Fantasy Man

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Annie was home alone; she had been feeling horny since reading the sexy email from her secret lover. She decided to pamper herself to go to bed early and attend to her lusty desires.

Her kids were spending the night with friends and her husband was away on business.

She took a hot shower and made herself a drink, then fluffed up her pillows and got into bed, naked. She liked sleeping naked; she found it very sensuous, especially when the sheets were crisp and fresh like they were tonight. The coolness of the linen, when she first got into bed, caused her nipples to react which usually led to other things.

She switched on the TV to watch, or maybe listen to, the news. She then sunk back into her pillows and closed her eyes while sipping on her drink. She was feeling very relaxed and thought she might even doze when she heard something on the news that caught her attention. It was the shouting of commodity traders at the Chicago exchange.

She had begun her working career in that business, way back when she was twenty something. The news item was soon over and she reclined back into the soft comfort of her pillows again. Her mind began to wander back to her early working days. She turned the news off and put on a sexy movie, mostly to listen, she got off more on the sounds of sex than the images.

She remembered how men came on to her at the exchange. She could have had her choice of just about any man she worked with. Most she just dismissed but of the hundreds she encountered daily there were just a select few she would allow in her bed. Five to be exact, all five possessed that certain something which got her juices flowing. Although she didn’t openly pursue any of them she didn’t’t shy away from shamelessly flirting when in the company of one of them. And on the other hand, if she had decided that she wais not interested in sleeping with someone, no amount of pursuit or persuasion was going to move her.

She was an extremely horny young woman; she thought there was something wrong with her because she would get so turned on from her flirtations. Her biggest guilt trip came from her, almost nightly, masturbating while fantasizing about one of her favorite men. Being naïve, having little sexual experience and being raised a catholic didn’t’t help matters either.

She felt herself becoming aroused from her recollections, the way she used to when she was around one of the fab five. She caressed her nipple which immediately sent an electrical wake up call to her clit. Mmmm, she thought, that doesn’t’t feel too bad. She placed her other hand on her thigh and caressed it teasingly for awhile before lightly stroking her pussy lips with her fingers. She liked to stay away from her pleasure button when she first started arousing herself. Delaying the unleashing its potent pleasures got her really hot. She let her mind drift, to one night when she did give in, or maybe was seduced. To this day she wasn’t sure if it was her latent desire or his insistent charm that lead to a night of rapture.

Jesse had shown an interest in her from day one and he was part of her select circle. Even though he was persistent he wasn’t a nuisance, as a matter a fact he was quite charming in his determination to get a date with her. Even though he was one of the men she liked, she had eyes for someone else and didn’t want to lead Jesse on. She consented to have lunch with him several times but held fast in her reluctance to meet him after her work day. If the truth be known she didn’t trust herself to be alone with him.

At the first Christmas office party she attended Jesse was there and bought several drinks for her. When drinking she trusted herself even less when it came to matters of the heart. She was getting fed up with the party and while almost everybody was on the dance floor she found herself alone. She decided to leave without telling anybody because she didn’t’t feel like having to explain why.

She was in the closet searching for her boots and coat when Jesse walked in. “leaving?” he asked. This was the reason she tried to sneak out.

Of course he invited her for one drink at his favorite watering hole. By now she’s feeling her drinks and didn’t mind as long as she was away from the crowd and the noise.

She knew he’d probably proposition her and was intrigued and even a little excited with the notion. Her prediction came to fulfillment while they were slow istanbul escort dancing. Maybe it was the way she pushed back when he pushed his groin into her while they danced. Or maybe he thought she was drunk enough to be persuaded. Whatever his thinking was he asked if she’d like to see his new apartment, promising no hanky panky.

She almost laughed but then sympathized with him, what’s the guy supposed to say to her, “you wanna come back to my place so I can fuck the arse off of you?” At first she was going to refuse but some part of her wanted him, so against her better judgment she accepted.

His apartment had a beautiful view which she enjoyed while he made drinks. They stood sipping and chatting for a while when he asked if she wanted a tour. He showed her his state of the art kitchen, a very large terrace and the tour ended in his bedroom where he attempted to kiss her.

“Wait Jesse I’m very attracted to you and I sincerely think you’re a great guy, but I don’t think we should do this” Jesse answers.” The attraction and respect are mutual and I think I may even be falling in love with you.” “I know, I know a lot of guys at work are looking at you and you have your choice of any of them. I know you’ll never choose me but you could give me a night that will live in my memory and my heart for a life time.” “I swear that if you grant me this it will go to my grave with me, if not, I won’t try to force you.

She wants to give in so badly but is still hesitant. Should she trust him to keep it secret or should she stop it now?

He interprets her hesitancy as a definite maybe; he takes her in his arms and kisses her tenderly.

“Please don’t Jesse” she pleads half heartedly and tries to pull away. He holds her close and kisses her neck, further lessening her resolve. Even his manly aroma is turning her on at this point.

