Excuse me, Professor?

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Life was going pretty well for Anne. She was attending a good university and had a very handsome boyfriend. Well, she thought he was a boyfriend. They went out and slept together, but it was more of a casual relationship. She had some feelings for him, but didn’t love him. But damn if he wasn’t fantastic in bed. Her classes were relatively easy this semester, and she thought she had it pretty good.

Shaking the snowflakes out of her hair Anne steps into the lecture hall where her biology class would be starting soon. She found a seat and pulled out her notebook and a blue gel pen. Between sips of coffee she slowly wrote “Biology” in large block letters at the top of her paper. She was expecting the class to be a bore as she doodled absentmindedly. Then her professor walked in.

He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but there was something about him that instantly captured Anne’s attention. Her pen ceased tracing block letters and lay motionless on her paper while her eyes followed her new teacher while he unpacked his briefcase.

“OK class, it’s 9:20 and we’re starting. This is Biology 110. The syllabus is coming around—please take one and pass it on. I will be taking attendance in a moment.”

He quickly called out names, looking up to pair names with faces as he went along. He called her name and she felt her heart pounding in her chest. She didn’t immediately answer so he again called her name. “H-here, professor.” He glanced up from his paper and quickly eyed Anne before going back to attendance.

What is wrong with me?? thought Anne. He’s got to be a good fifteen years older than me. She shoved the thought of him out of her mind and tried, unsuccessfully at first, to concentrate on his lecture. After a few minutes she finally ceased to notice his baby face, perfectly framed by small reading glasses. She was able to ignore what had to be washboard abs under his polo shirt, and god knows what he has in his pants, and concentrate on the lecture.

After lecture she rushed off to her next class, still thinking about him. She had never felt such excitement before. Anne spent the evening studying and catching up on homework, and the next day she worked and went shopping, finally meeting up with Brent for dinner and a movie. She had been seeing Brent for a few months now and enjoyed his company. They had fun together and the sex was good. Throughout the night and during their lovemaking, however, she noticed that didn’t give her butterflies like her biology professor. During the movie she wasn’t fantasizing about getting Brent into bed, she was fantasizing about what lay underneath her biology professor’s perfectly pressed khakis. For this she felt guilty.

The next day she arrived to biology class rather early and, after dropping her backpack into a chair, proceeded to comb and pull her long brown hair back into a loose pony tail. Not paying attention she had raised her arms up above her head enough that her flat stomach and perfect pierced navel were exposed. She finished pulling her hair back and lowered her arms. From the front of the classroom Will, her professor, had been unable to ignore her. He had walked in without her noticing and tried not to let her see that he was devouring her with his eyes. As soon as she turned towards him he went back to unpacking his briefcase and lecture notes, hoping she hadn’t seen him. He was incredibly embarrassed to notice that he had developed quite the bulge in his pants, so he quickly sat behind his desk at the front of the room and pretended to be reading the text as the rest of the class filed in. He couldn’t believe it. He had been teaching for five years and had never, ever been attracted to a student before. He had thought that previous students were attractive, for sure, but he had never had an immediate erection just from watching a woman brush her hair. Even when he had met his wife he didn’t feel this way. In fact, their sex life had always left something to be desired, especially lately. They rarely spoke any more, except for the obligatory salutations and occasional “I love you,” although he wasn’t so sure he even felt that way about her any more (or that she still felt that way about him.)

He shook his head to try to clear it and, confident that his erection had subsided, stood up and proceeded to give a lecture on cell structure.

Over the next few weeks he noticed her in class every day. It was like he had radar for her. He could walk into a full lecture hall and immediately spot her, even though she changed seats every lecture. There were several days that he had to spend much of class behind the desk or the podium.

After a few days Anne noticed that the professor’s eyes always seemed to find her, even in a hall filled with almost 200 students. Their eyes met if only for a brief second, but every time she felt a bolt of electricity jolt through her. Quite often she would find herself concentrating not on the pictures of plant cells being projected onto the board, but instead on what it would be like to feel şişli üniversiteli escort his cock in her. Luckily she was an intelligent girl because this distraction would have been enough to cause other students to fail the class.

