Family Chastity Story Ch. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. All characters are age 19+.


My girlfriend Christina has been staying with me for the past several months. I thought my gimp son’s transformation was complete, but Christina has had other ideas…

When she first moved in, she immediately took him on as a pet project. I haven’t minded a bit -I’ve been busy at work and am glad someone is looking after him while I’m gone. It’s been fun to watch her experiment on him these past months. I always enjoy coming home from work and seeing what new things she has done to him.

Like I said, she and my sissy son have been spending a lot of time together. I know her tastes stray into the extreme -even for me. She often refers to him as “her pet” and clearly treats him as more of an object. I know she has him worship her ass daily and makes him eat her out. All this I’m okay with. But sometimes I feel they get up to some more risqué things while I’m away…

Apparently a surprise awaits me today when I get home. Christina texted me earlier and says my sissy son has something new to show me. I’ve been thinking about it all day. When I get home and go through the door, I see Christina lounging on the couch with her bare feet on the ottoman. She is dressed in some sexy workout clothes -just some black yoga pants and a yellow sports bra with her toned abs on full display. Her black hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Tattoos cover her exposed arms.

Me: Hey! How are things?

Christina: Great! Really good actually! We made some exciting progress today. How was your day?

Me: Fine, fine. So what’s the big news?

Christina: Oh you’ll see. Want some wine?

Christina pours and passes me a glass of wine, and I join her on the couch.

Christina: Thanks again for having me here. These past few months have been amazing. I really needed to get out my old place. Too many bad memories.

Me: Oh I’ve loved having you here. Nice to have another girl in the house.

Christina: Thank you. Now then, I know you must be curious… would you like to see what your little sissy and I got up to today?

Me: Yes please!

A sly smirk forms on her face and then she cranes her neck towards the hallway to the kitchen.

Christina: Here boy!

With the sharp snap of Christina’s fingers, I begin to hear a squeaking sound from the other room and within seconds, in crawls a dog-like creature covered in pink latex bondage gear. My little gimp son! I can hardly recognize him with all the pet play gear. He masterfully crawls into the room on all fours. His arms and legs are tightly compressed within his new outfit, forcing him to walk on his elbows and knees. I even see a little tail wagging out from his bottom. He is wearing a stainless steel collar and matching latex face mask. He is adorable! Our own little pet!

When he passes by me, I spot his chastity cage sticking out through a hole in his suit, feebly dangling between his legs. He is still wearing an “upgraded” cage with tiny metallic spikes embedded in the cock tube. Christina recommended it. She took offense at his constant constrained erections in her presence when he wore his old device. We initially kept him in the spiked cage for brief periods as punishment for minor infractions. However, for the past month or so, we have kept him in it full time -more of as an experiment! The results have been fantastic! He has trained himself to keep his little sissy clit under control. No more unwanted erections. Hopefully this behavior will become permanently ingrained in him.

As he makes his way across the floor, Christina and I glance at each other knowingly. She then looks back at our pet and snaps her fingers again.

Christina: Here boy! Come to Goddess Christina. It’s time to eat!

Without a word, my gimp son dutifully obeys and waddles over to Christina. He places himself between her outstretched legs with his hooded head only inches from her sex. With her legs spread wide, Christina leans back on the couch and snaps her fingers a final time. With that command, our pet promptly buries his face into her. I smile at how well trained he is. Even with her yoga pants still on, he can still smell and taste her. He wastes no time rubbing his face into her and licking with abandon. He remains prone on all fours, only using his neck to move as he worships her pussy. She completes the picture by closing her thighs and wrapping her legs around his head, pushing him in deeper. Wine glasses in hand, we continue our conversation.

Christina: So what do you think?

Me: Honestly…not what I was expecting…but I love it! How did you convince him to become this…this thing?

Christina: Oh it took no convincing -he practically begged me.

Me: Really? I’ve tried role play before. He has always hated it. I once kept him as an adult baby for a whole week -diapers, crib…everything. poker oyna He complained the entire time. What a nightmare that was.

Christina: You will be amazed at what simple thought suggestion and hypnosis therapy can do. Granted, I may have brainwashed him a bit…

She winks at me and looks down at my gimp son’s face buried between her legs. I doubt he can hear us with her thighs wrapped around his head. Nor do I care.

