Gym Friends Pt. 05

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The anniversary of our first meeting was fast approaching and several times we had come close to intercourse. Two guys thinking with their cocks isn’t a great recipe for clear reasoning, or for delaying gratification. We wanted the first time to be special and I had a fear that he, or I, would lose interest once the deed had been done.

Our anniversary came and went. We wanted a whole night together, but alone time never materialized.

The semi-enclosed area by the river became our go to place. The chance of being seen was remote and it was freeing to be nude outside. We stripped most times and petted each other, usually ending in making out like young teens and masturbating. Sometimes, I went there alone, stripped and just laid on the grass, enjoying the air over my whole body.

Kyle is a top male and although everybody is different, he had little to no desire to suck me. He tried once and it was awkward and after a few minutes, to the relief of us both, he stopped. This didn’t trouble me at all. I love driving him completely wild by pleasing his cock.

Don’t get me wrong, getting my cock sucked is out of this world. On occasion, my wife still licks and although at the start she is doing it for me, by the end she is out of control and can’t get enough. I used to wonder how she felt when she was in that state and now I know.

Kyle is quite perceptive and has gotten to know me so well. He senses my mood, knowing when to ask, when to tease and when to demand. I’m submissive and there are times when I want him to take full control … to guide me down to his cock, or say, ‘Kneel and take me in your mouth.’

My wife had tried deep throating and had given up. I wasn’t very understanding and was disappointed and frustrated that I would never experience that pleasure. Now I could empathize with her. My gag reflex was strong and although I had come close, it just hadn’t happened.

Holly didn’t want to know details of what Kyle and I were doing, but she thought I was sucking him and asked if I was able to deep throat. Nothing can prepare a married male to have a discussion with their wife about him sucking and deep throating. No conversation seems to be off limits for women, but I’m guessing that deep throating doesn’t come up often

I got aroused talking with my wife about sucking, but discovered it was not a good idea to say that there were times that I wished she had a cock. I enjoyed being a male, but would love to be able to switch to a female at will. It’s not easy for me to comprehend that most people wouldn’t change if given the chance.

My faux pas aside, I made up by licking her to orgasm. I wanted to show her that although many of my thoughts were about cock, her pussy still had the power to drive me wild.

Kyle kept his penis extremely clean, but there were times when I tasted a hint of pee. My first lick would pick up that slightly bitter taste and I seemed to like it more each time. I know pee play existed, but I didn’t know Kyle’s views on that and I wasn’t sure about fantasy being illegal bahis one thing and reality the other. Bringing that type of play was best left for another time, way down the road.

Not only did Kyle have a foreskin, it was quite long and stretched further than I could have ever imagined or wished for. Playing with it, with my fingers, tongue and lips was amazing. I could do it for hours and on occasion, had.

The four of us got together for an evening of cards. I count my blessings for the good fortune that Kyle and I have with our wives. They’ve accepted our want/desire/need for male with male sex, but accepting didn’t mean that all was well. Insecurity had crept in and both Kyle and I tried our best to alleviate their fears.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when they gave us a gift card for a weekend stay at a gay bed and breakfast just outside of town. A second surprise, or should I say shock, was that the B&B was not only for gays, but for gay nudists.

“We spoke with the owners,” Holly said. “They are a gay couple and welcome married bi males. Especially when their wives know and aren’t on the down-under.”

“We spent an afternoon with them,” said Jane. “They were so open and easy to talk with.”

Holly said, “We also expressed our fears that you both may be gay and that you will lose interest in us.”

Jane continued. “It was a relief to hear that from his understanding, there are men that are wired to have an attraction to both men and women and not all bisexuals are really gay men in transition.”

“Have you ever heard of hetero-flexibility?” Holly asked.

Both Kyle and I shook our heads no.

“Basically, he said it’s people who intend to have a primarily heterosexual relationship, but will step out of that boundary from time to time for a sexual encounter or relationship with somebody of the same sex. Watch…”

Both ladies turned to each other and kissed. “See,” Jane said. “A lesbian kiss doesn’t mean that we are lesbians. Just big teases,” and they both giggled.

“Jane and I did plan this kiss and partly it was because, just this one time, we want to see you both kiss.”

“You’re kidding, right,” Kyle said.

Holly grinned. “This is a limited time offer.”

Kyle leaned and pressed his lips to mine. We were kissing and our wives were watching. I flushed red and my eyes closed. So many different things were happening so quickly.

Over the next few days, Holly and I chatted about my feelings towards Kyle. “He is a special guy, but I don’t view him the way I see you. I’m reluctant to say this, but I really enjoy his kisses. They are different than yours. When you and I kiss, its like I’m wrapped around a blanket of bliss. It’s nice, but it’s not like that with Kyle.”

Kyle picked me up at my house and Holly slipped an envelope into my hand. “Read it along the way.”

After an hour I couldn’t stop my mind from going over every possible scenario in the note. Hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, I opened the flap. “Dear Hubby. Jane is very illegal bahis siteleri curious and insecure and knows that you are her male equivalent in your relationship with Kyle. She knows you oral with him, but you haven’t been penetrated.

