Emancipation Inked

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Sarah’s eyes were closed but the room was still clear in her mind. She had been there seven times before. The parlour was small but reputable. It was fronted by large glass windows and with brick walls inside hidden behind reams of white paper holding black tattoo templates. In the back was a cushioned table where she now lay. Her jeans were pulled down low and her damp skin stuck to the plastic cover where it was bare. It wasn’t a hot morning but the pain of the tattooist needle performing its work left a thin layer of sweat over her body.

She had inspected each of the premade designs upon her first visit. The patterns were beautiful but none had fit her personally. For Sarah hadn’t come in to get a piece of art. She wanted to mark a celebration, to mark her liberation. Each time the tattooist saw Sarah come through his door he knew she had taken another step towards claiming her life back. He knew he wouldn’t need his book of sketches because she carried her own motif.

As always the room stank of mentholated spirits. The sweet, acrid smell of rubbing alcohol and chemicals found in a sterilised environment. Sarah wiggled her nose as the violent fumes worked their way past her senses. Seven times she chided herself silently, she had been here seven times and yet she still found the process near unbearable. She reminded herself every bite of the needle was deserved. Every sting was a reminder that she could never be weak again. With her eyes clenched she lay still. She thought back to the inspiration behind this final tattoo. His face leaped into her mind and she listened to the artist finish his work.

She had been sitting in a darkened booth only the night before. The world of late night bars had become a life and death struggle, use or be used. Sarah understood that now and like the finest metal forged in heat she knew this world would allow her to reclaim herself. She had lost the right to that. Given it away voluntarily to a man she had called master before she was wise enough to know better. But even now, so long after leaving him behind she still felt his absence. She hated the doubt she felt inside, the insecurity and worst of all the fear his absence left.

Her very skin crawled with anxiety and subconsciously the nails of her right hand scratched at the soft flesh of her left arm. Finally they bit through and she sighed audibly with relief as blood flowed down her scarred skin. The pain was real, the only thing that brought relief, the only thing she could control.

Picking up her handbag from the old stained lounge beside her she opened it up. Sarah had learnt to always be prepared and quickly mopped up the blood with a tissue before applying a band aid to her wound. She knew there was something wrong with her, a sickness inside, and tonight she was going to rise above it. Tonight, one last time she was going to prove to herself that she was not weak, worthless, or pathetic. Tonight was the last, the final rosary that declared her penance complete.

As she placed her bag back down a figure across the empty dance floor caught her eye. Sarah saw him head straight for the bar and immediately she knew he was the one. He was different to the others she had used. The man looked in his early thirties, and physically very similar to her master she thought with a scowl. But that’s where the similarities ended. This man appeared to be an accountant and wore a plain brown suit. His ugly tie was only bettered by his hideous shoes and he was obviously uncomfortable in the surroundings of the pub.

The carpet was sticky and the air smelt of smoke as she crossed the floor. Her eyes never left her target. He looked shy and nervous. He looked divine. With an effort of will power Sarah pushed her poisonous thoughts down and forced a smile across her face. It wasn’t a sweet smile but it matched her appearance. In her early twenties she looked anything but an innocent. Her heels were tall, leather skirt short and her vest cut dangerously low.

“Hi” she said to the man in a breathy voice. “My name is Sarah.”

“Oh, ahh, are you talking to me miss” The man replied looking around for another possibility.

“Of course, what’s your name silly?” Sarah smiled back, leaning forward to be heard over the music and offering him a nice view of her small cleavage.

“David,” he answered. He looked like he wanted to say more but couldn’t quite get his tongue to work. Sarah smiled to herself, she had picked well tonight.

“Well, nice to meet you David,” Sarah said as she seductively took his hand. “Would you like to buy me a drink?”

She almost laughed at his hurry to get the attention of the bartender. She had been doing this for long enough to know he was hooked already. But that didn’t mean she was going to go easy on him.

“Are you going to ask me what I’m drinking?” Sarah inquired as she tapped his shoulder and brought a single finger to her mouth.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, of course. Sarah what would you like to drink?”

“I’ll etiler ucuz escort have a quick fuck and … maybe you should join me,” she replied, immediately turning and walking away without waiting for a response. She made her way to the exit shaking her hips not even stopping to make sure he was following.

