Eighteen Holes Ch. 04

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Here is part four in this series and though it does NOT rush along to the sex very quickly, I hope you’ll find it satisfying.

I woke up a bit late, which is kind of early for me and rushed out the door. You would have thought the first day back to school would have been a bigger deal for a senior like me, but I’d been distracted. Mrs. Dixon kept popping into my head – her ass in the yoga pants, her giant rack and most of all her mouth wrapped around my cock. Obviously, the kind of thing ANY 18 year old guy wouldn’t mind getting distracted by, but it did make me late for school.

Scrambling to find the crumpled class list in the bottom of my backpack I almost missed the door for my homeroom. In past years I had paid attention ahead of time to who was in my classes and which of my friends I would be trying to sit by, but I guess senioritis was setting in and I was flying blind. I spun around and ducked into my homeroom class just before the bell rang.

The desks were all full and Mr. Worthington told the handful of us without seats to stand along the tables at the back of the class. I scanned the desks to see who I recognized as I edged back to find a spot to lean. I saw Mike and Matt, but before I could catch their attention I noticed Laurel peering at me. Laurel is Alex’s best friend, and also the one I suspected of being at the construction site the night before. Alex and I had ‘hooked up’ in the back seat of her family’s SUV and it seemed that Alex had been texting Laurel about what was going on, and possibly even taking a photo of my cock, just after I had shot my load.

Anyway, here in homeroom, Laurel leaned over to whisper to a couple of other girls all clustered together. One of them was a cheerleader like Laurel and they were all the ‘cool girls’ – far hotter than a guy like me could normally expect to interact with. The end of summer ‘activity’ with Alex Dixon and her mom had charged up my libido and started me thinking that maybe I could ‘fit in’ better than expected my senior year.

Just then, Laurel crossed her legs and I got a glimpse of her long legs and the short skirt she was wearing. The denim skirt was frayed around the edges and the view instantly sent a little extra blood pumping into my cock. The cheerleaders were not in uniform the first day of school, but it was clear that Laurel wanted to show off as much of her tanned legs as possible. Laurel caught me staring and she smiled a little bit as she leaned over to whisper something to one of her friends.

Mr. Worthington started calling roll and explaining how some of us would actually be doing homeroom down the hall with another teacher after things got straightened out. We had to fill out some paperwork and for a few minutes my cock deflated in my shorts as I wasn’t thinking about Laurel’s legs (or Alex’s tits or her mother’s lips wrapped around my cock). As I handed off my completed paperwork I looked over and saw …

Laurel showing something on the screen of her phone to the other girls. All their eyes were locked on the phone – then they all swiveled their heads to look over at me. My heart sank. That was when I knew, I KNEW, that Alex had taken that photo of my dick and she had sent it to Laurel. One of the girl’s grabbed the phone to get a closer look, but I turned my face away in shame. Obviously, in the time since then, I have come to realize how silly it is for me to be freaked out by hot girls essentially fighting over who got a closer look at my junk, but in that moment I felt like I would get shamed by all and be the talk of the school. Well, I was right about that last part. I WOULD be the talk of the school, but I had no idea how much fun that could be.

Later, at ‘Snack’ break between second and third periods, I was wandering down the hall when I saw two senior girls leaning against their lockers and staring at me. They were in the social circle of Laurel and Alex – so I could only guess that they had seen the photo as well. I was about to walk over and ask them what they were laughing at (they weren’t actually laughing) but before I could reach them, they giggled and scampered off. I quickly decided that running down the hallway after two girls to ask if they had seen the picture of my cock was a bad idea.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I spun around – almost ready to be mad. But it was Laurel. And she was pressed up close to me. Very close. The hallways was crowded, but she didn’t have to be THAT close. I could feel her body, and especially the bare skin of her leg against mine. I was glad she was that close, at least until I contemplated what she was doing to my cock, and how I’d have to hide the erection to make it to third period.

“Hey,” Laurel said.

“Uhh. Hi.”

“Have you seen Alex this morning?”

“No. No, I haven’t,” I stuttered as Laurel shifted her stance just a bit so the curve of her hip pressed harder against my already over-stressed groin. Laurel smiled at my nervous reaction as her hand slipped lower, brushing against my shorts bursa escort and the now throbbing boner inside.

“She said you guys met up last night.”

