Eve’s Tower 01: Initiation

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I winced as I stepped into the shower, twinges throughout in my body reminding me again of what had transpired barely an hour past. The hot water slid over my skin, sending chills racing up my spine as my knees continued to shake slightly. I moaned gutturally as my aching cock bounced in time with my still racing heart. The shower curtain hissed open then closed again as my wife slid into the space behind me.

“Oh my” she whispered hungrily, as she took in the sight before her “what have you gotten yourself into this time?”

I was a hot wreck. One hand braced on the wall, knees shaking, cock straining, a thin but steady drip of pearly fluid down the inside of my leg.

She pressed herself against my back, on hand idly coming to wrest on my hardness, the other cupping my ass momentarily before pulling me open slightly so that a probing finger could slide into my used hole, pulling it open and causing the trickle to become a hot river.

“So, tell me about it.”


The bell above the door tinkled quietly as I pushed my way into the shop. I had gotten off work early, and lacking and immediate obligations had decided to give into my curiosity and see the new store that had just opened near the house.

It was a low dark house, almost fanciful in some of its decoration. Silhouettes of moons and stars cut from faded metal hung on the side, the low roof with its wide shingles and slight sag, the low darkly shaded porch and plentiful foliage gave the whole thing an air of quiet mystery that might befit a funky hipster resale shop or tea parlor. The sign on the front read “Eve’s Tower: Fantasy’s Found.”

Those who had visited had reported that it was a sex toy shop unlike anything they ever seen. Owned and operated entirely by women, boasting a wonderful selection of bespoke and unique toys, laid out in a way that made it feel more like a cozy and inviting old bookstore (a marked departure from the usual sterile or industrial layout of most shops like that), the whole thing had a delightful yet naughty charm to it.

We had been looking for some new toys for a little while, having exhausted the meager selection at the adult video store across town and unwilling to take a chance on anything ordered online, and this shop seemed like the answer to my prayers.

You see, I like anal. Quite a lot. I had begun my exploration young, and it had blossomed into a full blown fetish sometime during college. Years of practice had left me able to take a considerable amount with relative ease, and a love of getting bent over the bed and railed by my wife, sporting the largest strap on we could get. I would cum over and over as she’d grind into me, her dominant side coming out, pulling my hair, growling lewd insinuations into my ear. It was our growing boredom with our meager selection that lead me onto the porch of Eve’s Tower.

A perky short red head looked up from the book she was reading at the counter as I came in

“Welcome to Eve’s Tower” she said happily “can I help you find anything specific?”

“Just browsing.” came the automatic reply, maybe a little too quickly.

“Alrighty, I’m Tabitha, just let me know if you need anything.” She was a small framed young woman, short cropped hair bouncing just above her shoulders, a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks, cute by any standard.

I nodded, and prepared to hunch down and not look too interested (as one is wont to do in most sex shops, trying to act disinterested in the wares so not to attract attention), but quickly found myself fascinated and almost giddy at what I had discovered. The inviting atmosphere drew me in, dark wooden shelves, seemingly scattered throughout the space displayed toys of almost every size, material, color, and configuration. Soft rugs under my feet and the low warm lighting gave the feeling of have stumbled across something wonderfully old and inviting.

I was standing, staring, in something like childlike glee, at a display of thick turgid protuberances, imagining sliding down on one when Tabitha’s voice surprised me from behind.

“If you’re interested, you can try out anything you’d like.” she said. It was at this moment it hit me, nothing was in a box! Every toy was on proud display, standing or laying on the shelves.

“We like to encourage a ‘try it before you buy it’ policy here,” she continued as she stepped up beside me, her voice just as perky as it had been “don’t worry everything is clean and new, people always end up buying.”

I was a stunned and a little embarrassed, a quick rush of heat to my face at the prospect of standing next to a virtual stranger who had just suggested something very intimate.

“No, I mean, it’s for, I’m looking for…” I half stammered out before she stopped me with a quick friendly laugh and a wave of her hand.

“Don’t worry, we’re very open and quite discreet, no need for shame in here, if you see something you like I’d be happy to set up a room for you.”

I was floored at the implications of what she had illegal bahis just suggested, but also suddenly and incredibly aroused by the prospect. However, her infectious openness and perk had cleared my head of any sense of guilt or shame.