Both Jane and I know what it is like to have a man inside us and now is the time for you to experience what being penetrated feels like.

During our marriage, I’ve felt that something in your life was missing and now I know what it has been.

When we are making love, it’s not just your penis inside me, it’s your heart and soul. I hope for you it isn’t just the physical act, for if so, you are missing what it is all about.

Let yourself go, darling and he will take you to places you could not imagine.”

We were welcomed to the B&B by Simon. He was one of the co-owners, handsome and in his early 50s. He was clothed and explained the history of the B&B and the guest rules. Certain areas of the house were clothing mandatory, others were guest choice and the third was nude only. Robes were provided and were to be worn in the transition areas from the state of dress.

Our room had a king-sized bed, sitting area, balcony and bathroom. All were spotless and dressed in warm, inviting colours We were amused by the robes in the closet … two white, one blue and one pink. Kyle held up the pink one, “Will you wear this for me?”

I nodded and blushed with embarrassment and excitement. Growing up I had always loved pink, but only my sister and mother wore that colour There were times I did wear pink, but only my eyes saw that.

We unpacked and Kyle removed his shirt. I’d always fantasized about a man with a bare chest, but nuzzling through Kyle’s patch of curly hair put an end to that. It was like silk, yet had the comfort of snuggling with a teddy bear.

Holly has always loved to rest her cheek on my chest hair and now I know why. Being a bottom doesn’t mean the person is feminine, but in my case it does. So many times I’ve imagined being my wife, now I’m able to do some of the things she enjoys.

Kyle slipped off his underwear, revealing his sexy cock. It hung limp and drooped in front of his ball sac. His ball sac was always shaven and the hair above was natural and curly. I could see the outline of his cock-head underneath his foreskin. I loved looking at his cock and loved when he rubbed it over my face.

His musky scent was like a drug that made me feel like salivating Okay, truth be known, it always makes me drool.

Perhaps it is sad to say, but I cant imagine a life without Kyle exposing his cock, rubbing it over my face and pressing it to my lips. I will never know why I like to hear him say that I’m such a good cocksucker. I just accept it for what its worth … the truth.

He slipped into a white robe and I stripped down and took the pink one from him.

Several couples were lounging in the nude around the pool and one couple was in the water. Nobody blatantly stared, but I knew each one was checking me out, and I was doing canlı bahis siteleri the same to them. I thought I would be in a constant state of hardness around other nude people, but my cock did remain soft.

After lounging for a while and taking a dip, an older couple invited us to their table. The older of the two was gay and his lifelong partner had died a year ago. The other person had been married for twenty-two years and his wife divorced him when she discovered he had been having sex with men.

They had been dating for the past six months and it was easy to tell how relaxed and comfortable they were with each other. The older man applauded our wives understanding, but said there would come a time we would realize that we were gay and one day would admit to it.

His background was British and was pleased to learn that I had a thing for uncircumcised cocks. He liked showing off and I flushed every time he saw me looking. They all commented on my lack of willpower and I could do nothing but agree.

However, no cock out-shined Kyles. A nice reminder that no matter how erotic a man’s penis was, the true value was the man himself. I asked Kyle to help get the next round of drinks and we poured from the open bar.

“Do you mind me looking,” I asked.

“We all look,” Kyle responded.

“But don’t you think tops and bottoms look for different reasons?” I asked.

“I’m not a jealous person and I know you aren’t going to hop into bed with the guy with the hottest cock.”

A smile crossed my lips. “You’re wrong. I will be hopping into bed with the guy with the hottest cock. You.”

Kyle chuckled.

I leaned next to his ear. “I love you.”

He looked shocked and I thought our weekend was going to come to a quick end.

He drew in a breath. “I love you, sweetie.”

There was a no sex rule in open spaces, but thank goodness kissing was okay.

His kiss was the same, yet different than the hundreds of others. I pressed to him and willed his arms to close around me. I was reacting, without thought, the way Holly reacts to me. I always wondered how she felt and now I know.

I was surprised that something around mid-section didn’t become engorged, but this transcended sex. It dawned on me what my wife’s note was truly saying. This wasn’t a weekend of sex, it was going to be a bonding of lovers. Two people’s minds joining together at one level and bodies joined together at another.

If this weekend meant this to me, what was the meaning for Kyle. Would I be like a trophy? Would this be his dominant male side increasing his harem? Would I just become a receptacle for his seed?

For the rest of the afternoon I was in my own little world. I just told another man how hot his cock is and that I wanted to go to bed with him. Does he think I’m a slut and would let other men fuck me? Did he just say he loved me so that I would let him fuck me.

Besides, I didn’t want him to fuck me. I wanted him to make love to me. Is it like the old saying … I fuck for love and he loves to fuck.

I finished my drink and excused myself and had every intention of packing, taking his keys and driving home. This was insanity. A married man who loves his wife. A married man whose tummy dances with butterflies at the sight of a penis.

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