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Becca tilted her chin toward the sun and inhaled deeply as its ambient warmth kissed her skin. The soft orange glow penetrated her eyelids filling her with a sense of calm, the likes of which she hadn’t felt in days. She bathed in the sun’s rays and as she stood there in a moment of silent meditation she felt the tension in her neck and back unwind. All of her stresses seemed to quietly release their grasp on her and just before she opened her eyes again, the beginnings of a smile crept out from the corners of her mouth until her entire face was beaming back at the sun.

She leaned forward on one leg and stretched the back of the other in preparation for her run. Switching legs, Becca could hardly wait to take off and wished it had not been raining for the last three days. This week had been particularly stressful and not being able to exercise only served to compound the negative feelings she was having. She had lost two accounts this week, due to a cavalier employee that did not care for the results of his yearly review and in retaliation had damaged the trust of his clients causing them to withdraw their business.

Becca began reliving the fury she’d felt when she found out and used this anger for motivation to jump from her front porch and dart up the sidewalk. She’d come up with at least twenty-five new nasty epithets for what a sorry excuse for a human being he was, by the time she reached the end of the block. Christof was in her past now and though she was irritated by what his revenge had cost her, she was determined to get both accounts back and actually looking forward to the challenge. She was terrific at selling her company’s services and acquiring new accounts, but she’d never been tested on her ability to soothe wary customers and persuade them back.

A sharp whistle sang out from somewhere across the street and Becca turned to see Papa Luigi hosing down the sidewalk in front of his restaurant. She waved back and smiled when he complimented her beauty, in Italian, as he did every time he saw her whether she was running or coming in for supper. Turning her attention back to the sidewalk in front of her, she smiled at an elderly woman walking two tiny dogs and the woman winked at her as they passed. Becca loved this neighborhood and was so glad to be running again that she picked up the pace and lost herself in her body’s exertion. Her feet pounding the pavement felt divine and the rush of blood past her ears was a heavenly racket she could listen to for hours. Alive, she thought as she ran, I am so very alive and thank God it isn’t raining today.

The familiar six mile route passed quickly and Becca decided to run her normal cool down path instead of walking it. She’d waited days to be outside running again and wasn’t ready to stop just yet. She also hesitated to return to her empty house for fear that the loneliness that had haunted her all week would kill the euphoria of her run. Upon making a few extra laps and arriving at the end of the trail, Becca figured she’d have to go home some time and sprinted in that direction. She and Savanna always raced home from the large oak tree at the corner of the park and though Becca always won, it was a little tradition they shared and her loneliness hit her long before she arrived home.

Savanna had been gone all week to consult on a high profile embezzlement case and things just never went well when she was gone. Becca normally tried to drown herself in work and would often run in the evening as well, just to break up the monotony of her empty evening rituals. This week had been especially difficult because the auditors were in and constantly needed information from her to ‘promote accuracy’ as they put it. Aside from work being hectic, Isabelle was with her grandparents this week in Disney World and Becca missed her terribly. Having the little girl around would have been a wonderful distraction, but Becca was glad she was having fun and knew the four-year old would have missed Savanna if she weren’t busy with other things.

The nights were the hardest and Becca had barely slept the first two nights, instead resorting to the assignment her lover had given her. Savanna didn’t normally travel for work, but on the few occasions she did she always gave Becca a project to keep her busy in the event that she got lonely. Savanna was always very sweet about it and knew how Becca suffered in her absence, but the same held true for her and she had started the little love tasks for her own benefit as much as for her lover’s. The first year, Savanna simply asked Becca to write a little essay about what it was like to kiss her. Becca thought it was ridiculous at first, but when she finally sat down to it she realized how thought provoking it was and as she began to write she felt closer to Savanna somehow.

The more she thought, the closer she was to feeling her lover’s full lips and soft tongue on hers. She closed her eyes and could almost taste Savanna and while she wished she didn’t have to imagine poker oyna it, just thinking of the kiss made her feel loved. Becca indulged her memories and she recalled details as minute as loving the say Savanna’s tongue swept across her palate sending tiny currents of sensation into her cheekbones. And when she opened her eyes to write these things down she was startled to find her head tilted to the side and slightly back as if she had actually been involved in the kiss instead of simply remembering it.

