Friends Reunited

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Well I finally had had enough! Tired of being treated like SHIT at home. Time to go out and have some fun for me for a change.

I made the 3 hr drive down to my old home town, for what I was not sure, but anything was better then this piece of Shit town I was living in now. Once I got there I checked into a hotel and made the call!

She was beautiful as a teenager (from what I remembered, after all I hadn’t seen her in about 20 years) and we had always had a thing for each other even though we had never pursued it back then. We had reconnected a few years ago online and I figured now was the time since she might be moving even farther away soon.

I called her as I did from time to time; told her I was in town for a day or so and wanted to meet for a drink or two just to catch up. She accused me (and rightfully so) of having other motives but I assured her it was just for drinks. She had her doubts and said she wasn’t sure if she could get away but asked where and when. I gave her the name of the hotel and my room number and told her I would meet her at the Hotel bar at about 8. She said that if she could make it she would. At about 7:00 I jumped in the shower to clean myself up after the drive and all. As I stood under the hot water from the shower soaping myself up…rubbing the lather deep into my chest hair I started thinking about her…thinking about what it would be like to have her hands rubbing against my chest, her soft hands rubbing the soap against my chest, cleansing me, feeling her hands slide down my stomach, following my hair down across my stomach, farther down, reaching my pubic area, letting the combination of her soft hands and soap glide from one area of my body to the next, feeling her scrub my body with her hands feeling her touch the base of my cock and slide down to my balls.

Just then I realized it wasn’t her but myself and that I actually wanted her and wanted to feel her touching me more then I thought. Before going any further I quickly rinsed myself off shut off the water and jumped out of the shower.

Putting on a pair of black button fly jeans (So they could hopefully get ripped open later) and a decent button down shirt I looked at my watch which read 7:50 and decided to cruise to the bar and get a drink or two in me before she showed.

By 8:25, and a Crown Royal rocks with a beer chaser, I called her cell…NO ANSWER.

I ordered another round and decided I better drink these a litter slower.

9:15 and I have had 2 Crown Royal rocks, and starting on my third beer.

I call again still no answer.

Well she never promised but I figured this once we would be able to hook up and if all went well let off a little steam.

After all her marriage is worse then mine. She hasn’t had any for almost 3 years.

By 9:35 my third beer was gone, still no answer on her phone, so I ordered a six pack to be delivered to my room and headed back there.

I got to my room, turned on the TV, kicked off my shoes and waited for my beer to arrive.

About 15 minutes later there was a knock on my door

“Room Service” a sexy voice called out.

I opened the door and there she was, the little cutie I had been waiting for, with my six pack.

“Took you long enough” I said.

“All good things are worth the wait,” She said.

And with that she came in, shut the door and popped opened a beer, took a long drink, handed me what was left and threw herself down on the bed. I just stood there looking at her, knowing I had waited so very long for this night to happen and just hoping it would all happen tonight.

I finished the beer and tossed the empty across the room into the trash.

“Nice Shot. You always have aim that good?”

“Yea I do.”


And with that she grabbed my arms pulled herself up to her feet and while pulling me closer reached up and planted a kiss like I haven’t felt in a very, very long time. Her lips so soft against mine her tongue soft, yet powerful, as she used it to pry open my lips (not that they needed much prying) and softly slide it deep into my mouth. Tasting her tongue with mine was absolutely the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. Waiting so long for this (feeling like I did that one time 20+ years ago when I gave her our first and only kiss.) Our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. As our mouths got wetter from each other I could only imagine how wet she must be getting between her legs, because by this time my jeans were so tight I thought I would rip the stitching out or pop open the buttons with my cock.

We just stood there, our tongues dancing, our hands feeling each other’s backs and asses, and squeezing each other so tightly. After that kiss which felt like hours though really about 5 minutes, she slowly started to drop down to her knees. Letting her hands and fingers glide across the buttons on my shirt.

