First Time

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It was 35 years ago, but it is still as real as it was then.

We had been dating for about a year and I had discovered most of her secrets. I had enjoyed caressing her breasts and making her nipples “tweak” and I had been in her panties. I still to this day love the feel of putting my hand in the apex of a woman’s legs in jeans. I love the feeling of making her cum even when she wouldn’t let me get into her pants. There is a very sensual texture to denim! And the difference between the hard prominence at the front and then the softness as you drop over the crest of a woman’s mound is exquisite.

I had discovered how it felt to slip my fingers into her… the tightness of being inside her pants with the fly unzipped… and the discovery of coaxing her pants down over her hips. When she wore skirts I discovered how wonderful it is to be free of panties at all!

She finally had gotten brave enough to cup me… and then to unzip my pants. She would unbuckle my belt and unzip me and lay me open to pull me out and it felt glorious! I kept a box of kleenex in the car to “clean up” the mess!

But as much as we both wanted to complete the act, we were scared of getting pregnant and condoms were a challenge to find. No boy wanted to ask the druggest for them… I was embarrassed when I finally got married and asked for them… and Lord… he asked me what kind? I had no idea! Didn’t know they came in more than one kind.

I was picking her up on a Sunday kocaeli escort evening before church. Her folks were already at church and I found the rubber machine at a service station. I came early… knew that she would be alone at home when I picked her up. We had talked about rubbers, but were both pretty naive and bashful about those things.

I blushed when I showed them to her. She was embarrassed, but she finally asked if I had tried one of them on? Didn’t take long to tell her (1) no I hadn’t, but (2) would love to see how it worked… after all, one of these days we’ll need to know.

I didn’t want to just unzip my fly and fish it out… and if I unbuckled my pants, they would fall down (remember?) I asked what we should do… knowing what I wanted but waaaaaaaay too bashful and she suggested that we go to her room and I could lay my pants on the chair.

Once there… with my pants off and my shorts tented out… I suggested that it would probably be easier to taken them off too… and she agreed quickly.

Standing there naked from the waist down, she opened the package and handed me the condom. I think I go it on backwards and it wouldn’t roll down my shaft until I turned it over.

I remember looking down at my rubber coated erection and trying to suggest how to proceed. I finally asked if she wanted to lay down on her bed and touch me. She was excited and not ready to admit she was willing to have sex. I asked if she needed to take her dress off kocaeli escort bayan to keep it from wrinkling, and she seemed relieved to have an excuse to go ahead.

She was wearing a slip and I hugged her as we stood and whispered that maybe it would be more comfortable to not have that on. She let me lift it off and then I suggested her bra and panties… she let me unsnap her bra and she took her panties off while I shed my shirt

We stood there naked and both of us were almost out of breath… finally she had the nerve to ask, “Do you want to use that?”

I don’t know if I answered or just gave a dumb nod. She took me in her hand and then said, don’t we need to lubricate it?

She went into her parents room and came back with some Vaseline jelly… not knowing then that Vaseline melts rubbers… she opened the jar and pushed in down onto my hardness so that there was a rounded opening in the middle of the jar. She then realized what it looked like and took her finger and swirled in around the inside to hide the looks.

I didn’t know what to do… when I tried to hug her, I smeared Vaseline on her belly so we just moved to the bed and she crawled up in the middle of the bed and spread her legs. There wasn’t much foreplay to be done… I crawled between her legs and tried to center myself but didn’t know what I was working toward. She reached down between us and placed me at her opening.

It was tight, but I had opened her with my fingers so izmit escort many times it wasn’t difficult… we had moved to three fingers to stretch her for “when we did it” and I guess it worked. The only really clear remembrance I had was that being in her felt like I had plunged myself into hot water. She felt like a furnace! Talk about “hot apple pie”

I tried to go slow for her but no more than six thrusts and I was spasming. I had never seen how much cum I produced and the whole end of the rubber was drooping down with the white cream.

I was still as hard as a rock and as I got up to deal with it… she came and slipped it off of me and put it into a Kleenex. She saw I was still hard and she knew that I had brought two condoms (they were in 2 packs then) and breathlessly she asked me if I wanted to try the other one!

Did I?!

She rolled it on me and resumed her place on the bed and this time I could keep on going in a slow tempo and she actually climaxed with me in her. I felt great! Most women aren’t that hot on their first time and over the years I have been inordinately proud that I was able to bring her along until she climaxed.

I didn’t ejaculate again so I stayed in her until she was ready for me to move. With the passion gone, she was a little embarrassed and the second condom joined the first. We both dressed and finally I held her.

Sounds crocky… but we went to church and sat by her parents and held hands. I kept thinking God would strike me dead… or that everyone would smell the aroma that i now knew was sex… even though it may have been more my imagination than actuality.

I took her home… we kissed and we waited for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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