“She said that?!” I started to turn away, my voice cracking with anxiety. Then I realized that Laurel, and her purse pressed close to my body, were the only things keeping my now three-quarters hard cock from shoving my shorts out so much I’d be blocking traffic to the Humanities building.

“Yeah, and I’m pretty impressed.”

With that I knew she was talking about the photo and my embarrassment peaked. Laurel leaned even closer to whisper right in my ear – her firm breast brushing against my arm and doing nothing to lessen my now full-bore erection.

“See you later,” Laurel breathed before stepping back and turning to head off to her next class. The hem of her skirt rode up those toned, summer-tanned thighs and I swung my backpack over to hide the achingly hard shaft in my pants.

My cell phone buzzed in my pocket, letting me know I had a text message. I reached in for it, but my hard-on made everything twisted up. I sat on a bench and laid my backpack across my lap. A couple of other girls walked past and my eyes flashed to theirs – wondering if they were looking at me and if they had seen the photo Alex had taken.

I finally pulled out my cell and saw it was a text from Matt. There was an attachment. And there it was: the photo. Matt had added a ‘Dude, is this you?!?’ message – but all I could see was the image. It was Alex’s left hand wrapped part of the way around my glistening, wet shaft. It was the upholstery in her mom’s SUV and it was undeniably my cock, still damp from blasting a load into Alex’s mouth. I hurriedly stuffed the phone back into my pocket and looked around to see if I could find Alex.

I moved quickly down the halls – still unsure where Alex’s (or even my) next class was located. I had to see her and get her to stop this. Of course, the image had already leaked and there was no going back, but I was desperate to find some solution. What if teachers saw it? My parents?

I spotted Alex down the walkway and I rushed towards her, but Mrs. Roberts crossed my path and I had to slow down to avoid her. My eyes were on Alex and I knew she was looking back at me. My backpack slipped off my shoulder and grazed Mrs. Roberts and made her pull up short.

“Watch where you’re going with that thing,” Mrs. Roberts said. Her eyes flashed and knew that I couldn’t blow her off. She had been one of my favorite teachers when I was a sophomore, and now she was a guidance counselor at the school. Mrs. Roberts was dressed in a fitted skirt and professional blouse – but she’d always been my favorite older woman, at least until Mrs. Dixon had started giving me blowjobs.

“Let me see that schedule,” she said – and pointed me off in the other direction to my next class. I could feel Mrs. Roberts’ eyes on me as I left – but I was too wound up to understand what was going on.

The rest of my day was spent trying to figure out a way to contact or find Alex or Laurel. Even at lunch they were nowhere to be seen. By my P.E. class in sixth period I was edgy. In the locker-room, a couple of guys were off to the side watching me change. They weren’t gay – I think they just wanted to see if it was true, if the picture was me. I purposefully turned to face them in my underwear, and since I wasn’t hard – there was nothing for them to see.

As the guy’s gym class headed out to do some running on the track, Laurel appeared. She was dressed in her cheerleading skirt with a tank top. This was the ‘practice uniform’ the cheerleaders wore – and Laurel look incredible. Her chest wasn’t as full as Alex’s (or Alex’s mother’s) but her thin, dancer’s frame made the breasts she had look incredible. Her long limbs were honey brown from a summer of ‘the things hot girls do’ and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw her.

“Have you seen Alex since lunch?” I asked.

“She was just asking about you. Can you come talk in the Pad Room?”

The ‘Pad Room’ is a storage space where wrestling mats, gymnastic cushions and the high jump pit were stored out of the weather. It was hidden under the concrete steps of the football stadium, and I had heard about the stuff that some kids did in there. My cock twitched – getting partially hard for the 372nd time that day.

“I have to go run with my class,” I replied half-heartedly. I already knew I was powerless to resist going under the bleachers. It was my cock, but it seemed like it belonged to these women.

“I got your coach to let you help us move out the pads so we can work on some new tumbling. You want us to be safe, dontcha?”

I followed Laurel, still thinking that she was leading me to Alex so I could (magically?) end the school’s fascination with texted images of my dick. I was trying to get myself psyched up to confront Alex – but my eyes were drawn, as the eyes of all males must be, to the beautifully sculpted ass and legs of Laurel as they swayed from bursa escort bayan side to side in front of me.

She led me into the Pad Room, but Laurel was going deeper. She looked back as she moved behind the pole vault padding that reached almost to the ceiling – making sure I was still following. I was.