As she got to my pants she undid the first button, and as I tried to stop her she said to me,

“Don’t. I need this; in me.”

As I started to kadıköy escort protest, she just looked up at me and said

“Alright then, I know you have things you want me to feel just as I have things I want you to feel. I just get to go first!! Besides, I want you to cum once now so when you are inside me, and YES YOU WILL BE INSIDE MY PUSSY LATER, you will last longer”

And with that she ripped open the remaining buttons on my 501’s, (just as I had hoped).

As she spread open my jeans she leaned forward and started to kiss me. I felt bad because I am hairy then a lot of guys, sensing this she just looked up at me and smiled saying

“It is so nice to be with a man with body hair for a change.”

Starting at my belt line she slowly gave me little kisses while letting her tongue twirl around in my hair. Moving down with her lips slowly she could just reach the base of my cock, which was now screaming at me, wanting to be free, while still stuck in my jeans! Pulling open my jeans a little wider she reached in with her hand and gently guided my cock to freedom. As she freed my cock I let out a sigh of relief as she let out a moan of pleasure.

After more then 20 years we both are going to get what we have truly wanted, EACH OTHER!!

Staring at my cock she reached up and grabbed it by the base and I moaned. Then, slowly, oh so slowly, she leaned forward and while letting her tongue slip out of her mouth touched my cock with her tongue for the first time!!

Already I felt like I could cum, but I wanted this to last a little longer, in fact a lot longer, closing my eyes, knowing what was about to happen.

I then felt her hot breath around my cock head, as she slowly inserted my cock in her mouth and slowly wrapped her lips around it.

All I could do was moan as she warmed my cock with her mouth. After a few strokes in her mouth, she pulled my cock out and started using me as she would a sucker or an ice cream cone.

Using her tongue to slowly lick me from base to tip, then stuffing me in her mouth then out again to lick some more.

I knew that I would not be able to last much longer, as that usually happens to me the first time that I am with a new woman. And this was definitely a fantasy girl for me, so that made it worse.

After a few more licks she inserted me back in her mouth but not before saying


And with that, she stuck my cock in her mouth and slowly started an unbelievable rhythm.

Between her hand at the base of my cock, and my tip in her mouth, she started stroking me like no one else had before, (and I have had some pretty good blow jobs) but this was unbelievable.

I think the combination of her not seeing or feeling a cock in so long and the dreams and fantasies we have had about each other, made this so much better then I ever could have imagined!!

Now she stars to pick up the pace, going from very slow, and speeding up, never losing the rhythm.

Grabbing my ass with her other arm she pulls me closer and will not let go. Sucking on me harder and harder.

Speeding up to go faster and faster.

I can feel my heart as it speeds up.

My breathing gets louder and faster and I know I am just moments away.

Just then she gently bites down on my cock as she continues to suck and stroke.


And with that she speeds up even faster.

Biting down harder while never losing rhythm.



Harder, faster, HARDER, FASTER.


“OH YES…DON’T STOP…” I plead.






And with that last stroke, the heat and passion that was burning up inside me suddenly let go.

With that last scream, I could not hold back any longer, and I let myself go.

My hot cum released itself and leaving my cock, which was still inside her mouth. All I could feel was my cum disappearing in her mouth.

All the while she was taking it all in, letting her mouth accept it as if it belonged there.

Letting her tongue swirl around my cock tip, letting all that hot cum roll down her tongue around her mouth, so she could taste it all.

Then after tasting, she let it slide down the back of her throat, savoring the flavor and texture as she swallowed every last drop.

Stroking and sucking my cock a few last times to be sure she had gotten all I had to give at that moment.

Releasing my cock from her mouth she gave me one last lick, looked up at me and smiled saying.

“Nice way to start…but now it’s my turn…”

And with that I pushed her to the bed, laid her down and knew that it was my turn to do the tasting.

