Guilty Pleasures Ch. 09

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Susan was sitting on the couch next to Jared examining his eye when Rob and I came in. Bill had already walked over to the bar, pouring us all fresh drinks, including one for Jared.

“Well it’s not cut, but you might very well end up with a black eye,” Susan told her son. She sat back looking at him. “So what happened anyway?”

Accepting his drink from Bill, Jared took a large healthy swallow of it before speaking. He looked nervous for a moment, and then simply said it. “I’d invited Cheryl over,” he began looking towards Bill and Susan for any signs of disapproval, he found none. “She’d come over around eight just as we’d discussed, and hadn’t been there for even five minutes before there was another knock on the door. I actually figured it was the pizza guy, as I’d ordered one and was expecting it at any moment. Anyway, I was actually looking through my wallet as I opened the door. Before I knew what was happening, Andrew, Cheryl’s old boyfriend suddenly grabbed my hand yanking me outside. That’s when his friend hit me.”

“His friend?” Bill said angrily. “You mean there were two of them?”

“Three actually,” Jared said, “Though the other guy seemed less than sure about being there, or watching what had just happened. But that’s when Andrew starts yelling at me about fucking his girlfriend. HIS girlfriend he’s standing there screaming. And then he takes a swing at me, but this time I knew it was coming, and ducked under his swing, coming up with one of my own to his gut. I must have caught him just right because I knocked the wind out of him and he went down to his knees. The other guy however charged me, knocking me off my feet, yelling for the other guy with them to join in. But thankfully he didn’t. We exchanged a few punches, but by this time, Cheryl’s outside screaming for the three of them to leave me alone. I think Andrew was embarrassed because I had taken the fight out of him as he grabbed the guy I’d actually been fighting with and headed back out to his car.”

“We should file a report!” Susan suddenly announced. “They assaulted you!”

“No mom, I’m ok really. And to be honest with you, I’m not really mad at Andrew because of what he did. Cheryl finally admitted, she was still seeing him. She said something about she had been intending to break up with him, and just hadn’t got around to it yet. When I heard that, then I knew she’d been lying to me about a number of things. For one…she was still sleeping with Andrew, waiting to see how we ended up before making any decisions about our relationship. I guess now, she won’t have to worry about that any more. Shortly after her boyfriend and his friends left, I asked her to leave, told her I didn’t want to see her any more. After that, I decided to drive up here. I didn’t want her bugging me or trying to find me, which I know she will.”

Jared took another sip of his drink, and then apologetically looked at us. “I’m sorry if I screwed up your evening.”

Jared’s comment was a reminder of what the four of us had been doing just before he’d arrived. With each of us wearing nothing else but towels at the moment, it was a pretty good indication of what we might have been in the middle of when he’d showed up interrupting all that. I actually felt a little awkward and more than a bit embarrassed as I sat there.

“Listen, I really am sorry. But if I could just spend the night, I’ll head back in the morning, by then I hope Cheryl will have given up any attempt to actually see me when she realizes I meant what I said.”

“Don’t be ridicules,” Susan told him. “I told you, you were more than welcome to come up and join us in the first place, there’s plenty of room here so you can spend the night.”

I noticed that Bill’s look was less than enthusiastic upon hearing that, but then so was Rob’s, even though Bill tried smiling with understanding towards his son upon hearing Susan say that.

But it was clearly evident the night was basically over. Rob and I soon excused ourselves and said good night, wishing Jared well though he did accept a kiss from me on the cheek, blushing a little when he did. Susan smiled, likewise wishing us goodnight, and we soon after retired into our own bedroom. Something, we hadn’t exactly been planning on doing for a while. With the mood gone however, I made ready for bed slipping between the sheets a while later. Rob’s snore told me he was already fast asleep by the time I joined him.

As I lay there in the darkness, I couldn’t help wondering what the rest of the weekend was now going to be like. The answer to that would come sooner than I could have ever expected.


I lay there in bed for the next twenty minutes tossing and turning trying to go to sleep. I realized I couldn’t, I was still wide awake. Rolling out of bed in nothing more than one of Rob’s long tee shirts and nothing else, I decided to head out and pour myself another glass of wine, hoping that might do the trick. The only light that was on was near the bar so I headed towards it. Finding an open escort ataşehir bottle of wine I poured myself a glass, and then jumped when I heard Susan’s voice calling out to me from the darkened patio.