She feels his hand on her crotch caressing her pussy through her clothes. She grabs his hand in a vain attempt to halt the inevitable. Her attempt backfires when he places her hand on the bulge in his pants.

His boldness surprises her and she hesitates because of her mounting excitement and confusion. He places his hands on her shoulders and stares into her eyes. “Come on Annie, you know you want to.” “Be honest with yourself, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t’t.”

She couldn’t deny his logic and it was getting harder to suppress her own mounting desires. But she feels that it’s almost her duty to resist, fearing he’ll think less of her if she seems too easy.

He expertly kisses her neck and caresses her breasts, finally driving her over the edge of contemplation and deep into the irresistible desires of the flesh.

Conceding that she’s beyond the point of no return, she’s ready to grant him his one time special request.

She knows that once she takes action it’s no longer persuasion but silent acceptance.

He covers her mouth with his again and offers her his tongue. Her deliberations are short and her highly charged libido takes over. With all resistance gone she accepts his tongue and returns her hand to his bulging groin. “Oh yessssssss” he whispers, into her open mouth.

He pulls her skirt up and when his hand contacts her wet panties he’s pleased to find that she’s just as horny as he is, maybe more. He tugs on her panties, she doesn’t resist. He fumbles with the buttons of her blouse then frees her breasts. Within seconds she’s standing there with her skirt bunched up around her waist, her panties around her ankles and her breasts bare. She thinks that this probably would not be a good time to change her mind.

She wants to feel skin; she unbuttons his shirt and licks his nipples. She sucks on them until they become erect then brushes her own aroused nipples over them. When he kisses her again she crushes her breasts into his chest.

While in his embrace she unbuckles his belt and opens his zipper; reaches into his shorts and wraps her hand around his rock solid cock. Her touch induces him to push his tongue deep into her mouth while exhaling excitedly through his nose.

After several minutes of ardent kissing and stimulating each others genitals she feels the need to pleasure him. She’s glad that she is finally at the point where she can feel at ease in the arms of this wonderful man, and can start enjoying his sexy body. She crouches and as she does she pulls his kabataş escort pants and shorts down together. His hard-on is strong and points upwards, her mouth waters to taste it.

She takes his erection in her hand and tugs on it slowly as she kisses his belly and caresses his inner thighs. She breathes in his manly scent inspiring her to press her lips into his groin area. He emits a low guttural whine of gratification when she raises his cock and licks his balls. His scrotum is wrinkled and tight, his gonads feel as big as plums as she bathes them with her lustful tongue. By now she wonders which one of them is more turned on by her deliberate teasing.

She just can’t wait another second to feel his shaft glide in and out of her hungry mouth. She pulls her head back, closes her eyes and parts her lips. She then moves her head forward, towards the object of her desire which she holds lovingly in her hand. She lets it slide into her mouth at a cock teaser’s pace. His pre come tastes mildly salty, his penis of pleasant smelling soap.

Her purposefully slow blow job drives him crazy and he lets her know it with a long, high pitched shriek. She so horny now that his reactions to her love making almost has her coming.

After an evening full of sexual innuendo and seduction she is extremely aroused. Not to mention the effect sucking on his beautiful stiff cock is having on it. She knows that the slightest touch of her clit will set her off; she even has to be careful not to close her thighs too tightly. She resists coming, preferring instead to enjoy the heights of passion she has rarely achieved.

He gets her to stand and removes the remnants of her clothing, and then draws her burning flesh to his.

Looking into her eyes, he says”, “that was a wonderful, unexpected gift” “let me return it to you.”

What started out to be a special night for him, now seems will turn out to be a special night for them both.

He guides her to his oversized bed, kisses her erotically one more time before getting her to sit on the edge of it. She gets an unexpected thrill when her aroused pussy lips come in contact with the satiny coolness of the over stuffed duvet. Standing close to her, his cock is now near again. She leans towards it but he places his hands on her shoulders and pushes her backwards until she’s flat on her back. He kneels in front of her legs which are dangling over the side of the bed, places his hands on her knees and spreads them apart.

With eyes closed she enjoys the soft touch of his hands, lips and tongue. Her breath comes in short gasps when his lips reach her inner thigh close to her expectant pussy. She loves how he tantalizingly works near and around her spice box yet stays away from direct contact with it. She’s almost ready to beg for that contact when suddenly and without warning his tongue splits her lips and penetrates her pussy like a small, darting cock. She squirms and moans under his pleasure giving mouth, while teasing her nipples with the palms of her hands until they’re tight and large.

Even though his attention to her pussy is heavenly she’s still not ready to come. She wants to sustain her ever increasing desire to consummate their union. She reaches down and finds his hand and tugs it towards her. Without words being exchanged he understands her request.

