Entree Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Pretty Puppy

“Very good fluffy,” my Mistress offered in return. She turned and walked to the chair, speaking as she traveled. “This is a very important day for you, probably the most important one in your entire life.” I watched her reach the chair and turn again to sit, then settle back. She was all smiles today and motioned with a finger for me to come sit before her, which I moved to do immediately.

I started toward my Mistress, crawling as perfectly as I could, hoping to impress her. I liked to excite my Mistress and moved with arms straight, buttocks high in the air and my nose even higher. I wiggled my ass to shake my tail in happiness and pranced like I was the world’s proudest puppy –and ready for show. My every thought went into every step and I came to stand before my Mistress with thoughts of perversions most twisted and wonderful. I crawled to between her legs and started panting, then I let my ass touch the ground.

“What the hell ya doing,” my Mistress screamed aloud and I jumped into the air. She came forward on the chair as she yelled and I stared with eyes and mouth opened wide in panic. I almost burst into tears and popped straight up onto all fours, not knowing what I did wrong.

“The bow, ya stupid mutt,” she continued, indicating toward my ass with a finger. “The bow! Be careful, I don’t want you crushing that bow!” I looked back over my shoulder as best I could and saw the end of a loop. I decided to take a shot at calming my Mistress down and shook my tail playfully. Then I looked up to my Mistress with puppy eyes and whined. At that she slid back in her chair, ordering me to stand correctly, facing her.

I adjusted quickly, placing my knees together and then my big toes. Then I brought my wrists together and placed my mittened hands out to the side. I arched my back as far as I could and lifted my tail into the air. Then I tilted my head back as far as I could, lifting my nose into the air. I strained and stretched in my arch until the tip of my tail and tip of my nose met. After that I waited for a sign of approval and when my Mistress began speaking, I realized my posture was fine. I then relaxed as best I could, trying to breathe evenly and stay balanced.

“This will be the first time I am showing you to another person, fluffy,” my Mistress said. I looked at her as best I could and tried to smile. Not that a smile mattered to my Mistress, she didn’t want smiles, she demanded perfection! All she wanted from me was an obedience of such depth, my total submission could not fulfill güvenilir bahis the request, but I continued trying. She was looking at me, measuring my profile carefully. She continued to speak and think.

“I bought two rolls of film for the occasion and will use a good camera, with a flash. I will preserve this day for posterity.” Beads of sweat began to trickle and tickle in long runs down my body. I don’t like when she takes photographs of me, but I can’t stop her. She was looking at me in an almost crucial way, deep in contemplation and talking on. “Mmmm, yes, think I’ll remove the panties before my friend arrives. I’ve decided you will always be shown entirely naked, definitely. I like when the organ swings free and bobs –and the drooling is already your trademark. People who haven’t even seen you yet know it’s your trademark. So whenever I take you out, whenever we travel, you will be naked and allowed to drool everywhere… but at home you will wear panties.” I was doing my best to maintain my posture.

“Fluffy,” my Mistress said softly now.

“Woof, woof,” I replied.

“Listen to me carefully, fluffy!”

“Woof, woof.”

“I mean it! Don’t embarrass me today!”

“Woof, woof.”

“I’m nervous too and don’t need any problems! So please behave yourself, for your own sake! God help you if you so much as make one little mistake; why, I’ll… I’l,” my Mistress almost snarled but caught herself and calmed down. I could feel her eyes as they moved over my body looking for a reason to scold or punish and she continued.

“You had better move quickly today and look sharp! And I never, ever, ever, want to see you hesitate! And I mean… not even for a fraction of a second!” She was becoming quite loud again and pronouncing her words in ways meant to drive home ideas. “Do you understand me?! Well?!”

“Woof, woof,” I offered in the cutest tone I could muster.

“You’d better…”

“Woof, woof,” I uttered again.

“…I am not going to warn you again, and I’m not kidding little boy,” she went on, louder yet. “I expect you to move when I say and do as you’re told immediately! So help me… don’t embarrass me!” It had taken a while for my Mistress to understand my cravings for humiliation and also my need to be controlled and forced to submit. Now she’s an expert at degrading me and getting better all the time. I don’t know whether to be delighted or frightened, which is what makes it all so exciting for me.

“Woof, woof,” I tried again to make her understand with my strained voice. My Mistress türkçe bahis calmed down some and returned to a more pleasant tone.