“Mind pouring me one too please?”

“Fuck Sue! You scared the shit out of me, thought you’d gone to bed!”

“Thought you had too,” she chuckled accepting her wine from me as I came out taking a seat next to her there on the patio. She was still naked, having thrown the towel she’d been wearing around the back of the chair. She hadn’t bothered putting anything else on, though the darkness pretty much concealed her nudity should anyone get up or walk by.

“How’s Jared?”

“He’s fine…except for the black eye I still think he’s going to have in the morning, sounds to me like he got the better of the other two. But I am a little worried about something else, something he told me after I went in to his room to check on him before I ended up coming out here.”


“He really is pretty confused about a few things, even told me that, though he refused to tell me exactly what it was that was honestly bothering him. Only that he was glad he hadn’t done anything with Cheryl, because he’s known, and felt all along that she wasn’t the right one, and that he didn’t want to have sex just for the sake of having sex the first time without it being someone he really cares about. But he also told me…there was someone, someone he did want to do it with, though he refused to tell me who it was. He said he’d pretty much made up his mind about it, and that that’s how he felt. But he refused to say anything more to me about it. But I could tell it was really bothering him.”

“I can certainly understand that,” I told her. “But he didn’t tell you who it was then?”

“No, he didn’t. Only that. Only that he knew who he wanted to be with, but he also realized, it wasn’t likely going to happen.” Susan then turned back towards me, smiling. “I think Jen…he was talking about you. But I think what’s confusing him, is he knows this isn’t something that can, or will continue, even if it does happen. But I’m almost positive now, he’s made up his mind about it too, and the person he really wants to be with for the first time, is you.”

I sat back in my chair thinking about it. If it was true, then I had to rethink things myself too, not to mention discussing it once again with Rob, though in essence, like we’d already agreed, the week wasn’t technically over with yet.

“There was one another thing he also said, which bothered me even more than what he obviously refused to tell me.”

“Oh? And what was that?”

“He told me that he’s also confused about himself for another reason. Something he hasn’t quite been able to put his finger on yet. He told me that at times he doesn’t feel like he really fits in somehow, and that he’s not even sure of who he is himself at times, or why he thinks or feels about some of the things that he does, the way that he does.”

I sat back sipping my wine, digesting for a moment what she’d said. “I wouldn’t be too worried that he said that,” I assured her. “I think a lot of young men Jared’s age probably ask themselves that very same question. You know, emotional growing pains. I’m confident that in time, Jared will figure out what it is he wants to do in life, what he wants to become.”

“It’s not that Jen,” Susan said sounding very serious. “I think Jared has a pretty good idea of what he wants to do…I think he was being literal in the sense that he doesn’t know or understand who he really is. And with good reason perhaps.”

“Why do you say that?”

Even in the darkness I could see the worried look in my friend’s eyes as she turned a bit further in her seat facing me. “Something I’ve never told you, something Bill and I decided to keep to ourselves, right or wrong…but you see Jen, Jared’s not our son. He’s adopted.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather after I’d heard that. Though now knowing that, a few things made a bit more sense. As much as I’d looked for it, tried to see it, I saw no resemblance in Jared for either one of his parents. And the fact he was an only child had always seemed a bit strange to me in the beginning, though Susan had early on in our friendship informed me it was their decision to only have one child, and that she had soon after had her tubes tied. She now informed me, she had never been able to have children either, just like myself. Another bond between us that she had known, and I hadn’t.

“Anyway, I hope you’re not mad at me for not telling you all this before now. It’s just that we wanted to protect Jared, now I’m not so sure we made the right choice. Perhaps we should have discussed this with him years ago, explained it to him then, that he was adopted.”

“It’s not too late for that,” I told her seriously. “Jared is an adult now, he has the right to know. And it sounds to me like, he’s at a point in his life that he needs to know. Maybe once he kadıköy escort bayan does, he’ll be better able to decide who he really is, and just exactly what he wants out of life.”