Out in the cold night air Sarah stepped into the street and lit up a cigarette. She stood waiting impatiently until the door opened again to let out her accountant. “I’m glad you decided to join me,” she said.

“I don’t normally pick up strange women. You aren’t a hooker are you?” he inquired, coming down the stairs with a briefcase in his hand.

“Who ever said you picked me up?” She laughed out loud with a sound that never seemed to touch her lips then turning Sarah began to walk away.

“Where are you going?” He asked after her in a hushed tone.

“I have booked us a room and we don’t want to be late.” Sarah responded in a dangerous tone as she turned off the main road into a quiet street.

He didn’t answer and after a moment of silent thoughts quickly followed after.

Sarah had planned ahead and booked a room in a cheap hotel. It wasn’t that she was sure of finding her prey. Her master had always insisted she be thoughtful and she rubbed her ass as the memories of his punishments ran through her mind. Carefulness had become her motto, always cautious, always planned. Mistakes brought pain that she had all too often received. It made her angry when her thoughts travelled back to her master. She didn’t know what had given him the right to judge her but she had learnt her lessons well. Now she was in control and she wasn’t going to make any more mistakes.

The room was small. Its ugly green walls were a rival for David’s suit. An ornate double bed sitting in the middle of the floor was the only furniture and a window on the far wall offered a magnificent view of the bricks comprising the next building.

Stepping aside to let him into the room Sarah closed the door and took a nervous breath. This was her test, a test she had set for herself. Somewhere at the core of her being she still begged for instructions. More then anything she wanted David to take her and make her feel safe. But she knew there was no safety except in herself. Submission was for the weak and she needed to be strong.

Sarah took another breath. She let the air settle into her lungs. Words were forced out of her mouth as she stepped forward.

“Now we are here, let’s see what we have. Strip for me David.”

David had been inspecting the room and his upturned nose told her what he thought of it. At the sound of her voice he turned back towards her and considered his actions before he placed his briefcase beside the bed. With exaggerated movements he hoped would be sexy he threw his jacket into a heap in the corner, quickly following with the rest of his coverings.

Sarah wasn’t surprised with what she saw. The slender frame hidden behind the sophisticated suit was youthful and lean. His chest was small with only a light smattering of dark curly hair. The tight white underwear he was peeling down his legs showed an average sized penis in a thick bush of pubic hair. In truth she wasn’t impressed with his body but it was his mind with which she had come to fuck.

“Good, now sit down.” Sarah instructed when she had finished her appraisal of his nudity. “You get to watch me, but only watch. You’re not allowed to touch unless I tell you.”

“Ok” he answered her, sitting back on the bed. He let his eyes travel up and down her lithe figure and licked his lips. His cock hardened before she had even moved.

With her hand on the light switch Sarah dimmed the lights before she began. She pulled a hair clip out of her pocket and placed her long dark hair into a pony tail. It exposed her face completely and she saw his smile grow when he looked into her large brown eyes. Slowly Sarah unbuttoned the black vest to reveal her smooth, tight skin. Her belly was tanned and smooth, flawless except for the healed scars. Her breasts were small but perky. The small pink nipples standing out from the soft flesh were puffed up, just begging to be licked.

“Rub yourself for me David. But don’t cum until I say so.” Sarah said as she dropped the vest to the ground. A smile crossing her lips as she watched him begin to stroke his cock. She was surprised to see wet precum already moistening the tip and hoped he would not peak too soon.

Her nipples hardened as she felt his eyes devouring her. She was in charge, dominating this relationship and the sense of power had made her panties already wet.

Leisurely Sarah’s hands drifted down her flat tummy to the clasp on her skirt. With a quick flick she wiggled her hips to send the leather plunging to the carpet. She stepped forward as she basked in his appreciation of her thin but feminine legs. In the heels she stood tall. Her calves normally too fat for her etiler üniversiteli escort liking looked striking. Her thighs looked soft and inviting.

“Good David, now stop. I don’t want that to go off too early.” Sarah commanded.

“Your so sexy Sarah” He practically dribbled as he placed his hands on the bed.