As üsküdar escort I stood there, staring down at her. I noticed for the first time that she had on one of my favorites, a white button down shirt with a black lace bra underneath. Yea, I know that is not exactly fashionable, but I find being able to see a woman’s bra beneath their shirt just so sexy!

I just stood there a moment staring down at this beautiful creature still not believing what was about to happen, but there she was, lying in this bed, with me about to release 20+ years of pent up sexual tension between us.

Slowly I got onto the bed, straddling my legs against her chest, bending down, never letting our eyes separate. I got closer and closer to her and started to slowly kiss her, soft pecks on her lips, her cheeks, her ears, back to her lips, letting my tongue open her mouth. Letting our tongues do the dance once again. Caressing her cheeks and ears with my mouth, as I applied hot soft kisses to them. Letting her feel my mustache hairs tickle her face.

Moving down to her neck, she can feel my hot breath now. And I feel her quickly gasp as I gently suck and kiss her neck. All the while my left hand is slowly gliding across her chest, softly brushing against one breast, then her buttons, then her other breast, then back to the buttons.

I sit up watching her, letting my hand touch her throat as my fingers swirl around the top of her chest, then back to her throat then back to her chest. Slowly I let my finger start down her chest until it reaches the first button.

Slowly and methodically I undo the top button, then the second then the third.

All the while I can hear her breathing start to quicken just a bit.

After undoing the third button I separate her shirt as far as it will go.

I look down and see the tops of her breasts peeking up above her bra, so beautiful, so round.

I let my hand slide under her shirt, feeling her breasts still tucked in the confines of this beautiful black lace.

The feeling of this lace, so full, almost bursting. It was almost as if I could hear her breasts screaming…

“Let me out!!”

But not just yet. I take both of my hands and place them against the outside of her breasts, squeezing them together a little.

Oh but they do fit perfectly in my hands.

After another couple of squeezes I release them to once again concentrate on the buttons on her blouse.

I reached down and again, with one hand, undid the remaining buttons on her blouse. Then with both hands, opened her blouse completely and just stared at one of the most beautiful bodies I had ever been this close to.

Staring at her, staring at her face, and working my eyes down to her breasts, still captive in their prison.

Her stomach, oh what a beautiful site to see!! Leaning down again I started kissing her at her neck, working my way down her throat to her chest, pressing my face into her cleavage and kissing the tops of both breasts.

Letting my face rub against her bra as I continued my way down to her stomach, pausing as she gasped slightly with each new kiss.

Letting my tongue follow the contours of her stomach as her breathing got deeper the lower I got with my tongue.

Continuing down past her stomach, just below her belly button, where her jeans started.

Once again sitting up so I could stare deeply into her eyes. I took my right hand and, knowing she had again lived up to my fantasy by wearing a front hook bra, unhooked her bra with the skill of a surgeon, while never losing eye contact. And as she let out a small sigh, the hook popped open and unleashed the beauty, which of course were her breasts.

As her bra slid to the side, for the first time I laid eyes on those beautiful mounds of flesh, which I often dreamed about as a teenager.

They were as lovely as any two breasts could possible be. As I slid my hands up from her stomach until I was able to cup each one in each my hands.

They fit perfectly, so soft, so smooth. Her nipples just lovely as I started to feel them rise up from underneath my hands.

I let my hands rub against them, slowly at first, giving them a little squeeze each time I cupped the front. As I rubbed, I let my fingers spread apart just enough so that her nipples slid between my second and third finger. Each time squeezing my fingers together so I could feel her nipples as they got harder and I pulled on them slightly.

Not able to wait any longer I reached down and softly kissed her right breast on the outside. Then following her shape, continued kissing underneath then on the inside, so that my face was buried in her cleavage. (And what a wonderful place to be).

I then started kissing and gently suckling her until I reached her nipple. Placing it in my mouth and sucking her nipple was an absolutely incredible experience, for us both.

Her skin was so soft and so sweet tasting and lucky for us both she has very sensitive nipples so that with each suck, she started tuzla escort to breathe heavier.