“What if he hates me after I tell him?” Susan said worriedly. “What if he turns his back on us, I couldn’t handle him doing that!”

“What if he ever finds out he’s really adopted, and that you never told him?” I countered. “Which one do you think will hurt him and confuse him even more?”

We sat for a long time together in silence after that sipping our wine sharing unspoken thoughts.

“God, I wish I could sleep,” Susan stated. “Even the wine doesn’t seem to be helping any.”

“I know what you mean,” I told her feeling the same way. I laughed after saying that.


“Well…what I usually do, if all else fails…is masturbate!”

“Susan laughed, almost a bit too loudly. “Yeah, me too,” she giggled, already slipping her hand down between her legs.

I glanced over realizing she was really going to. “Sue?”

“Well, it was your idea you know, and don’t tell me you’re still not horny from this evening either. Even with everything that happened, I was still damn fucking horny, and looking forward to doing a lot more with you!”

She had me there, I was…and had been a little disappointed myself that we hadn’t. Not to mention the fact that with Jared now being here, our activities would indeed be curtailed to some extent while he was.

“Come here, touch me,” she whispered lustily. “Feel how fucking wet I am!”

I scooted my own chair over towards her a little, now sitting directly beside her as I slipped my hand down between her legs, and as she then did the same to me. We sat, fingering and playing with one another pleasurably.

“God that feels good!” Susan moaned, just as I did.

“Look’s pretty good too!”

If I had jumped earlier when Susan had surprised me as I’d walked over to pour myself a wine, it was nothing in comparison to the way I jumped now. Before I even realized it, I was actually standing. The sound of Jared’s voice speaking from the dark shadows of the curtain behind us only then alerting us both to his presence. It had taken Susan a moment longer to realize what had just happened, she’d been a bit more lost in the pleasure of what my finger was busily doing to her clit when it finally dawned on her that it had been Jared’s voice and not mine that had spoken. She stood, scrambling with the towel still wrapped around the back of her chair in an attempt to cover herself up with it.

“Don’t bother,” he said stepping all the way out onto the patio. “I’ve seen you naked before mother…” he said emphasizing the word. “Most recently in fact…when I peeked through the window, when I saw you and Jen kissing one another…when you sucked my sperm from her mouth. Only then I didn’t know or fully understand everything…now, I do.”


Susan was wild-eyed, as I was. But I decided that this was a conversation that needed to take place between the two of them as I started to step around where Jared now stood in an effort to go back inside. “I think I’ll leave the two of you to talk about this,” I said attempting to do so. But Jared quickly stepped in front of me blocking the way.

“Sit down Jen, you’re not going anywhere. You’re just as much involved in this as Susan is,” he said calling her by name, which is the first time I’d ever heard him refer to her like that. I also noticed as he did that, he was only wearing a robe, one that the resort furnished. It was open, his hard stiff cock poking outwards towards me obscenely.

“Jared!” Susan spoke almost angrily, now seeing what I saw as I turned taking my seat next to her again, Jared now stepping over to stand there in front of us, his prick clearly revealed, about as hard and erect as I’d ever seen it.

“What mother?” Jared said once again emphasizing the word. “Or should I start calling you Susan? Or just what do I actually call you anyway?” He now asked. “Obviously, you’re not my real mother, so just who is anyway?”

It was strangely surreal, sitting there looking up at Jared while he asked her about this, who he really was, who his mother and father were, all the while doing so with an erection.

“I don’t know Jared,” Susan said honestly. “We went through an agency, never knew who your parents were, where they lived, or why they decided to give you up. But we couldn’t have children, so we adopted you,” she said tears filling her eyes.

“But why didn’t you just tell me? Years ago when I could have at least had the chance to better understand things about myself?” He asked obviously angry. “And why…that for all this time I’ve been dealing with the guilt and the confusion of what I’ve been feeling, especially lately, with regards to you,” he said looking down at her.

“Wha…what do you mean Jared?” Susan said looking up at him.

Jared turned once again facing me however. “And no offense Jen, because I really was tempted, escort bostancı to be with you…in more ways than you could ever imagine, and nearly did a couple of times, when I know we could have. But I held back, I held back because the only person I’ve ever truly wanted to be with…” He once again turned facing back towards Susan. “Was you!”

