Going Up?

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Caldwell Pharmaceuticals was the name over the big corporation tower that stood in the center of Manhattan where Jessica Kennedy had been working since graduation. Going into the elevator she made her way to the 9th floor. Joey the security guard winked as she went by as usual—Joey made her laugh, always bringing a smile to her full, red lips. With a flick of her chestnut hair over a shoulder in a smooth motion, she made her way to the promotional offices. Today she wore a wrap around brown suit skirt with a cream shirt, jacket to match and a pair of black stiletto pumps. Taking off her jacket she left it on her desk and made her way back across the hallway with her portfolio in her hand.

She had never really felt all that confident in all her 26 years of age, and this meeting where she would bring across her proposal for pharmaceuticals company she did advertisement work for would require a whole lot of confidence, especially as she was against Caldwell for it. If she didn’t get this proposal over Max Caldwell she’d be working under him. She got all hot and bothered thinking about it. Of course she wouldn’t be working under him in that respect but she couldn’t help but think it. After all this was the ‘King’ of double meaning she was thinking about here. And if he wasn’t the king he was definitely be part of the royal family were his looks were concerned.

He had short dirty blonde hair, grey searching eyes and a straight roman nose with wide lips that had often made her drift into a day dream at work. He was tall too, that was sure, even taller than her 5’8″. He was about five inches taller, and not many mean made her feel dainty in height, so it was a shame he made her feel like a fool whenever he opened his mouth! He was cute, no doubt about it, and he always made her feel stupid, but not today! No! She was going to show Max Caldwell that she was not just as good as him but better when she got this proposal. He may be the boss’ nephew but no way was she going to work in a position where he could rub in his success to her. She wouldn’t allow it.

Not that he had got the better of her other promotions, they had basically gone up in ranks together. As you got higher in the chain the scarcer the positions within the company; that was how this whole rivalry had started. It had been a normal day in Caldwell Pharmaceuticals when Mitzy, one of the building gossips, had come into the PR department, which she had no place in being since she was an assistant to the receptionists. She talked about how there was a promotion going since Bill was going to retire, and of course we all knew this but let her go on, we were sure she’d find her point eventually, and she did when she said the promotion was between two people—that was when Jessica’s ears had picked up, and then everyone knew. It was between her and Max.

Well, Caldwell. They had a pretty easy going relationship before this had got going; she had called him Max. Well, that was over now. She had always thought him too arrogant for his own good. Maybe it was his looks that made him think he was better then everyone, she had first thought when she had met him, because come on let’s face it—he was hot. But no, she had soon discovered in a week of being at Caldwell Pharmaceuticals, that that was not the case. It was his intelligence that made him think he was better than everyone else; that much was evident in the way he handled himself. The confidence just rolled off of him like the water on the back off of a dolphin. The ease in which he had ridiculed her when she had made the mistake of filing the wrong file in her second week had taught her that she would have get stronger or be trampled on in the ataşehir escort bayan process.

Making her way over to the gilded elevator she pressed the button for the 15th floor and waited by the doors. She had never really liked elevators but she had forced herself to get used to them; if you showed your weaknesses they would be used against you. She had gotten over that fear slightly, although she still had to count the ‘ding’ sound that would pass as they went past another level. She always did it, every time. She just never really would make much of it because, after all, it was part of her everyday life.

“Well if it isn’t Princess.” Hearing the soft masculine drawl behind her she looked to see Caldwell directly behind her.

“Fancy seeing you here, Caldwell,” she said stiffly.

“Well I could let you have all the fun, Princess.” She gritted her teeth at the nickname he gave her first week at Caldwell Pharmaceuticals. Needless to say she didn’t like it. She hated the fact it implied she thought she was better than everyone else. Considering she had grown up dirt poor and going though foster homes, she personally thought it was bullshit. Not that she was going to enlighten him about her past, it being none of his business.

“What, not talking to me? Now that isn’t the way to treat your new boss.” He was trying to provoke her, she knew he was. She tightened her lips to prevent herself from telling him right where to go. She really wanted to but she knew she couldn’t, not just yet anyway.

