When I was in college (I was about 19 ½ then) while playing at college, I slipped and sprained my right foot. It was very painful and difficult to walk. My teacher called my home and driver was sent to pick me up from college. I had to take his help in walking. He’ll put his arm around my waist and I’ll hold him by his shoulder. Doctor examined and said there was no fracture but that I should avoid putting load on my foot and walk minimum for at least 10-12 days.

From that day Iqbal will take me to college holding me. n third day I lost my balance while trying to hold him and fell down. Daddy had gone to office and mummy was in kitchen. He offered to pick me up but I was shy, so refused. He said I better not argue and lifted me up. I felt shivers run through my adolescent body. But it felt nice in some way and I didn’t have to feel pain walking also. He held me with one hand around my knee and another wound around my upper torso. His fingers were close to my left breast but he did not do anything. On return also he picked me up , but at college he’ll not pick me up as I totally refused to be carried that way. After reaching home he again picked me up and I didn’t resist, but this time his fingers were touching my left breast and in a way pressing into my flesh a little.

Next day also I felt his fingers on my breast flesh but a little more up towards my nipple. I used to feel strange sensations , and used to feel shivers when his fingers made some movement on my breast. Fourth day he picked me up holding me by my hips and my breasts touching his shoulders. He said I’ll be comfortable. I felt his one hand fingers in the crack between my ass cheeks but said nothing. Next day he pressed my ass cheeks while holding me and I was feeling new kind of sensations in various parts of my body. And on 7 or 8th day he was once again holding me horizontally again and this time his palm was cupping my breast and the middle finger touching my nipple. Several times I felt the finger on nipple pressing on it. I knew some about sex from other girls and found that my panties would get wet. I was enjoying his fingers on my breast.

I got better after 10th day and could walk a little; he said he misses picking me up and I was red in my face. I told him why he wants me to walk with someone’s help but he didn’t reply. One day he came about 10 minutes late and I was waiting for him outside the college, some 4 college boys started passing comments at me and were teasing me, just then he arrived. I told him about the boys and he started beating them. Two boys just fled but got good beating from him. I was very impressed and liked his strength. In a way felt some attraction towards him.

After 2 months , I had gone to attend a friend’s birthday party and by the time it finished it was 10.30pm. I had phoned home so he came to pick me up. As soon as I came out I felt very cold and I didn’t have a sweater and was only in skirt and top. He sensed it and pulled out his coat and covered me. That day he opened the passenger door for me rather than back seat door. I got into the car and we drove off. My house was 3 kms from there so it generally takes 10 minutes to reach. Because of cold there was hardly any traffic şirinevler türbanlı escort on the roads. All of a sudden he touched my cheek saying if I was feeling cold. I was already thinking about him and this touch made me shiver badly. He smiled and I lowered my eyes; he slowed down the car and bending towards me kissed me on my cheek. I said nothing and covered my face with both hands. After reaching home he took the car inside the garage while normally he’ll drop me near portico then take the car in.

After switching off the car engine he pulled me towards himself and kissed me on my lips and I just kept my eyes closed. After kissing me for 2- 3 minutes he came out of car then opened my side of door and pulled me out then embraced me and kissed me all over my face and inserted his tongue in my mouth. I was so wet in my panties that I was shaking. Next morning when taking me to school, he asked me if I was angry with him and I replied shyly in negative. He asked me to come to garage before dinner for 5 minutes and I accepted. This time in garage, he kissed me and even pressed my breasts from over my shirt. I was with him for 10 minutes.

Next week daddy went out for 3 days, so it was easier for me to go to garage after he left in the evening. He asked me to come to his room late at night after my sis had gone to sleep. I told him I was scared, but he told me to be bold. He lived in the room above the garage and there were stairs from garage and it was accessible from our roof as one of the doors opened on the roof. Sis sleeps by 11pm so at 11.30 pm after checking that she was sleeping I tiptoed and moved up the stairs leading to the roof. I opened the door very slowly (I had kept the latch open in the evening before dinner) and moved towards his door which was open already. he was waiting for me in lungi and baniyan. As soon as I entered he gathered me in his arms and was kissing and fondling all over. Then he laid me on the bed and slipped into it next to me. for more than half an hour he kept on kissing and fondling me but didn’t undress me , just took his hand inside my nightie. This continued till daddy returned.

Next month, daddy again went on tour for 4 days and I was having 5th day of my periods so he asked me to come to his room the next day’s was ready to go that night itself but he said that he has some work that night and someone will be coming to him so I better go to him the following night (much later he told me that mummy had been with him that night). Next night I put a sleeping pill in my sister’s milk and after she had gone to sleep, I went up and was in his bed again. That day he took off my nightie and bra and panty and kissed and fondled me all over. I used to feel his hardened member whenever he embraced me but could not dare touch him. that night he took my hand and put it on it. It was very hard and very big. He asked me to massage it and his balls. I was fascinated and was very wet all the time.