“I’m glad you think so” She returned, walking around the bed. She opened her hand bag and pulled a pair of bright silver handcuffs out.

“What do you intend on doing with those? He asked, a tremor working its way into his tone.

“Lay back and find out big boy” Sarah cooed as she held the metal links up before her.

Gently tapping her foot she watched as the naked man lay back on the bed. With his head on the hard pillows he snaked his slender wrists through the iron bars of the bed head. Through the faint blonde hairs on his arms Sarah could see goose bumps rising and she knew he was scared. Exhilaration rushed through her system and she felt her panties grow damper. Leaning forward she closed the cuffs over his wrists with a clear and deafening ‘click’.

“How do you feel?” Sarah asked as she walked to the foot of the bed. She scrutinized her work as she went.

“Nervous as hell,” he replied. “Your not going to steal my wallet are you?”

“Hahaha” laughed Sarah as she looked into his eyes. “Oh no, I’m after something much more valuable than that.”

“What…” David began to articulate but stopped himself when he saw the small girl climbing up onto the bed. She had one stiletto heeled foot on either side of his legs and she looked gorgeous dressed only in her pink panties. He fought to keep his tongue inside his mouth as she walked up his body. Her panty covered pussy was getting closer and he smelt her sweet fragrance before he saw the dark dampness on the pastel colouring.

“Oh my goddess” He mumbled.

“Goddess, I can handle that.” She cooed as she carefully slid her panties down her legs. “I have worn these all day but you look like they’re sexy? Do you want to smell them? Maybe even taste them?”

“Please, I do. Give them to me.” David said struggling against his bindings.

“Awww” Sarah cooed as she held the panties out above him. With her heeled foot she gently rolled his cock against his belly. She listened to him moan from the rubbing and leant forward. His mouth opened wide and she dropped the underwear onto his face.

“Mmmph mmmmm” David mumbled around his mouthful of panty but Sarah knew from the tone and his ever hardening cock he was happy.

“I’m glad you like them” Sarah said as she moved up so that she was right above his eyes. Her knees were bent as she exposed herself completely to him. She felt the crisp air strike her sensitive skin as her juicy lips parted. Again she smiled as she felt her control and his desire fuelling her.

Sarah felt on fire with lust and with one hand she sucked on her fingers while the other went to her breast. Standing above her victim she twisted her nipples sharply, shuddering in pleasure as the shock coursed through her. She pulled her fingers from her mouth as she continued on her nipples and moved them towards her pussy.

She was wet, really wet and when her fingers pressed against her delicate clit she felt relief was imminent. Rolling the small nub of flesh under her finger Sarah leant against the wall and moaned. It felt amazing, each movement was sending tingles and her legs were turning to jelly. She pressed firmer and began to alternate between pinching and teasing her clit. The room begin to stink of her fragrance and her fingers were slippery with lubricant. Sarah looked down and saw ecstasy in David’s eyes as he sucked on her panties.

She loved being watched. She had handcuffed him to the bed and was now making him watch her. The dirty thoughts excited here more and she felt her knees wobble as the first wave of pleasure left her pussy.

David stopped sucking on the panty when he saw the girl’s finger speed up its movements. Her legs were shaking dangerously above him but he didn’t care. He watched her lean into the wall as she cried out her climax. His eyes never leaving her sacred treasure and his mind cried out for just one drop of her nectar to fall to him.

One orgasm Sarah thought to herself as she pushed away from the wall. It had been a good one and she was still catching her breath but she knew it was just the start. The flames of lust within her had only been fanned by their foreplay and now she was ready.

Sarah looked down into David’s eyes and she was amazed to see large white rims around his irises. He was scared, excited, and horny. The fact she had created those feelings in another person thrilled her.

With one hand she spread her moisture around her lips as she straddled his waist. She didn’t need to. Her pussy was already near dripping. Moving her hand she gave David’s cock a few quick pumps before she dragged it between fatih escort her engorged lips.

Her attention was drawn to his face as David let out a muffled moan and thrust his hips upward. But Sarah was in control and with one hand still holding his cock and the other holding his chest down she continued to coat his rigid manhood with her juices. She stared into his eyes as she pressed down on his chest. Sarah slowly fitted the head of his cock into her tight tunnel.

