Everlasting Fetishes

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Oh my mother. It was unbelievable, never to happen in reality, but it did when I least expected it. Five point five her height was, I was of an average height. She was 34 years old, quite slender and had a bit of extra weight on her belly. I was 19 years old and neither of us were in a relationship at the time, this might have been a weird coincidence.

Despite my athletic body, I was still taken by the simple shape of her body. She drove me insane just by her existence. Little did she know, I was staring at her at the corner of my eye and not to forget drooling mentally.

Was this love or lust? I am pretty sure it was love because I lusted at her imperfections. But on the other hand, was my penis, trying my best to keep it under control, I had to hold onto anything I could get my hands on just to hide my erection. I told myself that I would only rub my penis down if she was looking the other way. It was just another random day, we walked past each other, simply sticking to our daily duties at home, and she asked me to help tidy up her closet with her.

I was glad to oblige in a heartbeat thinking to myself that this was my chance to finally try my luck. On the güvenilir bahis way to her room, she came to a halt and I mistakenly ran into her because I was in such a daze. I had almost stepped on her left foot but instead she stepped on mine as we crashed. She had pink flip flops on and I had none on, this had caused her warm moist foot brush just the side of mine leaving a tiny colourless smudge of her sweaty droplets there.

As she spoke her sweet words of apology, I opened my mouth to interrupt her inhaling her exquisite breadth that escaped hers, and told her that it was fine and we should get back to our trip. As we approached her closet she asked, if I could stick to the top shelf while she did the bottom. I was disappointed by this because I wanted to have a close up to her slender sext legs and perhaps have a sniff of them while I’m at it. We got down to business right away, but she wanted to have a rest just five minutes down the line, I told her that she was cheating and she giggled. She had said that her back was exhausted from all the bending and repacking, so offered to give her massage.

Right away she suspected I just wanted to get into her pants türkçe bahis and I said that would be inappropriate, she giggled again. I regretted not admitting this soon enough. She stepped on my right foot this time but the difference this time was that her flip flop was not on.

The slight slime from her sweaty foot rubbed off of mine, she did not intend to stop, I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was trying to rub her smelly scent off on me so I could stink just like her. I did not resist this time but she thought I was being weird because I seemed to enjoy this.

She then did the same thing with her other foot and I felt like I was already in heaven, till I felt my penis begin to throb. Out of my surprise she farted by mistake and felt suddenly embarrassed, I told her not to worry about it and inhaled as I leaned lower to her bum. I stuck my tongue into the top of her jeans entering down between her bums. It was already moist from the little work that exhausted her. She grabbed hold of my crotch area and felt I was already really hard. She then slid down her jeans, slid my pants down and rubbed my exposed boner with her moist under wear slowly.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri told me she had nine STD’s and hoped I don’t mind that. I didn’t know what to say, I was petrified, but then she farted just a little, this time releasing just a bit of poo. I was astonished. She pulled down her panty slowly and her soft poo poured down my penis, without a second thought she smothered my penis with her moist vagina juices and gaping ass. I noticed that her vagina had a very sharp scent that shot up my nose within seconds. This smell was unbearable, but heaven to me. She had yellow fluid flowing from her vagina down my penis.

I asked to stop, but she told me to relax and slide into her so she could share her sweet fluids with me. I thought she was insane, but I was in love with her so deeply that I said that as long as it makes her happy. I gracefully slid into her and within no time her juices pumped into my penis as I slowly trusted into her. The open looking pimples on her vagina rubbed my penis creating a mushy strange sensation and the juices that entered my penis made me itch internally.

Just when I thought I’d orgasm, she stood up leaving my penis wanting more, and said that she is going to have to let me let me keep all that she had rubbed off on me till tomorrow because she would love to watch me hope and beg for her love and sensual juices for the rest of my life. I had a loss for words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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