Good Neighbors

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My neighbors are, or rather, were, a young couple, late 20s, maybe 30. Rita was petite, dark haired and cute. Mike was tall and still had the body of an athlete, he had played lacrosse in college. Very nice neighbors, friendly and never too “needy”. The good part was that their bedroom faced our house and I could see in if the shade was up just a bit.

I had caught a couple of “flashes”, Rita coming out of the shower (cute ass, perky tits) and Mike changing…he was definitely “hung”…I am guessing 8 inches at least! A little intimidating to compare!

One evening I saw the bedroom light go on and I saw a flash of neon pink go by – Rita had a pair of running shorts that color, so I knew I needed to pay attention. The shade was up, usually it was down a bit more, so I had a good vantage point!

I saw movement, and Mike came in, totally naked, he was ripped! Great abs. Something I never had! I saw Rita move toward him, hug him and then slide slowly down his torso. She went to her knees and began to lick, kiss and suck his cock. I could almost feel every stroke as her head bobbed up and down. It seemed like it had been an hour, but probably only a few minutes when Mike suddenly arched his back. Rita pulled away and a stream of white cum erupted covering Rita’s face and chest.

I figured that was probably it, but Mike proceeded to pick Rita up, lay her on the bed and removed the neon pink shorts. Even from my distance, I saw more pink beneath. Rita’s pink cunt was almost as bright as her shorts, but much more attractive and definitely wet! Mike spread her legs and a hand went to her open slit. One finger in, then a second. I could see Rita writhe with each thrust, then his head bowed down. The fingers and his tongue fought for control. Rita reached down and held his head close. She bucked and rocked as he ate and fingered her faster and faster.

It was about then that her eyes met mine across the yard. “Oh fuck” I thought, I might be in for it now.

Instead of stopping, screaming or shutting the shades, Rita just seemed to go on and arched her back and looked like she would yell as she shuddered and came. As she went limp on the edge of the bed, Mike moved forward, sliding his cock deep into Rita. Again I saw her turn and look at me and I could swear she smiled! “Damn!” I muttered, I think she is actually getting excited at the thought of me watching!

I kept watching as Mike slid in and out of Rita. Moving in such unison, rocking back and forth and then he thrust hard, deep in her. Both seemed to stiffen and then go slack.

Mike collapsed on the bed beside Rita, Rita remained on the end, legs draped over and I could see a trickle of cum oozing from her. What a load Mike must have delivered!

None of us moved for what seemed forever, but then Mike got up and went to the bathroom. Rita sat up and grabbed a towel to wipe off a little and turned to look right at me again. Our eyes locked. She smiled. I am sure I did, or I tried to smile. And with that she pulled the blinds and the room went dark.

I saw Rita out in the yard the next day as she was pulling weeds and I was mowing. She waved and started coming toward me “Uh oh” I thought. but she just said “Hi, how are you?”

As smooth as I could, I said “I,I’m f f fine. Pretty day, huh?” Yeah, smooth.

Rita smiled and continued…”I saw you last night, hope you enjoyed the view. I sure enjoyed you watching.”

My jaw must have dropped. “I didn’t mean to watch, but your shades were up…”

Rita smiled “I know. Who do you think left them up? You see, Mike and I, we’re fine, but it has been a little ‘routine’, so I thought it might be exciting to have someone see us, and I wasn’t about to do it in public, so I figured… And she winked”. Guess she knew me better than I thought.

“So, Mike and I were talking. He agreed that was the hottest session we had had in quite a while and we wondered. Would you be interested in something?”

Interested? Hell yes! And I didn’t know what “it” was! “Tell me more” I said.

“Mike and I were talking, and we would like a video of us… you know… making love. Are you in?”

I most definitely was! “Yes, yes, I am!” I tried not to sound too excited, but inside I was jumping up and down. My heart pounded.

“Great! And I know you have a video camera, right? So, if you are game, I had another idea.”