Me: I have to say that I love his tail.

Christina: Isn’t it cute? It’s just a regular butt plug with a rubber tail attached. Slid right in. It is quite large though…but he can take it! His boy pussy is nice and loose.

Me: This whole bondage puppy “suit” is one piece?

Christina: Yes! He has to fully fold his arms and legs together, but once you get him into it, all you have to do is zip-up the seams and he is good to go. Totally encased and trapped in it!

She points to zippers on each limb and one large one running along his back, down the length of the suit. I notice how tight and taut the pet play gear is, almost forming a second skin on him. She must have had this custom made!

Me: I love it. Absolutely hilarious. He really is our little pet now.

Christina: I know right? But let’s hear what he thinks of it all. I think I’ve had enough pussy worship for one day.

With that, she unwrapped her legs and pushed his masked face back. He fell backwards and knelt on the ground on his hind legs. His ass was pressed firmly against the carpet, forcing his butt plug in deeper.

Me: Well, well, well. How do you like your new outfit, darling?

Him: (noticeably out-of-breath) I love it mommy. I love it.

Me: So do I, dear. You look adorable. Mommy’s little pet.

I keep staring down at my gimp son in his ridiculous pet bondage outfit…he has propped himself up on all fours and is wagging his silly tail. This is a big change. It has always been a dream of mine to have my very own gimp pet.

Me: Now my sweet son. Since you love your new outfit so much, how about we keep you in it for a while? I think we can have a lot of fun.

Him: Ok mommy! But how long? I don’t know how long I can do this…

Me: How about a month? Yes. One month. After that, we can reassess. If you don’t like it, we can stop and go back to how things were.

Him: I think I can do a month of this. Do I have to wear this all the time?

Christina: No. Just during the day sweetheart. At night, we will take it off you, so you can sleep and recover for the next day.

Me: That sounds like a great idea Christina! What do you think, sissy?

Him: Ok! Let’s do it!

Me: Wonderful! This will be a lot fun. I’ve always wanted a cute little puppy.

Christina and I smile at each other one last time before making our new pet worship both our asses as a thank you gesture.

Over the next month, she and I really embrace turning him into our adorable latex pet. Every day he is strapped into his pet outfit and roams around the house -all to our amusement. After he agreed to be kept like a pet for a month, Christina bought even more pet play gear and has been adding more and more to his pet “uniform”, so to speak.

First was a new leash that attaches to his stainless steel collar. Next was a more impressive butt plug with a curly tail attached. He did not like that at all…but he gave up protesting after a few days with it firmly in place. To complete his outfit, Christina has tried multiple face-masks on my son. Sometimes he wears his normal anonymous gimp mask. Some days he wears a dog-style latex mask with snout, ears, and everything. Really depends on her mood I guess.

My gimp son’s day begins when he is awoken by Christina in his frilly pink bedroom. Since he normally sleeps tied spread-eagle to the bed, she first unlocks his arm and leg restraints, inspects his chastity cage, and allows him to take care of himself in the bathroom. Afterwards, when he is all clean and tidy, she gets him into the one-piece bodysuit, zips him up, and quickly adds his pet-play accessories.

He has really mastered crawling around in his pet-play gear, but after all this time, I would hope so. His pink latex outfit constantly squeaks as he roams around the house. His rubber tail, firmly affixed to his butt plug, involuntarily wags with his every movement. Seeing him like this always brings a smile to my face…if only he could see how ridiculous he looks.

Speaking of ridiculous, his sissy balls still noticeably dangle down through his chastity device. They are deliciously small -years of estrogen therapy have taken their toll. But his balls are still there, nonetheless, despite the many occasions when I (and Christina!) have threatened to take them away. I know how she desperately wants to “neuter our little pet”.

After the first week went by, Christina stopped with the hypnosis therapy. She and I agreed that it would be funny to see how he would respond to being our pet without being tricked into it. Without his daily brainwashing sessions, my gimp son has slowly started to realize his predicament. He canlı poker oyna has begun to complain and whine about being kept as a human pet. Christina has also notice his resistance in the morning when she gets him into his outfit. He is less cooperative than in the early days. But she still manages to get him properly dressed every day.