“So what have you been up to, princess?” he said with a gleam in his eye. There was no harm he could pull out in that question.

“Nothing much.” The elevator came and the doors opened before them. Making sure he wouldn’t have a chance to ask her to actually make conversation with him, she rushed in the elevator and into right far-end corner, but before she could think to press the button, Caldwell walked in with a grin on his face.

“Going up?” Wordlessly she nodded.

He pressed it for the 15th floor. That’s when she realised it. She had been asked to come and present her case to the partners today for the promotion, that’s why she was there and that must be why he had been there. Oh shit. She didn’t have time to think before the doors closed and the elevator began its motion. She closed her eyes against the sick feeling finding a place at the bottom of her stomach—she always got this feeling riding in an elevator.


’10th floor.’ her mind went.


’11th floor.’


’12th floor.’


’13th Floor.’


’14th Floor’ Nearly there.

Just then she heard a load clink and the grinding of gears and pulleys. The elevator came to a complete stop in-between the floors. Her eyes flew open at the ‘bing’ that hadn’t happened. The lights flickered then shut off completely. Oh Christ, this was not good! She felt the colour drain from her face and her breath coming in small gasps; she was hyperventilating. She knew she was but she couldn’t stop it. Panic was making her heat beat faster and faster, she couldn’t control it. There was a smell, it was over powering, a musky smell, aftershave? Something grabbed her upper arms forcing her to look forward but she couldn’t see anything her eyes were blurry. Just colours. Colours she couldn’t link anything to, what was it? A voice. There was a voice; it was deep and muffled. The thing was shaking her and every time it did the voice was becoming clearer and clearer.

“Jess,” it said. “Jess!” It repeated, louder and firmer. Her eyes were clearing, the figure in front of her was still a bit fuzzy but escort kadıköy it looked like, like Max.

Her voice was shaky. “Max?”

The voice was clearer, confirming it was him. “Yes, it’s me Jess. I need you to calm you down, you have to sit down. Do you trust me?”

She nodded wordlessly. He lowered her onto the floor. Her vision had returned to normal, her breathing too, and she could hear Max’s heartbeat. He was holding her to his chest, his hand holding her on the back of her head, his hand engulfed in her silky chestnut hair, her breasts pressed against his muscled abdomen, her flat stomach pressed against a big bulge in his trousers.

She hadn’t expected that! She thought as she felt delicious heat pooling in-between her legs. She had to get up, she couldn’t let this turn into something. Scrambling up, she jumped to the side of the elevator, both hands on the wall beside her. Small breaths were coming fast, she was excited, okay, she would admit that but she could let it go any way. Max was—no, Caldwell. Caldwell, that was it, she had to stay impersonal, otherwise keeping her thoughts would become personal and she couldn’t risk that.

Caldwell got to his feet too, his back to the other side of the elevator, his breathing a lot calmer then hers. Jessica lowered her eyes to his crotch; his bulge was making quite a clear outline with his black suit slacks. He sallied closer to her, slowly pausing in front of her. He was so close she could smell the beaded sweat on his upper lip.

“You want this, I can tell,” he said and before she could question what he had meant by that statement, his lips were plundering hers.

He was massaging her soft lips with his firm ones, nibbling and sucking on her bottom lip. The feelings exploded within her. This was only a kiss, how could she be feeling this? She thought breathlessly. White lights detonated behind her eyes when his tongue entered her mouth. Stroking his tongue with hers, they both began rubbing their tongues against each others. Her arms were powerless but to wrap her arms around his wide, broad, muscular shoulders. He wrapped her tighter in his arms, pressing her against the wall and his straining erection. She felt him pulsating against her taut stomach and her pussy between her legs throbbed with anticipation. His hands climbed higher, grazing her rib cage, making her shudder and moan as his made his way to her bead nipples that pressed against the wall of his strong chest.

His hand gripped her breast firmly, causing a moan vibrate in her mouth. Pulling at her shirt until it was hanging around her waist, he rubbed his thumb provocatively over her nipple, making a strangled shriek come out of her mouth.

“That’s it, let me know how much you like me doing this to you,” he moaned against her lips.