I couldn’t wait for this, I just cocked my head. “How about we shoot a ‘teaser’…to test it bostancı escort out? I’ll send it to Mike to get him excited” A helluva good idea! “I was about to head into the shower, soooo… would now work okay for you?”

I checked my mental calendar and found it was free. What? Of course NOW is a good time! I went back and got my camera and Rita led me inside. Into the bedroom I knew so well from the outside.

We checked the lighting, talked a little and Rita said “Let’s do this”, so I brought the camera up and hit the red button for video. Rita smiled and blew a kiss into the camera and proceeded to take off her top. She had a tight sports bra on which just showed a little of a hard button of her nipple behind. The shorts came next, she wiggled them down in a movement I had seen – and enjoyed – before. Her panties were still on, as she turned and showed her cute butt cheeks just peeking out of the boyshorts style. She turned again, flipped her hair and pulled on the bra, taking it over her head in one motion, but stopped with her arms in the air. Her now free breast jiggled some, and the nipples were nice and hard and a very suckable pink. Not sure if that is a word, but if it isn’t, ‘suckable’ should be!

She reached down to her panties and slowly began to peel them. Before exposing herself completely, she turned and uncovered her ass, giving it a wiggle as she dropped the panties to the floor and bounced to the bathroom with me following.

At the shower door she turned and showed herself completely nude to me… to the camera… to Mike. Mmmmmm… And she ran her one hand across her breasts and the other moved lower to her crotch.

Then she bounded in the shower and pulled the curtain across. I stopped and said “Done!” As much a question as a statement!

She came out and said “That was fun. Let’s watch it, now!” It had taken only a minute or two, but that was time well spent! We went back to the bed, sat on the edge – Rita was STILL naked! Next to me! Damn! I started the file, and at one point Rita moved in and her bare breast brushed my arm. Electric. Soft!

We watched – basically a silent movie, and she smiled as it ended. “That will do, that will do nicely! But I think I show some stubble. I think I will need to shave if you are going to film closer than that. What do you think?”

I looked at her, she stood up before me, her breasts bounced, perky little things! She spread her legs slightly and I could see another set of pink lips, the folds of her pussy. So close! I could only see a little dark hair stubble. I had much more on my chin from not shaving in a couple days. Her fingers felt around, touching her mons venus, touching her folds. “Yes, I think I should shave a bit.”

Who was I to disagree. Especially when I thought of a nice idea that would please us both!

I agreed with her that shaving would be good. “But Mike doesn’t like me using his razor… and I think I am out of mine.” Still naked, I couldn’t take my eyes – or my mind – off her.

Ever the gentleman, I offered “I have a few new ones and plenty of shave products. I’ll go get them if you want.”

Rita smiled and nodded “Just don’t be long. They grow fast!” then chuckled a little. My hands shook a little, I hoped they would, could, stop shaking. I barely remember dashing to my house, grabbing the bag of toiletries I usually took on travels and a few other things from the shelf. I was back in literally moments.

Rita sat on the edge of the bed, a towel beneath her. I moved a chair close to the bed – I might need to sit, but she could place a foot on it while I played barber. I ran the hot water into a bowl. Not too hot, but just right. Soaking a wash cloth in it I returned to the bed. “Ready, Rita? All you have to do is lay back and trust me!”

As she lay back, she said softly “I do, I am completely in your hands.” I placed her one foot on the chair and it spread her open. Her pink folds plain to see. I placed a warm washcloth over her pussy, softening the stubble that was barely evident.

I had brought shaving soap and a brush. Very “old school”, but had cream as well. I gave her the options. “I’ll try the brush – I’ve tried electric razors and shave cream, but never a brush. Sounds fun.” Fun for everyone, I thought.

