Fictional Fantasies Ch. 02

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Dear Reader – Please read Chapter 1 of Fictional Fantasies first, to fully appreciate this story. Please do also provide your lovely feedback which will encourage me to continue publishing subsequent chapters!


Waking up the following morning, the whole memory felt dreamlike and Meg might have questioned whether the entire event had actually even happened. Except when she raised her head slowly from her exhausted slumber, she saw four black silk scarves, still tied to each of the bedposts, offering her definitive proof. There was somebody out there in the world who knew her darkest desires, knew where to find her and could strike again at any point. He had made Meg come harder and more intensely than she had ever experienced before and, although she suspected his handle may well be Nimble Kimble, she didn’t even know what he looked like. The thought was thrilling and terrifying in equal measure.

For the first week, following that auspicious night, Meg was almost continuously sexually aroused. The stranger was at the forefront of her mind and each man she walked past, she wondered. Could that be him? Was it those experienced hands that drove me so proficiently to orgasm? However, as the weeks passed, Meg gradually, begrudgingly, tried to return to her normal life, accepting that the one amazing night she had experienced was sadly a one-off. She regularly logged into the writer’s forum to check if he was online, but to no avail.

A month later, Meg found herself back at the writer’s retreat, for the next installment in the set of writing weekends. Arriving the evening before classes commenced, Meg took full advantage of the swimming pool and spa before eating dinner alone and having an early night. She fell asleep dreaming of her mystery man, only to be woken later by the sound of items being moved around her suite. She slowly opened her eyes to discover she had been blindfolded. He was here! Her heart leapt in her chest, which was mirrored by a pulse beating between her legs, as she subtly pulled down on her hands. Predictably, she discovered they were once again tied to the bed, although her ankles remained free. Taking deep shallow breaths, Meg lay silently, trying to work out what the intruder was doing. At length, Jack made his way to the side of Meg’s bed.

‘Good, you’re awake,’ he said, the slight lilt of a Scottish accent noticeable. ‘I’m going to remove your handcuffs momentarily and then walk you across to the examination table.’ Meg took a quick intake of breath that didn’t go unnoticed by her captor. ‘Ah, so you remember this story? I thought it would be a good one to play out. Just to warn you though, I might deviate off-piste a little. I like to add my own ideas into the mix.’

‘What ideas?’ asked Meg warily, cautiously being led across the room in her visionless state.

‘I’m hardly going to tell you that, am I Meg?’

‘Why not?’

‘Because the anticipation and lack of control is what ultimately turns you on the most, isn’t it?’ Meg went cold and still. This man had worked her out to a tee, and she didn’t even know his name. ‘Well, isn’t it?’

‘Uh-huh,’ she admitted shyly. ‘What can I call you?’

‘How about Doctor?’ he replied. ‘Right, let’s get you out of your night dress and up onto the table.’ He assisted Meg in doing this and then secured her hands firmly above her head. As far as she could work out, she was laying flat on a table that had been covered in blankets, with additional padding under her lower back and bottom, which had the effect of slightly raising her hips. Her legs were free to move and she currently had them clamped nervously together, awaiting goodness knows what.

‘So, according to your notes you’ve been referred to me because you’re having problems climaxing.’ Meg gasped. ‘So,’ he continued, ‘I’ll be undertaking a thorough investigation to try and ascertain how we can help resolve the problem.’

‘This isn’t my story. That’s not what I wrote,’ moaned Meg, suddenly very nervous.

‘Like I said, my own ideas,’ repeated Jack.

‘Your own sick and twisted ideas?’ mumbled Meg. Jack laughed.

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet. Good, strong heartbeat,’ said Jack professionally, holding the cold round resonator of a stethoscope to her chest. ‘Very fast though. Take in a couple of nice deep breaths, Meg and try to relax a little. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth…better.’

Avoiding her breasts, his hands moved down to stroke her ribcage, causing Meg to whimper.

‘So, just a couple of background questions first. How many sexual partners have you had?’ he sarıyer escort asked. Meg froze.

‘Umm. Four,’ replied Meg cringing.

‘And the last time you had sexual intercourse?’ Jack asked, his hands moving down further to stroke her stomach.