Several other projects had followed, such as top ten lists of Becca’s favorite funny moments in their relationship, or a list of her favorite lovemaking sessions. Becca had begun to enjoy the distractions and more often than not, the simple act of examining their relationship in such vivid detail turned her on to the point of serious physical arousal. She normally had a hard time sleeping and found that masturbation was a great way to relax and fall asleep and had been ‘forced’ to resort to that each night this week.

She was just reaching the porch when she recalled the time she’d been pleasuring herself when Savanna called to check-in and now giggled at how much fun it had been to share it over the telephone. A soft blush rose to her cheeks as she let herself inside and she giggled again over the ridiculousness of it all. Ordinarily she would race for the shower, but today she grabbed her notebook and took her Gatorade to the breakfast nook and settled into the cushions on the window seat. Becca took a few minutes to gaze out of the large picture window and admired the beauty of her neighbor’s rose bushes. It was late spring and everyone’s yard was a lush thick green and most flowerbeds boasted bright and colorful perennials. The sky was bright and instantly reminded Becca of her lover’s eyes.

Expressive blue eyes, that when examined closely boasted a starburst several shades of gray in the middle surrounded by a bright blue background, was responsible for their color. Becca had seen and felt so many things simply by looking into Savanna’s eyes and she recalled their many shapes and colors now. In times of happiness they were a bright and cheerful blue, whereas when she was angry they took on a steely gray color with only a hint of blue. When they narrowed to mere slits, Becca knew she was skeptical about something and when she was surprised the pupils would grow large and give her away. Becca’s absolute favorite, though, was the expression of passion in her lover’s eyes as they darkened to a deep shade of violet. She had watched the transformation so many times and yet every time it happened, Becca reacted as though it was the first time. She often imagined the feeling of being sucked into a twisting whirlpool might come close to the feeling she got when she looked into her lover’s dark passion-filled eyes and it never failed to excite her.

Just thinking of it gave her the motivation to begin on her project. She had sat down to it several times already, but never was able to clear her head and really focus. The topic was: Things That Turn Me On. Becca stared at the bold heading Savanna had scrawled into the notepad and left on her pillow before she stole away quietly for her early morning flight. A vision of those blue eyes flashed across Becca’s eyelids the next time she blinked and a tiny jolt of anticipation or pleasure, she wasn’t sure which, shot through her nipples.

She instantly began scribbling a list of things that turned her on and when she had finished with the ones that were most obvious to her she stopped and read through them. She was having tons of fun because while Savanna was pretty in touch with what turned her on, there was a whole host of other things they’d never come across or shared with one another. Becca began thinking of everything, even things outside the bedroom and the list grew to three columns on the front page and two on the next. When she’d thought of everything she put the notebook down and went to take her shower. She adjusted the water to run cooler than normal and hoped it would take the sharp edge off of her mounting sexual tension.

Savanna would be home tomorrow morning and Becca always held out at least twenty-four hours before she arrived so that her anticipation could build. Becca loved surprises and though she knew the sex would be good, she always found it more intense if she pined for it and waited for Savanna to take her to the moon when they were reunited after a week-long separation. The shower was refreshing and cooled her down for the moment, but she felt a nagging twitch in her pussy when she slid her lace-topped stockings up her legs and clipped the black garters to them. The list had provoked thoughts that caused her to pull her super tiny thong from the drawer and cinch it up a bit higher than normal.

She felt a little foolish when a picture of her little girl, Isabelle, caught her eye but she figured even moms needed to feel sexy and indulge naughty thoughts once in a while. Which canlı poker oyna was almost comical, because Becca could barely have a thought that wasn’t naughty when Savanna was near and it took all of her willpower to keep things chaste in front of their little girl? They did well enough, though, and only resorted to running to the bedroom and locking the door twice a month or so. Becca pulled on the lacy corset that served to enhance her cleavage and struck several sexy poses in the mirror before heading to the closet to pick out a suit. She suddenly regretted scheduling a meeting today, but knew if she wanted to coax the disgruntled companies back to her account list she’d have to work quickly.

