First Time in London

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This story is part of a series involving the same set of characters, which I wrote for a friend. They can be read separately, although they might make less sense that way. Ivan and Joanna met online, first corresponding by email and chat, then on the phone. Recently Ivan came over to visit Joanna in London…


Joanna and Ivan were heading back to the hotel from a restaurant. They were strolling along, chatting cosily when suddenly the London skies let loose one of their frequent rainstorms. Giant drops splattered to the pavement, slowly at first, then quickening to a real downpour. “Run!” Joanna shouted, and proceeded to follow her own suggestion. Ivan looked startled for a moment, but started running too.

As he overtook her Joanna realised her 2-inch heels were not shoes made for running. Luckily there was a shop awning just ahead and Joanna half-ran, half stumbled towards it. Ivan caught her and, as if by instinct, continued the movement, sweeping her into his arms. Joanna felt his warm lips on hers and then they were kissing, passionately, deeply. His hands ran up over her body, through her hair, as she curled herself against his warm body. The kiss was long, hard and full of promise…

Finally they released each other, still staying close. Ivan smiled down at Joanna, then swept her up in his arms. “I’d hate to see those cute little shoes ruined.” he said as he carried her the remaining distance to the entrance of the hotel. The doormen seemed bemused as he gently put the soaking young woman back on her feet. He grasped her hand and led her to the lifts, stepping away briefly to get his key. The lift seemed to take hours to ascend two floors, the two staring into each other’s eyes without pendik escort speaking. If anybody else had attempted to step into the lift Joanna was sure they’d be halted by the thickness of the sexual tension within.

The doors dinged open, and Ivan led Joanna down to his room. Thankfully it was warm, and Joanna quickly discarded her sodden scarf and bag. Ivan flopped into a chair and pulled off his shoes. She shook her hair loose and looked down at Ivan, wondering what would happen next.

“I don’t want to seem presumptuous, but I do have a little something in the fridge for us.” Ivan’s voice was muffled as he reached into the minibar, pulling out the bottle of champagne he’d put there that afternoon. He popped the cork and quickly poured out two glasses. Joanna smiled and padded over to take her glass.

“To an enjoyable visit?” she suggested.

“Absolutely!” Ivan answered as they toasted.

Joanna took a sip, and put her glass on the table. “And the first thing to help you enjoy this city would be to get dry again.” Joanna reached across and started unbuttoning Ivan’s shirt, softly kissing his chest as she uncovered it. Ivan stroked her hair with both hands, gently trying to remove some of the tangles caused by the rain. Joanna finished with the shirt and smiled at him, her warm fingers sliding down to unfasten his belt and trousers. Ivan shrugged off his shirt, then suddenly felt himself being propelled backwards by a gentle push. The back of his knees hit the bed and he tipped over onto the mattress. Joanna leant over him and slid off his trousers.

“There, that must be a lot more comfy,” she said as she tossed his clothes aside.

“Ah, but sefaköy escort now you are still wearing all your wet stuff.” Ivan replied, sitting up and reaching for her.

“Oh, don’t worry about me.” Joanna stepped neatly away from him and reached behind her back. One short tug at the zip later she slowly dropped the dress, stepping out of it as it lay pooled around her feet.

Ivan’s mouth dropped open slightly at the sight before him. Joanna was everything he’d hoped: curvy and confident, just as she was when they talked online and on the phone. She pirouetted slowly, wearing nothing but sheer underwear and a seductive smile.

“Oh honey, you look good enough to eat.” he said hoarsely.

“I was hoping you’d said that you cheeky thing.” Joanna laughed, her blue eyes sparkling, kicking off her shoes one by one. The carpet felt thick under her bare feet as she slowly walked over to straddle her soon-to-be lover’s lap. Joanna ran her hand along Ivan’s jaw, tilting his head up towards her, kissing him for what was only the second time. She shifted her hips, rubbing herself along his length, sure that he could feel how her juices were dampening the crotch of her knickers. Ivan’s hands ran up along her spine, making her shiver, and he quickly relieved her of her bra. She kissed him more passionately, her luscious breasts rubbing against his chest. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her against him.

In one move Ivan lifted Joanna and laid her full-length on the bed. His hands slid under the edge of her underwear and he pulled them off in one long move. She looked up at him, eyes bright with lust, pussy throbbing with desire. “Oh god Ivan, I can’t wait any more, please…” silivri escort her voice trailed off as he came to her, his mouth teasing her breasts, sucking, licking, nibbling. His fingers explored her pussy, finding it wet and willing. She trembled and moaned softly as his thumb started circling her clit, two fingers sliding into her body. Her hands were roaming his body, tugging his hair, scraping his back as he brought her up to the brink of orgasm. His cock was hardening as he watched the woman beneath him writhe with pleasure, all because of his hands and mouth, all because she wanted him so badly. “Please Ivan, please!” Her pleas were becoming more urgent, her hands more insistent, until he finally gave in.

Joanna sighed with pleasure as Ivan finally slid his cock into her hungry cunt…she’d wanted this from the moment she’d seen him at the airport. All sense of tenderness was gone as Ivan plunged into her again and again, driving himself in to the hilt. Her legs wrapped around his hips, trying to pull him in even deeper, her hands grabbing his ass. “Oh that’s it, honey, give it to me.” she urged, thrusting her hips against him.

“Oh shit, your pussy is so hot, so tight!” he grunted, fucking her with abandon. He shifted his arms, pinning her legs higher to be able to enter her more deeply. The changed angle meant he was hitting her g-spot straight on, and Joanna groaned, trying to grind herself against him. Her fingers raked his back, scratching now as she bit into his shoulder. Ivan slammed into Joanna’s cunt at a furious pace, driving her to the edge again. Suddenly her body stiffened, her hips bucking as a wave of pleasure rocked her, radiating out from her cock-filled pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s it…” Ivan threw his head back, the tendons standing out in his neck as he too came, his cock engulfed by the spasms of the hot pussy surrounding it. He held himself in place, his cock pumping her full of cum with every shudder of his orgasm until he finally collapsed, panting, next to Joanna.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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