‘Probably three years ago,’ she whispered shyly.

‘Interesting. I’m now going to undertake a series of tests. The first one is to test the sensitivity of your nipples,’ Jack continued. ‘So I want you to describe to me the sensations you feel, please.’ And with that, Jack ran an ice cube around Meg’s areola. She gasped at the sensation and the feeling of the melting water running down her body, automatically trying to pull her hands down from the tethered position above her head. ‘Describe the sensation please?’

‘Cold!’ Meg exclaimed.

‘Good. Now this one,’ continued Jack, wrapping his lips around her nipple and stroking his tongue across the tip. Meg flinched, not only at the amazing feeling of his mouth on her body, but also because he seemed to have taken a sip of hot drink beforehand.

‘Hot!’ she squeaked.

‘Good, and now can you describe what I’m doing please?’ And with that, Jack took her damp nipple between thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently in a circle. Meg groaned, incapable of doing anything except feeling. ‘Answer me please,’ he demanded, starting to gently squeeze his fingers together in a pulsing movement and then finishing by gently pinching and pulling the nipple towards him until it slipped out of his grasp, before starting over again.

‘God!’ moaned Meg at length. ‘Something completely fucking amazing.’

‘Are you feeling a sensation anywhere other than your nipples?’ he asked, switching over to manipulate her other breast.

‘Yes,’ hissed Meg, embarrassed. Jack smiled knowingly. He didn’t need to ask where.

‘That’s good,’ explained Jack. ‘For some women, nipples can become an erogenous zone because their arousal impacts the same section of the brain’s sensory cortex as when the genitals are stimulated.’ Meg was dumbfounded. Surely he wasn’t an actual doctor? ‘As your nipples are clearly capable of giving you such gratification, we should be harnessing that, so I’ll take the slightly unusual step of placing these on them, before we continue.’

‘What are you doing?’ shrieked Meg, as both of her nipples were pinched lightly, without the pressure being released.

‘Tweezer nipple clamps,’ replied Jack.

‘You can’t do this!’ exclaimed Meg, pulling down on her handcuffs.

‘I’m afraid that during a consultation such as this, I can do whatever I wish, without gaining your permission. They’re extremely mild and on the most forgiving setting. For now at least,’ threatened Jack. ‘They’re linked together by this chain,’ he said, pulling it gently, causing both nipples to be stimulated at the same time. Meg cried out at the intense feeling that rushed through her body.

‘You bastard,’ she moaned, writhing against her cuffs.

‘Just be thankful I didn’t select the vibrating nipple clamps.’ Jack was delighted to see Meg’s astonished face, suggesting she had no idea such a thing even existed. It seemed Luke was right about her being fairly innocent, despite her hobby. Jack shook the thought out of his mind and got back to the job in hand.

‘And now its time for the clitoral examination,’ he continued. ‘I need to ascertain where the most sensitive sections of that whole area are for you. Please bend your knees.’ He waited whilst Meg begrudgingly did so. ‘Put the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to flop open as far as they can.’ Feeling sickeningly vulnerable but ridiculously sexy in equal measure, Meg did as she had been ordered. She realised, no doubt by devious design, that because of the additional padding under her lower back and bottom, her knees dropped much further down either side of her than they would had she been laying on a flat surface, ensuring she was entirely exposed. She could feel herself embarrassingly wet and swollen and knew that even the slightest touch from him would cause very intense sensations.

‘I’m now wrapping a scarf around each inner thigh,’ he explained as he worked, ‘and tying it off under the examination table. This is to assist you in maintaining your position during the procedure, which you might otherwise find rather challenging. It also ensures I have unimpeded access, of course.’

Meg groaned with uncontrolled desire. Trying to adjust her legs, she realised her knees were tied firmly down. Worse still, the scarf was positioned over the top of her swollen outer lips, silivri escort opening her fully. It felt very unfamiliar to feel air moving freely against such intimate parts of her body, entirely susceptible to whatever he chose to do.

