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Ginger looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. She had a very short, red, silk robe on. It was not closed and she could see the curve of her 34 D breasts and her pointed nipples atop her puffed out 3 inch areolas through the thin material. Looking down she could also see the abundant hair covering a large area of her pubis. She could also see the leg brace extending down and covering her right leg.

The foot was about 4 inches from the floor on a metal platform and a u-shaped metal bar with rubber non slip buttons on the bottom continued to the floor so she could walk. She could also see the wide 3 inch belt that went around her waist. The belt had a metal bar that extended down from the right side of the belt to the top of the brace and was attached to the outside of the upper part of the leg brace. There was a hip joint with a drop lock that could be used either when standing or seated in a 90 degree position. When locked while standing and walking, she could swing her upper torso slightly and move the paralyzed leg forward.

Ginger, or Gin as she liked to be called, had a birth defect that caused her right leg to be totally paralyzed from above her waist down. Very little muscle tissue had developed and the growth of the leg had not kept up with the rest of her body. The leg and foot did have full feeling. When she did not have her brace on and foot on the platform, her toes pointed straight down to the floor. Her left leg was weak and atrophied but she did not need a brace. She knew that her looks would not affect her next customer but she still liked to be this way.

She got her forearm crutches and went through the door to the waiting room. Fran was waiting, sitting in her terry cloth robe. She heard the door open and smiled saying hi to Gin as she stood. Gin crutched over to her and brushed her cheek with hers. Gin asked how she was and Fran said great and she had been looking forward to being here today. Gin put her elbow out and touched Fran’s arm and she grasp it and followed Gin into the next room.

Gin gently guided Fran’s hip into the table and untied the belt on her robe and removed it from her. She tossed it over the chair and Fran took off her dark glasses so Gin could put them with the robe. Gin could see where Fran’s eye balls had been removed and her eye lids sutured shut. She thought that Fran was a very beautiful, sexy woman. Fran was taller that Gin who was around 5′ 5″. Fran reached out and took hold of Gin’s robe and removed it from her and handed it to Gin to put on the chair. Fran reached out with her left hand and bending over a little, reached down and felt for Gin’s right leg and brace. She felt around for a few seconds and then straightened up. Fran said she loved being blind but wished she had been able to see Gin’s leg before she became that way.

Gin said as you know, you can “look” at it any time you want. Fran said thanks and got up on the table. With Gin guiding her so she did not fall off, she turned on her stomach and put her face in the padded ring at the top of the table. Gin stretched her arms out along side of her body and spread her legs slightly. She asked Fran if she was ready and she answered you bet. Gin put her crutches to one side and while holding on to the table, moved to the bottom near Fran’s feet. She took the massage oil from the warm bath and squirted it into her hand. She started the massage at the foot of the table and worked her way up.

When she reached Fran’s rear, she spent some time kneading and rubbing the area. She slid her hands between the cheeks but did not touch her anus or pubic area, just the area around it including the upper thighs in a teasing way. She worked her way up to the neck and down the arms next. She then had Fran turn over and again started at the feet and worked her way up. Again at the pubic area she did not touch the slit or clit and just used her thumbs to slightly rub the outer lips. Fran was now thrusting her hips trying to get Gin’s hands to touch her there.

When Gin got to her breasts she went around them and worked her way down her arms and hands. Gin now went back to the breasts. They were a 36 C with some sag to the side. Gin now stood at the top of the table and reached over Fran’s head and started by only using her oiled finger on the nipple and running it in a circle around the nipple and areola then adding more oil and finally covering the whole breast. When she finished one she repeated the process on the other. Finally she added more oil to her hands and took a breast in each hand massaging them very well and for some time. As she did so, each time she touched Fran’s nipples Fran shivered.

