Girlie Girl’s Shopping Spree Ch. 02

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I spent the entire morning at my favorite shoe store, and my Z4 was filled to the brim. I had to empty my car before I could continue shopping, so I drove back to my apartment, hoping I would see Henry again. I wanted him to see all my boxes of shoes, and – yes, I admit, even after all the fucking at the shoe store – I was horny for his fingers and mouth. Another romp in my big bed and a couple more orgasms would give me the energy and enthusiasm for my next buying jag.

I had to make five trips from my car to get every box of shoes into my apartment. Henry was nowhere in sight, and the light on the videocam from my bedroom to his computer room was off, so I knew he was not home. Darn! Hmmmmm. One o’clock, and all was quiet. I really wanted that jump start. Cunt juices dripped down my thigh. I don’t usually ever have to wait very long when I want to fuck. Somehow the signals just go out to the Universe. I’ve been very fortunate that way.

And then I heard a soft knock at the door. I stood in the middle of my living room, both arms loaded with shoe bags, and Officer Perkins walked in.

His smile sent my lust-o-meter into the red zone, but it was the big bulge in his uniform that made me drop my bags and lift my little skirt.

“Oh, Girlie Girl!” he whispered, as he stepped forward. “I was hoping I would catch you home today! I need the taste of your wet cunt on my tongue, and to fill you with my hard cock. Show me your big titties, Sweetheart!”

I was down to my open-nipple bra and matching silk panties in less than ten seconds.

“Don’t take anything else off, Girlie Girl. Allow me.” And he lifted me into the air and carried me to my big bed, his fingers playing softly with my clit. He propped my head and shoulders on all the pillows and spread my legs wide. “I want you to watch me tongue-fuck your Precious cunt. And here,” he said, handing me the camera, “start shooting. Get plenty of shots with my tongue in Precious.”

I was already coming hard when he pulled my panties to the side and inserted his finger. I screamed and moaned and rolled and bucked on his hands. I forgot about the camera. I forgot about shopping. My cunt spasmed ankara escort and grasped his finger, holding on tight. He chuckled softly.

“I love to watch you cum, Girlie Girl. And I love to make you cum.” He held me in his arms and softly sucked my big nipples, kissing my mouth and neck, while my body settled down.

When my breathing was somewhat normal, he handed me the camera again, and said, “Now, this time, Sweetie, pay attention.”

Officer Perkins pulled his hard cock from his pants, slid down my body and spread my legs again, pulled my panties to the side, slowly spread my cunt lips, and proceeded to tongue-fuck Precious. I shot photos from as many angles as I could, propped up on the pillows. Several times he looked straight into the camera, his tongue poised at the tip of my clit, or inserted deep in my cunt. He softly sucked my clit until I came again. I wrapped my legs around his neck and held him captive with my thighs.

(I would love to have a photo of Precious squirting into his mouth. He is a hungry, hungry man!)

He turned me over onto my stomach, and put me on my knees – my face on the pillows and my ass in the air. He fucked me Girlie Girl style, my favorite fucking position, and I loved every moment of his hard cock sliding in and out, furiously pounding my cunt, his hands all over my ass. He spread my ass cheeks and rimmed my rosebud, and we came together this time. He collapsed on me, pulled me into his stomach and we lay on our sides in spoons. He did not pull his cock out. We slept for about fifteen minutes, exhausted…and then awoke refreshed.

“You know I hate to fuck and run, Girlie Girl. But I gotta get back on patrol.”

“Oh! And I have to finish shopping, too!” I said. “I’m modeling new clothes for Henry tomorrow for most of the day.”

Officer Perkins grinned down at me. “Tell Henry me and the fellas want to see some great shots from his – “

But I interrupted him. “Oh, Henry’s not shooting with the camera,” I said. “He’s going to shoot it all on video, Sweetie.”

He wiped his brow and zipped his fly. “That’s even better, Girlie Girl.” He bent down and kissed me good-bye. “Can’t wait escort ankara to see it. And send those photos from today to my email, please. I’d love to see them before I go to sleep tonight.”

Officer Perkins left and I stepped into the shower to prepare for the next leg of my shopping trip.

Neiman Marcus was only mildly busy, so I had the spotlight from my regular saleswomen. Not only would I spend a small fortune in their store, Henry had instructed me, very specifically, to generously tip them for their time and attention. I purchased several Nanette Lepore strapless mini dresses, in several styles. Mini, so the men could have easy access to Precious and my alabaster ass, and strapless for easy access to my big titties. Everything I wear has playing and fucking in mind. And there was a Tadashi organza bottom silk ball gown that I had to have. Strapless, of course. I found a very low-back, v-neck, evening frock with lots of lace. The back was so low it came to the top of the crack of my ass, and the v-neck was so low in front that I would not be wearing a bra.

The more I shopped, the more delighted and friendly the saleswomen became. They fluttered around me, primping me, adjusting, assisting. Two of them walked in while I was completely undressed from trying on the evening frock. I was standing in the dressing room wearing only my heels, and they giggled. Marsha whispered softly in my ear and asked if she could suck my big titties while Nancy fingered my cunt and sucked my clit.

“Oh!” I said. “I would be so delighted! You’ve never given me this service before!”

“Well, we reserve the right to pick and choose. And you’ve been so very, very generous with us today. My boyfriend, Sam, said he would love to see you and I together. He’s been at your apartment in the middle of the night several times. He is a fireman. I’ve learned so much about how to keep him satisfied – as well as how to get what I want from him! — from all the stories he has told me about you. At first I was jealous, but now I’m just so grateful that you have always been available to him.”

She encouraged me to lie down on the chaise, and began slowly sucking and kissing ankara escort bayan my titties.

“And available to all the others, too,” Nancy chimed in, while she spread my cunt lips and inserted her tongue. “I have three boyfriends who visit your place, too. And our sex life has improved ten-fold since they’ve been coming to you. Alvin is so much more attentive and interested in satisfying me, and does not mind at all when Fred and John show up to share me. I don’t know how you instruct them, but please don’t stop. I don’t mind sharing them with you at all.”

She softly sucked my clit until I came hard in her mouth. Marsha kissed me on the mouth with her tongue because I was moaning so loudly. Not only had I forgotten I was shopping in a department store – shit, I was being tongue-fucked in Neiman Marcus!

I pulled my camera from my purse. “Do you mind if I shoot photos of your tongue in my cunt?”

Nancy drew back a little, hesitant.

“Oh, I won’t show your face, Nancy. Just your lips. And if you would like to expose your titties, I will shoot those, too. Would you mind adding more lipstick, pretty please? I’d like your mouth to be exceptionally provocative.”

The women had no problem posing for me and with me. Then Marsha asked me to get on my knees on the chaise, and she placed her manicured, polished fingernails and hands on my ass, one finger in my cunt, while Nancy shot photos. They also placed their collective titties on my ass. I could hear the buzz and click of the camera as they released their inhibitions. They became more creative with each shot.

Sometimes it takes just a little encouragement to help others find their naturally free spirits. I invited Nancy and Marsha to my place, with or without their boyfriends, for some extended fun time. They hugged one another, and then me, jumping up and down with excitement.

They loaded up my arms, and theirs, with all my shopping bags, and together we walked out of the store to my car.

Well, my shopping was finished. All I had left to do was order my lingerie online. The Touchable quarter-cup bras were made to order, and — along with the La Perla panties, and Montaigne gowns and negligee’s — even with Federal Express shipment, would not be delivered for two to three weeks. That would have to be a completely separate modeling show for Henry, which I was certain he would appreciate and enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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