Graduation Present

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Hello everyone, my name is Sydney. This is the first of what I hope to be many stories I post here. I will post some fictional stories, as well as stories based off of real life experiences. I’ll let your imaginations run wild as to which is which :). I’m going to try to post them in the chronological order that they happened as well. I would love to hear any feedback, and if there is someone on here that edits stories, I would greatly appreciate your feedback as well. I hope you all enjoy!


I had just graduated high school and was looking forward to a summer of relaxing before going off to school in the fall. One of my good friends had a cabin on a lake that was about 45 minutes from where we lived. I had stayed there a few times before with her and her family, but we had never went there without her parents. This time however, for a little “graduation present” to my friend, they told her she could get a group of friends together and go there for the weekend.

She had asked me along with 5 other friends of ours. We were all extremely excited to have the house to ourselves, lie out, and be lazy for the next couple days. After we had arrived, we immediately all got into our bikinis and laid out on her deck.

I placed my towel next to Alex, who was my best friend since we were in seventh grade, and laid on my stomach. I was just starting to feel myself relax, when Alex spoke up.

“This place is awesome!”

I loved Alex. We were like sisters and pretty much inseparable. Nothing happened to either one of us without the other being the first to know. The thing about Alex, is that she talks more than any human should ever talk. It gets her into trouble a lot as most of the time what flies out of her mouth has no filter.

As I lay there mumbling to her, rattling off yes and no answers not even sure if what I’m answering makes sense, we heard a lot of hollering coming from the front of the house. Maggie, whose parents owned the house, got up and went inside to figure out what was going on. While she was in there we heard her arguing with someone. They were going back and forth with each other, and then she finally came out of the house, and we could tell she was extremely annoyed.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked her. We were all looking around at this point wondering what happened. We figured her parents ended up stopping by.

“Corey is here with one of his friends” Maggie shot back. Corey was Maggie’s brother.

“Did he not know we were going to be here?” Nicole, one of our other friends rattled off.

“Of course he knew we were going to be here. He is just a creepy perv who thinks he is going to spend the weekend with a bunch of my friends” Maggie said. You could tell she was not happy one bit by her brother bostancı escort bayan showing up.

Personally, I think I might have been the only one of us that wasn’t all that upset that her brother showed up. I hadn’t seen Maggie’s brother since we met him at the university he was attending for a party a few months prior. Maggie had no idea that anything ever happened between her brother and I, and to be honest I never really planned to tell her.

I had always thought her brother was cute, and I had flirted with him ever since I had met him when I was a freshman in high school. I didn’t start getting really close with Maggie until our junior year, so I really didn’t get to spend much time around her brother.

When we went to the party her brother and I both had some drinks and ended up hooking up in a room of the apartment we were in. Had she not been as drunk she probably would have found out extremely easily, but as luck would have it she never did. So for me personally, I was not at all disappointed to see him. One of his friends he brought was also pretty hot so that was another plus.

Anyways, after Maggie had calmed down we all went down to the lake and walked in to cool off. The lake had other cabins that sat on it, but no one was out other than us. After talking for a bit Maggie’s brother and friend came down and jumped in and started splashing us. We were all just having a good time with it and were splashing back for a bit. After a while Maggie and a couple of our other friends went up to the house to grab something to eat, leaving Alex me and two other girls down in the lake with her brother and his friend.

The five of us were treading water while talking. Corey and I were exchanging glances constantly while we were in the water and I knew he was thinking about the same thing I was thinking of. He wanted to fuck, and so did I.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, just a lot of lying around and being lazy, until later that night when Maggie brought out some different varieties of drinks. We were all sitting around the living room just talking about random stuff when Alex suggested we play ‘Never Have I Ever’. We all agreed and started playing. After an hour or so we were all feeling the alcohol, especially Alex who was never great at handling it, which I always teased her for. It was her turn, which is when things got a little interesting.

“Never have I ever done anything sexual with anyone in this room” Looking at her immediately with my ‘why the fuck would you go there’ face. I slowly looked over at Corey who I could tell was not going to take a drink. Not sure if that was out of respect for me, or if he thought Maggie might throw a fit and no one felt like dealing with that. The alcohol ümraniye escort was clearly in my systems as I wasn’t going to let Alex get one over on me, so I took a drink. To which everyone started asking questions. At this point, I had never shown any interest in girls, so it narrowed down the prospects. I could see Maggie starting to turn a little red. Apparently Corey saw this too, and threw his friend under the bus saying it was him. The two of them clearly discussed that this had happened because his friend went with it, and said we had hooked up at the same party Corey and I hooked up at.