Next night after he undressed both of us, he rubbed his member over my private part and breasts and after about 25 minutes his white liquid sprayed over my breasts. Now all the time I used to think about him only and my studies suffered a lot. I had my exams in April and after exams we all went to mausaji’s house for 4 days but I didn’t want to go there nor I was enjoying there. We came back and one day although daddy was home, I went to his room at 1 am. He was asleep keeping the door and windows open as it was pretty hot. I just laid myself on his bed and embraced him. He woke up and quickly undressed me, took off his lungi. we both were stark naked. That day he came on my genital and I touched it and found it very thick, white sticky substance. After resting for some time he insisted that I suck him, which I refused. but he was adamant and asked me to put his member in my mouth. finally I did and then sucked also. He forced it deeper into my mouth and when my jaws started aching, he let me pull it out and massage it in my palm. I started pumping it and continued kissing and licking also as and when I could. All this time he was squeezing, fondling, kissing my body, my hips, my breasts etc. After about 20 minutes, he asked me to put it in mouth again and I did and once again he started forcing it deeper inside my mouth and I felt it throb and before I could do anything, he was shooting his juices in my mouth. he was holding me firmly by my cheeks and would not let me go. He insisted that I swallow it, which I didn’t want but ultimately I did swallow. It was salty but not too bad in taste. From that day it became a routine that whenever we could meet for some time, he’ll kiss and fondle me and finally I’ll suck him off.

For 12/13 days he only kissed, fondled, rubbed hishard thing on various places on my body but never entered. May be he was a little cautious. it was at night, my dad was out of town, me and my younger sis (almost 18 yrs then) sleeping in our room, mom in her bedroom. I slipped out of my room at about 12.30 şirinevler ucuz escort and tiptoed to his room. he was lying in lungi in his room, it was summer. I entered the room thru the door that opens on roof side. I touched him (he was awake but had his eyes closed when I entered the room),he pulled me, embraced and then quickly undressed me and himself. Soon I was sucking him (I used to suck him everyday, he liked it very much when he came in my mouth and I swallowed him). I had sucked him for more than 5 minutes and he was squeezing my breasts and nipples when there was a sound and I knew it wasthe door leading from stairs to roof which had been opened. I froze, and was shivering with fear and apprehension that I had been seen by my sister while leaving the room.

Though we sisters were more than friends and shared all our secrets, I had never told her about our affairs. He asked me to keep quite, put on his lungi and went out on the roof closing the doors slightly behind him. I was hiding myself under his cot and waiting for him to return and tell me if there was someone out on the roof; then I heard a few whispers and thinking that what my sis could be talking to him I came out of the hiding place. I opened the door just a little and peeped out; what I saw was something I never dreamt. My mother (38 yrs) was on herknees ,sucking his hard and big tool (around 8″) and he was holding her face in both his hands and moving his hips very frantically using dirty Hindiwords . I was dumbfounded, then he spread mom’s gown on roof floor and laid mom on the gown and entered her in one fast thrust….

I never imagined he could be so wild , calling filthiest words and mummy using similar words which I could hear cause they were barely 5 or 6 feet away ;this continues for at least another 35/40 minutes. My mom came twice which I could know because she told her while coming and also I could make out. After they finished, she took him in mouth and sucked him for at least another 10 minutes then she had gone back to her room. He came ininside totally naked holding lungi in hand and found me breathing hard, he was hard again and he pulled me to him. he was really wild today and after laying me on bed told me that he’s going to take me today. Though I wanted this new experience but I was very scared too, so I pleaded with him not to do it.

He mercilessly squeezed, sucked and bit my breasts and while experiencing pain I was getting extreme pleasure in all he was doing. He got between my legs; lifting my legs over his shoulders he rubbed his flaring cock head on my lower lips and all the time I was shivering literally. He pushed the head in and I felt some pain. thinking that this is the kind of pain I heard from friends I was a bit relieved. He pushed again a few more inches then laid on my body chewing one breast, he held my hips, withdrew his cock, waited for a few seconds and thrust sharply inside. I felt a sharp pain and cried a bit loud and felt that most of his tool was inside me then.

He remained there for may be half a minute then started moving in and out slowly, but after just 4 or 5 minutes his strokes were harder and deeper, picking up speed and depth. I was feeling both pain and pleasure, and then I came. I told him about it, he smiled and resumed his strokes. I asked him to pull out as it was paining again but he would not listen. I came second time soon after, but he would not pull out. he said he’ll pull out after he comes in me. I told him not to come in me but he kept on moving and when I came the third time I told him, he said he’s on the verge of coming himself. In another 2 minutes after I came he sent jets of his thick and hot seed inside me. It was such a pleasurable experience that despite knowing I could be in trouble, I enjoyed the feel of his shooting seed. After he came he laid on me for another 10 or 15 minutes, kissing my face, my breasts, biting them lightly and I was in heaven; never thought it could be such a pleasure.

