First Time: Getting…

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First Time: Getting Into The Swing

Dear friend,

Most people assume their first time is going to be awful, most people regret it. How many times have you heard people say, “I wish I had waited”?

Well I had waited; I had waited so long I wasn’t even sure if it would work anymore. And finally I was fed up waiting. Good things do not come to those who wait, good things come to those who want them enough to go out and get them.

So that’s how I came up with my plan. I’d never been a shy girl; I could put on a good show for the guys. Ask any of my male friends, they would be shocked to learn that I was a virgin before last week. Its not as if I’d never done anything before, I was defiantly not pure. I’d given head to a few guys. Usually at parties when the beer had gotten too much for me and I’d lost my senses, and there was that one time things almost went too far in my best friend’s bathroom with my other best friend’s boyfriend. But for some reason I’d never went all the way. I always decided to wait.

So last Saturday afternoon, like I said I got fed up waiting. I decided to do something about it.

I ran a nice deep bath filled to the brim with bubbles, after I had shaved my legs and under my arms, I shaved my pussy. I shaved it so close that the sensation of the water against the newly bare flesh tingled and started making me horny. Just the look of it made me wet, never mind what touching it did to me. I washed my short brown poker straight hair and imagined it was the mystery man I was planning on finding tonight, I imagined it was him brushing his fingers down my neck, and it was he who would kiss down between my small pert breasts, tracing my skin with his tongue. I had to stop before I made myself come right then and there escort kocaeli in the bath.

I thought of all the carnal pleasure I would receive tonight as I rubbed scented oils into my body making it shiny and soft. I styled my hair and did my make up sat naked on the floor. My own nakedness was making me horny. As you can tell yes im a very horny girl, im also as some might call it a very dirty girl; I like to get myself off at least twice a day. For someone who had never had sex, I was defiantly gifted with a higher that normal sex drive.

I picked out the shortest red dress I had and put on my knee high black boots. And forget the underwear, my knew hairstyle down below felt excellent enough without ruining the feeling with underwear.

And that’s how I found myself outside Dom’s door, the music inside throbbed through my body and ok ill admit it, I did have second thoughts as soon as he welcomed me inside, to a virgin this party would have seemed a very daunting prospect. It was defiantly in full “swing” shall we say? Bodies were grinding on the makeshift dance floor in the living room, on the stairs a woman was obviously giving a cute blonde all American type girl head, to the audible pleasure of a man standing above them masturbating over the dark head of another man.

I got myself a drink.

“Hey babe” I shuddered

“Don’t call me babe…I have a name you know”

“I bet you do Hun, but to be honest im not interested in your name…im much more interested in those boots…” he leered

“Sorry, im gay.” I smiled sweetly; knowing he would know it was a lie soon enough, but never mind I thought as I walked deeper into the party.

“Finally…. a familiar face!”

I knew it was Matt before I even turned round, I gölcük escort had known he was behind me before he’d even spoken a word.

“Hey you” I smiled at him. “Do you always have to look so fuckable?”

“Only when I know im going to see you” he smiled back at me, god he made me feel naked with just one look.

“Fancy checking out some of the action?” I asked taking his hand and leading him up the stairs.

We followed two women into a room, so this was where all the girls were? They made it look so easy, so gentle. I didn’t want to be parted from matt, but I didn’t complain as the woman I’d seen earlier on the stairs took my hand and lead me over to the bed, with no resistance I let her stand me up on the bed and begin kissing the back of my knees. I could smell the pussy juice all around me, and knew she must be able to smell mine too. Slowly she worked her mouth up my thighs, moving her nose and fingers against my naked mound, licking very gently all the time. Matt smiled as he looked deep into my eyes as I allowed her to pleasure me, my legs buckling from time to time as I ground myself against her mouth, gently fucking it as I knew Matt would want me to do to his cock. I could see his jeans were tight around that area anyway.

After she was done she pulled me down from the bed and forced me to lean down over a desk at the other end of the room, she brought Matt over to me and put his hands on my naked arse.

“Don’t she have a pretty fuckable ass?” she asked while running her fingertip over my shorn pussy and up the crack of my arse.

Matt groaned all of a sudden as he whispered yes.

“Don’t you just wanna feel that cock of yours inside her…tell me what your gonna do to her boy”

I could izmit sınırsız escort feel the roughness of Matt’s jeans against my soft skin and I could feel the heat of his erection through them. And the feel of his hands rubbing my skin gently while I knew that woman was watching was doing unbelievable things to my body.

“I’m gonna fuck her so hard its gonna feel like she’s splitting in two…” he groaned


“I’m gonna make her nearly come again and again but stop just before she gets there and drive her crazy…”


“I’m gonna fill her up with my cum and make her scream for me to stop!”

I couldn’t help it but I moaned loud as I felt my juice drip down my leg and Matt took this as permission and I could hear him unzip his jeans and drop them with a thud onto the floor.

And that was the beginning of how I lost my virginity, Matt took me so hard over that desk, there was no blood, just the tightness of his cock driving hard and fast into my pussy, I never imagined it could feel so good, I remember every second of it, the bubbles bursting in my head, the blood flowing in my body, faster and faster, my own body keeping time with Matt’s dick. At times I thought I would almost collapse with pleasure if it had not been for the desk holding me up. Once I turned my head around to see Matt’s face all screwed up with concentration and desire, and that was what finally forced me into orgasm. I screamed out loud with out even knowing it. My pussy tightened and shuddered as Matt’s cock quivered and came inside of me.

I got a few invitations to private parties after that night, I think me and Matt might take a few of those offers up, I’m glad I stopped waiting when I did and that my friends I hope is just the beginning of my adventures.

Yours seductively

********* ******


-yay, the pleasures of a sick day from work!! this I think is maybe the start of something good, let me know what you think of our nameless heroine…yours always jess xx-

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