For the Very First Time Ch. 01

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Amber looked out her bedroom window and saw the big orange moving truck along with movement next door. The house had been empty for almost a year and finally a family was moving in. Amber didn’t normally care about what was happening in the neighborhood, but her mother was driving her crazy with all the talk about why the house had remained empty for so long. Her mother was a stay at home mom and seriously needed a hobby. Amber tucked a strand of her red hair behind her ear and continued to spy. She figured out that the family was a large one with at least three children. She knew this because three single beds along with a double bed had been unloaded from the truck. There were so many people around that she didn’t know which of them were actually moving in. She watched as two teenage boys sat on the grass playing a hand held video game. Two older women were directing the movers and an older man was trying to get a hold of someone on his cell phone. Amber didn’t realize how long she had been staring at the excitement across the street, but when her mom called her for dinner, she realized it had been over an hour. As Amber made her way down the stairs to dinner, she decided she needed some excitement in her life.

“So who’s the family next door?” Amber sat down at the dinner table and grinned at her father. He grinned back and both of them knew what was funny. Amber’s mother knew everything that went on in the neighborhood and even though they had only just moved in, father and daughter knew she would have a long detailed story to tell.

“Well güvenilir bahis if you must ask, sweetie. They’re the McNamara family. They have three children, all boys. The mother’s name is Erin and she’s very sweet. She’s a stay at home mom as well. Her husband Sean is going to be the new principal of the high school. They bought the house over four months ago, but wanted to wait until the boys finished up their year. Caden and Liam are twins. They’re fourteen and will be starting their freshman year at Ashbury. Quinn is the oldest and he’s almost nineteen. He’s a senior because he had to repeat grade four. I guess he’ll be in the same grade as you sweetie.”

Amber’s mom looked up and smiled. Both women had the same dark red hair and bright green eyes. Amber’s face was small and round, often described as cute.

“Yes mother. I am a senior now. Well, when school starts in two weeks that is.”

“Yes Amber. You should go over and introduce yourself. Quinn looked pretty lonely when I went over. He could use a friend.”

Amber just nodded and finished her dinner. Her mother was always a little overbearing and she had learned ages ago not to argue.


Amber was sitting on the swing in her backyard. The sun was just setting and she was swinging slowly back and forth. The movement was calming her down. School was starting soon and she was getting nervous. Senior year was so important and she knew that she had to work hard to get high enough marks to get into university. It would be great if she türkçe bahis got a scholarship. That way her parents wouldn’t be so stressed about money. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t notice someone enter the backyard.

“Hi.” The voice had come from a very tall guy standing in the middle of the lawn. He was probably at least six and a half feet tall with bright red hair. Amber had two thoughts race through her mind. The first was that he was probably nicknamed carrot top and the second was that he must be from the new family next door. The two boys she had seen sitting on the front lawn looked like smaller versions of him and they had to be related.

“You always wander into stranger’s backyards in the middle of the night?” Amber cringed a bit. She had always been sarcastic and brass. She had barely met this guy and she was already being rude to him.

“Well, actually, it’s only nine o’clock which doesn’t classify as the middle of the night. Second of all, you’re not a stranger. Our mothers have been chatting non-stop for the last week and I think I know more about you than either of us wanted. Knowing my mother, I bet you know way more about me than is necessary. I’m Quinn.”

Quinn walked the few steps to the swing and sat down next to Amber. He pushed off the ground and the swing continued its slow rocking motion.

“So who goes first? Do I get to tell you everything your mom told me or do you want to share all the horrible details that you learned from what my mom told yours?”

Amber burst out laughing. güvenilir bahis siteleri She thought she was being rude yet here Quinn was acting the same way. “I’ll go first. I know you’re almost nineteen because you had to repeat grade four. You have two younger brothers and your mom wants you to be a doctor, but you want to be a pilot. You hate vegetables and have fallen asleep in church enough times that your mother is constantly praying for you.”

“That sounds about right. Actually, the times I have fallen asleep in church, I’ve snored so loud that the priest noticed. My mother wanted to melt into the pew. You’re Amber. You’re an only child and can be quite a brat when you want to. You want to be a teacher and used to swim competitively until grade nine.”

“Yep. So you excited about school?”

“Not really. I hate starting at a new school. This is the third time we’ve moved in six years. At least my parents didn’t move us until school was over. That way the brats got to graduate grade eight with their friends.”

Amber nodded and they spent the next few minutes in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence and Amber was trying to figure out what was happening. She was so comfortable with Quinn yet had only just met him. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that their mothers had exposed all their secrets to each other. Whatever it was, she was very comfortable with Quinn.

“Quinn! Get in here now!” The loud voice boomed from next door.

“I’m coming Dad.” Quinn got up quickly and turned to face Amber. “I have to go.”

Quinn took off at a dead run and jumped over the wooden fence into his backyard. Amber listened as his back door slammed shut and the rest of the lights in his house were turned off. Amber got up and entered her house.

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