He pulled out and wiped himself with my panty saying that when I’ll go to wash myself, I’ll see my first encounter’s results. I felt shy and tried to get up and put on my clothes. he asked me to wait for some time. He was lying next to me and I laid my head on his chest with his seed still inside me, trickling out and sliding down my left thigh. It must have been barely 20 minutes that I felt his hands on my breasts again, pinching, stroking and squeezing them. I opened my eyes and found him erect again. I feared so I got up to dress, but he said he’ll do me again. I told him that it was still paining between my legs and I’ll not be able to do again but he pulled me in his arms and started kissing and massaging my back, hips etc. he asked me to clean myself with my panties only which I did. in next 10 minutes he laid me with my face down and lying full length over my back, he started rubbing his body with mine. I was getting excited with the feel of his hard thing.

He pushed a pillow under me and yet another şişli escort so that my lower abdomen was raised by at least 8 10 inches. He parted my thighs and then I felt his hard thing there. I thought he’ll just rub it there but in next instant I felt him jab it into me. He was almost 3-4 inches in me, soon there were 5-6 quick hard thrusts and while I kept crying he started moving himself. His assault continued, then he pulled me in doggie position and holding my both breasts, pinching my nipples he moved hard and deep in long strokes. this time I again came twice by the time he came second time inside me. I was dead tired and he was lying on me for some time. After he pulled out, I got up and started putting on my nightie. I looked at the clock, it was 5 am. I had been with him for almost 5 hours. I went back to my room, entered the bathroom and washed myself properly. The next evening my periods started, 4 days before the due date. For another 5 days I didn’t go to his room and was not able to look into his eyes, he used to smile whenever we faced each other. On the way to school he used to talk about the night and I’ll feel shy.

But as soon as my periods were over I wanted to be with him, so on way to home from school when he asked me to come that night, I went again there and that night he again did twice to me and came inside me.A few days later when sis was in school and mummy and daddy had gone to attend funeral of daddy’s cousin, I was in bathroom taking bath to get ready for school; the maid had already left after washing the utensils and cleaning the house, there was a knock on the bathroom door. I stopped the shower and was wondering who it could be? I asked from inside and he said it was him and he had to tell me something urgent. I opened the door slightly and he pushed it open fully. he entered it and started pulling off his clothes. I was scared lest someone comes but he said he’ll handle and then he made me go down on my knees and pushed his tool inside my mouth and I started sucking him. But only after 5 minutes he pulled me lifted me and I wound my legs around his waist and then he entered me. He then will lift and pull me down hard till he came inside me after about 25 minutes. He started and I showered with him still inside, he then pulled out of me and asked me to wash him properly. I did but he was hard again. this time he made me suck him off. He then left for his own room. I was late for school and reached there an hour late.

We are all fair, mom is slightly over weight, but we both sisters are slim, like daddy. Mom is quite beautiful even today, good features and all, I’m average looking but younger sis is beautiful, like mummy.In the summer holidays we were sent to Mausa’s place for 20 days, only mummy and dad stayed back. Sister got her periods there only in June first week. I didn’t want to go, but could offer no good excuse. I wanted to return home as I wanted to be with Iqbal. It was not possible to get to meet him private often but whenever we were face to face when none was around, he’ll pick me, squeeze my breasts or hips and if he found it possible he’ll embrace me and kiss and squeeze breasts. Most of the time I could feel he was hard.

After joining college again, we used to talk about meeting for some time. He asked me to go to some hotel with him for a few hours but I refused cause it was very risky and I could be seen. My daddy’s good friend is a senior police officer and he is a close family friend, I used to fear him a lot.One day mummy and daddy were going to a party in the evening and wanted both of us sis to go along. A good friend of mine was to come so I told them so, so I remained at home. Iqbal went to drop them and in barely 25 minutes was back home. When I heard the call bell I wondered how my friend had come an hour earlier, she was to meet me on her way to cinema i.e. around 9 pm. When I opened the door Iqbal rushed inside and embraced me and started kissing me madly… it was so pleasurable. We were meeting after exactly 12 days so I was also happy. But I told him about my friend and parents. He asked me to call my friend and tell her that I was expected to go to the party with family, and about parents he said he asked daddy what time he wanted the car back?

He said he’d go and meet a friend of his who stayed near the venue of that party. I was surprised at his intelligence. I called my friend and asked him to come to my bedroom, but he said he wanted me today on the floor of our living room. I was shy, but said nothing. He sat on the settee and asked me to undress myself slowly. I hesitated cause he used to undress both of us. He said today each of us would undress himself or herself. He removed his shirt and pant. I was biding my time and was slow. so by the time I dropped my skirt and undid blouse he was stark naked, massaging his hard gun. I was watching him fascinated with his weapon. He asked me to stop undressing and come near him. Then he laid me on the carpet and moved towards my head. Sitting near my head, facing my legs, he bent himself and pushed his hard one into my bra from the cleavage side and started pumping it between my breasts. I told him to undo the bra but he didn’t let me. For a few minutes he continued to move his organ between breasts then pulled my chin up and inserted his hard thing in my mouth, asking me to massage his balls while sucking him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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