Golf is a Friendly Game

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I showed up at the course, totally out of my league. Knowing very little about golf, I really didn’t want to be here, but my friend said she needed help dealing with the fundraiser. Now that the preliminaries were over, I was ready to go home. “Hey Mitzi, I’m going to leave now since you don’t need me.” “Wait Jackie, I have one more thing I need you to do, a late entrance came in and I need you to go get his signature” she states.

No problem, it wouldn’t take but a minute to do, and then I could go home, take that hot bath, and read. “Sure Mitzi where do I find him?” I say. She points to a group of men standing over by a tree. I head that way.

“Excuse me, is there a Carl here?” I say interrupting their discussion. All heads turn towards my voice. I’m wearing blacks slacks, a button down white shirt and Mitzi even made me put on a fundraising hat. I can see the eyes looking me over, yet one set didn’t go from top to bottom, they just zeroed in on my eyes and didn’t waver.

Those eyes, damn I could get lost in them. While I was staring I heard a voice say “I’m Carl.” It was coming from the same man. I couldn’t help it, my eyes slowly moved down his body past his polo shirt, the tight ass in the slacks, to the cute little shoes he had on. My eyes sparkled as I moved back to his eyes. “Carl, I love your shoes,” I laughed. Oh shit, I don’t think you’re supposed to say anything about what they wear. He just started laughing with me and said “Would you believe my mom bought them for me?”

By now everyone else had turned away continuing with their conversation. “Carl, I need your signature on this form” I hand him the clipboard and our hands touch. I draw back my hand as if burned. Wow, what was that? His eyes shoot up from what he’s doing, widening as if to say “did you feel that too?”

His dreamy voice starts again “May I ask your name? And while I’m at it, would you like to get some coffee when I’m done here?” My mouth opens I can hardly speak, my mind is thinking ataşehir escort bayan warm bath, book or him. I grin, sometimes a good sign, sometimes it gets me into deep trouble.

“My names Jackie, and I would love to, I’ll be working the fundraiser all day” I say this with my fingers crossed behind my back. A little fib, but well worth it. “See you then Jackie” Carl says and hands me my clipboard back. He turns back towards the group of men, oh god what a view, or a minute I can’t move. Then I take a step back, shake my head and head back to the booth.

“Mitzi, I think I’m going to hang around a while, and maybe learn what golf is all about” I say still staring at the ass as it walks out of my view. “My ass” she laughs “I saw the way you were looking at him, why do you think I sent you that way? She continues laughing. I can only look at her and sigh; she’s tried doing this before to me, knowing I have no interest in golf. Help with her fundraiser my ass; I’ve been set up. “Enjoy the day Jackie,” she says with a grin. I grin back and say “Oh you’re gonna get it this time, thanks Mitzi, I’ll check back in later. “I’m sure you will” she laughs and continues working.

I head to where all the spectators are; I guess I better figure out what I’m looking at fast, so I don’t look like a total fool. I step up to where I can get a look at the players. I find Carl and his group. They’re up next. I watch him step up to the tee; damn he even looks good from a distance. When he bends, well my eyes kinda stay on the butt, what I wouldn’t give to have that in my hands. I take my eyes off it, just in time to see him staring at me. Oh shit, did he see that?

The next couple holes go the same way; I really need to get a life, because I’m wetter than hell just watching him play. Play continues and every so often I see him glancing my way. The 18th hole finally appears, my heart is thumping with anticipation and I really need to go change my panties. I’m laughing escort kadıköy to myself when I glance over and see him staring at me, I continue grinning. He smiles back. Damn I can hardly wait for that coffee.

He finishes up with his group, then all head to a table to check the stats. He shakes his partners hands, see me and heads over to where I’m standing. “So how did you like the action today?” he’s grinning as he speaks. “Not bad, not bad at all” I grin back. “Do you have any place in particular you would like to go for coffee? He asks.

“Why don’t you surprise me? I say before I even think. My eyes open wide, he just grins and says “I know a cozy little spot, and if you don’t mind, I really could use a hot bath.” I just look at him and without thinking blurt out “Hell, I’ve been thinking about one all day”. His eyes sparkle, he takes my arm and says, “We’ll see what we can do about that”.

My heart is fluttering and for once I’m speechless. I just let him lead me to the clubhouse. He steps up to the counter and asks for his key. The clerk hands one over and we slowly make our way to the back of the clubhouse. He opens a door and we enter a suite. He looks at me and says, “I usually like to rest during a tournament and not have to drive, is this ok?” I can only nod and seeing a freshly brewed pot of coffee, head over to it. “Would you like me to pour?” This surely will keep my mind off his ass.

He says “Please” but while he’s talking he is busy taking off his shoes and stripping off his shirt. I just stand there, my mouth hanging wide open. I stop what I’m doing and he slowly walks over to me, taking the pot out of my hands. He gently places his hands on my waist, and he leans over me “ I have waited all day to do this” he softly whispers as his mouth moves over mine. “And I have waited all day to do this” I moan as my hands reach out and grasp his ass, slowly molding them, knowing as I did there was no turning back.

“Jackie would you care bostancı escort to join me in a hot bath? “ his eyes twinkle as he speaks. All I can do is grin back as my shoes are kicked off and I start unbuttoning my shirt. He stands in front of me watching as I strip, he still has his slacks on, but I can see they seem to be bulging. “Carl, you can’t bathe with clothes on” I whisper. “Take my clothes off,” he says staring into my eyes.

My hands shake as I undo his slacks, my hands slowly pulling them down his body. I kneel in front of him, his hard cock throbbing in my face. I take off his shoes and socks, letting his boxers and slacks follow. My mouth goes to his cock, I can’t help it, my mouth opens, my hands reach out to touch. I take it in, slowly at first, then deeper it goes, my hands finding their way around to his ass, both hands grasping, pulling his cock deeper into my mouth.

His hands reach into my hair, he groans “Jackie suck it”. I suck and lick harder and faster. He pushes away from me, reaching down and picking me up under the arms. “No, this is not what I want” he moans. He leads me to the bar area of the suite, there is a chair with no arms waiting for us. He sits on it; I can see his cock, red and wet, waiting for what is to come next.

I step up to him, straddling his legs. I raise myself up, putting my legs on the rungs of the chair and impale myself onto his cock. His hands reach to my ass cheeks, my hands move to his shoulders. I use the rungs as leverage and I slowly stand up, then he pulls me down, over and over again, our breathing deepens. Our lips meet, we kiss over and over again, separating only when I must rise.

“Oh Carl” I can hardly speak; my pussy lips throb as his cock thrusts in and out. His hands grasp my ass harder, faster he is thrusting wildly now. “Jackie, cum with me, please” he cry’s. I can only nod as I feel myself tightening, my hands clawing into his shoulders. “Carl” I scream, as I cum as I’ve never cum before. I can feel him releasing into me over and over, no words escape him.

“Carl, I think it’s time we had that hot bath now, and when you get home tomorrow, I think I’ll have something a little special waiting for you.” His eyes sparkle and we both laugh out loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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