I made the lather in the cup, the brush making a “clink, clink, clink” sound as I stirred it. I put her foot on the chair which spread her, and removed the washcloth. Her pink slit was ümraniye escort bayan moist. The folds looked so inviting, so tender. I took the brush and began to cover her crotch and upper legs with the white cream. She wiggled a little, giggled a bit and said “Oh – that tickles. But in a good way! The white lather covered her. Some dropped down between her ass and went to the towel. I could only imagine another liquid drizzling down like that.

I took the razor and started to glide across her pussy. There wasn’t much hair, so it went smoothly. As I went to go further I commented to Rita “I’ll have to touch you, to pull your skin taught to get all the hair. Is that okay with you?”

Rita nodded. “Yes, touch as you need to. I’m just going to do as you said, lay back and enjoy.”

I touched her and pulled the tender skin taut to let the razor full clear any hairs. I tugged a little at her lip, she moaned some, but spread a little more. Then on to the other side. Again taking the razor, I make the skin tight and shaved away. Another moan. I was almost done – with the shaving and with other things as well. My cock was about to burst. I could feel my pants wet with pre cum. It throbbed. It would need some attention soon.

I was done with the shave. I returned the warm wash cloth to Rita’s freshly shaved pussy and it was greeted with an “Mmmmmm. That is nice.”

I smiled. That was the idea. I asked “So, is that good? Your legs seem fine. Anything else? Until we shoot the video?”

Rita grinned. “There is one thing. I bet you are as turned on as I am. If you’d like to take care of that, I would love to watch. It’s only fair, you watched me.”

I thought I must be dreaming. “You want me to… here… um… jack off… and cum…?”

“Exactly. If you want.” Rita cooed

My pants dropped so fast, I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts – it was slick in anticipation. I started to move up and down the shaft. Slow at first, then faster.

Rita’s eyes were locked on it. She smiled and said “Take the shorts off and move in between my legs. I want it on me. Shoot it all over when you cum.” With that she spread her legs further and lifted the wash cloth. Her cunt wet and gorged. Inspiration.

I returned to stroking my cock with renewed vigor. Faster and faster. Then I felt it. The urge, small at first, but the sensation grew. Suddenly my dick spasmed. Hot white goo spurted out hitting Rita on the belly, she jumped a little. Her eyes wide. “Oooooooo”. It jerked again and again, each spurt delivering another bit of cum.

She put two fingers in the cum and rubbed it over her freshly shaved pubic area. “Best lotion EVER. You may want to bottle this stuff!” And we both laughed.

As we cleaned up and off, we both smiled. I asked “So when should we do the video?” That was about the only question left to answer.

The phone rang the next evening about 6. It was Mike. “You able to come over in about an hour? Or would tomorrow be better?”

I would have come over immediately but didn’t want to seem too anxious. “Tonight in an hour works fine for me, see you then”.

Mike continued “Great – ummm…I’ll tell Rita that we’ll do this in about an hour and a half. I want to talk a little first. Just the two of us.”

I hung up after saying “OK”, but wondered what he wanted. Maybe to tell me that his right side was his best side? Probably not, was my guess. Time would tell.

To say that the next hour dragged would be a gross understatement. It took forever. But I collected my gear and headed over. Mike met me at the door and I went in, then we headed into the living room to two chairs. Mike started “Gotta tell you, that short video of Rita was hot shit. Thanks for doing that. And thanks for this, too.”

Wow, thanks for being a perv? Gotta love it. I just said “It was nothing, just glad it helps spice things up and that you enjoy it.”

Mike bit his lip and then continued “I figure it goes without saying that this is all very quiet, confidential, right?”

“Absolutely!” I answered.

Mike continued. “It would really kill Rita. Me too, if it got out. I mean, we’re going to try to start a family, and, well, it will be a nice reminder.”

Nice idea. I kind of wished I had a record of my wife and I from “back in the day”. But 8 millimeter film was not nearly as inconspicuous as today’s digital equipment. I reassured Mike and asked “Ready?”