Laurel stopped. We were as deep in the Pad Room under the bleachers as I had ever been. There was nowhere else to go. I looked around. There was no Alex. We were alone. Laurel faced me and stepped closed – the tips of her Nikes resting on my own.

“I saw the picture,” Laurel said.

There was no one around and here I was with this hot 18-year old looking up into my eyes. My dick throbbed a bit – shoved sideways by the underwear I wore for gym class. All I could do was nod.

“Alex isn’t coming. But you know that, don’t you?”

More nodding and more of my prick expanding. Laurel stepped closer, her breasts touching my chest as my heart hammered like I WAS out on the track running 440 intervals.

Her fingertips brushed the waistband of my gym shorts. My cock surged again. She looked down, the crown of her head against my chest as she tugged the fabric away from my body. My dick was twisted up in my underwear for a moment, but I gasped as she pulled my shaft free and scooped my balls out to hang in the open – throbbing along with my meaty shaft.

I looked around – half nervous that Alex would arrive and she would be jealous. At this point I was still thinking that maybe Alex was my ‘girlfriend’ and that seeing me with Laurel would piss her off. I was foolish. And much luckier than that.

All concerns left my mind as Laurel wrapped both hands around my cock – pumping the loose skin up and down over the steel hard core of my prick. Laurel mumbled and kept moving her hands as I leaned back against a stack of mats and pads.

Laurel kneeled down, her skirt fanned out around her legs as she placed her mouth over just the tip of my cock. She sucked on just that much – like she was giving the head a hickey. I gasped in pleasure as she started to work her mouth down over more of the flaring head of my prick.

Laurel moaned and I moaned back. Her fingers dug under my balls, tugging and fluttering at times. My hips pushed forward as I tried to drive more of the cock down her throat. It really wouldn’t fit, but it was like my nervous system was taking over, seeking more pleasure. Laurel worker her hand on my shaft and I growled again before …

I looked up and Alex was standing right there. She was a few steps off to the side, watching Laurel’s mouth and hands work on my wet, hard prick. I was too shocked to even say anything for a moment.

“I told you that fucking thing was huge,” said Alex.

I tried to back up, but my cock was lodged in Laurel’s hungry, sucking mouth. I looked around for an escape, sure that one of these gorgeous women would be angry or jealous. Neither one of them was.

Laurel’s breath was raw and ragged as she pulled her mouth off the drooling tip of my prick. She exhaled and stood up, her fingers never leaving my soaked shaft.

“I can’t get much of him into my mouth,” gasped Laurel. She invited Alex closer and they both stared down at my bobbing prick.

Alex wordlessly grabbed Laurel by the shoulders and turned her around, so her skirt covered ass was right in front of my cock. Alex grabbed my shaft and looked me in the eye.

“This thing is not going inside her. Do you follow.”

I nodded as Laurel looked over her shoulder, backing up until my cock pressed against the back of her ass – pushing up under the skirt. I felt a jolt of pleasure as my dick slid along her panties and up the crack of her ass. I was still a virgin (assuming that ‘virgin’ is defined as never having been inside a pussy) and this moment was so intense my legs got a bit weak.

Without conscious thought I started to pump my hips, like I was fucking her from behind, but my cock slid between the cheeks of her firm, gymnast’s ass and each time pressed up under the skirt and lifted the pleated fabric. Laurel was moaning with each thrust and Alex stood back, observing for a moment.

Then Alex stepped forwards and unzipped Laurel’s skirt, pulling her away from me long enough to strip her down to just her boy-short style panties. Alex was now controlling the action, pressing Laurel back against me so my hard prick slapped against her ass crack.

Alex kissed me on the mouth and it was then that it really hit me. Here I was with two of the hottest girls in school and one of them was kissing me while she guided my cock towards her friend’s ass. A smile crept across my face.

“Fun, isn’t it?” Alex asked as she kissed me again.

I nodded and Alex reached out to slowly peel Laurel’s panties down. She never removed the panties all the way, they just edged down enough so that my bare cock was against the bare skin of Laurel’s flawless ass.

“You don’t want to spoil the fun by trying to put your dick inside escort bursa her, do you?”

“No,” I said, “I am enjoying this.”

Just then, Laurel arched her back more so that more of her ass was tilted to line up with the underside of my throbbing ass. I thrust forward, dragging every inch of skin I could against Laurel’s body. Laurel moaned and pushed back as Alex stepped back to watch.