I pointed to a thick violet cock laying on the shelf, its pronounced ridges and bulbous head calling to me with promises of delicious stretching and deep filling.

“Excellent!” she said cheerfully, then “Follow me.” as she turned and made her way towards a door in the back that I had not noticed before.

I followed, the weight of the toy wonderfully heavy in my hand, and quickly found myself in a dim hallway that curved off in each direction, the angle suggesting part of a circular passage. Along the inside wall were doors every few feet, a soft sultry music filtered down and a smell of spice and incense hung faintly in the background. She opened one of the doors, then stepped back, “Just come out when you’re ready, there’s washrooms just over there if you need them.”

I entered a small room, sconces on the walls and soft dark fabric just added to the sense that I had stumbled back in time. Inside was a dark plush armchair, and a low shelf along the back wall that was filled with bottles of various size and color. I turned to ask Tabitha if there was anything else I needed to do first, but she was already gone. I pulled the door closed.

On closer inspection I discovered that the shelf held a variety of lubricants and gels, small hand written labels extolling the “warming rush”, “slick stickiness”, or “relaxing thickness” of its contents. My mind still reeling at the implications of all of this, but too far gone to stop now I selected a squeeze bottle with a thick bluish liquid in it and, setting the bottle and toy on the small table next to the chair, shucked off my clothing.

Settling down on the chair, I lifted the toy, and dispensed a healthy glob of lube onto its thick purple tip. Scooting forward slightly, and laying back in the chair I raised my legs, positioned the toy at my entrance, and gave a slight push. Exquisite, almost painful, bliss exploded through me. I loved few things more than that first hard stretch as the ring of flesh opens to an invading hardness. It’s the sort of hurt that makes my toes curl and my eyes roll back. Second only to the deep ache brought on by a foot long toy buried all the way, mashing my prostate flat, but that was soon to come.

My cock, which had been stiff since I entered the room, twitched hard and a large drop of clear pre bubbled up and started to roll down my length. Scooping it up with my fingers I sucked it down greedily (I had also developed quite a taste for my own pre, the sweet flavor coupled with the naughtiness of it was something I longed for at times). Gently wrapping my hand around my length I gripped it, without moving, and started to bear down with the toy, sliding it deeper into me. I pushed it in with short thrusts, already moaning lowly as it sank in inch by inch. It dragged wonderfully across my prostate, each ridge sending a small jolt up through my core, the lube doing a perfect job of easing its entrance.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more I hit bottom, the round base of the toy bumping up against me. I realized that I was practically laying in the chair, head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open, panting steadily. Rolling to one side I lay forward in the chair, one hand firmly gripping my cock, not stroking but gently kneading the hard flesh, a near constant stream of clear nectar hanging from the tip.

Knees on the floor, rump in the air, I started the slow pull out, dragging the thick ridges across my eager prostate. The removal was almost better, each bulge in the shape scraping hard against my swollen gland, sending a small surge of fluid from my straining erection. I cupped the head of my cock, letting my palm fill with seed before smearing it across my tongue. Reaching full extension I paused for a moment, then forcefully pounded the full length of the toy into me. In and out, I began pistoning the toy, lost in the luxurious churning happening in my gut. I panted and groaned as the sharp pleasure of the steady assault on my prostate mixed with the spreading warmth of being repeatedly stretched and filled.

A sudden muffled clatter from somewhere behind me caused me to freeze mid stroke. Turning, as best I could, I became aware of a small opening in the wall of the room. About waist high, square, set in the plush walls so that the fabric wrapped the edges, a faint light visible on the other side. I stared for a moment, waiting, part terrified at the idea of being seen, part aroused.

There was a long moment, then the unmistakable perky voice of Tabitha came through the hole,

“I’m so sorry dear, I got a little caught up watching, bumped the table over here.”

“Do you always watch your customers try out the toys?” I replied, mind racing to make sense of situation. She sounded far too calm and genuinely apologetic as to indicate that she felt she illegal bahis siteleri had done anything truly wrong.

“Oh of course!” came the reply “We want to make sure that our clients are fully enjoying themselves, and remember, we’re the image of discretion.” Somehow, I truly believed her.