‘Good. Now, I’m going to touch you in two different places or in two different ways. Each time I do so, I need you to compare and let me know which gives you the most pleasure.’ And without allowing Meg a moment to consider what was happening to her, Jack got to work. Leaning down to Meg’s wide open lips, Jack ran his tongue firstly down the left hand side of her swollen nub and then teasingly down the right hand side. Meg immediately spasmed at the intense sensations, her knees naturally trying to close together but unable to do so.

‘Just say “first” if you prefer the first. “Second” if you prefer the second,’ pushed Jack, and repeated his previous movements a number of times. Meg cried out, experiencing further delicious aftershocks, jumping further as his stubble made contact with her inner thigh.

‘Meg, I really need you to focus,’ insisted Jack. ‘First or second?’

‘Second,’ croaked Meg.

‘Good,’ smiled Jack. ‘Now we’re getting somewhere.’

For what felt like an eternity, Jack kept her on the edge of orgasm, forcing her to compare and contrast different touches, methods and techniques, when all Meg wanted to do was scream with frustration.

‘Good,’ said Jack eventually. ‘I now have an excellent understanding of how you can receive the maximum amount of pleasure.’

‘I think I hate you,’ groaned a trembling Meg.

‘Hate is a very strong word, Meg,’ said Jack in a low, husky voice. ‘It suggests there is nothing further I could do, to elicit any stronger reaction in you than I have already. And I simply know that’s not true.’ And with that, Jack picked up a third clamp, also attached to the chain, and clipped it onto one of her labia. Ignoring her groans, he then pulled gently on the chain, stimulating all three sites at the same time. Meg screamed out at the mindnumbing intensity of the feelings swirling around her desperate, agitated body.

‘I was just about to remove the clamps,’ smiled Jack. ‘But if that’s the reaction they provoke in you, I’m going to have to leave them on for a little while longer. For research purposes, you understand,’ he added. ‘You can start to consider hating me about now if you want, as we move onto the G-spot examination.’

Meg could hear him moving items around nearby and her internal muscles clenched up in anticipation.

‘Of course,’ he said. ‘There has recently been much debate about whether the G-spot exists or not. You can read various scientific papers that argue it both ways. Happily, I’m here to tell you that it certainly does exist and I can prove it to you through the use of a G-spot wand. Let me show you.’

With that, Jack gently slipped a narrow vibrator-like device into a tense Meg.

‘You can relax, Meg,’ murmured Jack into Meg’s ear. ‘I’m going to be giving you an earth-shattering orgasm in a matter of minutes. Now,’ he explained. ‘The positioning is crucial. Let me show you.’ And with that, Jack gently nudged high up on her internal front wall. Meg felt very little.

‘You see, just there is too high, and just here,’ he explained, moving the wand much further down, ‘is too low. The sweet spot is right about here.’ He applied a little pressure and turned on a low level vibration setting, which gave Meg a warm, fizzing feeling deep inside her that slowly began to build. However, no sooner had it started, the feeling stopped as Jack removed the wand.

‘Why have you stopped?’ moaned Meg.

‘I’ve changed my mind,’ explained Jack. ‘I think this will be superior.’

‘What the hell is that?’ asked Meg anxiously, as she felt something wide leaning against her wet opening. As Jack gently tried to push it inside of her, Meg clenched up and fought against her restraints.

‘Seriously, how is that going to help?’ asked Jack sarcastically.

‘What is it?’

‘It’s an anatomically designed G-spot vibrator. It’s one of the models with a slightly larger in girth.’

‘Slightly larger?’ exclaimed a disbelieving Meg.

‘Meg, this is entirely your choice. But if you want to come, I suggest you relax because it’s this or nothing. Do you want to come?’ Meg nodded sadly.

‘Desperately. Is this payment for one of those ten minutes? You said I had to submit to you in the future as payment.’ Jack laughed.

‘No Meg, you don’t get away that easily. But nice try.’

‘But I’m submitting to this.’

‘You şirinevler escort have no choice but to submit, if I’ve tied you up, do you? So I don’t need to waste one of your precious submissions here. I’ve got much more interesting things planned for them.’

‘That’s not fair!’ replied an outraged Meg.