Susan held in a gasp, or rather tried to. “Jared! You know we can’t that’s impossible, I’m your…”

“What? Mother? Technically Susan, you really aren’t. And tell me, so that I can understand it, you’re sitting here telling me we can’t, that we shouldn’t, and yet…I see you and Jen kissing, obviously you knew I was there all along, which I didn’t realize at the time. But even more importantly, knowing…that Jen still held and had my cum in her mouth when the two of you kissed, can you imagine what I was thinking at that precise moment? The one thing I had always wanted, and knew I could never have…and then suddenly there you are, tasting me, drinking my sperm, the same sperm I could have easily given you myself. So…tell me, tell me so that I can understand it…what’s the difference?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was truly and utterly speechless. I was also ashamed of myself, that I’d allowed my own emotions to cloud my better judgment. And regardless of how close Susan and I had always been, and to which I hoped now we would still be, even through all of this, I now felt guiltier than I ever had in my entire life over what we had done. All I could think of to do at the moment was to apologize to him myself for my own actions.

“Jared, I am…truly sorry for what’s happened. You and I…well, I now know, we shouldn’t have…”

“Oh but we did, and we both enjoyed it too, and don’t try telling me otherwise. So don’t you dare apologize to me for that, because I’m not apologizing for anything, especially that. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed watching the two of you together, and you know that I did. But more importantly, the two of you enjoyed knowing I was watching you, and that you got off on it, just as much as I did.”

I didn’t know what to say after that, so I didn’t, just staring up at him looking at him stupidly, trying to comprehend everything that was going on here…and couldn’t.

“What now?” Susan said having partially collected herself. “Now that you know the truth, it still doesn’t change anything, we still can’t…”

“Oh but we can, and we will mother,” he said glaring down at her. “Right here, right now in fact.”

Once again I stood, the situation was getting out of hand, and it was best to let the two of them work it out alone.

“Sit down Jennefer!” Jared said using a tone of voice I’d never heard him use before. “You’re not going anywhere, you’re going to witness this, and be a part of this, the same way you have before,” he told me in no uncertain terms. Once again he had placed his hand on his prick, working it, stiffening it even more than it was, waving it back and forth in front of Susan’s face as though it were a coiled snake about to strike.

I could see that Susan was beginning to panic, hell…so was I for that matter. I had no idea where any of this was headed, but it was obvious that Jared was in charge here, calling all the shots.

“We can’t,” she said feebly once again, still trying her best to reason with him, though reason for all this had flown out the window a long time ago. “Bill…” she said speaking his name as though that were some sort of talisman that would bring Jared back around to his senses, for a moment I thought it had.

“You’re right…maybe the bedroom would be better,” Jared suggested. “Maybe Bill would enjoy seeing you drinking down my cum from me directly this time, or watching you and Jennefer sharing it again, should we go in and ask him? Maybe we should even drop by and wake Rob up, ask him if he’d like to come in and join us, I’d hate to leave him out, it just wouldn’t feel right and all.”

I saw the defeat in Susan’s eyes, as it was in my own. I knew now, whatever Jared wanted from either one of us, we were both powerless to stop him, and we’d done it to ourselves.

“So, what’s it going to be mother? Susan?” He amended, once again calling her by name. “Out here now? Or would you really rather go inside?”

It was at that precise moment that I saw a change take place in my dearest friend. It was one of determination, though at the same time, one of understanding as she realized what she was truly now faced with.

“Fine Jared, if that’s what you want, then you can have me. But…not here, not like this, not now. I’m not going to deny myself to you if you’ve truly made up your mind about it. And there’s no sense in my trying to deny that I haven’t let my own thoughts and desires drive all of us to this point. They have, and they did, which is why we are where we are now. No point in trying to take that back, it’s too late for that now. But…I will ask this. I am going to ask you to sleep on it, to think about it. And then…in the morning, after your father and Rob have gone off to play golf, then…if you still want this, I’m yours. However you want me, wherever you want me…I’m yours. But, only if you sleep on it and think about it first. After all Jared, what’s one more day?”

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