Of course it probably didn’t hurt that as I was sucking her right breast my right hand was all over her left one. Squeezing her left breast with my hand then letting my thumb and forefinger find her VERY erect nipple.

Placing the nipple between my thumb and finger I started to squeeze softly at first then a little harder.

As I squeezed I would roll her nipple between my thumb and finger, rubbing harder and faster as I started to suck deeply on her right one.

Letting my tongue swirl around her nipple, sucking it harder and harder. Letting my teeth gently rub her breast until I grabbed her nipple with my teeth and started to pull on it.

“OH YES…” She moaned.

Loving the feeling of a man finally taking charge of her body and treated her and it as it deserved.

Here was a woman who had waited so long for some great sexual release and she knew before this night was done she would get just that!

I continued to work her nipples, one with my hands and one with my mouth and teeth.

She was moaning louder now and her whole body started to move. First back and forth, then her hips started up and down.

“My God” I thought.

If this is how she reacts with just her nipples in my mouth, what’s it gonna be like when I play with her pussy.

I continued my snack and she continued to move rhythmically to my sucking. I started sucking harder, using my teeth a little more. She started moving faster, begging me to continue, and move down lower.

“Not yet” I said admonishing her. I wanted to let this last as long as possible.

My goal now was to make her cum via her tits and I knew I could do it. The more I sucked and twirled, the more she moved.

The heavier her breathing got, the louder she got.


She was screaming now and I knew I was close. Just a little more I thought to myself.

Harder I sucked, LOUDER SHE GOT.


She took her arms and wrapped them around me. Tighter she squeezed. Pulling me closer to her.

I sucked she squeezed and screamed HARDER…





And with that her entire body tensed. Her legs straightened, locking tight. Her arms, still wrapped around me squeezed me so hard as she let out this scream that was nothing more then music to me…


Was all she could say. After about another 5 seconds or so, I finally let go of her breasts, sat up and just watched her belly go up and down with each breath.

Looking at her face she was just opening her eyes. They were practically glazed. This was good I thought but I knew I could get more out of her. And I knew she had more to give. And with that I placed my head back down and gave her a few more kisses on her breasts.

First one, then the other.

Then I started down. Past her breasts. Across her belly. (Which was still rapidly going up and down). As I reached her stomach I could hear and feel her catch a quick breath as she gasped at the feeling of my tongue working its way down across her belly.

Lower I went, down to her navel, reaching her pants line.

I reached over with one hand, grabbing the top button of her button fly jeans (couldn’t believe she actually had a pair. Since a lot of women do not seem to like them much). As I grabbed the button, I just pulled hard and all of the buttons opened up at once.

Sliding down her legs, I reached up with both hands gently pulling off her jeans revealing what was underneath.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there before me was a beautiful pair of black lace panties which matched perfectly the bra she was wearing earlier.

I continued pulling off her jeans; down those beautiful legs letting my fingers just barely rub against her as I finished pulling them off.

With the jeans gone and quickly tossed aside, I lay back down on the bed squeezing myself between her legs, bringing my face back up to where I left off, at her waist.

I again started to give her soft kisses along her belly and waist.

Feeling the lace from her panties rub against my chin and face. As I continue to kiss her I can smell the perfume she sprayed on earlier that night, obviously hoping that she would have a need to smell better then usual although it wouldn’t have mattered. I know that her natural scent would have been more then enough to get me off, but this was so damn good!!

As I kissed her belly and waist, I let my hands go down to her thighs, rubbing them up and down in time with my tongue which was now running around her belly and sliding itself just under her panties. The taste combination of her skin and the lace was unbelievable.

I continued down now tasting nothing but her lace. As I reached that wonderfully erotic spot where her thigh meets up with the rest of her, the smell, the taste of her panty edge, resting in the crook of her thigh.

I just lay there, kissing and licking her thigh and panties.

Suddenly there it was, OHHH, the sweet, sweet smell of her pussy.

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