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It is amazing to me how liberated I’ve become. Who knew sex would be this much fun? I’m not saying that sex with my husband isn’t truly amazing, because it is, he makes me weak in the knees just by looking at me. But, it is the illicit feelings that an affair brings that really excite me.

The first time I fucked a man that wasn’t my husband, I felt horrible. I cried, even though I had wanted it desperately. I’d knowingly let him into my hotel room with the intent of fucking him senseless. And, I had, but I cried because I felt so guilty for cheating on my husband. I found that faded with time.

The second man I dallied with was an all too brief but amazing time. He taught me a lot about myself, and opened me up to new worlds sexually. He made me realize how much of a sexual creature I am. He took me on wild rides, and I don’t regret that time at all. How could I? It made me ripe for the picking by my newest fuck friend.

Here lately, I’d become pretty satisfied with fucking my husband on a regular basis and pleasuring myself every chance I got. I even got pretty good at fingering myself to orgasm sitting in my office chair, and so far, no one has noticed.

But, then, I ran into him. I think I’d known him forever, as long as I can remember, and he’s always been a “Mister” to me, thanks to my proper southern upbringing. He and his wife have been friends of my family for most of my life. When I happened to run into him while out one night with a coworker, I thought he looked amazing. Salt and pepper hair, still very strong physique, taller than me by a good foot, and the broadest shoulders I’d ever seen. We talked, and when he leaned in to talk to me over the noise of the band, I took the opportunity, and the chance, and rubbed up against him as much as I could. He laughed softly into my ear, and leaned in closer and nibbled gently on my lobe. It was truly all I could do to not rip at his clothes then and there. Several more times through the night, he’d take advantage of the band playing to lean in and gently lick my neck under the guise of talking to me. He’d kiss and nibble all along my sensitive neck.

He asked me to walk with him to go get a drink, and, as we walked through the swarming crowd, he pulled me up against him, pushing his rock hard dick into my back. I couldn’t’ seem to help myself, I turned around and pressed my belly up against him, and let my fingers creep down to wrap around him, as much as his jeans would let me.

After we had each gotten our drinks, we drifted to a secluded corner, and he leaned in to talk to me again. “What would your parents think of you acting like this?” I laughed, and said, “Are you really thinking about my parents right now?” He admitted that no, they were the last thing on his mind.

Older men have a frankness, a no bull shit style that always turns me on. They have learned that life is too short to beat around the bush and play stupid games. I love that directness. He moved even closer, pushing me etiler otele gelen escort up against the wall of the building, and said, “Do I make you hot? Are you wet, just thinking about me? Do you want me to fuck you?” I groaned what was supposed to be a “YES!” but came out more just a guttural acquiescence. He knew I was his for the taking.

Unfortunately, I’d come with a coworker who did not need to be in on our growing little secret, so we spent the night touching as innocently as we could make it appear, and enjoying the noise around us that afforded us the opportunity to whisper in each other’s ears.

Under the guise of keeping in touch with him, I grabbed a card from my purse, jotted my cell number on it, and couldn’t resist adding “For a good time call.” He laughed, and said that he would definitely be calling.

Knowing that we are both working adults, it became amazingly easy to sneak off in the middle of the day and spend time together. The first time I met him, we just went to lunch. He wanted to talk. To make sure I knew what I was getting into, to make sure I was sure I wanted to do this. I laughed, and shocked him by telling him about my two other lovers. “Wow, you sure have grown up, haven’t you?” he mused.

What can I say, I love men, the differences in them, the build of their bodies, the hardness that so compliments my soft curves. I enjoy being appreciated, having a man take a second, then a third look at me. I’m no supermodel, but I’m confident enough in myself that I know I’m sexy.

We chatted through that lunch, and agreed that the next time we met, we’d be feasting on something totally different, each other. I think he got a kick out of my brash nature. That I told him I couldn’t wait to fuck him. That I was soaking wet, just from sitting across the table from him. I took advantage of the long table cloth, and slipping my foot out of my high heeled sandal, I ran my naked foot up to his crotch, and found that I was having a positive affect on him as well. I rubbed him discreetly with my foot, and he reached down and grabbed my foot with his hands, and started massaging my foot. I have the world’s most sensitive feet, I’ve cum before just from having my feet touched, loved, licked, massaged. I told him that – so he set out to see if it was true. He massaged my feet with firm, sure strokes. Occasionally letting my foot drop down to rub up against his dick. Within five minutes, I was biting my lip, had dropped my head back to the back of the seat, and was coming right there in the restaurant. I bucked my hips a couple times, and tried to pull my foot out of his lap, but he held on tight ’till I was breathing normally again. Not thirty seconds later, our waitress came over and asked if she could refill my glass. I’m not sure I answered coherently, my mind was still reeling.

A week later, we both had time in our schedules to get together again. My husband was out of town on business, etiler rus escort something NOT new to us, it seems he’s gone more often than he’s home. I had arranged for my mom to pick up by daughters and keep them at her house so that I could go out with a friend after work. At around 2, he called and told me where to meet him. By 2:30, I was knocking on the hotel room door.