Gin now moved to the side of the table and worked her hands back down to Fran’s slit. Using one hand, she pulled her leg open some more and the other hand started working along her slit and using her finger she pushed into the lips and found her vaginal opening. Working her finger around it, but not fully inserting it, she played in the area for some kocaeli escort bayan time. She also worked her fingers down to her anus and back up the slit but never touching her clit. As Gin finally inserted a finger into Fran’s pussy, she came. Gin kept her going for a while then withdrew the finger. She helped Fran turn over again.

This time she positioned her legs farther open and with one leg slightly bent. Gin applied more oil to her buttocks and worked from the outside in to her slit and anal opening. Gin worked the whole area over and slowly pushed her thumb into Fran’s rear. She wiggled it around and then worked the index finger into her vagina. She wiggled both of them around and put the thumb and index finger together rubbing them together along the inside tissue. Finally she extended her middle finger downward and found Fran’s protruding clit and moving her hand caused all 3 fingers to stimulate her. As soon as the middle finger hit the clit Fran exploded thrusting her hips in time with Gin’s movements moaning loudly.

Gin kept her going for over a minute and then gradually slowed the rhythm down. Fran kept having smaller jerks and orgasms. Gin finally withdrew her fingers from Fran and worked her way to the sink and washed her hands good. She covered Fran with a sheet and let her enjoy the afterglow for a few minutes. When the hour was up, she led her back to the dressing room and turned on the shower for her. Fran was able to do the rest herself and got dressed and returned to the waiting room. Each time the door to the dressing room and waiting room opened a chime sounded in Gin’s area so she knew when a customer was there. She went back when Fran came in and Fran thanked her profusely, paid her and left.


Ginger was sitting in her wheelchair in the airport gate area waiting for her flight to board. One of the passenger agents came over and said she would take her down to the plane now. Ginger released the chair locks and was pushed down the boarding dock to the plane. They stopped at the door and she applied the wheelchair locks, unlocked the hip lock and got up out of the chair relocking the hip and then knee lock as she stood straight. The agent handed her crutches to her and she put her arms in the cuffs and worked her way on board.

She was sitting at the bulkhead and after her back was to the seat, unlocked the hip and knee lock and got into her seat next to the window. The flight attendant took her crutches and put them in the overhead for her. Gin relocked the hip in the 90 degree position. The attendant said she would put her wheelchair in the closet and not send it to the luggage compartment. Gen thanked her for that. The attendant reached out to Gin’s arm and told her to let her know if there was anything else she could do for her grinning and giving a wink. Ginger had been to a massage therapy seminar and was on her way home. The other passengers started to board and finally a man sat down beside her. He smiled and said hello and is name was Josh. Ginger introduced herself and saw him looking down at her brace and very small leg. They fastened their seat belts and the plane pushed back and took off a few minutes later. They started talking and found they were headed for the same place as it was his home also. They were going to do a plane change to get there and he offered to help any way he could if she needed any. She told him there would be people meeting her to push her wheelchair at each point but she would let him know if she needed anything. Josh said he was a sales manager for a large company and had several sales people working for him. He had to travel a lot working with them. Ginger just said she was a therapist working with other disabled people.

Ginger found Josh very easy to talk with and the first leg flew by. When they got into the airport they had a while to wait for the next flight so Josh suggested they get something to eat. Gin tipped her wheelchair attendant at a food place as Josh had said he would get her to her gate. Gin picked something from the menu on the wall and Josh got in line while she got them a table. He arrived with the food and drinks and they ate. There was no one around them so Josh asked if she would mind telling him what happened to her leg. Gin told him she had no problem talking about it and told him all about it. She even went so far as to explain how her brace worked. It was called a HKAFO. They were sitting side by side and she took his hand and put it on the waist band and then moved his hand down the bar to the upper part of the brace.

She told him when she was walking with her crutches she had to lock the knee and hip joint and use her upper torso to move her right leg forward. Otherwise she had no muscles to move it. She moved somewhat slowly but she got there she grinned. Her dress was short enough that he could see most of the rest of it. Josh thanked her for being so open with him. Looking at him she said she hoped he was not embarrassed by being seen with her. He kind izmit escort bayan of shook his head and said not at all, he saw it as being seen with a very beautiful woman. Gin reached out and put her hand on his arm and said thanks.