A sudden thought struck me. “What do you mean ‘carried away’?”

A faint giggle, and then her voice, suddenly sultry and inviting “why don’t you see for yourself?”

Still on my knees I shuffled over to the hole and peeked through.

There sat Tabitha, or should I say sprawled, across the arm chair in the adjacent room, as she had fallen apparently. One arm thrown back over her head, one draped across the arm of the chair, legs splayed. But what my eyes immediately went to was the thick, turgid, gorgeous cock straining up from between her legs. I had no words, simply stared in wonderment.

“You like what you see?” she asked, that same sultry voice, after I had simply sat dumbstruck for several long seconds.

“Uhhh” was the best I could manage.

“You put on quite a show.” she said, rising now from the chair, and striding toward the hole, her generous endowment looming larger and she approached “I enjoy watching a fellow appreciator of all the pleasures” came an almost purr, with honeyed emphasis on “all”.

By now she was practically standing at the wall, the glistening tip of her bobbing just beyond the portal that I was still kneeling at.

“Ever had the real thing?”

“No.” Came my too quick and eager reply. It was painfully clear to me what was about to happen, I was about to experience my first flesh and blood dick, attached to a perky helpful shop girl, without the homosexual aspect I’d never quite found myself able to overcome when contemplating such a thing.

“Don’t worry. It ain’t gonna bite.” the soft voice drifted through from the other side of the wall, the cock swelling slightly as a single pearl of liquid formed at the tip.

My heart was racing, chest pounding, breath deep as I contemplated the prospect for a moment, then that clear drop at the end began to slide down, threatening to fall. Almost without thinking I leaned forward and caught it on my tongue, before closing my lips around the dark head. The taste was perfect, slightly sweet but with a dark spice to it, and the feeling of real flesh against my mouth sent a thrill through me. Then, abandoning the last traces of doubt, I leaned forward, taking her length in my mouth.

There came a long satisfied sigh as I slid forward, teeth scraping lightly on flesh, my tongue taking in every bump and ridge as it filled my mouth, almost to straining. Reaching my limit I began the slow retreat sucking in my cheeks and rolling my head as I went, I didn’t want to miss out on a single moment of that heavenly flavor. Reaching the head I began circling it with my tongue, one hand coming up to stroke the now slick surface. Simultaneously, I bore down on the thickness lodged in my ass, and began rocking, groaning as the fullness of it bore down on my swollen prostate, the tip tickling deep inside me.

Suddenly, I froze in motion, the full weight of what was happening exploding in my brain. Here I was, in the back room of an unknown place, the thickest dildo I’d ever taken stretching my twitching asshole, a stranger’s thick and delicious cock brushing against the back of my throat, a hard on that was threatening to launch itself from my body…and all I wanted was more.

The cock surged in my hands as I sucked down on the head, the tip of my tongue teasing the slit that was rapidly filling my mouth with that wonderful precum. I swallowed, reveling in the warmth sliding down my throat, and began to suck in earnest, hand working to stroke the base of the shaft. The groans on the other side quickly became grunts and cries as the cock pulsed and surged, her thrusts become short and quick, she was close. Abruptly, the cock went ridged her hips tensing and lifting, her voice catching in her throat in what I knew was the beginnings of a powerful climax. Dark sweet saltiness exploded across my tongue, her glans pulsing, each swelling of the organ adding to the sudden lake of cum in my mouth. I swallowed quickly, drinking it down, diving forward to take as much of her in as I could, the tip filling the back of my throat as she spurted again and again. Then, just as suddenly she pulled back, the cock retreating.

She stepped out of view, although I could still hear her ragged breath recovering from the recent activity. A moment later the door to my room swung open and she stood there framed by the soft light and dark wallpaper behind her. Quickly, she stepped into the room, shutting the door behind her and stepped toward me.

“I don’t always do this,” he voice was suddenly a little shy, but with an undercurrent of need “but I can’t help but feel that there might be more that we could share?” Her voice drifting up in a gentle suggestive question.

I didn’t hesitate.

