Girl’s Night Out

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I was wondering what she was going to wear. When I suggested we do a “girls night out” I told her I would be wearing black-just my mood for the night. She was dressed in a white shirt and a short black skirt. That was too funny. With me in my total black shirt and skirt, we looked like ying and yang. Oh well, there’s no telling what kind of trouble we can get into tonight. With her hair and petite looks she looks like a schoolteacher, and me, oh hell I look like bad news happening.

“Hi Michelle looking nice tonight” I say. “Thanks Jackie, you look like hell,” she says. We both laugh at the inside joke. “Ready to go to this new place I found?” I ask her. “Sure let’s go” she says “you know me always ready to try new things.”

We get into my car, “Hope you don’t mind the top down.”

“Nope, great night for it” she says. We drive the short distance to downtown Denton, by the square. I had found a little hole in the wall place I wanted to try, Michelle liked playing pool. We park the car, already there’s some attention on us as we step out. We head into the place. Seeing an empty pool table I tell Michelle “Go get us set up over there, and I’ll get us some drinks.” She heads to the pool table and starts looking at cue sticks.

I step up to the bar and order two margaritas. As I’m placing my money on the counter, the bartender says “Don’t worry about it, those two gentlemen said they got it.” I look over at the table where the bartender is pointing. At a corner table two men in suits, one in a black suit, with gray hair, damn he’s looking good, and the other in a gray suit, damn I love men in suits. Both are wearing ties, I love a man wearing ties.

I head back over to the pool table where Michelle is setting up. “Guess what?” I say. She looks up at me. “Those two just paid for our drinks,” I say as ataşehir escort I glance in the corner. She looks to where I’m glancing, and her eyes go wide. “Damn Jackie, you sure know how to pick a place.” We both nod our heads to the men in thanks.

The one with the gray hair gets up first and heads our way, the other one follows. “Ladies, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Gary, and this is my friend Kyle.”

“Nice to meet you” Michelle and I say at the same time. We break out laughing, and they laugh with us. Michelle says with a twinkle in her eye, “I’m Michelle and this is Jackie, would you two like to play a round with us?” I can tell she has something up her sleeve. “We would love to” the one called Kyle says. “Great, lets toss a coin and see who plays with whom, says Gary. He reaches into his pocket, my eyes stray there, what can I say… I’m a cock girl. He finds a quarter, says, “Heads Michelle and I play, tails Jackie and I.” Kind of a take-charge type of man, I like it.

He flips the coin in the air. I can hardly wait. It lands on heads. “Ok, teams chosen, lets play” says Kyle. Up till now I had been watching the other guy, now I glance at Kyle and hell if he didn’t have the same twinkle in his eye as Michelle. Damned interesting, I can hardly wait. Michelle goes first. She bends over the table and sets up to break. She pulls back and strokes. Hell she slipped, the balls rolls to the side. “Darn, I sure could use some help” she says. I look at her; I know my eyes are wide open. What the hell, I’ve never seen her miss a shot in her life, what is she thinking? Her new partner glances at her and steps up. He puts his arms around her to help steady the stick. I can see her leaning her ass into his crotch. Well hell, I think I get her strategy now. I chuckle out loud. The guy Kyle comes up kadıköy escort to me and asks, “What’s so funny?” Babe I’m thinking just you wait. Meanwhile Gary is sure attaching himself to Michelle’s backside. I see him slip one hand under her short skirt and her ass reach up to meet him.

Damn I’m getting wet. I look over at Kyle, and that twinkle is shining again. What the hell. “Hey Kyle, I’d like to go rest in the corner for a minute, it’s been a long day ” I say. “Sure” he says, and he leads us over to the table they had been sitting at. “You take the stool” I say “I prefer to stand up.” His eyebrows rise up but he doesn’t say a word. He sits and I lean into him. Damn, I can feel his hard cock through his slacks. I wonder what he would do if………hahahahahh, hell lets find out. I move my hand over his crotch, he glances at me and a grin comes over his face. I stare at him, never saying a word. It’s dark in this corner; most of the light in the room is over the pool table. I glance back at Michelle, oh my god, his hands are flat on the table on either side of her and she’s rocking back and forth into him, and he no way………….yes he is………… he is fucking her under that skirt standing up.

Well damn Michelle, way to go I’m thinking. I turn back around to Kyle. He had seen what I did. I look at him and slowly slide down his zipper, taking his cock out of his slacks. I lick my lips, oh god I want to taste it. My head dips into his crotch, his hands go into my hair. “Oh yes baby” he moans. I take him fully into my mouth, twirling him with my tongue. I glance back at Michelle, they’re still going at it. I lightly grasp his balls, my right hand encircles his cock, I lick my way to the top, then slowly ease my way back down again, over and over, he helps me by placing one hand on his cock, stroking it for me while bostancı escort it’s in my mouth. His other hand is in my hair, pulling and pushing my mouth onto him.

“Fuck my mouth baby, fuck it,” I mumble as he’s groaning and pumping away. I look up to see him glancing over my shoulder watching Gary fuck Michelle at the pool table. “Oh yes suck me, oh god fuck her” I hear him say. I’m getting so damn wet thinking of what is going on behind me while I have this good hard cock in my mouth. Over and over my mouth pumps onto him, his hand in my hair is driving my head deeper and deeper onto him. I can feel him tensing up. “Oh yes baby, I’m cumin” he moans. God yes I want that. I suck faster and harder, oh shit……………….I swallow as fast as I can, loving the taste of him. His body relaxes and he grins at me then glances to where Gary is. We can see Gary tighten and shift and oh god Michelle is almost on top of the table. “Baby now” she moans “Now.” Gary pumps once, twice and then we see them both relax, still together. Gary slowly backs up, adjusts himself, then smoothes Michelle’s skirt down. He turns her around, I can see him whisper something to her, gently running his hands through her hair and then he kisses her.

Wow I wonder how that felt. I glance at Kyle, he smiles with his eyes twinkling and says “Next time that will be you darlin.” I smile back. Gary and Michelle come over to the table and pick up their drinks. Both take small sips, grinning all the time. “How’s the game coming” I say giggling. “Oh, I think it’s about tied right now,” says Michelle.

I glance at my watch, hell time to go. “Michelle, I do need to run,” I say. “Ok Jackie” she says as she picks up her purse. Gary says, “We’ll walk you out.” We slowly make our way to the door, glancing around at all the eyes following us. I can feel myself grinning, I glance at Michelle and that twinkle is back. We head to my car, I get in the drivers seat, and Gary slips into the passenger. He leans out and says to Kyle and Michelle, “We’ll see you later, next time-guys night out.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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