He pushed her to the next gate and Gin told the agent that he was with her. The agent said they would board her early so as not to rush her and she said thanks. A while later the agent came and got them and took her chair to the door of the plane. Josh stood back and watched very closely as Gin got up from the chair, stood straight and pushed the drop locks down on the knee and then the hip joint. She then moved the right side of her torso forward which moved her rigid hip and leg forward and walked on to the plane and their seats. At her seat, she pulled the hip drop lock up, bent forward a little, put the other hand on the seat arm and then pulled the knee drop locks up. She leaned to her left just a little and that released the pressure on the knee joint and it bent so she could let herself down into the seat.

She looked up at Josh and saw that he was watching her closely. She was glad he was interested. She also noticed the bulge in his pants and that he adjusted his hard on as he sat down. As they were headed out to the runway Gin put her hand over his on the armrest between them and said thanks for the dinner and helping me at the airport. He turned his hand up and took hers gently squeezing it and saying you’re welcome, I enjoyed being with you. He asked if he could have her name and phone number and Gin readily gave it to him.

They continued holding hands. Josh asked if she always wore her brace and she said mostly at work as she needed her hands free but almost never at home. He looked at her trying to decide to ask the next question. Gin saw the look and said go ahead and ask, I don’t mind personal questions at all. Josh finally said he would like to go out with her sometime and Gin said she would like that. He then said, and hesitated, would you go out with me without your brace on and just let your leg do its thing. Gin said at once absolutely, I would enjoy it very much with you. She then said Josh, this may sound crazy but I very much enjoy being crippled. She was looking him straight in the eye as she said this and he said back that he felt she did and no, he did not think it was crazy.

He next asked if there was a cuff at the top of her brace. She pulled her skirt all the way up so he could see the 4 inch wide leather cuff with 2 Velcro straps and metal rings that held it closed around her very small thigh. She was sure he could also see her thong but did not care. They had not released their hands and he was leaning over some to see better. Gin could see past him that no one was looking at them and she quietly said you can touch if you want. He turned his head to her some and she smiled and nodded. Josh put his hand on her leg then touched the leather cuff and metal side bars. He did not linger long but sat back in his seat, put his head back and closed his eyes for several seconds. As he squeezed her hand gently he adjusted his hard on again with the other hand.

Ginger was not sure why she was so open and free with Josh but she knew she liked him and wanted to see more of him. She felt that being crippled did not bother him at all and in fact it might be why he was attracted to her. She would find out more about that later.

They landed at home and as they came out of the jet way Josh asked if she would like a ride home, he had a car picking him up. She thought for a few seconds and said yes, that would be nice of him. As they got their baggage, he made a cell phone call and told someone what door they would be at. Just as they got to the curb, a black limo pulled up and a driver got out to open the rear door. Gin pulled her wheelchair up to the seat, lifted her legs into the car and using her arms, transferred in without much trouble. Josh watched closely and Gin moved over so he could get in next to her brace. Josh called the driver by name and gave him Gin’s address. The driver said yes sir and welcome home.

On the ride, Gin pulled her skirt up exposing her leg and brace. Josh held his hand out and she pushed it down onto it. He moved it around feeling her flesh, leather and metal. At one time as they were looking into each other’s face, he moved his hand all the way to the top of her brace and was just a fraction of an inch from touching her thong. But he stopped and smiled and Gin grinned back at him. She could also feel the side of his arm pushing into her breast as he moved it on her leg. She put her hand on his upper arm and pulled it tighter to her wondering if he could tell she was braless. She wished he would cup it and feel her hard nipple so she could put her hand on his hard cock but he didn’t.