With a sigh Sarah removed her hand from David’s chest and straightened above him. She adored the feel of his cock as it penetrated her and slowly she slid herself up and down it. Sarah was gradually taking more of him inside herself each time until finally she settled in his lap.

“Ohh.” David moaned as her moist flesh enveloped him.

Sarah moved her hips up and down with slow, indolent strokes. The bed creaked softly and David closed his eyes as he lay back with his mouth agape. This was heaven. It couldn’t be a dream. It was too good to be a dream.

“Open your eyes,” the Sarah said as she ran lazy circles with her hips.

“Your like a dream” David said as his eyes opened.

Sarah was shocked at first as she stared into his blue eyes. There was an openness there, and honesty. For a moment she felt a tug at her heart a connection almost but pushing the feeling away she began to rock faster on his penetrating cock.

The air in the room began to heat up and David started to thrust back at her. There bodies were both lifting up off the bed. Sarah’s body was bouncing on his, her breasts swaying in front of him as they picked up pace. Both their faces flushed red with pleasure and the sounds of moaning raised in volume.

All too quickly Sarah read the signs. His eyes had begun to shut again and his moaning was breathless. The rapid thrusting of his hips told her he was going to cum.

“Open you eyes I said.” Sarah repeated this time landing her palm across his chest with a slap.

“I’m so close. You feel so good.” David mumbled

“Look me in the eyes and make me cum.” Sarah demanded this time.

David’s eyes fluttered open but it was clear he was out of control and his hips didn’t slow. His breathing had begun to change tone when Sarah leant forward and pinched his nipples between her fingers. His breathy moan become a cry as the pain mingled with his pleasure and to her pleasant surprise David’s cock grew larger inside her.

“Ah ah ah” David continued to moan.

He was bucking against the chaining cuffs, bucking against the wet pleasure riding him. He felt out of control as his cock was massaged inside the tight walls of Sarah’s velvet pussy and yet the pain from his tortured nipples had delayed his orgasm. He watched as the girl riding his cock pulled mercilessly on his nipples. Did he want her to stop? How could anything that delayed the end of such pleasure be bad?

Liquid began pouring out of her pussy and Sarah could feel her body tensing around David’s throbbing manhood. Sarah’s hips began to hump down quicker as she searched for her climax but it was too much.

David grunted loudly as his orgasm exploded through him. He pushed his hips up higher off the bed than before, driving his cock deep into her warmth as he shot all his semen into her. Her vagina sucked hungrily at him, drawing every last drop of cum deep into her body.

“I told you to make me cum.” Sarah stated as she wiped a few beads of sweat from her brow.

“I’m sorry. You were too tight and so wonderful.” He replied wearily.

David’s cock slipped from her wet chalice as she leant forward on her knees. He watched as Sarah moved slowly down his body leaving a trail of cum along his chest in her wake.

“Oh I can think of a way you can make it up to me.” She said while a smile crept across her lips that made him wince.

She was nearly at his face and David could smell the sweet scent of their mixed nectars emanating from her pussy. He knew what she was going to do and he struggled wearily against the cuffs still holding him to the bed.

“You want to cum on my mouth” he asked, knowing he didn’t have a choice.

“I want you to taste us.” Sarah said as she straddled his face, leaning her body onto the iron bars of the bed head for balance.

David looked up into the red inflamed lips of her labia just in time to see a glob of milky white fluid slipping out. It was his cum, something he had never before tasted and he turned his head. He thought he was going to avoid it but Sarah angled her body and settled down over his mouth. At the same time she felt his argument smothered and pleasure shooting through her sensitive flesh.

“Ohh that’s it clean me out.” Sarah cooed as she rocked gently back and forth.

David had eaten pussy before but never one so warm, moist and used. Utterly out of his control there was no choice and he thrust his tongue upwards. The thick lips of her labia parted for him and he felt his senses fire. Thick moisture abounded and hungrily he licked it all up. Down and then up he cleaned her smooth lips. Her thighs were wrapped tight around his head and the lack of oxygen and sweet scent was sending him high into the clouds.

“Ahhh yeah keep going. You suck pussy so well.” She cried out as his teeth took hold of her clit.

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