My hands reached out to grab Laurel’s hips as I thrust against her ass. My dick was outside her body, but this felt to me almost like fucking. I had never been inside a pussy, so how was I to know how much better it could be. That said, it was pretty damn exciting to slide my prick along the crack of the cheerleader’s ass with her panties pulled down juuust enough to give us that delicious skin-to-skin contact.

Laurel kept tilting her hips so that her pussy was almost pointed up. My balls slapped against her panty covered lips with every thrust. Laurel and I were both gasping for air as the Pad Room was filled with the scene of her wet pussy (and maybe Alex’s as well).

I was a lot bigger than Laurel, so her body was being tossed around with each forward movement of my hips. Alex stepped closer and looked down at my cock – it was laid out along Laurel’s back and I have to admit it did look pretty big against her petite frame.

“Getting a bit dry?” Alex asked – her face now only a few feet from my cock and her best friend’s upturned ass.

“Yeah!” Laurel grunted – the first words she had said in a while.

Without hesitating for an instant, Alex leaned down and sucked the tip of my prick as it arched up away from Laurel’s butt. Alex’s mouth felt incredible and she drooled and nearly spat all over my trembling dick. The moisture pooled under the shaft and made everything slippery.

I knew I wouldn’t last long now, and I started to thrust again. Laurel pushed back against me and Alex stepped back to soak it all in. My prick thrust forward faster and harder as I was practically tossing Laurel forward and then propelling her backwards onto my dick. My cock was still a few inches too high for going into her pussy, but that had been declared off limits and at this point I was so caught up in how good this was feeling, I hardly cared.

I started to grunt with each hammering thrust forward and Laurel was like a rag doll in my hands. My fingers dug into her lean but still soft hips as I raced towards my climax. My rock hard prick slid through the saliva-wet channel of Laurel’s ass crack again and again until it happen.

I tossed my head back and my eyes slammed shut. My throat vibrated with a howl I tried to hold back as I arched my own back. I was lifting Laurel off the ground now with each pump and I looked down at her back as …

A heavy line of thick white cum rocketed out of my cock and splashed up her spine. The jizz reached the back of her tank top, but most of the white, milky cum washed over her warm, suntanned skin.


Alex gasped as she leaned in closer. I pump again and again. My brain went fuzzy for a few moment and the skin of my body, everywhere except my throbbing, hyper-sensitive cock got clammy. My dick pumped out a few more jets of cum, then the airborne shots diminished to a slow, seeping drool across Laurel’s bare back.

I gulped in air as I rubbed my sloppy, wet cock a few more times against the slimy crack of Laurel’s ass. I looked over and saw Alex had her cell phone out and I knew what she was up to.

“No way are you taking another fucking picture!” I snapped.

“Why?” replied Alex, “Because the last one worked out soo poorly for you?”

The camera phone clicked on my thick, still mostly hard dick floating in a sea of jizz and spit in Laurel’s arched lower back. The photo was a close-up – just the cock, the cum and Laurel’s back and part of her ass. No one would know who it was, but I suspected everyone would have a guess or two.

Laurel now stepped away from me – tugging her panties up crookedly. Her legs were still a bit unstable as she reached for her discarded cheer skirt.

I nodded, agreeing that Alex had a point. The photo of my dick that she had taken the night before had already got every girl in school talking (or at least thinking) about what I had between my legs. Then there was this little encounter where two girls had teamed up to have me dry (wet-dry?) hump the tightest ass in school.

“Laurel, don’t put your skirt on over that mess!” cried Alex as she saw Laurel trying to pull her skirt up.

Alex grabbed my gym t-shirt and pulled it over my head. I didn’t even try to resist as Alex wiped the coating of jizz and spit off her best friend’s back. Laurel zipped up her skirt and turned to give me a kiss on the lips.

“I knew I’d enjoy the bumper boats,” giggled Laurel, referring to the start of this whole sexual adventure when Alex’s super-hot mother had, umm, ‘accosted’ me at my job running the bumper boats at our town’s amusement center.

“Now help us get these pads into the dance room, like you’re supposed to” Alex laughed. She tossed the damp shirt at me and managed to catch it before my face got soaked in my own jizz. Once again, I was left shirtless as my clothes got used as a cum-rag.

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