Drummers Do It In Rhythm

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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and is meant for adults only… that means if you can’t buy smokes.. then you shouldn’t be reading this!!

This is my first story, so please respond kindly and let me know what you thought… Happy Reading!!

*** My jaw dropped (and so did a drumstick!) as I saw her enter the club. Her shoulder-length auburn curls mesmerized me as I struggled to find another stick and finish the song. Luckily we were on our last song of the set, so I was able to collect my thoughts (and my breath) before descending from the stage.

Walking toward her I felt my stomach begin to turn somersaults and I suddenly developed a serious case of cottonmouth. She was dressed to kill in a shiny purple tank top and tight black stretch pants, and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra as her pert nipples poked proudly against the thin material of her shirt.

“H-h-hello…” I managed to stutter through nervous lips as I struggled to keep my eyes locked on her beautiful blue orbs.

She offered a sexy smile as her pink tongue slowly snaked out to wet her shiny pink lips.

“Hello yourself, cowboy… I couldn’t help noticing you,” her eyes slid down to my crotch, “…noticing me.” she said with a soft giggle.

Embarrassed, I quickly sat down and tried to regain my composure. It took ten minutes, but I finally managed to tell her my name and to find out that hers was Adriana. I smiled broadly at that.

“I love unique names,” I said with a sly smile. “They’re most often attached to beautiful, mysterious women.”

“So which am I?” she asked with a seductive twinkle in her eye.

“Both… I think,” I said with a laugh.

She smiled at that comment and we spent the rest of the break laughing and talking, dancing a bit when a slow song came on, and getting to know one another. After our last set, she surprised me by inviting me over to her house for drinks and a movie.

“What’s your favorite movie?” she asked.

“‘That Thing You Do’…” I said with a mischievous grin, “cause the drummer gets the girl!”

We both laughed at my lame joke and she stood up quickly. Grabbing my hand and her purse, she led me out of the club and to her car. I perused her music collection and we each stole furtive glances at each other during the drive to her house.

She lived in a fairly modest one-bedroom apartment located in the better part of the city. Parking her car, she turned off the lights and leaned over, pulling me close for a soft kiss.

“Wow,” I gasped. “That was certainly unexpected”

“Just wait till we get inside,” she giggled and winked as she squeezed my hand before getting out of the car.

She practically ran full-speed to her front door, leaving topkapı escort me panting on the front step trying to catch my breath.

“Do you always have this much energy?” I asked between gasps.

“Just when I know something good’s gonna happen!”

She opened the door and pulled me inside. Pulling me close, she kissed me hard and pressed her lithe body against me, causing my manhood to come to life.

“What about the movie?” I asked between kisses.

“Forget the movie… I’ve got something better in mind…”

Pulling me into her bedroom, she closes the door securely behind her and bends over to pick up a lighter from the floor. This position gives me a perfect view of her beautiful backside as her black pants stretch even tighter around her luscious curves. Locating the lighter, she sets about lighting several candles in the room. Soon the room is bathed in a warm orange glow.

Stepping toward me, she places my hands around her waist and pulls me in for a long, slow kiss. Opening her mouth, she slides her tongue deep within my waiting mouth. Our tongues duel for a while while her hands begin to wander through my hair, up and down my back, over my ass and finally to the waistband of my jeans. Grabbing my t-shirt in her hands, she pulls it free of my jeans and tugs it over my head. Smiling, she leans in and takes one of my nipples into her mouth, sucking it greedily. Her tongue lashes across it quickly as her hands travel down to the front of my jeans.

It seems they have found a toy, as she is now massaging my growing erection through my jeans. I let out a low moan as I lower my mouth to her neck. Licking and sucking slowly, I hear her let out a small whimper. Sliding my hands up her sides, I pull her shirt up and over her head, freeing her beautiful breasts. Her breasts are perky and stand tall on her chest, as do her erect nipples, which practically beg to be sucked. Not wanting to disappoint, I lower my mouth and capture one of them between my lips. Sucking firmly, I lash my tongue over the hardened nub until she’s pushing my head into her breast and moaning loudly.

Sliding my hands to her waist, I unbutton and unzip her pants, and slide them down her legs, taking her purple satin thong panties with them. Crouching down, I smile as I get my first look at her beautiful pussy. Blonde curls are trimmed close around the top, and her beautiful pink nether lips are shaved clean. I can smell my lover’s wonderful scent as I get closer…. stretching out my tongue, I slowly run it up the length of her lips, stealing a bit of that delicious feminine honey as I go. She shivers and gasps at my touch, and I place my hands on her tight butt to steady her.