Mike didn’t get up, but kartal escort said “Yeah, I guess. But just want to say, if ummm, I can’t perform, can we reschedule?”

Doubts? That’s no way to start a porno! Again I reassured Mike, I thought about offering to stand in, but didn’t think that would help. I just added “Be yourself, I’ll be quiet and as out of the way as possible.”

With that we got up and went to the bedroom. Rita poked her head out of the bathroom “Hi guys, we ready? I thought I would just come out of here to start. Any suggestions? Ideas? I say we just go!”

I couldn’t have agreed more. I looked at Mike and he looked at me, we nodded and said almost in unison “No, I’m good.”

I hit the record button and aimed at the bathroom door. It opened and out came Rita. Wearing a smile and nothing else. Her breasts bounced as she went to Mike and began to undo his shirt. Mike took over that as Rita slipped her hands to his belt and pants. I moved to the side to be out of their direct sight, but catching as much as I could. Her bare ass was too cute. It begged to be fondled, felt, spanked or all of the above. Almost as if Mike had read my mind or a script he reached and cupped a cheek with his hand.

His pants fell to the floor as they continued to embrace and kiss deeply. Rita’s hands tugged down Mike’s shorts and his cock literally jumped to attention. Rita slowly broke away a little and looked down and smiled. She lowered herself down to her knees and took MIke into her mouth, holding it by the shaft and proceeded to lick it from his balls to his tip, and back again. The suction sounds were amazing as she devoured his cock. She tongued him, sucked him quickly going from top to bottom. She pulled her dark hair back so that nothing hid her or his cock from the camera.

A few more rounds and Mike stiffened. His hand held Rita’s head and he arched. He groaned a little and I could see his cock start to throb as he came. Rita took it all in her mouth. A little dribble of white appeared at the corner of her mouth, but as she pulled back her tongue managed to get it. And so did my camera.

Mike pulled Rita up and laid her on the bed spread eagle. This was nearly a repeat of the previous session I had observed. He fingered her with two fingers, going in and out, the fingers were glistening from her moist pussy. His other hand began to rub across the top, finding her clit and rubbing it fast, his fingers becoming just a blur. Rita held her breasts and I could see she was pinching her nipples. Her legs spread even further opening her up wide. A great view for the camera, and me. It was so pink, the lips seemed to quiver with every stroke. And the wetness. The sound was exquisite! Mike lowered his face to one of Rita’s tits and began to flick the nipple with his tongue, and then sucked it in. From her reaction, he also bit it some! A look of enjoyment crossed her face, replaced by one of ecstasy. Her eyes closed, her back arched. She moaned. Mike had certainly done his work. She collapsed as she finished her orgasm.

Mike moved back slightly. I have no idea what he had been worried about, his cock had returned to it’s rigid form and he guided it deep into Rita’s pink hole. The lips accepted it in readily and closed around it. It was already wet, but slid out even wetter. I moved the camera closer to catch him sliding in and out and her cunt holding on to him as tightly as possible. This thrust and return went on for a few moments until both climaxed. He came deep with in her and she responded as well.

Exhausted, they collapsed on the bed and I shut off the camera. Feeling a little awkward, I retreated out of the room quietly. I checked the camera, all was in order. I checked myself. Palms a bit sweaty, now the hands shook slightly and my pants were much tighter than when I had come over. I took the SD card out of the camera and was about to let myself out when Rita cam out wearing her robe. “Thank you SO much. We can’t tell you how much this means to us!” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and took the card and turned back into the bedroom. I saw myself out and went home.

Much has happened since that night, I never did do another photo shoot with them, but I certainly can still see the action! Funny how I can’t shave without getting at least a twinge if not an all out erection! It turned out that Mike and Rita started a family not long after that. Their son was born, well, just about nine months later. It just could be I had captured that moment. At least I like to think that I did.

They have since moved to another area, but the new couple next door seems nice. A young couple. They commented that they are just starting to think about beginning their family. I wonder if they need any help?

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