She was packing her briefcase when she saw the ‘project’ notebook on the bed. Several tingles stirred in her pussy and she quickly grabbed it and tossed it in with her business files. She slammed it closed and latched it without giving herself time to think about why she’d decided to bring it along. There was even something naughty about carrying it around with her, as though someone would be able to tell she carried her innermost secrets in her briefcase with her work-related papers. The absurdity of the feeling finally got the better of her and she realized that was like saying someone would look at her and instantly imagine she was wearing sexy lace lingerie from nipples to toes.

At any rate, just knowing it was there kept her mind on her arousal and she recognized many different stimuli that she’d never paid much attention to before. For instance, every time she pushed the clutch in to shift gears the crotch of her panties would rub deliciously against her softest flesh bringing pleasant sensations and warmth. And whenever she bent forward to sign a document for her secretary or grab a pencil from the cup on her desk, her corset would shift and the lace cups would brush her nipples reminding her of the ever present need to be touched.

Her meeting went well with her ex-clients and she was hopeful that she’d made a good enough case to earn back their business. They promised to call with their decision by day’s end and as soon as they left her office she sat down to her notebook and began refining the list of things that turned her on. The same end result occurred now and simply reading over the things she’d written down made her blush and yearn for release at the same time.

Becca was fit to be tied when she finally arrived home and stimulated almost to the point of irritation. She suddenly wished she hadn’t promised to wait until Savanna returned, but instead busied herself with things around the house before sitting down to finish her project. Focusing on the things that turned her on did little to help her arousal and to make matters worse they had just switched from flannel sheets to satin, since the weather was warmer. Crawling into bed made her sigh and moan as the soft cool fabric slid effortlessly over her warm skin. She lie on her back, staring up at the swirling fan, in what Savanna called the death pose and could not stop thinking about her nipples. Every breath caused a tiny shift of the sheets and when she looked down she saw the dark shadows beneath them indicating they actually were as hard as she thought they were.

She finally groaned and rolled over, pulling her pillow over her head and whining for the hell of it. Funny thing about whining…it’s really not attractive to others, but it really does feel good to indulge yourself every now and then, she thought. She was just giggling about this when the phone rang and startled her. She reached for it quickly, as she did every time Isabelle or Savanna was out of town and answered nervously.


“What are you wearing?” A sultry voice came over the line.

“Mmmmm. You don’t even want to know.” Becca teased and smiled.

“No, I’m pretty sure I do, even though it’s probably that ugly flannel nightgown you’re so fond of.” Savanna prodded.

“For your information, Madame know it all, I am currently wearing a loose fitting, eight by seven sheet of white satin and a great big smile.”

“Ohhh. You’re right, I could’ve gone without the visual I now have, but thanks for indulging me. How was your day?”

“It was good. I went running this morning and lazed about the house until my meeting with JaxGroup.”

“And how did that go?” Savanna asked cautiously.

“They were begging me to take them back by the end of the meeting. Apparently some people find me irresistible.”

“You don’t say.” Savanna drawled sarcastically.

Becca giggled and asked, “How was your day?”

“It was horrendous, but now it’s over and just talking to you has made it one hundred percent better.”

“Well aren’t you the charmer tonight?”

“I don’t know about that, but I am on the front porch without a house key so what do you say to letting this jet-lagged lady in?”

“What? Oh my God, Savanna! You’re home?” Becca shrieked and flew out of bed.

“Yes, now internet casino can I come in?” Savanna answered in a child-like whine.

Becca slammed the phone down and flew downstairs, almost crashing into the book table against the wall in her haste. She fumbled with the door locks and slide chain, flinging the door open wide once they were undone.