After a while we all decided to call it a night and go to bed. I heard Corey mention to his friend that he was going to grab a shower. The nice thing about the cabin was there were plenty of bedrooms as long as everyone doubled up, and each room had its own bathroom. At this point, even if it wasn’t for the fact of Corey being there alcohol always seems to be a natural lubricant for me. Anytime I drink it leads to either sex, or masturbating. Which, once again Alex was aware of, and never failed to tease me about it. Our room had a queen size bed we were sharing, and Alex made a point to tell me not to keep her awake with my masturbating, to which I joked back that I would make it worth her while. We chuckled and got in to bed.

I could hear the shower turn on as Corey was staying in the room directly above us.

“I am going to grab a bottle of water, do you want one?” I asked Alex

“Sure” I could barely make out what she said as she was already almost passed out. Again, the lightweight in her.

The entire way upstairs I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to go through with what I was thinking. As I got to the fridge, I opened it and grabbed a bottle of water. As I was walking back to the stairs I was thinking to myself, it’s either go down to my bathroom and masturbate, or get some real dick.

I passed by the stairs and went into Corey and his friend’s room. His friend was on the floor and looked up at me and just smiled and shook his head.

“You know I should get some sort of a thank you for earlier” He said in a joking manner.

I turned around and looked at him. “Remind me at the next party” I said as I smiled and went into the bathroom.

The shower in the master was all glass, and was big enough that it didn’t actually have a door that closed., it was just an opening. When I walked in Corey was facing away from me. I’m not sure if he heard me come in or not, but he played it off like he didn’t. I untied by top and bottoms letting them fall to a pile on the floor. As I walked in the shower, I wrapped my arms around his stomach to which he jumped a little.

I was planning on reaching down and kartal escort grabbing his soft cock in my hand. However as I reached around I quickly realized he was anything but soft, which gave me a huge smile. I walked around his and took it in my hands as I slowly ran then up it.

“Did I do that?” I asked him smiling, in my seductively innocent voice.

“You have no idea how bad I wanted to fuck you out in that lake today” he said, almost growling at me.

I kissed his neck, down his chest, and over his abs. Grabbing his hard cock, I licked the underside from the base to the tip. Opening my mouth, I stuck about half of it in at first. Corey wasn’t the biggest dick I’ve had by any means. His length was average, but his girth was well above average. His dick was super thick which I loved. I continued taking him deeper until my nose pressed into his shaved pubic area. I grabbed his balls and pulling a little each time I took him down my throat. Every minute or so I would pull back and stroke him as fast as I could. Damn his thick cock was like steel.

He grabbed me and pulled me up pushing my chest against the shower wall. He ran his dick between my wet pussy lips a couple times before finally sticking it in me. My pussy is pretty tight, and it was definitely fighting his thick dick at first. He got right up to my ear and asked me if I wanted him to go easy at first. He had about half his dick inside me at this point. I just shook my head and pressed back into him, forcing the rest of his cock inside me.

He grabbed my hips and started fucking me, hard. If it hadn’t been for all the alcohol knocking everyone out, I know for sure someone would of heard the echoing of our bodies making contact. He fucked me for a few minutes like that, hard and loud. He spanked me a couple times which I for sure thought someone would hear, but at that point I didn’t care. I was doing everything I could not to moan, which is hard considering I am somewhat naturally when it comes to sex anyways.

He must have sensed it because he put on hand over my mouth and one hand around my throat and fucked me as hard as he could. Any time someone gets rough with me it makes me cum super quick. I almost immediately felt my legs buckle and if it wasn’t for him I would have fallen straight to the floor of the shower. He fucked me through my orgasm, and then immediately pulled out, and came all over my ass.

I turned and we kissed for a bit, and then finished showering and I went back to my room. Luckily I never ran into anyone on the way. When I got to my room I laid in bed, made myself cum one more time, and then went to sleep.

Unfortunately when I woke up the next morning Corey and his friend said they were taking off so that’s pretty much where my fun ended for the weekend. It was fun hanging out with the girls and just relaxing though.

Before Corey and his friend left his friend said he would remember to remind me at the next party that I owed him a thank you. I bit my lip a little and smiled at him. “Please do”

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