Girls will be Nymphos Ch. 01

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This is a original fictional work: All characters relations to anyone, including a Hentai manga are consequential.

It was a bright Monday Morning, the sun shined like a diamond in a pile of ice, the air was cool like the inside of a refrigerator, and the wind was as light as a cloud that you could only see from the top of the tallest building, and with this special time of the week, a 19 year old girl, wearing a normal sweater, and a very long skirt that went down to the ankles. Her sneakers were the ones she had on for about 3 months, and her glasses were there to help hide her looks to the world. Her name was Zelda, and although she was born before the time of the NES, she was always with a group of book lovers, reading The Great Gasby again, for the 100th time. “This man lies so poorly, there is no Biloxi Tennessee!” Zelda walked along the path to her first attempt to collage, a small school in the Midwest, near Kansas City, Kansas. She was 5’9″ tall, and she weighed about 148 pounds. Her skin was milky, not pail, but it was more ‘white’ than ‘brown’ in a way. Her black hair and green eyes weren’t at all a rare combo, but her family’s traits weren’t her concern. She was always a healthy girl, but she felt slightly warmer when she had her period. Rather or not that’s normal, she doesn’t know, but she always seemed to have that happen. It’s only been a year, where her body temp was normally 98.6, she’d have it to even 99.5 at times, although she wasn’t sick.

Moving on, she went to the first collage she wanted to go, Kansas City Community Collage, a small but interesting school. She would be living with her best friend, Victoria, who is openly bisexual. In fact, the only thing Zelda doesn’t know is why would anyone want to be so open in their sexuality? She’s a virgin, but it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been curious, but no one quite knows what to do yet. All Zelda could do is think about why Victoria had so may different outfits…

The first day was ok, Zelda didn’t have much to work on yet. The beginning of the fall semester would have been harder, but this started after illegal bahis the New Year, and she’s lucky it wasn’t any colder. She could only imagined how she’d live in the later spring, where storms came without warning. As for the day, most of it was made out of review (for Zelda that is), and understanding. Although she didn’t have much new to learn, it helped her to adjust. And since her home was now only 2 miles away, she could easily walk home.

She got into the apartment, ready to simply relax from her day… but there was something wrong, something very wrong. Victoria wasn’t home, and it seemed that Zelda would be alone tonight, she must have found a ‘date’ for the night. Zelda simply got her things in her room, then she went to the tub to relax some. Striping out of her clothes, in her cotton bra and panties (which covered her almost too well, she didn’t like any ‘sexy’ stuff), she turned the water on. She wanted to try something different today, so she looked for some bubble bath. Sure enough, she saw one bottle, the one Victoria used. She pored some into the bath, letting the bubbles go up. Then she took off her bra and panties and sunk into it…

Tuesday, one day later. Zelda woke up in her room. She had her period again… she felt hotter than normal, but this time it felt good. A slight smile came on Zelda’s face. Seeing she was in her normal pajamas, she felt a little disappointed, but not much. ‘Not yet Zelda, not yet!’ she thought to herself. She was normal, and she kept saying ‘not yet!’ Today was a little warmer, and it would help her more to dress up a little differently. Knocking on Victoria’s door, she felt different, but not much.

Victoria wasn’t much different in looks, although she hated P.J.s, she wanted to wear nightgowns and more revealing stuff. She opened the door and smiled at Zelda. “Hey Zel! How’s things going?” Victoria always called her ‘Zel’ instead of Zelda.

“Hey, um, could I wear one of your skirts, I feel different.” Zelda had the sweet smell of the bubble bath still on her.

“Sure Zel! What do you want?” Zelda illegal bahis siteleri had a smile on her lips as Victoria walked to her closet, shaking her ass a little. Zelda knew this was going to happen… something special was happening to her… at least to Zelda. She nearly said ‘you sexy!’ but Zelda knew how it will work, soon she’ll change, but not yet. “Something to the knees!” Zelda had a weak smile when she got what she wanted… and thus, day

of Collage.

Day three brought about a short sleeve shirt, and the same kind of skirt, and day four brought about contacts instead of glasses… sure enough, Zelda knew that this was the time of the month she was waiting for… her 100th, the time she read her favorite book for the 100th time, she would begin her change… and on day 5 she started wearing tight jeans…

On Saturday, Zelda was tired of waiting… it was time to confront Victoria, a lot. She again knocked on the door, smiling at her. “Hey Victoria! Can I come in?” Victoria nodded and let Zelda in her bedroom.

“Yeah, come on Zel, what do you want sweetie?” Victoria looked at Zelda, who started to shake a little. “Something wrong?”

Zelda shook her head, nothing was wrong, but Victoria should know that things were too right. “Victoria, I’m changing… you may want to know why I’m dressing like I am now.” Victoria nodded, waiting for what was going on. “Well, you see, I have this family thing, from my mother. Half of us, the females, start to go though a change as they have their 100th period, it’s like this…” Zelda pulled up her shirt, and she was wearing a hot pink lace bra, no more cotton. “I start to get more open, more sexy, my body starts preparing for sexual joys…” Zelda let her shirt fall to her hips. “My Change makes me a nympho, more slutty every day. And when the time comes, I want you to take me.”

Victoria didn’t believe it, she didn’t want to, she didn’t think Zelda would ever be like that. Zelda knew the look on Victoria’s face. “Zel, you’re kidding right?”

Zelda shook her head. “Victoria, tomorrow my body will canlı bahis siteleri burst, by this time next week I’ll be immune to every STD you can imagine, I’ll become a breeding nymph… like my mother was. My body would become almost as sexy as anyone can imagine, and the pheromones in my body will drive anyone wild by the next term… Victoria, I’m the last female in a line of nymphs… a drying sexual breed.”

Victoria wouldn’t believe it now… by this time next week, she would have no choice…

By the end of the week, Zelda was much different. Zelda wasn’t strong enough to not wear a bra, but she started wearing high heels, and a much higher skirt. Her B-cup bra wasn’t enough, she already stretched it to a C, and if she wanted to, she could make it a D-cup. Her huge chest was the last thing on her mind, she was dressing sluttier, her body burned with new needs, she had never masturbated, but she was getting urges too, small ones. Her body began to change, and her mind began to turn. Her body temp went up, now normally at 99.1, and that means it would be about a human fever in a way. Her walk was much more of a body-moving walk, hips moving more, her ass wiggled a lot, sure enough, the change started to be noticed by her friends, especially Victoria…

The Second Monday was the hardest, a week went by and Zelda’s body craved more and more… there was no hiding her needs now, she rushed home, and locked her room’s door… no more being normal. Zelda could feel herself getting wet without reason. ‘No… I can’t yet…’ Zelda thought to herself… but it was too late. She started to strip out of her tank top and mini-skirt, her bra and panties, even sexier than before were all that she had on. She couldn’t wait, her body was ready… ‘Now Zelda, become a nymph!’ Zelda rubbed her clit though her panties, playing with her sex. Moans came out as she put her other hand on her bra, teasing her breasts. She had to do it, her pussy let out love juices, her panties smelled like her sex.

This didn’t go unnoticed to Victoria, who was next door. “Zel, are you ok?” Victoria was worried, never did Zelda do so much in her own room… it scared her, but Zelda changed that. After licking her cum-coated fingers and grinned and replied in a sensual voice. “I’m fine Victoria, and from now on, you and I can be more open…”

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