And with that he circled her lace-covered nipple with his tongue. She couldn’t hold in her cry of delight and grabbed his head, holding him to her breast, for his to suckle on her firm, supple breast. Massaging the sides of her breasts he released them from their constraint and her light pink lace bra fell to the elevator floor. Cupping her breasts with his large hands he weighed the double Ds up to his lips. Grazing his chin of the sensitive buds, he gently bit into the sinuous flesh. Moaning, Jessica pulled at Max’s blonde, tousled hair, begging him for release.

Tightening her legs was all she could do to hold in her frustration. Max seemed to understand and trailed his left hand down the side of her wrap-around skirt. Flicking open one of the panels, he slipped his hand inside the skirt, trailing his finger tips along the satin flesh above her thigh high bostancı escort stockings. Creeping his hand further up, he traced his index finger up and down on her slit through the thin rose-coloured lace. She shivered with excitement. Then he cupped her and her whole body quivered. Slipping his fingers inside the lace, he outlined the wet puffiness of her swollen pussy lips and she cried out.

“I knew you liked my touch, but do you want it bad enough. I wonder?” He said as his fingers began creeping inside her wet, inflamed pussy lips. She trembled; it felt so good she couldn’t form her mouth to say the words, so instead she just moaned. He pressed harder on her mound, making her brain feel like mini-explosions were erupting all over her body.

“Well, do you want it? If you don’t answer me I’ll know not to continue.” Not continue? Hell no.

“Yes, I want it, please, please don’t stop,” she said breathlessly.

As she said the words Max had begun rubbing her sensitive clit. The sensations were unstable in her desire-thirsty body. Gripping his shoulders she started to shake when he entered his finger in her tight, wet pussy. She felt her muscles contract upon the moving digit, then as he entered another finger her head soared. She was so close.

“I’m cumming, oh god, I’m cumming,” she shook out, earnestly.

“Not until I’m inside you, you’re not,” he said, taking out his fingers. Her legs were so weak, he had to grab the backs of her upper thighs and pull her closer to his engorged cock, which caused a moan to burst from her throat. He put his fingers next her lips.

“Suck them, clean your cum of my fingers.” Already wanting what was going to happen next, she opened her mouth and took them in, sucking them and licking the salty residue off of his strong, long fingers. Pulling his fingers out of her mouth, he moved his hand to her ass, near where his other hand was and in one swift action ripped her panties clean off her body. Undoing his slacks he let them down slightly and pulled out his straining 9 inch cock. It looked angry and swollen, standing there proud with pre-cum dripping on the end.

His hand diving under her skirt, he pulled her further up his body until she had wrapped her legs around his waist. Tracing the edge of her slit with his cock, wiping the pre-cum along her joining he teased her, and with a shiver he thrust deep into her aching pussy.

She let out a squeal of delight.

Gripping his ass-cheeks with her fingers she held him, pushing him further in her, until he was at the hilt. Rocking and grinding against each other, the lights flashing at the back of her eyes, their breaths coming shallow. Then he began to pump into her faster and faster. Her brain felt like it was going to explode with the ongoing sensations her body was feeling. His swollen cock hammered her tender pussy harder and harder until the backs of her eyes exploded and her pussy sang. She let out a cry of fulfilment and Max made a war cry as they both collapsed to the floor of the elevator.

Their breathing was laboured as Max slid out of her ravaged pussy. She put her hand to the floor beside her and found the torn remains of what were her panties. Hurriedly she put them in her suit jacket. And then the lights flickered and the elevator emergency phone rang.

Max picked it up. She could only hear his side of the conversation.

“Yes, this is Max Caldwell ….yes … sure …. Please make sure you do … right then.” Hanging up the phone, he looked towards Jessica. Then just as he was about to say something the lights flickered back on and the elevator bounced back into life. Jessica jumped to her feet and smoothed her skirt down.

“A one-time thing,” Max said.

“Agreed,” she said as the elevator came to the 15th floor and she made her way to the presentation. Well, she thought to herself, that’s one way to loosen up.


Edited by Mistress_Virginia

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