Friday Night

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It was another Friday night at our house, my husband’s friends came over and would bring alcohol and my two friends would bring some also and with my daughter at her grandmother’s house we had all night to party. We drank and acted silly and played pool on the pool table in the garage making silly bets to see how far each of us would go on a dare. The longer we played that night the drunker everyone got till we were just knocking the balls around the table.

My husband had gone to bed early, he had work in the morning and needed his sleep, so there were the six of us friends listening to some rock music and playing pool on teams, when the one guy Eric said he was bored and he went inside to watch TV and my friend Brandy said she was tired and she went downstairs to her bedroom and went to sleep.

All that was left was me and my friend Rachel who was just as drunk as I was, if not more. She’s a bit shorter than I am and has black curly hair and green eyes and very tomboyish you could say. She was on my team and we were talking amongst ourselves about the two guys Rob and Jason who had just sunk the eight ball and was racking up the balls for another game. Jason was about 5′ 9″ and had long black hair and brown eyes and wasn’t bad looking, Rob was maybe 5′ 4″ and as I like to call him a skinny, pale, white boy. He was cute if you were into that sort of thing which I wasn’t.

Before we started the next game Rachel told me that she’d been trying to get into Rob’s pants all night, but for some reason he wasn’t letting her and she asked me if I knew why. “I don’t know” I told her and I really didn’t.

All I knew about Rob was that he had just broken up with his girlfriend of 3 years and he was a nice guy. Most nights he’d get home after I was already in bed and he’d come visit me while I lay in bed naked wrapped in a sheet and we’d talk for awhile. I didn’t think of him as anything other than a friend and as far as I knew he considered me one of the guys. I figured maybe he was just afraid of Rachel so I whispered to her.

“How about we play strip pool? That way you have a better chance of getting him naked and he’ll get to see what you’re offering.” Obviously I wasn’t thinking too clearly or I would have realized that I shouldn’t be playing strip pool with someone who’s not my husband, much less two guys who are best friends with my husband.

Rachel agreed and I asked the guys and they said yes also and we agreed that for every shot we miss both of us have to take one piece of clothing off and the same goes for them, but then they added a rule. For every shot that one of us makes one player of the other team has to do a dare. illegal bahis Rachel looked at me and I said “why not” and we all agreed.

At first the dares were tame and one by one we were slowly getting naked, Rachel and I both were down to our underwear and bras and Jason and Rob were down to their boxers and all that was left was the eight ball and it was Jason’s shot. Just as he was about to shoot he looked over at us and asked what he gets if he makes the shot and without thinking I asked him. “What do you want?”

He looked at Rob and then looked back at me and Rachel and said “Both of you naked and you have to kiss one of us for a minute.”

I just looked at him and then looked at Rachel and grabbed her hands and told them ” one minute” and dragged her into the house and closed the door and whispered to her. “What are we doing? This has to stop now, I’ve never cheated on Ben and I’m not willing to start now.”

Rachel just looked at me like I was from another planet and said “That man has cheated on you so many times and now you’re not willing to even kiss another guy, this would be the perfect revenge and he never has to know. Besides it’s only a kiss, what you so afraid of, you chicken?.” She knew that if she called me a chicken I wouldn’t back down, I had been like that since I was a kid, always took every dare that was given to me and I knew this was a dare. I looked her in the eye and smiled back.

“Fine, whatever happens happens, but remember, you dared me.”

We went back into the garage where Rob had changed the music to Godsmack and we told them that we agreed with the terms and Jason set up for his shot. Knowing I didn’t want to lose I did the only thing I could think of, I leaned over the table showing off my tits to full advantage willing Jason to look at me and not the ball he was supposed to get in, he looked and laughed at me as he sunk the eight ball in the pocket I was hanging over.

“Damn, I was hoping that would have worked, well, Rachel, you ready?”

She nodded yes and we couldn’t resist dancing around a bit because Voodoo had come on the stereo and it’s the perfect stripping song. When we were both completely naked we looked at the guys and I asked “so who kisses who?”

And Jason looked at Rob and they talked quietly between themselves and Rachel and I watched them and thinking it was weird that it was taking so long for them to make a decision. Finally they came and leaned against the side of the pool table and Jason pointed at me to come to him and Rob pointed at Rachel and we knew their decision. At that point I mentioned that we had no clock or anything to time the minute and Rob said illegal bahis siteleri that we would know when the minute was up.