Additionally, Christina has now started to walk him around the front yard on his leash in broad daylight. She makes him relieve himself outside and in full view of our neighbors-all the while tugging at his leash. He has not liked this public humiliation one bit. We have also started to make him eat all his food from a dog bowl. No more human food for him.

The lack of mental domination sessions combined with some other humiliating tasks has really begun to upset our little pet. Both Christina and I are actually enjoying it more, now that we know how much he hates it. But all things must come to an end. Or really a new beginning.

Today has been exactly one month since we started keeping him as our pet. As per our agreement, time’s up, so to speak. Christina is out of town this week, but before she left we agreed on a path forward for our little pet. Today I am going to break the news to him.

I awake in bed after having an afternoon nap. My little pet is still licking my ass, faithfully following instructions I gave before falling asleep. Each lap of his tongue against my asshole delights me.

Me: That’s enough. Mommy’s awake.

Him: Yes mommy.

He stops licking my ass and I get out of the bed and start to dress. My little pet hops off the bed and follows me around the room as I put on my work clothes -a nice form-fitting suit with a black pencil skirt, white blouse, and knee-high black leather boots. Fully dressed I move to the center of the room and stand in front of my gimpy pet with my hands on my hips. I stare down at my pet.

Me: Do you know what today is?

Him: Yes. It’s been a whole month now.

Me: Exactly. One month as my pet. Was it a long month for you, dear?

Him: Yes. And I was hoping we could talk about it. I… I don’t think I want to do this anymore. It’s too much. (He stares up at me with a pleading look.)

Me: Really? You do remember agreeing to this arrangement? You seemed quite OK with it then.

Him: It’s just…I changed my mind. I can’t live like this anymore.

Me: I know. I know. I’m sorry you feel that way. But if this is what you want…we can stop. We can go back to how it was before.

Him: Yes! Please! That’s what I want.

Me: Okay…but…there is this thing. Christina and I had this other idea. I thought you may like to hear it.

Him: What idea?

Me: You see…we really like having you as our pet. And we really don’t want to stop this arrangement we have.

Him: But you said we would only try it for one month. Then reassess. I think-

Me: You’re right. But I think we should go for a bit longer. Say four months? I think that would be a lot of fun.

I can see my sissy son’s eyes widen through his face mask at this suggestion. He is starting to sweat.

Me: But we want you to be on-board with it. We want you to choose to be our pet. So, we are willing to make a deal with you.

Him: What kind of deal?

Me: How about no more chastity? If you stay as our adorable latex pet for an additional four months, you will not have to wear your chastity cage anymore. It can come off today!

Him: Really? (I sense a change in his voice. Hope or maybe disbelief?)

Me: Yes. During the day, while you are dressed in your pet-play gear, the chastity cage stays off. Your little cock and balls will be completely free. But you will still have to wear it at night when you are out of your pet uniform -we can’t have any accidents then.

Him: But what about releases? I haven’t cum in months. Will I be able to cum during this?

Me: Sometimes. Under the strict supervision of either myself or Christina. But the answer to your question is yes.

Him: No strings attached?

Me: No strings attached. I know I have tricked you in the past, but no more. You will be able to cum like a normal man, but just while you are dressed as our pet.

I stare at him on the ground before me. I notice his rubber tail just slightly wagging. He looks so adorable! I already know what his answer is going to be.

Me: So what is it going to be? Stay as our pet or go back to the way things were before?

Him: I want to be clear… just four more months as your pet? And the chastity cage comes off?

Me: Yes! Exactly! You’ve been wearing that cage for years now -I bet it will feel nice to come off…

Him: Okay. Let’s do it. (There is no hesitation now in his voice.)

Me: Are you sure? There is no turning back…

Him: I’m sure. Please keep me as your pet.

Me: Wonderful! Christina will be so happy!

I kneel down to his level so that we are face to face. He’s visibly excited and nervous at the same time.

Me: How about we get that cage off you right now?!

Him: Yes mommy! Please!

I internet casino reach around my neck and unhook the necklace bearing his chastity key. I dangle it in front of his face. He stares back at it hungrily. He is right -it has been months. In fact, I can’t remember when he last had a real release. I then take the key and peer underneath him and spot his dangling chastity cage. It fits through a nice, neat hole in his pet bodysuit. I unlock the brass lock and quickly dismantle the metal cage with both my hands. The cock sheath and metal ring come off, leaving his little cock and balls free. They are so tiny and cute -I am glad I made him get laser hair removal years ago.