Will strolled into lecture one day, hoping to catch a glimpse of his “favorite” student, only to discover that she was not there. Indeed, she was home ill that day. He discovered an email from her in his inbox after class, explaining her absence:

Dear Professor,

I will not be in class today. I am not feeling well. I will turn in the assignment tomorrow during your office hours.


His heart skipped a beat. He would actually get to talk to her, in person, instead of just admiring her from the front of the lecture hall. Hold it, Will he thought. This girl is barely legal and you’re married, not to mention that you can lose your job… he stopped himself. What a fool he was! It was highly unlikely that she was even interested in him in that way. She was young, beautiful. Still, he couldn’t help but feel that she was often waiting for him to lock her in a quick visual seduction every lecture. He forced himself to stop fantasizing and replied:


Tomorrow sounds good to me. I’ll be here during my normal office hours. See you then.


It wasn’t until after he sent it that he realized he had signed his nickname, Will, and not the professional “Dr. Adams” that he always used when addressing students. Oh well, too late now he thought.

The next day, as he was grading the previous day’s assignments, he heard a knock on the door. Too absorbed in his work to remember that Anne was scheduled to come in he replied, “Enter,” without looking up from his papers.

“Excuse me, professor?” She was taller than he had anticipated—at least 5’9″. She was lean but not too skinny, with hips that he wanted so desperately to grasp. She had gorgeous hair and lips that begged to be kissed. He had to cross his legs and place a book on his lap, all the while telling himself you are married, Will. She’s your student, Will. You could get fired, Will. She’s out of your league, Will.

“Sorry to interrupt, I emailed you yesterday…”

“Yes, I got it,” He replied. He was trying to sound as emotionless as possible so she wouldn’t get the wrong impression.

“Oh, OK, good. I have the assignment right here. I’m so sorry I couldn’t turn it in during class yesterday.”

“Don’t worry about it, you were ill, it happens.” He could feel himself opening up to her. He wanted to start a conversation, to learn more about her. “Are you feeling better, I hope?” he asked. He wanted to smack himself for starting up this interaction.

“Oh, yes, much better, thank you,” replied Anne. She could feel her stomach doing flip-flops as she talked with him. They continued to chat briefly about the assignment and the weather, and about whether or not the football team would finally win a game this season. After a few jabs at the losing team and a few chuckles, Will dismissed Anne to continue grading papers.

He was smitten. Not only was she beautiful but she was also funny, articulate and very intelligent. Her smile, which came so easily, lit up his office more than any cheap fluorescent lightbulb could. He was in a very good mood for the rest of the day as he replayed their conversation, over and over, in his head. When he arrived home he was still walking on air. That is, until he realized that his wife was sitting at the dining room table with a very annoyed look on her face.

“Where have you been, Will?” she asked. “You were supposed to be home an hour ago. We were supposed to go to Ralph and Julie’s for dinner, don’t you remember?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I completely forgot,” replied Will, who had legitimately forgotten about their plans.

“God, Will, you’re such a flake! You never take this stuff seriously. These are my friends, Will. Do you even care about that!?”

“Cheryl, I’m sorry, I just forgot.”

“I know, Will, I’m just sick of you always ‘forgetting’ everything that is important to me. Is it ever going to end, or are you just going to flake out on the rest of our marriage?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Will, now getting annoyed with his wife’s constant nagging.

“I’m talking about us, Will. Are you giving up on us?”

“I… I don’t know how to answer that, Cher. I wasn’t aware that I was giving up on anything.” Although there were many times he wanted to walk out, he stayed out of duty or honor or some such bullshit. Truthfully, he hated being stuck in this loveless, sexless marriage. He’s wanted out for a while, but he doesn’t dare tell Cheryl this.

“Whatever, Will. I’m over it. I’m going to my mother’s.” And with that, Cheryl was gone. She had already packed a suitcase. Will wondered if she had even told him about this dinner party previously, or if she had just made it up as an excuse to yell at him, turn it all on taksim anal yapan escort him, so she could walk out with peace of mind. Whatever the reason, he was not exactly sad to see her go.