Practically diving forward I canlı bahis siteleri grabbed her hips and ran my tongue up the length of her still hard shaft, reveling in the dark sweetness of the remaining cum that clung to her length. She gasped, caught off guard for a moment, then almost tenderly twined her fingers through my hair, sensing my need to indulge and gently pushed forward. The soft flesh sliding across my tongue, the ridged firmness just beyond the yielding skin scraping lighting across my teeth, my lips feeling each line and ridge as she slid deeper into my mouth was heavenly. A long low sigh escaped her lips, only driving me further to satisfy and be satisfied in my desire. The pleasant push of her crown against the back of my throat sent a deep shudder through me, knees quaking, my own erection twitched wildly. I could feel wetness oozing steadily from my tip.

Her fingers tightened in my hair and she began a slow withdrawal as I sucked down on her, cheeks folding in to caress the ridge of her tip. I tightened my lips so that she finally popped free with an audible noise, eliciting a need gasp from her. Looking up I found her staring down at me, a fire burned in her eyes, a deep smoldering yearning. Taking me by the shoulders she brought me to my feet, and steadily walked by back, never breaking my look, until I felt the fabric of the chair in the room brush the back of my calves. Wordlessly, gently, she half pushed, half lowered me back till I was sitting. She finally gazed down, taking in my straining cock liberally coated in my own excitement and the hard rubber still protruding from me. Wordlessly, she grasped the end of the dildo and gave it a gently push.

I think I might have gone cross eyed. My head snapped back, I cut loose with a fully voiced cry of surprise and pleasure as I was suddenly filled again, the thickness dragging my sensitive ring. She held it for a moment, fully inserted, then a building sense of emptiness as she drew it from me. It slid free, my hole twitching at the sudden lack. She turned slightly to place it on the low table nearby, then returning her gaze to mine she said simply, “May I?”

I was struck for a moment by the sincerity and gentleness of this request, knowing full well what she meant, I nodded mutely.

On her knees now she bent slightly and took my ankles in her hands, lifting them to her shoulders. I was practically laying now, my breath short and shallow, heart pounding, as this divine creature looked down on me laying open before her, in every sense. Gently she pressed forward toward what I had been craving since my first glimpse of her laying across the chair. I felt a sort of tactile tunnel vision close in as the flesh of her crown made contact with tender flesh of my ring. Everything shrank to that. Her tip nestled in, gently spreading my opening, already hot and ready from its earlier use. The sensation of hot skin on my most private flesh caused me to twitch, a slight clench that only served to heighten the feeling as I tightened around the slight intrusion. Pressure, a deep primal feeling, built as she bore down slightly, I spread for her. Suddenly, gloriously, she was in, my taught hole grasping down on the spongy hotness nestled just inside me. I consciously squeezed, clamping down on her, bucking my hips forward, causing her to slide still further.

I am well used to the sensations that come with this, but the objects have always been that. Unyielding, cold, objects. Here I was with a warm, supple, twitching reality suddenly filling me, sliding in, scraping and dragging at wonton flesh. Like a swimmer coming to the surface I became aware of a voice, my voice, pleading religiously over and over. She was grinning down at me, a joyous look on her face at my ecstatic pleadings.

I caught my breath, locked eyes with her “More.”

And more she gave.

She plunged forward, into me, seating herself fully in before drawing back and falling into a rhythm of steady long thrusts that left her tip barely seated in me, then fully sheathed in my spasming depths.

I was thrashing now, lost in the full body glow of it all, head whipping, hands grasping at the arms of the chair, moaning forcefully each time she hilted herself. Her rhythm increased and my moans became cries, desperate needy calls as she filled me over and over. My insides were rolling, powerful spasms sending pre practically shooting from me, deep gut level clenches stronger than any orgasm I had known, like I was trying to simultaneously expel her and drag her still deeper.

Her own cries were deep grunts, in time with her thrusts, growing in register as she inevitably neared her own release. Wrapping my legs around her waist I pulled her in, bucking against her, grinding down on her shaft. My hands flew across my body, rubbing, pinching, tweaking, with minds of their own. I felt as if I was racing toward an orgasm that raced just ahead of me, but I didn’t want to catch it. I wanted to live in this moment forever, however the peaking sounds coming from her, the sudden erratic thrusting and then ridged stance, the sudden swelling of her length spreading me still further, and the heat, oh god the heat flooding into me, the warm surge in my belly as she came hard, sent me inevitably over the edge.

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