“Jesus, Becca, the whole neighborhood can see…” Savanna began, but was cut off as Becca leapt into her, wrapping her legs and arms around the stunned woman’s waist and neck for leverage as she crushed her lips against the tall blonde’s in mid-sentence. Savanna opened to the kiss immediately and instinctively dropped her luggage to embrace the small brunette as she walked blindly into the house, kicking the door closed once inside. She then turned around and pressed the lust-driven woman into the door so she could free up her hands by balancing their weight against it. Savanna reached up and cupped Becca’s naked breasts before kissing over her jaw, on her way to the sensitive spot of her neck that rested just below the ear.

“I’m so glad you’re home.” Becca moaned as strong teeth nibbled along the length of her neck and down her shoulder. She tangled her hands in her lover’s hair and eventually pulled her back for another hungry kiss.

“I’m glad to be home. Now why don’t you let me catch my breath and get my luggage off of the front porch and I’ll be with you momentarily.” Savanna bargained as she let Becca slide down the length of the front door, her naked flesh squeaking against the dark wood as she went.

“I was thinking something wild and ragged right here in the foyer, but if you’d rather relax and handle baggage I guess I can go back to bed by myself.” Becca said and pouted for effect.

Savanna’s knees went weak when Becca’s full bottom lip poked out in a sexy pout. That simple expression was her biggest weakness where her lover was concerned and she leaned forward and sucked the lip into her mouth to nibble and love on it. Becca’s fingers began unbuttoning her blouse and the anticipation of it all was maddening. Savanna snapped out of her trance momentarily and covered the tiny hands at her blouse.

“Before you strip me naked, I’d really like to bring my bags in. I promise, the second the suitcases hit the bedroom floor I’m all yours, okay?” Savanna asked and was amazed that the previous three kisses had her breathing heavy and spacing her words out to accommodate it.

Becca shot back a radiant smile and Savanna knew she’d just been played. But it didn’t bother her in the least and she was just as eager to have the petite woman in her arms again. She watched Becca turn to leave and smacked her naked fanny for which she received a startled gasp and saw the brunette whirl around so quickly her hair fanned out and hit her in the face when she stopped. Savanna simply giggled and waved at her, encouraging her to head upstairs and fight the urge to say something about the swat. Her nipples poked hard into her bra when Becca sauntered toward the stairs and Savanna was captivated by the alternating sway of her hips as she climbed each stair on her way to their bedroom.

She finally sagged against the doorway when her lover was out of sight and instantly brought her hands up to her breasts where she squeezed and massaged them, hoping to take the dull ache away for just a little while as she got her breath. As luck would have it, this only served to stimulate her more and she groaned as she pushed off the door and opened it to retrieve her luggage. She saw one of their neighbors on the sidewalk across the street and thought it strange that he was staring right at her. When she finally recognized who it was and realized he was two houses away from his own home, it dawned on her why he was so interested.

“Hey Max! Nice night, isn’t it? Full moon and all.” She called out, to let him know he’d been caught watching by throwing the moon comment in, regarding her lover’s nudity even though the actual moon was only half full tonight.

“Oh, uh yeah! Nice night.” He mumbled and quickly turned toward his home.

She could only chuckle and figured Max seeing Becca’s naked form wrapped around her body was probably the most exciting thing that had happened to him since his recent divorce. Savanna was still giggling about it when she trudged upstairs and dumped her baggage on the floor just inside the door. Becca was lying on her stomach with her head at the foot of the bed facing the door, her chin resting in her hands.

“Okay the bags have landed…you’re all mine. Shoes first.” She called out and Savanna raised an eyebrow at the dictate. Internally she was grateful for the commands as she was much too tired to come up with a decent strip-tease on her own and decided to play along. Her hand snaked seductively down her side, over her hip, along her thigh before slipping across a muscular calf and pushing off the heel of her shoe where it dropped to the floor. She straightened slowly never taking her eyes from the big brown eyes that were fixated on her body. Savanna discarded her other shoe in the same way before arching an eyebrow again in question of what she should remove next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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