I stood before Jason completely naked and so very nervous, wondering if I should just go inside and forget about all of this when he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me slowly toward him and I looked into his eyes as he pulled me so very close and my arms were still at my sides afraid to touch him. His right hand went under my chin and he said “Don’t worry” and I watched him as he moved his head closer and my eyes focused on his lips and my eyes closed as he kissed me and I started counting in my head trying to ignore the sensations of pleasure I was feeling, trying to remember that this was wrong and then I lost myself in the kiss.

I forgot about everything but the feel and taste of him and I’m not sure when it happened, but I reached my hands up to his neck and pulled him closer and his hands had slipped down my back holding my butt and pulling me even closer to him so I could feel how hard he was against me. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and nibbled on it and my knees went week and my hands gripped his shoulders so I wouldn’t fall down. The kiss seemed to go on forever, I didn’t want it to stop and I found myself leaning completely against him as we kissed wanting more and more of what he had to give. Then I felt a tapping on my shoulder and it took me a bit to realize that it was Rachel.

“Hey, you guys, the minute’s been up for awhile, come up for breath, why don’t ya.”

I moved away from Jason pretty quickly and my face turned red and I said “I need a drink” and ran inside to get myself some pop and as I poured it into the glass I realized my hands were shaking and that I was still naked. I set the bottle of pop down and went to my bedroom where my husband was sleeping completely unawares of what had happened. I grabbed a long t-shirt and threw it on and finished getting my pop and Rob was in the kitchen getting himself another beer and he smiled at me and said “hi” kind of quietly and he moved behind me and I froze.

He turned me around and said very quietly so Eric in the living room couldn’t hear him “I wanted to kiss you, that’s why we had to talk about it. I’m not really into Rachel, I’m into you.” And as I just stared at him in silence he leaned forward and kissed me and though it wasn’t the same as Jason’s I still kissed him back, curious about how he tasted and he his hands moved up under my shirt to play with my breasts and I moaned into his mouth. I heard a sound coming from the living room and we both jumped apart and looked around guiltily and I said “We should get canlı bahis siteleri back out there”

In the garage Jason and Rachel were standing at opposite ends of the pool table and were setting up for a new game when Jason asked if he could talk to me downstairs in the basement, alone. I looked at Rachel and looked at Rob and said yes and followed him downstairs.

I figured he was going to apologize about earlier and was surprised when he pulled me into the laundry room and started kissing my neck and my lips and I melted against him as his hands moved under my t-shirt and slid his finger inside my wet pussy and I moaned so loud. I was so turned on and the more things he did to me the more I wanted him to do. He pulled my shirt up and over my head and leaned his head down to take one of my sensitive nipples in his mouth and he nibbled a bit on it and my knees stopped holding me up and he lay me down on the floor. My hands held onto his hair as he went from breast to breast and soon I was moaning out loud, writhing against him, wanting him inside me, but afraid to say it. He looked at me as he kissed me again and he pulled me to my feet and turned me around and bent me over the laundry table and my hands were splayed out in front of me. I heard him take his boxers off and I felt him come up behind me and place his cock at the entrance to my pussy and in one move he was inside me and I moaned my pleasure as he grabbed my hips and fucked me from behind. I met every thrust as I pushed back, loving how deep he was inside me and I was getting louder and louder and asked him to go harder which he did.

I came so hard I could barely hold myself up as he kept fucking me and he realized that and he moved me to where I was sitting on the table facing him and he teased my clit with his cock before slipping inside me again and proceeded to fuck me hard as I held onto his shoulders and enjoyed the ride. I looked up at him after I came for the third time and asked him if I could suck him and he said yes and let me down off the table and leaned against it while I moved to my knees and took his long, thick cock into my mouth. I could taste my cum on him and kept taking him in my throat as deep as I could, wanting him to cum in my mouth and I could feel him start to tense up and I moved a little faster and just when he came my hands moved to his balls and cupped them as I swallowed every last drop of his cum and then moved my hand to his cock so I could get that last drop of cum.

Afterwards I just sat there on my knees looking up at him and he looking down at me and we smiled at one another. As we went upstairs I asked him if he planned on telling anyone what had just happened and he asked me if he could tell Rob since Rob had wanted me also. I looked at him and said “Okay, but be nice about it.” And I went to bed leaving Rachel to wonder what I had done. And the Rob thing, well, that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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