Hands-on Healing

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It wasn’t the horrendous crash on my motorcycle that I remember. Thankfully, my brain refuses to recall that awful event. Nor was it the hours of surgery required to repair my legs and left arm; the anesthetic obliterated that memory. Even the pain of recovery was masked by the cocktail of numbing drugs they administered.

What I remember most was the sheer boredom of lying immobile, willing myself to recover. My days were filled with pale green walls, antiseptic smells, the plump older nurse, the slightly effeminate male nurse, and a host of others coming and going.

Then my existence turned immeasurably brighter. Hearing a sound in the room, I turned, expecting one of my normal pokers and prodders. Instead, my eyes were greeted with a sight of loveliness I can never forget.

“Hi Brad,” she said. “I’m Kelly. I will be your nurse for the next while.”

Kelly was about five foot nothing, slim build with sensual curves in all the right spots. Blond hair framed her beautiful face. She seemed to exude a natural warmth, but even more than that, a sensuality that reached to my core. Maybe it was the length of time that I’d been lying there, getting more bored and horny by the hour. But I think it was her sexy legs and ass, and huge smile.

She was wearing a standard looking uniform, and as she bent over me to adjust something, I stole a glance down her top. I’ve always been a bit of a voyeur, I admit, and was rewarded with a gorgeous display of her most beautiful breasts. Her bra was definitely not a “function-only” type; a low cut red lace bra is a real turn-on for me. And the little soldier down below noticed too, and began to stir.

That’s when I got busted. She seemed to notice me staring at her tits, and the fairly obvious rise in my gown was a dead giveaway.

With a slight laugh, and a smile that lit up the room, she said, “Looks like I got your attention this morning!”

The day passed with my spirits noticeably higher. kartal escort Every time she came in the room, she seemed to be flirting with me. Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed that there were many times that she had to lean across me to adjust something, affording me another opportunity to stare down her top at her absolutely gorgeous breasts. They weren’t large, but looked very soft, and once I even was able to glimpse the edge of her dark nipple.

The next morning when she came on duty, I noticed that she was wearing a dress rather than the pants she had on the previous day. I was disappointed that the top wasn’t open like the other, but the skirt showed off her long shapely legs to full advantage. As she came to take my temperature, my one good arm “just happened” to be at the side of the bed, and “just happened” to brush her leg. She didn’t seem to flinch at all as I slowly caressed her silky thigh. In fact, she looked down and smiled.

“You seem to be feeling very well this morning, Brad!” she said.

As she continued her work, I was continuing to feel her leg, up her thigh, across the curve of her ass. What an incredible turn-on! Her pantyhose were so smooth and silky, and her thigh and ass were so firm. She said nothing, just continued working.

Every time she came into the room, and found something to do for me, I “just happened” to brush her leg, or massage her thighs and ass. Never did she say anything about what my hand was up to, just kind of pretended that it wasn’t happening. Just before she went off shift that afternoon, when she was again at my bedside, and I was again enjoying her soft thighs, she moved closer, spreading her legs slightly.

“Keep going, Brad. That feels so good,” she said huskily.

I could tell that she was enjoying it. As my fingers slowly worked up her legs, I could feel the heat between her legs. My hand gently brushed up against her pussy, and I could feel the wetness maltepe escort bayan through her panties. Slowly I caressed and touched her. My cock was standing at full attention now, making a huge peak in my hospital gown. She pushed herself against my hand, grinding her pussy onto my outstretched fingers. I could hear her breath getting deeper and faster. With a soft moan, I felt her begin to tremble as an orgasm began to overtake her. My hand was drenched right through her panties. She smiled, and in a very unprofessional way, gave me a soft sensual kiss. I almost blew my load right then and there. Her lips were so soft, and sweet. I thought I was in heaven.

“I hope you are going to be feeling even better tomorrow. See you then”, she whispered. And then she was gone.

It was all I could do not to scream after her. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

When she came to my room the next day, it was even better. She looked absolutely incredible in her crisp white dress and white stockings, the stereotypical nurse’s outfit. Closing the door, she approached my bedside, slowly undoing the top two buttons on her uniform. She bent slightly, and I could see the swell of her breasts, encased in a sheer white bra. She leaned over, took my hand and placed over her breast. Somehow my one good hand found its way into her top. I couldn’t believe it. Her skin was so soft. The fabric of her bra was so smooth and filmy I could feel her nipples through it. Her heartbeat was racing, and so was mine.

She straightened up and come closer to the bed. Again my hand was on her thigh, and slowly inching its way up as I caressed her leg. I was surprised when suddenly I reached the end of silky nylon hosiery and touched bare thigh. My God! She was wearing stockings! My fingers slowly traced the top of her stocking, stopping to dance on the button of her garter. What a dream! Her thighs were so smooth. I caressed and slowly worked my way up her escort pendik leg. She shifted slightly, spreading her legs. The heat of her sex was reaching my wandering hand and as I approached, I am almost blown away as I realized she has no panties on. My fingers, shaking with anticipation and excitement, strained to touch. Her pussy was as smooth as the day she was born. How did she know that I would be really turned on by a freshly shaved pussy? Already she was incredibly wet. I could feel the slippery wetness as I began to rub her pussy. Slowly I traced her pussy lips from one end to the other, gently parting them to feel the hard little nub of her clit. I continued to softly and gently massage her gorgeous smooth wet pussy, then slowly parted the lips, and as I stretched out my finger, she pressed down on me, sliding my lucky digit deep inside her. Rocking back and forth, pressing against my hand she did all the work as I fucked her with my incredibly fortunate fingers. Suddenly, she arched her neck, and throwing her head back, began to come. The spasms seemed to shake her entire body, and the moan from her lips was almost loud enough to be heard outside the room. She relaxed and smiled. I smiled, but could not relax. My cock, harder than I can ever remember it being, is poking straight up. Somehow it has escaped from under my hospital gown, and is staring directly at the ceiling.

I pulled my hand from between her legs, and tasted the sweet ambrosia of her cum on my fingers. I could live on that taste forever.

I sensed her moving, and felt her lips encircling my cock. She took it slowly, gently in her mouth, working down the shaft. Her tongue circled the head of the little soldier. He stood up even taller. Her lips and tongue and mouth are on my cock, her fingers lightly touching my balls. I feel myself coming and can’t hold back. I erupt in the most gigantic orgasm I have ever experienced. She continued to suck and lick and hold me in her mouth until every drop is drained from me. Exhausted and spent I fall back against the pillows.

“Incredible!” we both say together.

And that’s how it’s been ever since. Our life together has been incredible, filled with sensual pleasures and erotic adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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