Feeling It

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Your tongue was eagerly tending to my clit, yet my hard dark pink nipples were yearning for the same attention. They wanted to be hot and wet while they were still firm.

I slid my hand beneath my pillow to prop my head. This was going to bring my own mouth closer to my chest in hopes of feeling a mouth on a tit. You looked down your nose and across the glimmering tuft at the top of my pussy. Noticing the look in my eye, you slowly glided your hand from under my ass, up along my hip, across my bare ticklish belly until reaching the tender underside of my right breast. With an extended tip of my head, you were able to feed me my own hard nipple.

Your sucking intensified. My squirming was not any indicator I wanted you to stop. You sucked until I yelped and twisted my hips sideways. The sudden blast of wetness provided comfort in letting you know you were doing all the right things in just the right way.

Your hand never left my tit, and you never stopped trying to feed me to myself. You grabbed it to force the swelling, almost like I might if I was holding your cock. Instead, you let me fondle it with my foot. The harder you became, the more wet I became.

When it was no longer possible to keep my head tilted so far, I reached for your hand, brought it back to the tip of my breast and cupped my hand in place over yours. You squeezed it and moaned with your mouth still ortaköy escort firmly in place. I grabbed tighter. You responded with a pinch of my nipple to the extent you believed to be a hard grip.

With that same nipple between your thumb and knuckle, I surrounded your fingers with mine and pinched twice as hard. Your eyes widened at what you perceived should be painful. My smile and groan said otherwise. When you pinched hard enough, I let go of your hand and began running my fingers slowly through your thick sexy mane.

Flowing over the top of your head and down the back, I scooped your well defined jaw into my palms and slipped a fingertip into the corner of your wet mouth to feel your tongue flicking against my clit. With a quick slurp of my finger and a nibble to match, your tongue continued its journey along my soft hot flesh from bottom to top. Up, so slowly to feel the inside of my lips with a lingering pause at the bend of my bone. When I ‘jumped’ at the strength of your tongue playing with me so strongly, it also made my hips rise.

I enjoyed the added sensation of your hand as it slid beneath me along my ass. Just as my hips lowered, you pressed against my flexed cheek to lift me again. It brought my pussy closer to your face and opened myself to let your tongue penetrate me. I picked up on your intentions. Thighs flexed, hips raised, otele gelen escort all my privacy on display, you snuggled up and got comfortable perched between my thighs. As they began to quiver, your tongue danced harder – as you paired it with an intense sucking and clamping of your lips on mine.

There was no pause in your momentum. Just as I was about to cum, you heard me call out for your cock. With my unmistakable begging, you probed harder, and resisted the urge to plunge a finger or two or three along with your oral muscle.

You knew how close you made me, knew it was mere seconds until that moment would arise. Between long stays in action, you whispered short instructions on how to be ready for what came next. So-to-speak.

Listening to, and following every command as they melted over your glistening lips, the position was assumed.

The hand you once had beneath me shifted to the tight space between you and the crisp white sheets. What awaited your grasp was a long hard cock that desired some special lovin’.

I felt the bed shake a slight bit, just to be sure all was in order. Another suck and another long lick along my entire slit didn’t end until your tongue reached mine. We kissed a brief kiss as your back arched forward and drew your head into the air above mine. I continued the contact with a kissing lick of your beautiful otele gelen escort chest.

You were finally straddling my belly. Your hands landed against the wall as you let your body fall forward. As you directed, my hands were pressing my tits together. Your cock was gliding through the tight space between them. Up and back, you passed through several times so I could feel the swollen, pronounced head making its way close to my face.

Watching my attempts to catch your cock on the up-slide you sensed a need to help me when I couldn’t get to it fast enough before you glided it back into place between my soft round breasts. You pulled one hand off the wall and lightly patted the top of my head. I smiled to think you were telling me it was ok that it wasn’t happening…but it was not ok with me! I told you already I wanted that cock of yours! That gentle pat turned into a fistful of hair as you yanked my head forward to reach your throbbing head. I sucked you, licked you slurped you and even slipped out with a loud popping sound as you pulled before my sucking ended.

The taste of you brought the orgasm back to a new height. I reached up, gripped my hand around your shaft and jerked you off to keep you hard. My mouth was open for sucking your balls the way they hung so perfectly balanced and silky looking.

The grip on my hair firmed up as you brought your balls out of my mouth to replace them with your cock again. A few pumps down my throat later, you whispered the option to me to swallow it all or wear it across my face and neck.

You had to choose for me as my eyes rolled back and I gasped in ecstasy. I tried to answer but nothing audible escaped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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