He stands at the edge of the bed, and then steps back a little to let his eyes feast on her provocative pose. “God, you’re beautiful Annie” he says admiringly. She’s propped up on her elbows caressing her breasts and looking at him with a sexy half smile. Her legs are bent and wide open, her enlarged pussy lips glistening from a combination of her own excitement and his saliva.

She likes what she sees too, Jesse is a tall slim man with curly hair and teddy bear blue eyes. She always liked his physical looks, but seeing him naked is like seeing him for the first time. Even though he’s tall and slim his body is sexy and well proportioned. His powerful erection flatters her, making her feel that she’s sexy and attractive to him. It seems a shame not to put such a beautiful hard-on to work. She’s tempted to suck on it again, but she wants all of him, to feel his skin on hers, his weight on top of her, his eager cock inside her.

With her legs invitingly open to him she moves back on the bed to make room for him. As she moves she feels anew kadıköy escort the coolness of the quilt, this time the feel is evocative and sexy. She reclines and holds out her open arms in an invitation to him to come to her and fuck her. He can’t believe that it’s happening and wants to burn every sight, every sound, every feeling into his memory.

He positions himself between her thighs, bends over her and supports himself on his hands and knees before lowering his body to make contact with hers.

She reaches down to grasp his cock, which feels like satin covered steel. She slowly tugs on it while he pauses to say something to her.

“Before we do this I just want to tell you that I think I’m the luckiest man in the world, if we’re never together in this way again, I’ll always have tonight.”

He kisses her lovingly; she guides his cock to the entrance of her waiting, yearning pussy. She sucks her breath in sharply when he pushes his firmness inside her.

He maintains pleasant slow thrusts, as if to repay her for her nice slow blow job. Each time he withdraws, her pussy lips cling to his cock as if reluctant to let it go.

His upper body seems to float just centimeters above hers, his hair covered chest brushes over her tingling nipples each time he moves in and out of her.

Her passions rise to an unprecedented level, building ever so slowly to the climax she now yearns for.

The words he spoke before entering her flash in her mind, and when she considers his tenderness and his love making skills she feels like a pretty lucky girl herself.

The climax she can feel mounting, hopefully a long, strong one, will be like the icing on the cake.

A thought which forms in the deep, evocative recesses of her mind escapes her lips, “Oh Jesse” she whispered into his ear, almost inaudibly. Her sigh of pleasure spurs him on, causing him to increase the pace of his thrusting.

“Ohhhh, yes” she moans in response to his faster fucking motion. Again her words inspire him to fuck her even harder.

“Oh Jesse, I’m coming” “Oh yes, I’m coming all over your beautiful big cock.”

“Oh fuck, yes” Jesse groans “come all over it baby, Ohhhhh yesss I’m coming too.” His cock unloads, pumping gobs and gobs of come into her. He keeps moving his shooting cock long enough for her to have a second, less intense orgasm.

He collapses on top of her their body sweat mingles while they wait for their heavy breathing to subside. She hopes the words she spoke in the heat of passion wouldn’t cause him to think of her as a sex maniac or something worse. “I guess I got a little talkative there at the end, eh?”

“Oh baby, you wouldn’t believe how that set me off, it was fantastic.” “You’re, by far, the most passionate lover I’ve ever been with” he told her. “You’re hot.” “And remember what I told you earlier about falling in love with you?” “Well this night removed any doubt.” She smiled and he continued. “The only problem is that this was a one time special gift from you to me, all the women I will be with from this night on I’ll be comparing to you.” “And you’re a hard act to follow.”

They never made love to each other again after that night.

Annie slowly returns to reality in her bed, the TV still flickering away in the background, her sticky fingers evidence of her self indulgence.

“If I only knew then what I know now” she laments “I’d never let such a good lover as him get away.”

Again she starts thinking of the ones she wishes she had kept contact with. Jesse Wally, Steve, Artie, they may not be part of her real life but she can still having all of them in her fantasy life.

She grins at the notion and couldn’t help getting excited by the prospect, a different lover every day, depending on my mood. “Let me see, which one I should choose next” she thought.

She was Feeling wickedly sexy about choosing lovers from her stable as if they were toy soldiers. “I think I’ll choose Wally.” “Oh yeah, she thought “he’s another one who always got me wet from the minute I saw him.”

She knew only too well where this was leading; and as if they could think for themselves, one of her hands went to her breast, the other between her thighs.

She touches her super sensitive clit which spikes her arousal into the stratosphere and dispels any inhibitions.

“Oh yessssssss, I want to fuck them all” she groans obscenely. Her vulgar language intensifies her extremely raunchy frame of mind.

Her eyes roll back in her head “Wally, Jesse, Steve, Artie, she says aloud, strip me naked, touch me, kiss me, suck me, fuck me, oh yeah, each one of you, fuck me, one after another, fuck me.” Ohhhhhhhhh I’m coming again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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