Me: How does that feel?

Him: So good mommy. Thank you. Thank you.

Me: You’re welcome dear. I am just so glad that you agreed to stay as our little human pet. Now why don’t you get hard for mommy?

I give him a hard spank on his ass, causing his tail to wiggle. I then make my way in front of him and stand with my legs together.

Me: Now as a special treat, I am going to let you cum. You will cum on mommy’s boots.

Him: Right now mommy?

Me: Yes dear. Now hurry up before I change my mind. Get humping.

Without needing to be told again, my gimp son crawls towards me and mounts my legs. He props himself up with his knees on the ground but his forearms and elbows pressing against my legs. I can see his little erection desperately trying to find some friction against my leather boots. He quickly re-adjusts himself and manages to get his sissy cock wedged in the tight gap between the boots. I laugh as he begins to hump away.

Me: That’s it dear, cum for mommy.

He is in such ecstasy he doesn’t respond. He only moans and makes little grunts as he thrusts against my boots. What a pathetic little puppy! I love how determined he is. But I would be the same away if I hadn’t cum in months. His tail wags and his puppy suit squeaks and pops as he is humping away. Hardly any time passes before I can start to feel his pace quicken.

Him: May I cum mommy? Please may I-

Me: Go ahead honey. Be a good little pet and cum for mommy.

He begins to thrust quicker and quicker before he starts erupting against my boots. He moans as he shoots stream after stream onto my boots, now with coated with long, white streaks of cum. As I gaze down at his mess, it certainly looks like a few months’ worth of cum. When he stops spurting, he looks up at me and we make eye contact. He knows what he has to do next. Without a word being spoken, he dismounts my legs and gets back on all fours. Some cum still dribbles from his tiny cock. He then starts to lap up his cum from my boots with his tongue. Like a well-trained pet, he diligently cleans my boots thoroughly with his tongue before licking up his remaining dribbles from the floor. I remain standing over him with my arms crossed, smiling to myself at my dutiful little pet.

Me: Did that feel good?

Him: Yes mommy. Thank you for letting me cum.

Me: You can expect to cum like that more often now…now that you have agreed to remain as our pet for a few more months.

Him: That’s fine with me mommy. Thank you. I would do anything to cum like that again. Being your and Goddess Christina’s pet is not so bad I guess.

Me: I know right? It’s not so bad. Besides there is no going back at this point. We are going to have so much fun!

My gimp son starts to proudly crawl around the room on his nubby “legs”. I can tell that his spirits have risen now that his chastity cage has been removed. But little does he know, an even bigger change awaits him. Before he leaves the room with his tail wagging, I have one final question for him.

Me: Now dear, before you leave, mommy has another question for you. How are your little breasts feeling? I thought I saw you glance at them earlier…

He looks back at me, and then I see his eyes glance at his breasts. They feebly poke out through their latex confinement. The outlines of his engorged nipples are clearly visible through his pet-play suit.

Him: I was going to tell you mommy…they have been feeling a bit weird. At least weirder than normal.

Me: Really? How so? (I feign surprise.)

Him: I can feel a pressure in them…and my nipples are tingling. I don’t know why. Could it be the latex?

Me: I don’t know honey, but be sure to tell mommy if anything changes. It’s probably nothing…

Him: Yes mommy.

Me: You can go now. Why don’t you go back to your crate and watch some of your favorite sissy videos…

Him: Ok mommy!

I watch as he leaves the room with his little cock freely dangling between his legs, blissfully unaware of what awaits him. A few weeks ago, Christina and I came across a video of a cute transgirl lactating -she was squeezing tiny amounts of milk out of her perky breasts. Fascinated by the video, we immediately wanted to experiment with lactation on our little pet. So right after watching the video, we began the process to turn our little pet dog into our little pet cow. We have been feeding him large doses of female hormones to begin this process. He has been unknowingly eating them out of his dog bowl. Large doses of estrogen and progesterone along with his normal testosterone blockers. Our dream is to turn him into a little lactating pet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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