First Time

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She was kneeling down with her forearms resting on the bed, making her buttocks butt up into the air. She was spread wide open and between her legs I could see the damp curls of her pubic hair.

I had finger fucked her for a while and her cunt was hot and wet. She had forgotten her shyness. Now she was completely unashamed, wantonly spreading out her legs so her cunt easily opened out for me.

I got up and knelt behind her, pumping her still with an easy and steady rhythm. My fingers moved faster, alternately stroking her hard clit and pushing right in as far as I could go. Her gasps and moans filled the room, making my penis throb harder. She collapsed her arms, weakened by pleasure, and rested on her head on her right cheek, pushing her ass up even higher.

She started writhing her hips and cunt against my three fingers fucking her to a climax. I wanted to feel her coming with my cock buried deep inside her, so I moved in closer and fitted her tight hot ass against the inward curve of my groin. Holding her steady by her shoulders, I pushed my swollen cock deep into her. She bucked up, pushing herself back against me, making my cock fill her to the depths of her delicious wetness. I was in heaven, warmly buried inside of her and listening to her long drawn out groan at the ecstasy of being deliciously filled.

He climax burst out of her with a ferocious liquid explosive sound, sending a million tiny fingers stroking my cock within the pulsing grip of her throbbing pussy. Her hips jumped and pushed back against me as the waves of pleasure gripped her. Each grind against my hot loins was punctuated by a heartfelt moan that pulled at my cock, making it swell even bigger in her slick tunnel.

“Fuck me! Ohhhh…. Fuck ME! UghHhhhh.. Fuck me please”! Her voice was thick and tense with excitement as she encouraged me to pump myself into her throbbing insides.

“Oh God! It feels so gooood……Pump me please.”

I began fucking mecidiyeköy escort her, holding her firmly by her shoulders to keep her steady for each of my slow and deep strokes. On each stroke I pushed my cock in as deep as I could, feeling the entrance to her womb with each stroke. Naomi was going wild as our coupling genitals filled the room with liquid slurping and sucking sounds. She was groaning deep with each in-stroke, making me feel her pleasure and firing me up. I throbbed harder. My cock felt thick and tightly held as it deliberately traveled her hot cunt. Her unceasing pulses were milking me exquisitely, making me add my own groans of pleasure to the sexual noises that filled the small room.

I reached down between her legs without warning and suddenly caught her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger. I pinched and rolled it with moderate pressure, making Naomi writhe in wild pain-ecstasy. She came again, bucking and jumping her ass against my fuck tool, moaning and grunting. Sweat streamed of her shiny back, reflecting the overhead lights. She was happily unaware of this, totally lost in the hard driving cock that was relentlessly probing her insides and causing her so much pleasure.

She moaned my name out loud, making me throb harder and almost lose my tight control on the urge to come. My cock throbbed harder and larger, feeling like I almost had to force it into her narrow slit with each in stroke. I could feel my balls twitching with cum that was ready to blow. My sperm ducts were fluttering, causing ripples of agonizing pleasure course through my entire body. This was heaven!

“This feels so good. You make me want to come so bad,” I grunted as I slowed down my deep thrusts and gently brought her down from her orgasmic peak.

“Ohhhhhh… Ahhhhh…Ohhhhhhh… Ahhhhh… I feel so nice,” she moaned.

Her moans and sighs were music as I savored the feeling of my cock nişantaşı escort feeling nicely full in her well-fucked pussy.

” I will always fuck you well because you want to fuck me. Fucking you is a joy,” I said, as I slowly slid my slicked cock in and out of her wet pussy. “Would you like me to fuck you like this for the rest of your life”?

“Mmmm… Mmmm… Yes dear. Forever and ever. Just like that. Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh! Oh! I am gonna cum again! Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me!

I held back and just kept sliding my pulsating dick slowly into her throbbing slick hole. In and out, in and out, slowly and majestically letting my fuck tool take control of her willing flesh. Each in-stroke was a journey to heaven, the ultimate slide. Her pussy was alive, twisting and clutching at my thickened cock. I wanted her to come just from the sheer soft pleasure of having her pussy fucked smoothly and deeply and softly.

My efforts were rewarded with a loud despairing moan as the sweetness of my rampant cock drove her to unbearable heights of unrelenting pleasure, soft and indescribably sweet. Her orgasm this time was a joy to feel and see. She went all soft everywhere, warmly washing my cock in her warm juice. Her entire body shivered and vibrated, seemingly around my proud thick cock. She swung her head back and strained her head upwards desperately seeking my kiss. Her eyes were stoned with lust and soft with love and passion. I caught her by her neck and brought her round closer to my lips. I drove my greedy tongue inside her warm softness, fucking her with my tongue as I kept her coming on my cock.

She sucked me like her life depended on it, giving me her whole wet mouth and making unintelligible moans and groans. Her sopping, clutching pussy was bubbling and making loud bursting sounds as her pussy contracted and pulsed with explosive force. I started massaging her clitoris and suddenly increased otele gelen escort the pace of my thrusts into her. With my other hand I reached round and pinched one engorged nipple, rolling and kneading it in accompaniment to my strokes. I wanted her to explode with the most powerful orgasm she had ever had.

My pace rapidly picked up until I was driving deep and hard into her with all speed and strength. Her body started to twist and jerk as she lost all control. Her moans and gasps merged into a continuous high-pitched keening sound that increased in urgency until it climaxed into a loud cry.

Her orgasm exploded within her, and I felt her clit disappear. I continued rapidly frigging her clit area. He pulsing cunt was locked tight around my cock but it felt almost frictionless as I drove in and out of her sex. Her come continued as she blasted into multi-orgasmic pleasure, rhythmically squeezing my cock and sucking it into her as her juices poured. I was high on her orgasm, feeding on the sexual animal that she had become. I was delighted that she was coming her cunt out.

I could feel my control going, my balls aching exquisitely with the force of my held back spray. I couldn’t hold back anymore and surrendered to her sweetness. I joined her, dancing the dance of orgasmic intensity. Dimly I could sense her body gather itself through her come as she sensed it and readied herself to accept my come.

” Here it comes baby, take it, take all of me” I grunted, all control going as the whole of my being coalesced into my cock. I could feel it grow even thicker and tighter as it took over my whole world. I felt it enter her womb pushing into heaven within her. Warm juice bathed the swollen head as she climaxed in response, making as come together.

“Ugh Ugh Ugh Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!……….Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ahhhhhhh………

My come blasted hot into her coming pussy, driving as both wild with intensity. We came together like wild animals, completely lost in the fire in our coupling genitals, lost in our expressed need for each other.

As I came down I turned my bosses face round for a soft kiss and settled down next to her, comfortable in our post orgasmic bliss.

“Next time,” she said with a fucked out smile, “I want you to come in my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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