He spent the evening watching TV, trying to find something to take his mind off of his pathetic and failing marriage. As he watched old M*A*S*H reruns his mind drifted to Anne. So young, so beautiful, so intelligent. He could feel his manhood begin to swell as he thought of her beautiful curves, gorgeous breasts, kissable lips… He slowly unbuttoned his pants and began to stroke his rock-hard penis. It only took him a moment before he was on the verge of an earth-shattering orgasm. “Oh God, yes! Anne, oh God, oh Anne….” he yelled as he came, spurting forth an endless stream of hot cum onto his bare chest. He had never cum that hard before. My god, Anne he thought to himself, If I could only fuck your tight pussy… I’d make you cum so hard you’d be shaking in ecstasy… He cleaned himself up and headed up to bed, still thinking of his favorite pupil. He knew it would never happen, but that surely wouldn’t stop him from fantasizing about her every night for the next several months.

Throughout the semester he enjoyed Anne’s presence at nearly every one of his lectures. Sometimes he swore she wasn’t paying any attention to what he was saying, not bothering to take notes or to remove her gaze from him. He also could swear that, on several occasions, he caught her staring at his crotch. They had not spoken again since that first conversation, and he kept hoping that she would need help on a subject and have to come to his office again. Indeed, Anne had also pondered “playing dumb” just to talk to him alone once more, but was unsure of herself. She saw his wedding band and had convinced herself that everything was in her head, that he looked at all the other students as much as he looked at her, and that she was just being silly. Oh Anne, he’s way out of your league she thought during the last lecture before the final exam. If he were interested in you at all he would have let you know by now. Forget about him, he’s married for Christ’s sake. Yet she couldn’t forget about him. He was in her head every time she was fucking her boyfriend, every time she made herself cum. Sometimes he was all she could think about. Anne was ready for the semester to end if only so she didn’t have to stare at her unattainable crush any longer.

The day of the final exam finally rolled around and Anne, who was gifted in all things Biology related, knew she would do quite well.

“There are 200 multiple choice and four essay questions. You have two and a half hours. Your grades will be posted on my office door by the end of the day tomorrow and you may gather your graded essays before 6pm. You may begin… now.”

Will was both sad and relieved that this would be his last day teaching this class. He hated having to look at someone so beautiful and sexy every day knowing that he would never be able to cup those perfect breasts, lick those nipples, enter that warm wet cave… he just wanted to move on with his life. His wife had filed for divorce and he would soon be selling the house and starting over. He was ready to move on. Still, he happily fantasized about Anne for the next couple hours as she sat there, concentrating on her exam. He knew she would do well—she always did. He thought about bending her over the desk right there, pulling her hair as he fucked her doggy-style as a reward for her high grade. He smiled at this thought as his cock strained against his pants.

As Anne walked towards him he felt his heart skip a beat. Her gorgeous hair flowed behind her and her hips gently swayed as she glided down the steps to the front of the lecture hall. She turned in her scan sheet and blue book at the end of the desk, then turned to Will and handed him the exam booklet. His mouth went dry as he reached for it, brushing her fingertips lightly as he took it from her. Their eyes locked briefly as their fingers touch and the energy that flowed between them was undeniable. They both breathed in sharply and stayed, fingers touching, for a brief second. Finally, Anne let go of the booklet and quickly exited the classroom.

The next day Will was still reliving that moment as he sat in his office, grading the last of the final exam essays. He got to Anne’s – perfect, as always. He was hoping to see her one last time today, when she would inevitably come to view her final grade. As students filed by, gathering their graded essays and exam scores, he was disappointed with Anne’s absence. As six o’clock rolled around he sighed and began packing up his things. He slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and pulled his door shut. He fished for the key and was in the process of locking his office door when she came gliding around the corner.

“Professor, wait!” she yelled as she jogged down the long hallway. As usual, his stomach began doing flip-flops as she approached. taksim bdsm escort She slowed her pace and stopped, slightly winded, in front of his door. “I’m sorry, professor, but can I have my essay grades? I’d like to know how I did.” She was close enough to him that he could smell her freshly-washed hair and see her hard nipples protruding from inside her tight t-shirt. He felt an erection rising so he quickly moved his bag in front of him.