‘I’ve never played fair in my life, Meg,’ chuckled Jack. ‘And I’m almost always ruthless in bed, so you’re already on a losing wicket. Now, do you want me to continue, or shall I leave?’

‘I don’t want you to leave,’ replied Meg quietly.

‘So, how about you say “please help me to orgasm doctor”,’ he said teasingly.

‘Please help me to orgasm,’ she groaned.

‘Doctor,’ he repeated.

‘Doctor,’ she said through gritted teeth.

‘That will be my pleasure, Meg.’

And with that, Jack dropped his lips to her over engorged clit and, having processed every piece of information he had previously elicited from her, began a tormenting bombardment of her senses, interchanging the pleasure being given by his tongue with a slow and continual insertion of the thick vibrator. Each time he felt Meg nearing orgasm, however, he paused to prevent her from climaxing. Once the vibrator was fully inserted, Jack ceased his taunting.

‘How do you feel?’ he asked.

‘Why don’t you stop teasing me and just let me come!’ Meg shouted angrily. Jack smiled.

‘Probably because I’m mildly sadistic and I’m getting pleasure from watching you struggle against the power of that orgasm I can see burning within you. So, how do you feel?’ he repeated, gently kneading Meg’s taut skin which was clenching the base of the vibrator.

‘Dying of sexual frustration and more full than I’ve ever felt,’ she groaned into the darkness of her blindfold.

‘It’s really not that big,’ smiled Jack, acknowledging to himself that he was finding her lack of experience increasingly appealing. ‘I’m going to turn the vibrations on now Meg. Just to warn you, it’s going to feel like a bit of an assault on your senses but try and let your reaction build slowly. Delaying your orgasm will intensify it tenfold.’

And with that, Jack turned the low buzzing vibrations on, allowing Meg’s one-way journey to Heaven to begin. Meg’s breath caught in the back of her throat as her body involuntarily clenched tightly around the massive instrument. The sensations were incredible and she could feel the strengthening approach of an obscenely powerful orgasm.

‘Try and control it sweetheart,’ Jack repeated as he gently nudged the vibrator inside her and slowly ramped up the unforgiving reverberation. ‘Keep breathing.’ Jack smiled as Meg desperately fought an internal battle with herself that he knew she would ultimately lose. Very soon. As her cries became louder and more frequent, Jack knew she only had seconds to go.

‘I’m going to count down from ten. You can come when I get to zero but not before,’ he whispered into her ear.

‘No, I can’t wait,’ replied a pained Meg.

‘Wrong answer. It’s just gone up to twenty,’ replied Jack. ‘If I think you’re going to orgasm too early, I will simply cease all stimuli until you’ve calmed down and then we’ll start over again…Twenty’

Panting from trying to control the intensity of feeling, Meg willed him to count faster. Eventually she heard ‘Five…Four…Three…Two…One.’ Meg took a deep breath, ready to release the wave of energy she was powerless to continue holding. As she did so, Jack said ‘Zero’ and at the same time, gently pulled on the chain that her over stimulated body had completely forgotten about. The most intense sensations sped unyieldingly around Meg’s body as the orgasm ripped through her. Each time Meg came, she inadvertently clamped the vibrator more firmly against her G-spot, pushing her straight into another orgasm. Each time she gasped for breath afterwards, desperately trying to recover, Jack wickedly moved the chain once more or nudged her clitoris with a gently rotating thumb, rocketing Meg straight back to the edge of orgasm and back over the precipice of pleasure. Jack teased her relentlessly, over and over, more, he acknowledged, than was strictly fair, simply because she looked so adorable; sweaty, blindfolded, restrained and roaring with a never-before-experienced pleasure that completely overwhelmed her.

When Jack finally let her rest, Meg’s body was so exhausted that she barely noticed him gently remove each clamp and suck tenderly as the blood rushed back around each sensitive site.

‘I did have an additional section of the examination planned,’ said Jack, softly stroking Meg’s hair. ‘But I honestly don’t think you’re up to it now. Maybe the doctor will visit you again some day, huh?’ And with that, he gently removed Meg’s restraints, covered her with a blanket and walked out of the room. Meg could do no more than fall asleep, blindfold still on, completely and utterly spent.

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