“Fluffy, I am preparing you for meeting people. Soon I will be taking you to parties where you will entertain the guests,” she added. I couldn’t believe my ears and should have been shocked. Actually I was, but my cock’s condition kept screaming for attention. It kept oozing wads of lubricant that were soaked up by the panties and my panties were very wet at this point. I wanted to free my hard-on from the prison of soggy silk that had become very uncomfortable, but dared do nothing. The wispy material clung so well to my organ I felt choked and without air –and I couldn’t believe I’d be going to parties as a naked puppy. And too, I had to keep my thoughts with my Mistress, to her words and also watching for a signal, a test. I began to sweat as my Mistress relaxed to her own thoughts and went on.

“Next week when I come to pick you up and take you to my place, you will ride in my car naked. There’s no need to bring any of your clothes along anyway. You’ll sit on the seat up front with me and look out of the window like an ordinary puppy. You’ll bark at the cars and other dogs.” I was listening and hearing little, my mind swirling with sensations that overwhelmed and buried my brain in a wonderfully perverse bewilderment. Are there more women out there like my Mistress? “Next Saturday morning you will begin your real training and in two weeks I’ll have you prancing down Main Street with me, peeing on the hydrants.” I contemplated just such a scene and wondered how far my Mistress could take me. My Mistress promised me that once I was fitted with my new leather padding, only she would be able to remove them and my real training would begin. I was more excited than worried at this point; I did and didn’t want to continue. Consciousness is tension.

“Anyway…” my Mistress said as if returning from somewhere. “…The person who’s coming over today is a very dear and trusted friend of mine. She’s a fellow sorority sister of PI LODDA CUM. She’s an excellent seamstress and is a wonder at leather work.” My Mistress turned to look at the clock situated in the kitchen and shook her head. “She should be here any minute.” At that my Mistress stood and made to stretch a little.

“Heel,” she commanded and I darted to her side, once again standing tall.

“Good boy,” My Mistress said proudly. She bent over and reached her left hand under my belly and I gulped in a breath, to hold with my anticipation. Her güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers and thumb found my silk encased boner and began tickling its entire length; I let my breath out slowly. Soon the fingers and thumb were pinching and grabbing, rubbing and stroking me into a bucking frenzy. My hips began moving and I no longer thought of discomfort. The fingers and thumb brought me closer, closer, closer and closer to ejaculation and I began humping out of control even as I attempted to control myself. I no longer thought of the stranger. The entire hand engulfed my entire organ and brought me to an explosion that never happened, then disappeared. I broke out into a real sweat and rode the hand to another unfulfilled completion. I was left humping in the air and the hand was at my mouth.

I no longer worried about the parties, or being taken outside naked, I was ready for anything. I collapsed from the sudden absence of everything and sensations of nothingness. Is this a sensation all women can bring? I fell forward in a swoon and the hand followed my mouth down. I landed with the hand in my mouth and began cleaning it as best I could. I landed face first, onto the hand and then fell over onto my side. I rolled as far onto my back as my tail would allow and parted my legs. Still sucking on hand, the one I love, I lifted my legs up and back to my neck, then I spread them wide. I wanted my Mistress to see my sweet misery, my cocks suffering, and whined along with my slurping and swallowing. I put my arms to the sides and used my mittens to bat at my lover, now in my mouth.

I batted my Mistress’ left hand playfully and sucked on each digit wantonly. This was my lover and I continued licking it clean and swallowing the nectar. It is my job to clean the hand that pleasures me, and kiss the hand that punishes. Both Mistress’ hands love me and I love them. It’s just that one is brutal and one is kind. Together they use and abuse me at will, demanding more all of the time and learning of my desires, my weaknesses, quickly. I am having my life shaped and my mine molded by these two extremities. I live in happiness and fear, while I seek the affection of one and avoid confrontation with the other. The hands of my Mistress are redefining me and next week they would have two weeks to complete their mission, turning me into a puppy.

“Come; let’s get those panties off before my guest arrives. I want you ready to dash out into the hallway to meet her,” my Mistress said taking my lover from me. “Nice and clean as usual,” she said looking at her freshly bathed hand. She wiggled the fingers and smiled. She wiped the hand off on my body and ordered me to rise.

“Up,” she commanded.

“Woof, woof,” I answered rising to all fours. I got back into position.


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