“Uhm, sure, let me open this back up…” he stammered, trying to cover the tent in his pants. Anne stood, heart beating fast not because of the jog up the hallway but rather from being in the presence of this man, a man she had been fantasizing about daily for going on four months. As he struggled with the key he said, “You did quite well, you know. One of the highest scores in the class.”

“You—you remember my scores?” She managed to inquire.

“Yes, you are a very talented girl, Anne,” he replied, finally pushing his office door open. She quickly checked her final grade on the door as she walked through, leaving the professor in the hallway. What do I do? Should I follow her in, invite her to sit down? “Anne, why don’t you, uh, have a seat while I find your essays?” said Will. Still trying to hide his monster erection he opened a filing cabinet and began to shuffle through various papers until he got to her essays. Anne, who had chosen to stand, now moved next to him by the filing cabinets. She peeked over his shoulder at her grades and her hair fell lightly on his shoulder. Oh God, this can’t be happening. Or can it? Is she doing this on purpose, or does she really not know how attracted I am to her? Oh, fuck it. He turned towards her and firmly placed a hand between her shoulder blades and another in the small of her back. He drew her to him and pressed her up against his throbbing erection. He paused as he admired her perfect lips (and now very wide eyes) before he kissed her, passionately. She kissed back momentarily, then pulled away. Oh shit… Will thought. Oh God, I’ve made a mistake…

Anne walked to the door. He was sure she was going to walk out and he was horrified. To his surprise she grabbed the doorknob and quickly shut the door. She twisted the lock and stood there for a moment, her heart racing. He could see that she was breathing quickly and her face was flushed. He made no more attempt to hide his swollen member from her as it pushed against his zipper. He felt alive as intangible electricity seemed to fill the room. They stood there, facing each other, Anne backed up against the door and Will in front of the filing cabinet. After a moment Will took a step forward. This is it… Anne thought. This is really it…

He stopped just inches from her. Slowly he reached out and ran his finger up her arm to her shoulder. Anne, still breathing hard, could hardly contain herself. Will was having a hard time not simply ripping her clothes off. No, he wanted to do this right. He wanted to please Anne in every way he knew how. His other arm made its way around her waist as he pulled her to him. She felt his rock hard member pushing against her groin and it turned her on even more. Their eyes met, then their lips. They passionately kissed as he moved his hands up and down her body. He moved his hands underneath her shirt and skillfully unhooked her bra. He moved his hands to her breasts and gently rubbed a nipple between his finger and his thumb. Anne began to moan, pressed up against the door. Slowly he pulled her shirt over hear head and slid off her bra.

“God, Anne, you’re so gorgeous. You’re perfect…” he took a nipple into his mouth and flicked his tongue. Anne moaned louder.

“Professor…” she managed to utter breathlessly. “Are you sure… ohh God…..”

He released her nipple, straightened and met her gaze. “I have never been more sure.” He picked her up and carried her to his desk where he slowly pulled off her belt while admiring her perfect figure. As he worked to remove her jeans she quickly unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off effortlessly. She pulled his t-shirt over his head as she leaned her back. She felt as though she were about to explode. Slowly he slid off her pants, exposing a lacy black thong. With skilled fingers he slid the thong to the side and began to lick her. He flicked her clit with his tongue and she moaned. Each moan turned him on more and more. Carefully inserting a finger he hit her g-spot while licking and sucking on her pussy. Before long she was on the verge of an orgasm.

“Holy shit! Oh… my… ahh… OH GOD YES!!!” she screamed as she came with Will’s face and finger buried in her perfectly manicured pussy. Her body writhed as a powerful orgasm coursed through her. Will absolutely delighted in this, working hard to keep her orgasm going. Confident that the last waves of her orgasm had subsided he slid off her panties and dropped them to the floor. Anne, completely nude and lying on her professor’s desk, breathed heavily as she tried to recover.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” he asked her. “I have been watching you since the first day of class. Did you know that got hard just watching you brush your hair that first day?” He was beginning to unzip his pants. Anne continued to try to catch her breath. “You are so smart and so sexy… I’ve been dreaming about fucking you for an entire semester…” Anne smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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