Standing türbanlı escort up, I remove my jeans and underwear and notice her eyes immediately drop to my cock. Standing proud, my erect member is pulsating with my heartbeat and the tip glistens as pre-cum begins to slip out. Smiling, my love kneels on the floor and takes my cock in her soft hand. Stroking it gently, she coaxes more pre-cum to the tip. Leaning forward, she cautiously extends her tongue and licks the shiny fluid off the tip of my penis. She utters an angelic moan as she tastes me for the first time, and then opens her mouth to take my cock halfway in. Sucking gently, she slides to the top of the shaft and then releases me.

Standing up, my beauty walks to her large, fluffy bed and slides on. Scooting up and placing her back against the headboard, she spreads her smooth legs and runs a slender finger over the center of her womanhood. Licking her own flavor off of the slim digit, she beckons me to the bed. Obeying her command, I crawl onto the bed and position myself between her legs. Spreading her lovely pink lips apart with my fingers, I gently push my tongue up into her warm, wet pussy. Arching her back, she gasps at my touch, tangling her fingers into my hair. Thrusting my tongue in and out several times, I slip my hands back to cup her soft, supple ass cheeks and spread them apart a little. Letting my tongue wander, I follow the trail of her sweet nectar down between her legs and into the valley of her luscious ass.

Slithering my tongue between her cheeks, I tease the sensitive pucker of her anus, and cause her to sigh in contentment. Returning to her clit, I suck it between my lips and flick my tongue quickly over the sensitive bud. Sliding a finger deep into my lover’s pussy, I begin to thrust it in and out, using the tip to stroke her elusive G-spot. As the flow of her sweet honey increases, I slip a second finger into her pussy. Getting it good and wet, I remove it and begin to gently tease her asshole while I suck on her clit. Moaning, she pushes back against me as the tight muscle relaxes and allows my finger to slowly, gently penetrate my baby’s most secret place.

Thrusting my fingers slowly into her pussy and ass, I let me tongue increase it’s speed on her clit until she is clutching the sheets and crying out as her first orgasm hits. I continue my assault until her orgasm ceases and gently slip my fingers out. Crawling up to her side, I cradle my angel in my arms until her shaking subsides.

Rolling me onto my back, she begins kissing my neck. Licking and sucking gently, her hand caresses my hardening cock as she makes her way down my body. Sucking my nipples briefly, she continues down my body until tüyap escort she sees my manhood. Grinning broadly, she slowly runs her tongue up the entire length of my shaft. Increasing her speed, she licks it several times, and then, to my delight, opens her mouth to take me between her soft lips. Sucking firmly, her fingers begin to caress my cleanly shaven balls. Tickling them and rolling them around in her fingers, she smiles as she realizes her soft ministrations are driving me wild.

Releasing my shaft from her mouth, she continues downward and takes one of my balls into her mouth. Softly, she moves her tongue all around it, and then continues on to its partner. All the while I’m moaning loudly as my lover has reached a “sweet spot”. I spread my legs allowing her better access, and she slides her tongue down between my ass cheeks and across my sensitive rosebud. I practically jump off the bed at this, and she giggles softly. Getting more daring, she slides her tongue around my tight hole, lubricating it liberally. Pushing gently, she sticks her tongue as far in as it will go and begins to thrust it in and out. All the while, she’s stroking my cock gently with her hand.

Moaning, I pull her off of my cock just before I cum. Sliding a condom onto my cock, she climbs on top of me and slides me deep into her pussy. Both of us gasp in pleasure as I fill her warm folds with my hot, hard shaft. Rocking back and forth, she begins to ride me with abandon. Reaching up, I squeeze her tits and roll her nipples between my thumb and forefingers.

After she has ridden me for a while, I sit up and hug her. Pushing up against her, I drive my cock deep into her tight, wet pussy. Sliding my hands under her ass, I lift her up and let her drop, sliding her over my cock again and again. Laying her gently backward, I gather my knees up and begin fucking her sweet pussy from the top. Grasping her ankles, I lift them onto my shoulders and push my cock deep into her tightness. Faster and faster I thrust until she shakes with joy as her second orgasm rushes over her sweet form.

Pulling out of her slowly, I place my hands on her hips and turn her onto her stomach. Pulling her cute little ass into the air, I guide her onto her hands and knees. Slowly I slide my dick into her from behind. Grasping her slender hips, I begin to pull her back against me harder and faster. We’re both panting loudly and we can hear the sounds of my manhood sliding in and out of her dripping wet canal.

Whimpering, she moans that she’s about to cum, so I quicken my pace. Sliding a finger deep into her tight asshole, I push hard into her. My anal ministrations push her over the edge and her third orgasm begins to ravage her gorgeous body. Her pussy contracts around my dick and I’m helpless against my own orgasm. Groaning loudly I thrust one more time and my cock spasms, firing my hot cum deep into my angel’s velvet cavern. Sighing, she collapses atop me and I roll to the side, pulling her with me as we spoon together and drift off to sleep. ***

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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