Guess Who

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You start to wake up from an intensely erotic dream to realize it isn’t only a dream. Someone is in your bed with you… someone who smells very nice with smooth skin and that softness girls have. You feel her long hair brushing your stomach as she gently licks the side of your raging erection and then takes it into her mouth. She doesn’t stop as you shift, obviously awake. In the dim light of early morning you can make out her legs next to your head and her panty-covered pussy inches from your face. You’re still wearing your t-shirt, but you can feel your boxers down around your thighs.

This has never happened to you before (any of it) but you dive in, hoping to make the most of it before the dream ends. You move your arm around her bottom and draw your face to her panties. They are skimpy and satiny and you smell what can only be the arousal of her sex. You nose her panties a little and feel the wetness of the fabric as it slides against your nose and cheek. She’s very warm and as you stick your tongue out to lick she moans güvenilir bahis softly.

You kiss her pantied pussy and let your hands enjoy her curvy ass. Her body is toned and her bottom perfectly curved. As you nose her panties, you can tell she is shaved, her panties sticking to her swollen labia. You kiss and lap at this place of heaven until your own attention dissolves. You don’t want to stop licking but you can’t concentrate.

Her mouth is so soft, wet, and warm. It is much like a pussy but unique… the soft scrape of her teeth as she draws almost all of your cock into her mouth… the squeeze of her throat as your head pushes in… the stroke of her cheeks as she sucks. Your hands gently caress and grope her perfect ass as you drink in every sensation.

She is bringing you to orgasm quickly and you feel your whole body tensing with pleasure. You haven’t jacked off in weeks and it’s all coming together with an intensity you don’t think you’ve ever felt before. The sensations are overloading you: her türkçe bahis hot mouth, her tight lips, her rough tongue, the suction, her bare breasts against your abdomen, her grip on the base of your shaft and balls, her pantied pussy so close. You get tighter and tighter, feeling your balls clench up in such intense pleasure that you hear yourself cry out and you CUM!

…your balls clenching and pumping…

… your hot cum flowing up your cock and shooting out into her warm and eager mouth…

…her soft, cool hand stroking and milking you…

…the suction never ceasing, drawing out every blob of milky cum until your balls ache from the effort…

…waves of warm pleasure rushing through your body until everything relaxes at once and you fall back from your pleasure peak…

…the sonorous chemicals in your brain hit you like a sledgehammer and you close your eyes for just a minute…

The sun is bright when you wake up, alone in the bed. You’re naked, your boxers bunched down at the güvenilir bahis siteleri end of your bed under your covers. A sniff and you smell the perfume of her skin and arousal still in the air. It wasn’t a dream, but who was she?

You don’t want to move yet. If you get up, you fear it will fade somehow, the vivid excitement and sensual movements disappearing. Your mind races over the experience and your cock starts to get hard again. Before you can relive the whole thing, your mind interrupts with all the questions: who was she? How did she get in your apartment? Why did she give you a blowjob? Why didn’t she wait for you to bring her to an orgasm?

You swing your legs off the bed and watch your boxers flip to the floor. Looking down you see that your erection is clean of any sexual residue. She certainly sucked and licked you completely clean. You smile a little and shake your head. Even if you never meet her again, never touch her again, you’ll never forget last night.

Getting up from the bed, you snag your boxers and hit the bathroom. A hot shower feels great. You almost miss it when you towel off and start to leave the bathroom to get fresh underwear.

Her panties hung on the doorknob and there is lipstick on the mirror… “Guess who!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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