He shocked me, he opened the door and as he closed it, I realized he was already completely naked. “Wasting no time, huh?” I asked. “Not a second, now strip for me, nice and slow.” This is where I was glad I’d invested in those “Strip Aerobics” videos. I slowly removed my clothes piece by piece ’till I was in nothing but my thong and my heels.

“How the hell are you a mother of two?” He sighed. I dropped my thong to the floor, and he saw the still very visible scar from my most recent c-section just 3 months ago, and he dropped to his knees and kissed the scar from side to side, running his tongue slowly from one side of my abdomen to the other. My legs buckled. He picked me up, and rather than carry me to the bed, he pushed me up against the wall, and impaled himself in my pussy, not stopping until he was completely encased inside me. He hooked on leg over his arm, stretching me open further, and holding me in place as my other foot dangled helplessly, nearly a foot off the ground. He slammed into me, pinning me to the wall. The position had him scraping his dick along my clit every time he pushed into me. I wrapped my hands in his hair and held on for dear life. Moments later, I was coming apart. I thrashed and bucked my hips and screamed like an animal. I dug my nails into his scalp, into his shoulders, down his back, anywhere I could reach.

He turned around with me so fast, the room was spinning. He threw me to the bed and I bounced once before he was on top of me again. He grabbed my feet and planted them squarely on his chest and shoved his cock back inside me. He held my hips to keep me where he wanted me, and leaned over, pushing my knees up to my chest. He reached around my legs and cupped my breast in his hand, he was twisting and squeezing my nipple. I would have moved in ecstacy if I could have, but he had me very securely pinned to the bed. The only movement I could make was to raise my ass up to meet his demanding strokes. He let go of my hip, confident I wouldn’t go anywhere, and reached between us to pinch my clit. Instantaneously, I was cumming so hard I bucked my hips and had he been a smaller man I would have pushed him off the bed. He laughed at me, and before the spasms had stopped, he flipped me over onto my stomach, and lifted my ass up to him, and impaled me again from behind. I could do little at that point except lean on the pillow and enjoy. He slapped my ass with one hand, and immediately rubbed the spot in a gentle caress. I cried out, and he did it again. I came again so quickly, I’m not sure my body had completely recovered from the etiler türbanlı escort last one.

He flipped me again onto my back, and pulled me ’till I was sitting up, and before I had a chance to think, he shoved his cock to the back of my throat. I gagged, but he only pushed farther into my throat. I soon figured out how to keep from gagging, and was for the first time in my life really deep throating a cock. It was amazing. It felt the same as having a dick buried deep in my pussy, I tried to create a warm, moist cave with my mouth while he jack-hammered into me. He grabbed me by the hair, and it occurred to me that I was glad I had figured out how to suppress the gag reflex or I’d be in big trouble right now. He pushed me back to the bed, grabbed his cock in his hands, and sprayed me with cum. My face and tits were soon covered by it, thick sticky cum.

My first thought was, “Whew, now I can rest for a minute.” I should have learned better from my previous experiences. He brought me back up and stuck his still hard cock in my mouth again and told me to suck him into the back of my throat again. I complied. Within minutes he was back to his full length and virility.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed, and threw both my legs over his shoulders. He impaled himself again into my dripping pussy. I don’t recall ever being quite so wet. He thrust so hard I was bouncing and sliding across the slick sheets. He took one hand and began assaulting my clit. Rubbing, squeezing, twisting, until I screamed. I felt like I’d blacked out from the intense orgasm. I was quickly returned to reality however when he turned me over, lifted my ass up and stuck his massive cock into my ass. I never saw it coming and had no chance to react, other than to moan in pleasure as he continued his assault on my body. His hand was still busy on my clit, and I was discovering pleasure I’d never really known as he fucked my ass. It wasn’t really anything new to me, but the instant and continuous pleasure was. When he felt my muscles start to spasm again, he pushed one last time into my bowels and spilled his seed deep inside of me.

He threw me to the bed, exhausted, spent, used, satisfied, sated. He walked to the bathroom and cleaned himself off. He threw me a wet wash cloth and told me to get cleaned up. Before I could so much as roll over and sit up, he was getting dressed. He said he’d love to spend another couple hours with me, but his youngest daughter had a play that night he had to get to. He walked over, and for the first time since I’d walked into the hotel room, he leaned over and gently kissed me, then he bit my lip and told me he’d see me again real soon. He strode out the door with all the confidence in the world.

I stumbled into the bathroom and tried to clean myself up, realized how sweaty I was, how covered in cum I was, both mine and his, and jumped into the shower to try to wash it off of me. I got dressed and walked out to my truck. He’d stuck one of his business cards into my window, on the back he had scribbled, “Nice fuck sweetheart.” I laughed and climbed into my truck and headed for my house. As excited as I am to see him again, I think we’d better wait a week, I don’t know that I can keep up with him if it was any sooner than that.

Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how our next meeting goes. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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