They got to her house and she directed the driver to pull up to the garage door. She got the remote from her purse and opened the door. Josh helped her out of the gebze escort car and handed her the crutches. She locked her brace and crutched into the house. The driver got her luggage and wheelchair and put it in the kitchen. Gin told him thank you and he returned to the car to wait for Josh. Josh gave her a card with his phone numbers on it and said he was looking forward to talking and being with her again. As Gin said me to, she opened her arms to him and he entered them and put his tightly around her. They kissed for a few seconds and said their good nights. Josh left and she closed the doors. She got in her wheelchair and put a piece of luggage on her lap and took it to the bedroom. She went back for the second piece and brought it also.

She transferred to the bed and undressed. She had a big grin when she found her thong slopping wet. After removing her brace she lay back and folded her leg straight back against her chest. With no muscles or ligaments that functioned, she could get it into almost any position. She massaged it as it was sore from having the tight brace on so long. Sitting in airline seats did not help any. While one hand was rubbing her leg the other drifted down to her slit. Obviously it was the reason for the wet thong. It was very slippery and wet also. She quickly found her vaginal entrance and then her clit. It was sticking way out of its hood. She rubbed it and quickly had a good orgasm thinking about Josh. He was the first man she had fallen for and had such strong sexual thoughts this soon.

Josh got home and his driver also put his luggage in the kitchen, he tipped him and closed the door. Josh did not even bother to get it into the bedroom. His thoughts were about Gin. She was so beautiful, so open, and easy to talk with and yes, he believed she did like to be crippled. She had had no qualms abut telling and showing him everything. He was pretty sure she had not had a bra on and when he put his arm against her he was sure. He had almost touched her pussy through her thong but resisted. He had also almost cupped her breast but stopped. He could tell it was what she wanted but he wanted to wait until they had quality time together.

He undid his belt and unzipped his pants and withdrew his hard on. He had no underwear on. She started masturbating and was soon ejaculating all over his clothing. He got up, undressed, and took a shower. He got in bed naked, as usual, and wondered if he should/could call her. He dialed her number and she answered after several rings. He asked if she was asleep and was it too late. Gin said no she was just in the process of transferring from her chair to the bed before she could get to the phone. She was very glad he called as she was going to call him in a few minutes. She also said she needed to tell him something; if they were going to talk and be together, she wanted him to be very open and honest with her and to say whatever was on his mind. He could tell her anything, ask her anything, nothing was too personal and she had nothing to hide. She promised to be the same with him.

Josh said perfect speech; he felt the same way and promised he would be the same with her. Gin then apologized for sending him home in such an aroused state. She knew he was hard on the plane and felt him against her as they kissed good night. She added that she hoped in the near future that would no longer be a problem. Josh laughed and said thanks for noticing. He went on that he took care of the problem as soon as he could after he got home. Gin was laughing and said she had done the same thing. Josh asked what she slept in and she said her skin and asked the same question of him. He replied the same and he wished he could see her that way sometime. Her reply was soon I hope.

Josh asked how often she masturbated and she said at least once a day most of the time and more during her period. And you she asked? He said about the same and he loved being with his partner during her period. Gin said good, she would keep that in mind. He asked what she had to do tomorrow and she said get unpacked and go to the office. She had not booked any patients so would just take it easy. He said he had a full day at the office but did not have to leave town for a week or so. Gin thanked him again for the ride home and they said good night. They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

Gin got up, unpacked and put some things in the wash. At home she mostly used her wheelchair and was going to take it to the office today. Late morning she headed for the office and did not put her brace on or even take her crutches. At times she liked being dependent on only having her wheelchair available. She had been gone for 6 days and had several phone calls to return. All were people wanting appointments and she got that taken care of in about an hour. Next she attacked the mail. Just as she got started the phone rang and it was Josh. He was having a good day so far, lots to catch up on but he was used to the drill. He asked Gin if she would like to have dinner with him tomorrow night and she said for sure. She said her legs were still sore and tired from the trip and would it be ok if she came in her wheelchair and no brace. Josh said of course it is ok; you always do what you have to do to take care of yourself.

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